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Best Guide/Walkthrough About How to Play?

With these almost a hero guide, secrets, tips & tricks, you cannot fail. It is possible that you know some of these hints but we are going to explore this strategy game for beginner and PRO players. Below you can easily get information about how to play almost a hero game on Android/iOS.

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Almost a Hero Game Guide [Best artifacts & team]

This almost a hero wiki is good for new and some pro players to refresh some interesting concepts. This is one of the best progress games with gold increases abilities.

The Beginning of The Game

The Items of scraps and hero: You have a free box every hour (with a -75% cooldown pack, a state of an artifact) that gives enough parts to develop your heroes and improve the items of your heroes.

Do not waste gems in open the free chests. Focus on getting parts of the just single hero to make them stronger. The idea is to have your main DPS at maximum strength.

Choose Vexx or Boomer [Almost a hero guide vexx]: This is the goal to get the Vexx to evolve the legendary 5 [five] stars, then develop the secondary DPS, and the third DPS is the tank after that.

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Tech Info

Almost a Hero Apk Version 3.7.2
Category Role-Playing
Apk Size 68 MB
Developed By Bee Square Games
Offered By Bee Square Games
Requires Platform
4.1 and up [Android]
In-app Products You can buy other items
Free or paid? Download Free Version

Gems and Artifacts

Almost a hero guide

Gems: Use only gems to open the 35 artifact slots. Do not spend them in chests. Once you have the 35 slots for open artifacts, spend them on epic trunks. Read the complete Almost a Hero Mythical Artifacts Guide 

The trinkets packages are tempting, but they are a late-game mechanic, you will receive some as you progress, and they cost too much to build.

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Artifacts: When you get your artifacts, keep relaxing them so that they reach points of higher quality (QP) and make them stronger.

Do not cling to them because they like you, they will become much stronger if they are of better quality. The exception is the prestige bonus.

The cap is a 1,500% prestige bonus, and you must keep them until you reach the cap. Then you can get rid of the prestige bonus with the worst quality device. These are the important thing in almost a hero guide and wiki.

How can we equip trinkets?

We know you are much worried about the answer to this question, that how can we equip more trinkets without any trouble? And how to utilize them? Or is it safe to have many trinkets in Almost a hero APK? We will try over best to cover the answers to these all questions.

Almost a Hero APK is a strategic and adventure game that is becoming an addictive game all over the world.

The gamer is showing much interest to achieve the highest level/stages and score by getting more and more Trinkets. The guide related to these trinkets will guide you completely, about your all queries related to trinkets.

 Should we equip trinkets in this game?

The answer to this question is something in between, yes and no. Actually, trinkets are these items, that upgraded by the Scraps. Some gamer does not show interest to equip them because to equip them, they need much scrap to utilize it in the form of Trinkets.

 How to choose trinkets for the selected heroes?

Sometimes trinkets do not improve the performance and strength of your selected hero but sometimes they do. It all depends upon your selected hero. The effects of trinket on different heroes like boomer badlad are not the same. For example, Trinkets improve the Health Pool and shields of the Defender Sam.

On the contrary, when trinkets are selected for the Boomer, they only enhance their attack speed and damage output. So, you should be very careful about the selection of your heroes to equip them with trinkets.

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How to boost your heroes’ power by trinkets in the upgrade?

As we discuss the trinkets that they help your heroes to boost their powers and strengths to fight firmly on the battlefield. The trinkets come with extra bounces and the good news for the beginners is that any time, you can equip and unequipped them according to your need.

The one thing which you should focus on is that find the compatibility of trinket with your heroes, especially your main heroes. If you would find the compatible trinket for your hero them you can easily jump to the next level/stages with your increased score.

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If you are a beginner and don’t know how to find the compatibility of trinkets with heroes, then don’t worry, it’s just a game. By equipping your heroes randomly, will give you an idea about the suitable trinket for your favorite hero.

Some Important Instruction to Utilize and Equip More Trinkets

Here we are going to instruct you about the mandatory information to get maximum advantage of trinkets. Let’s Start.

Download almost a hero upgrade apk to unlock a lot of gold, kill enemies and unlock a new level/stages to increase the special energy. It will increase your progress with special progress.

Be Careful to Spend Your Gems

At the start of the game, you will already 3 trinkets on daily need and 2 for particular events in the game. So, don’t buy many trinkets with gems, because the pre trinkets are enough to fulfill your game-play requirement.

Trinkets are Your Scrap Bank

It’s also an important thing to discuss, that trinkets upgraded by the scrap and scrap are useful in your gameplay. When you will unequip your hero, you will get your scrap back. Utilize this tip also in your game.

How to Get Runes in Almost a Hero?

How to Get Runes in Almost a Hero?

Especially the beginners in Almost a Hero much curious about that How to get Runes in Almost a Hero? So in this article, we will explain the different rings first because every ring has some unique rings.

What are the Requirements to Get the Runes? And what are the powers of these runes? We are intended to guide you on these things.

What are Runes in Almost a Hero?

The Runes are special powers which you can get from different rings or you can get these runes on special occasions. Because runes come with special powers so it would enhance your rewards and gifts.

On the other hand, a hero with special runes will be able to make the grip of its hero strong and these runes will be in the result of progression in your levels while playing Almost a Hero.

Below we will provide the information about, how to get runes in Almost a Hero? Further, you would find the associate details with the top Runes of each ring.

Runes on Rings

Each ring brings with different runes with unique powers along with them. You can activate only three runes at the same time but you can change the runes during the run. Let’s take a look at each ring with some top runes on them.

How to get Runes on Lighting Ring?

In Almost a Hero, it will be the first ring to make it unlock and it attacks with the stunning light or Thunder-Bolts on enemies.

Charge: it will decrease the required charge to fall the Thunder-Bolt on the enemy. Get access to the 30th stage by unlocking the Adventure Mode.

Energy: it delivers 10 Thunder-Bolts and will be unlocked at 395th Stage by advanced mode.

Thunder: It causes 200% extra damage to the enemy and will be unlocked at the 570th stage by advanced mode.

How to Get Runes on Fire Ring?

Cooler: The cooling down sped is 75% more rapid and will be unlocked at 315th Stage by advanced mode.

Ignition: Delivers 200% extra damage to the enemy and it would generate 35% much heat. It will be unlocked at the 475th Stage by advanced mode.

Magma: 200% Chronic damage to the enemy and will be unlocked at the 630th Stage by advanced mode.

How to Get Runes on Ice Ring?

Stormer: Enhances the chance of chronic hit by 12% extra charge. It will be unlocked at the 350th Stage by advanced mode.

Ice Rage: The refills of Shards will be used with Mana Pool for a 20% charge. It unlocked at 540th Stage by advanced mode.

Sharpness: It enhances the other shards by making a hit on enemies and unlocks at 665th Stage by advanced mode.

How to Get Runes on Earth Ring?

Wishful: It will reduce the duration of 0.2 Sec by 50%. You can get it at 550th Stage by advanced mode.

Spiritual: It will recharge the shower of meteor and it unlocks at 610th Stage by advanced mode.

Star-Fall: It will through a star upon the injured hero and it will also have the power to enhance the healing power of injured heroes by 15%. And it unlocks at 820th Stage by advanced mode.

How to Set Up Your Computer?

A strategy of Vexx alone works thanks to its ability to Gather Scraps, which allows you to reduce your upgrade cost when you kill, getting up to a maximum of 90% cost reduction of 80%.

This allows you to constantly exceed the level/stages of the scenario in which you are.

Other popular Vexx strategy would be to place her in the 5th position to earn the most amount of bonuses while using scrap pickup to offset the upgrade cost increase of the 5th position.

However, positions 1-4 must be sub-leveled to not steal murders and are only there for their gold and chest treasure bonuses (Lia and V are commonly used).

The effectiveness of these two strategies will wear down to stage 370 and beyond as the enemies become too strong to handle even a Vex on leveling.

Vexx tends to not be so useful when he is in a team of five heroes properly leveled because he will not be able to make full use of his ability to pick up cuts to overcome the stages.

This strategy is not really just Vex by itself. It is a team focused on Vex where she is practically the only one that is level and everyone else is sub-level.

For the other heroes, use those who have a gold bonus or who have synergy with it, such as Hilt (adult debuff). Setting up your computer is very necessary for almost a hero guide on

Strategy With the Only Boomer

Basically, the boomer depends on everyone else dying to let him spam his ultis, which cause a lot of damage.

Many people like this strategy because they can make long games with it, but we think it is a pain because you have to be constantly paying attention, and the boomer does not occupy other roles in the different teams.

It is a waste of parts to take it to legendary since then you will not use it anymore.

The Position of The Heroes

At this stage in almost a hero game, do not worry about the position of the characters. The damage/gold scale is the same regardless of the slot, simply level slot 1 before slot 5 to get skill points first.

I’d say put your main DPS right where you can level that hero, allowing you to go beyond the wall you’re dealing with.

If you put it too high, you can pass the wall, but you can not go very far. If you put it lower, then you can not get enough gold (without using chips) to level the hero.

This is purely theoretical so feel free to do what you want. Personally, I put V or support in 5 because I hate scrolling all the time.

Best Team to Win Battles in Almost a Hero?

Winning matches in the game are not easy, read almost a hero tips to win more matches.

The best team of almost a Hero

As we always say in these cases, this is not an absolute rule and it depends a lot on yourself to find the best team of almost a hero. It depends on what you are looking for, in what way you have to play and, above all, with what you feel most comfortable.

We are going to give you some team recommendations in almost a hero’s secrets and wiki, and we invite you to try them to see if you feel comfortable with those formations. Sure you end up finding your best team, but we tell you that it is not an exact science.

Our best team

Now we are going to tell you what is the best team of Almost a Hero to win battles for us. But, we insist again, it depends on you and the artifact you carry is very important. However, this is a very good tactic in order to get victories:

  • V (gold)
  • Lia (massive damage)
  • Sam (tank/healer)
  • Bellylarf (tank)

This is our recommendation of the best Almost a Hero team, but there are more teams that we can recommend in almost a hero wiki.

Another team for Almost a Hero

If you are not convinced by our selection of the best Almost a Hero team, we have another one for you. This time with

  • V, Sam
  • Lia
  • Vex

Vexx has better statistics than the rest of the team’s characters if it is legendary for five stars, which will make it, in combination with the other characters, form a fearsome team.

Another combination that can also go very well to win battles, if you prefer one of these characters, is the following: V, Vexx, Bomber, Sam, and Hilt. You can reach level 390 with this training if you feel comfortable with it.

You can tell you the best team of almost a hero in the comments section.

Best Artifacts From Almost a Hero

It is one of the essential elements to play well in the game since the entire team that you choose will depend on them. We have prepared a small almost a hero guide with the best artifacts of Almost a Hero and with everything you should know about them to apply it in the game.

The best artifacts of Almost a Hero

When you start the game you will realize that you will barely have artifacts in the menu, but do not worry. Little by little you will unlock everything that is available and you will discover their powers.

They are complicated to master, and there is a bit of randomness in the game that does not help.

It is not always good to buy new ones, even if you think they are going to be better. What we will do from the next page is to show you some of the best artifacts of almost a hero, that you should try to get and maximize before none, since they can help you a lot in the adventure.

The Best Artifacts of Almost a Hero are Mythical

Maybe it sounds too obvious, but yes, the best artifacts of Almost a Hero are the mythical ones.

You will get three and the others will be completely random, so you will have to be patient to get the best ones or simply to get some.

These are some of the best for us in almost a hero game:

  1. Free Exploiter. When upgrading to a hero or ring with gold, it gives you a 21% chance that the next upgrade will be totally free.
  2. Goblin Lore. 10% more chance of finding a goblin raid after a boss cave. In that case, the treasure will provide 35% more rewards than usual.
  3. Perfect Quasi. Increase the QP of the artifacts 2,000 points.

More Recommended Artifacts

We continue with the recommendation of the best artifacts:

  1. – DPS Matter. 1% of the total artifact damage is added to the general damage.
  2. – Custom Tailor. Multiple hero rewards by 2.
  3. – Life Boat. 10% of the quality of the artifact adds to general health.
  4. – Old Crucible. Multiply to 35% the rewards of common artifacts.
  5. – Half Ring. 3% chance that your ring deals 5,000% damage to the enemy.

Do you like our recommendations of the best artifacts of Almost a Hero Apk unlimited gold to unlock level? Give feedback

Final verdict

We hope you love this almost a hero walkthrough and wiki for the best level add. This is helpful for the best team building. Now you can get the answers of your all queries by this help, especially, that how to equip Trinkets, how to earn gold? how to unblock a new level with a lot of rewards in, Almost a Hero APK. Enjoy it and share your feedback!

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