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Angry Birds Evolution Guide, Tips & Strategies

In this angry birds evolution guide and tricks, we will explain everything about to climb the level faster and have the best possible team.

Tips and tricks

The new game of Angry Birds, as well as suppose a clear evolution in the saga, incorporates a series of novelties that you should know and we will explain the best Angry birds evolution guides.

In general, you must obtain resources and objects to gather the best Angry Birds team possible.

So knowing all the details of how the mechanics of the game work will be helpful since almost all are new in the series.

Angry birds evolution gold

One of the most important resources of the game, as it will serve to level up the birds or acquire new ones. We explain how it is achieved and what you should spend it on:

Get gold in Angry Birds Evolution:

Below we will explain the best ways and Angry birds evolution guide/keys to getting gold easily and that you never miss.

If you want the easy level up fast and improve our birds then you will need a good amount of gold coins in abundance.

So next we will explain all the ways to get it and that you never miss.

Get gold

1. Sell ​​birds in angry birds evolution:

You can get gold coins in Angry birds evolution by selling your rewards.

2. Dungeons completion in Angry Birds Evolution: Just complete the dungeons and get gold coins.

3. Missions in Angry Birds Evolution: Complete all missions and get gold coins. Read the Angry birds evolution guide about how to win all missions/battles.

The best birds of angry birds evolution

In this part of Angry birds evolution guide and cheats, we will analyze the best Angry Birds Evolution birds, their statistics and special abilities in the game.

In Angry Birds Evolution, there are around 100 birds to get. They are rated from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best and the most difficult to get.

And in this Angry birds evolution guide, we will see which are the best in the game, the most complicated to obtain, the rarest, the best birds of Angry Birds Evolution.

There are only 6 birds with 4 stars or more in the whole game.

And having more than 100 in total, you can assume that they are not easy to come by, let’s see what they are:

4 stars birds in angry birds evolution

At the moment there are only five, and they are the best of the game:


This is Brenda at Level 1:

  • Statistics: Life 182 and Attack 85
  • Ability: Onslaught ignoring obstacles causing 69 damage.
  • Leadership: All yellow birds gain 30% attack


This is Jackie aa Level 1:

  • Statistics: Life 182 and Attack 85
  • Ability: Attack all enemies in their path causing 332 damage and displacing. It can get additional damage by displacement.
  • Leadership: Their damage increases by 10% of the fans present.


This is Owlpheus aa Level 1:

  • Statistics: Life 182 and Attack 85
  • Ability: Attack all enemies in their trajectory causing 221 damage. Each impact also creates 4 projectiles of another 42 damage each
  • Leadership: All white birds gain a 30% attack.


This is Ron aa Level 1:

  • Statistics: Life 182 and Attack 85
  • Ability: Attack with two additional mirrors for 99 damage. If we collect power-ups, release an additional bomb of 100 damage at the end of the turn.
  • Leadership: All bluebirds gain 30% attack


This is Zain aa Level 1:

  • Statistics: Life 182 and Attack 85
  • Ability: Explosion with area damage of 164. Critic causes additional damage of 683
  • Leadership: All blackbirds gain 30% attack.

5 stars birds in angry birds evolution

At the moment there is only one and it is Geraldine, today, which is the best bird in the game, and also the most difficult to get.


This is Geraldine a Level 1:

  • Statistics: Life 260 and Attack 100
  • Ability: Attack of 660 per attack. If he hits a fan, he runs and deals 125 damage to all enemies.
  • Leadership: Their damage increases by 10% of the fans present.

Angry birds evolution gems

It is the most valuable and scarce resource in the game. So, We also explain in angry birds evolution guide about how to get free gems?

Angry birds evolution eggs

In this Angry birds evolution guide, you can get info about how to get eggs? So it will be good to have a good egg farming system and know how to get the best if you want to have the most powerful birds.

Angry birds evolution rare birds

The 4 and 5-star birds are the best, but also the hardest to get. Although you can get these rare birds without spending money on them. So here we leave you an angry birds evolution guide and tricks to get rare birds easily.

Angry birds evolution cheats and tips

Here are some tips and tricks for angry birds evolution that will help you progress faster and make better use of the resources of the game.

Improve your team: You can improve your team by getting rare birds and gems.

Attacking from behind: Whenever we encounter a strong enemy, we will have many more options to overcome if we attack from behind. And we will also receive a bonus when we do. So if possible, attack from behind.

Fast attack: The pigs will not be able to attack us during the time that they mark next to their head. So if we attack before it is over, we can settle the fight without even having suffered an attack.

Take advantage of all the resources: Having good systems to get gems, gold, eggs, and birds, will guarantee a faster progression. So we recommend you review the following Angry birds evolution guides.

Angry birds evolution secrets

We bring you an angry birds evolution guide with the best secrets and tricks: how to level up your birds, get gems and eggs and the best way to work the missions.

You will be unstoppable

In addition, the game has a cooperative mode that will allow you to face other players: compete with characters in the PvP tournaments, with activities as fun and entertaining.

Do not discard the first because the rewards you can win are really good if you are able to rise with the podium of the victors.

The new angry birds evolution has 5 new classes with unique powers. Evolve, get new eggs and incubate them until you have 100 different types of birds and stop Bacon corp.

I know it’s difficult, but you can do it by our angry birds evolution guide to get birds.

And also, with our angry birds evolution secrets, no level will be impossible. Ready? Well, keep reading.

Level up your birds wisely

When you level up your birds, make sure you are always using birds of the same color, as these will give you extra experience points.

That is to say: when you consider raising your birds level, look for them to always have the same color.

In addition, when it comes to leveling, it is always advisable to take into account the following tips: the more stars you have, the rarer they are.

Do not waste time raising the level of single-star birds because you will be throwing away your time and resources.

Each new star that gets a bird mace it much more powerful than those that have fewer stars.

For example, a two-star bird with level 1 is more powerful than a level 9 bird of a star. Precisely for that, focus on leveling up your rarest birds.

How to unlock the skills of birds?

Each bird in this game, no matter how many stars it has, comes with a Leader skill. In order to unlock it, you will have to move forward along the campaign levels.

We know it’s a bit cumbersome, but the end result is really worth it.

When you reach the white mountains, you will unlock the skills of the leader of your birds.

Believe us when we tell you that this will change the way you set up your perfect team: soon you will have to add skills and counterattack taking into account these avatars.

Increase your inventory

Getting 200 diamonds is not easy in this game, and they will often remind you that you can exchange money for this coin of such importance in the game. Do not give. As you play, you will save that amount.

Do not spend it on things you can get for free in the game: instead, it’s better to increase your inventory in 10 new spaces.

Believe us: you will need all that space later when they ask you “x” number of birds of a certain color to get access to certain special missions.

It’s worth the wait, so pay attention to us and invest your diamonds in increasing your inventory.

Color matters

The coloring of your birds is important not only for your aesthetic tastes. The bottom line is that there are timers above their heads that count down the time until the next Skill Shot.

This shot can turn the tide in your favor. Here is a list of special skills used in each bird’s Skill Shot:

  • Black birds explode, hitting everything in a circle marked with a black line on the screen.
  • Blue birds are divided into several birds as soon as they hit something, after which they fly away across the playing field, each in its own direction.
  • Red birds, hitting the first pig that came in the way, force it to hit other pigs, as it happens in billiards.
  • White birds attack in a straight line and cause damage to everything that is located on it.
  • And finally, the yellow ones, which penetrate through pig enemies, causing damage to them.

Bird improvement

It is certainly necessary to pump your birds – so you can increase their level and make them stronger.

The authors implemented this as a fusion – the merger of several birds, to get stronger. This process requires gold, and the stronger the bird you want to create, the more gold you will need.

If you combine birds of the same color, you will get XP-boost.

But in itself the evolution of birds also exists, no wonder the game is called “Evolution”.

To strengthen your bird you will need certain resources – you can get them by passing dungeons or selling unwanted birds.

Remember: birds from one to three stars evolve three times, while rare feathered heroes can be pumped as much as five times.

Intelligence service

Even at the training stage, the game will introduce you to bird scouts who will be engaged in exploration on the map and search for useful material, including gold and chests with awards.

They will be able to search for you the location of the pigs.

A scout is sent for reconnaissance by a simple tap on the catapult symbol located on the map. Scouts can be used instantly by tapping on it.

The hog habitats discovered by your scouts are optional for passing.

You can pass by without fighting with them, but at the same time, this is a good source of gold, eggs, and other utilities, especially at the moment when you encounter difficulties in passing through the plot mode.

You will have a team of three scouts. It is necessary to restore the energy of each of them within an hour in order to be able to use it again.

But you can watch ads for instant recovery of one of them, or pay 150 crystals and restore them all at once.

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FAQs On Angry Birds Evolution

How to get rare birds in angry birds evolution?

There are many birds in Angry Birds Evolution so we will not have problems to configure our team.

But if what we want to create the strongest team then we will have to be able to sign the best birds in the game.

And if we want the best, we will have to go for the rare, the 4 and 5 stars.

Obviously, as in any freemium or free to play a game, there is no better way to get the best items in the game than to pay for them.

How to get rare birds in angry birds evolution?
How to get rare birds in angry birds evolution?

And in this case, rare birds are not an exception, if we pay we will get them safe.

But in almost every free to play the game there is also the “hard way” and free, and Angry Birds Evolution is no exception.

So although it will cost us more time and effort we can achieve the same objectives without leaving us a single euro.

Save gems in angry birds evolution:

It is not that we are discovering gunpowder since this same could be applied to almost any free to play.

But in every game, we have to decide where to spend the most valuable resource or difficult to obtain like gems.

And in Angry Birds Evolution, the destiny of the gems must be the rare birds.

Wait for powerful bird events:

Knowing that we must spend the gems on rare birds, there is no better time to do so than when a special event of powerful birds occurs.

In them, the odds of getting a 4 or 5-star bird are much higher.

And therefore it will be when we can make the best profitable of the gems that we have managed to accumulate.

As you can see, it will not be instantaneous. But with a little planning and perseverance and Angry birds evolution guide, you will get the best birds in Angry Birds Evolution.

How to get gems in angry birds evolution?

Here are some tips to get gems in Angry Birds Evolution for free. So you really need it? so you can save some money and take advantage.

What are gems and what are they for?

The gems in Angry Birds Evolution are the premium currency of the game.

And with more premium currency we have more things & we can unlock more things, which will always lead us to be able to improve our birds to issues such as expanding the inventory.

How to get gems in angry birds evolution for free:

Obviously, they can be bought and we will not be the ones who tell them not to do it. But at least we will explain the best ways to get them for free. So follow our angry birds evolution guide to get free gems:

There are several ways to get free gems in angry birds evolution, and we describe them below:

Achievements: They are a very good and easy way to obtain gems. We can achieve achievements from the beginning, simply by leveling up or unlocking new areas.

And many times we will get them without realizing it since the natural development of the game will lead us to overcome them.

Angry birds evolution guide - free gems
Angry birds evolution guide for free gems

In any case, we recommend looking at them from time to time to avoid rewards for collecting, often in the form of gems.

Level 15: When we reach this level we will acquire the ability to find gem pigs for the game.

What we have to do is kill them, and when they die they will give us a handful of gems that we will only have to collect. We’ll just have to be quick because they get scared easily.

Objects: When we defeat enemies or unlock new birds, we are attentive to activate the objects we get. We can earn more gems almost without realizing it.

Level 17: When we reach this level we will activate a perk of gems that will allow us to find gems in the area of ​​the town itself. We will simply have to enter and collect the available gems.

How to get the best birds of angry birds evolution?

Of course, it is not easy to get the best birds. Anyway here we leave you two tutorials that will serve you:

You can get the best birds by following our Angry birds evolution guide and cheats.

How to get eggs fast?

One of the first objectives that we will have in Angry Birds Evolution is to get many eggs. Since they will serve us to unlock many more birds and, in this way, make an unbeatable team in front of the pigs.

As we know its importance, we have created a formula so you can get eggs fast in angry birds evolution, and best of all, you can do it practically on autopilot.

So read the complete angry birds evolution guide to get eggs fast.

The procedure to have many eggs in angry birds evolution can be said to be somewhat monotonous, but if we do it will be a good way to be a great egg collector.

You will only have to fulfill these two steps and combine them:

Reach level 10:

When we reach this level we can unlock the so-called fast battles that will allow us to skip the battles in which we are stronger than the opposite.

In this way, we will get eggs without any effort as a regular reward after the fight.

How to get eggs fast?
How to get eggs fast?

Select a normal difficulty:

In the normal difficulty we will have as greater reward eggs, and we will get very few chests. This will be a good way to get more and more eggs in the battle.

If on the other hand, you choose the difficult difficulty level you will get fewer eggs and more chests.

Now it’s about making fast games on autopilot at the normal difficulty level to get free eggs in Angry Birds Evolution on a daily basis to reach our goals.

Why get eggs?

Eggs are a wonderful way to increase the number of birds you have available to choose when you prepare your nato team.

Not only does it improve the number of birds but also a great way to get money in Angry Birds Evolution.

Having an excess of birds will not be a problem because you can always sell them.

Get your eggs, sell the apples you do not need and reinvest the money in making your team even more powerful.

What are the features of Angry Birds Evolution game?

There are many games features:

Name Angry Birds Evolution Guides
Developer Rovio Entertainment Corporation
APK Size 75M
Requires Android
5.0 and up
Content Rating 7+
Category Role Play
Features Gems, Eggs, Birds, Gold

How to win all the battles?

1. Going to battle, collect the best team. Rare high-level birds are always better, but try to study their skills and real abilities well.

At first, it does not matter much, but later, when you can choose from several birds, and the level of difficulty increases, choosing the right fighters will become vital.

2. Try using boosters on the battlefield. It could be extra health, increased speed or damage, or something else (crates for bombs, and so on).

3. The order in which you attack is very important. Choose birds to attack based on the damage they do, especially when it comes to special attacks.

Make sure that whenever you use a special attack, you inflict maximum damage on as many enemies as possible. Therefore, if necessary, try using other birds before grouping pigs together for a special attack.

4. When possible, attack from the back, as such attacks do more damage.

5. Destroy the pigs one by one. First, focus on low-health enemies and try to kill them before they try to attack.

The goal is to quickly destroy as many pigs as possible, not to damage all pigs, but they will all be alive.

How to get more money?

You need a lot of coins to pump your birds, so here are some of the ways you can use:

  • Beat the pigs in the sides – it gives you extra coins.
  • Sell ​​your birds – If you have too many evil birds, sell the extra ones.
  • Adventure-trials – if you have a few spare birds (and you should always have them!), Send them to adventures that scouts will find
  • Special birds – some birds give you bonus coins during a battle. For example, a yellow bird that brings one coin for each attack with the superpower.

Final Verdict:

In Angry birds evolution guide, tips, and secrets, you explored the complete tricks and cheats to get rare birds, gems and money.



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