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The Apex Legends is the perfect display game. In the apex legends guide, you will get information about how to play properly, but if you want to skip that learning process, this apex legends guide for beginners can save you a lot of problems.

Do you play or want to play Apex Legends? You’re in the right place: in this apex legends guide and tips on apkguides, we tell you everything you need to know.

Explore the basic details about Apex Legends and tricks, tips, and secrets that the community is discovering. It is an article in constant updating, so do not hesitate to give you a lift in case there is something new.

In addition to all this, here are a few tricks and tips that you should know if you want to be the Legend that ends up being a Champion.

Apex Legends Intro

First of all, a brief datasheet: Apex Legends is a battle royale set in the Titanfall universe, by the American team Respawn Entertainment and the publisher Electronic Arts.

Combine the traditional mechanics of the genre with a strong focus on team combat that you expect from a hero arena.

  • Availability: PS4, Xbox One, PC (Origin)
  • Maps: 1 (King’s Canyon)
  • Players: 60 (20 squads of 3 people)
  • Playable characters: 8
  • Weapons: 20

apex legends guide

Complete list of Legends: Skills, Statistics, and Details

Here is the complete list of playable characters (or legends, as they are called by their managers) in apex legends guides and secrets.

At the time of writing these lines, there are eight: most are free but Caustic and Mirage must be unlocked with coins from the game itself or premium currency.

apex legends guide - list of legends

Role Character Skills
DPS Bangalore
  • Tactics: (Lanzahumo) – Shoot a high smoke canister at the speed it explodes when it hits a wall.
  • Passive: (Light step) – Shooting while sprints make you move faster for a period of time.
  • Definitive: (Thunder rumble) Launches an artillery attack that moves slowly across the stage.
Tracking Bloodhound
  • Tactics: (Omniscient Eye) – Briefly reveals the location of enemies, traps, and clues about nearby structures.
  • Passive: (Tracker) – See the traces left by the enemies.
  • Definitive: (Hunter beast) – Improve your senses, move faster and highlight your enemies
Tank Caustic
  • Tactics: (Nox Gas Trap) – Throws boats that release deadly Nox gas when they are fired or shot by enemies.
  • Passive: (Vision Nox) – Allows you to see enemies through the gas.
  • Definitive: (Nox gas grenade) – Cover a large area of ​​Nox gas.
Tank Gibraltar
  • Tactical: (Protection Dome) – Launches a shield that blocks attacks for fifteen seconds.
  • Passive: (Weapon Shield) – Aim down displays a coat of arms that block the fire.
  • Definitive: (Defensive Bombing) – Launch a mortar attack on the marked location.
Support for Lifeline
  • Tactic: (Doctor DOC drone) – Call the drone of compassion to heal close companions.
  • Passive: (Medical combat) – Revive fallen comrades while protecting with a shield. Curing objects 25% faster.
  • Definitive: (Survival pack) – Ask for a capsule that drops high-quality defensive arsenal.
DPS Mirage
  • Tactic: (Disarm) – Launch a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy.
  • Passive: (More!) – Automatically drops a decoy.
  • Definitive: (Disappear) – Launch a team of decoys to distract the enemies while you cover.
Support for Pathfinder
  • Tactic: (Hook) – Hook to reach places of difficult access quickly.
  • Passive: (Internal knowledge) – Beacon that scans the next location of the ring.
  • Definitive: (Lanzatirolinas) – Create a zip line for everyone to use.
DPS Wraith
  • Tactics: (In a vacuum) – It is repositioned quickly through empty spaces, avoiding damage.
  • Passive: (voices of emptiness) – A voice alerts when danger is approaching.
  • Definitive: (Dimensional gap) – Link two locations with portals for 60 seconds.

The Best Legends:

Of course, the big question is “What is the best character?” This depends a lot on your personal style of play, but here you have a ranking of the best legends so far. With the help and apex legends guide, explore the list of best legends:

Although it is difficult for everyone to agree on the order, the favorites are:

  1. Lifeline: between your ultimate package of objects and the healing drone, Lifeline is exceptional support and the best addition to your team.
  2. Wraith: With the vacuum ability that allows it to escape from dangerous situations or flank enemies, Wraith is as effective in combat as capable of surviving.
  3. Bloodhound/Gibraltar: the third-place depends on your style of play or the needs of your team. Bloodhound’s tracking skills are excellent for teams that want to hunt down their competitors (or dodge them), while Gibraltar and its defensive capabilities marry perfectly with Lifeline’s healing abilities to protect the team.

Apex Legends all Weapons

Here you explore all weapons:

1.Assault rifles

Weapon Charger Hurt Ammunition
VK-47 Flatline 18 16 Heavy
Hemlok 18 18 Heavy
R-301 18 14 Light
Havoc 25 18/45 Energy


Weapon Charger Hurt Ammunition
EVA-8 8 63 Shotgun
Peacekeeper 6 110 Shotgun
Mastiff 4 144 Own
Mozambique 3 Four. Five Shotgun

3. Pistols

Weapon Charger Hurt Ammunition
P2020 10 12 Light
RE-45 fifteen eleven Light
Wingman 6 Four. Five Heavy

4. Sniper Rifles

Weapon Charger Hurt Ammunition
G7 Scout 10 30 Light
Longbow DMR 5 55 Heavy
Triple Take 5 69 Energy
Kraber .50 4 125 Own

5. Submachine guns

Weapon Charger Hurt Ammunition
Alternator 16 13 Light
R-99 18 12 Light
Prowler twenty fifteen Heavy

6. Machine guns

Weapon Charger Hurt Ammunition
Devotion 44 17 Energy
M600 Spitfire 25 twenty Heavy

The Best Weapons

Currently, there are 19 weapons that can be used in the Apex Legends game. By apex legends guide and tricks, you can use these best weapons.

The best weapons to win easily:

Sniper Rifle Kraber .50-cal:

It is the best sniper rifle that is currently in the game, and possibly one of the most sought-after weapons.

It offers different levels of damage and most of them are very high, and on top, it counts with great precision, which will allow you to make quick and efficient deaths.

It can only be obtained from the falls of supplies so you must be very attentive.

  • For the body causes 125 points of damage
  • For the head causes 250 points of damage

Mastiff shotgun:

It will possibly be one of your favorite weapons.

It has the highest DPS of all weapons available in the program.

Also, to be a shotgun, it is tremendously accurate. Unfortunately, it can only be seen when supplies fall.

  • For the body causes 144 points of damage
  • For the head causes 288 points of damage

Carbine R-301 assault rifle:

Although it does not have a very high DPS, it is the most accurate rifle in the game. In addition, its high level of accuracy remains practically the same for the three types of combat ranges, ie, near, medium, and long-distance. It will not be very difficult to find one of these weapons with a bit of luck.

  • For the body causes 14 points of damage
  • For the head causes 28 points of damage

Devotion light machine gun:

It gives us a high shooting speed, and we are looking at an energy weapon.
 This machine gun has a unique turning mechanism that increases its firing speed as it fires.
  • For the body causes 17 damage
  • For the head, it causes 19 damage

Longbow DMR precision rifle:

It is a semiautomatic sniper rifle and stands out because it makes it easier for us to reach our targets much faster than any other rifle.

It also has a great range, which enables us to eliminate enemies at a great distance.

  • For the body causes 55 points of damage
  • For the head causes 110 points of damage

Peacekeeper shotgun:

It is a lever shotgun that is powerful in terms of DPS.

Although it has low base damage compared to other shotguns in the game, it has a high shooting speed and recharges very quickly.

So do not hesitate to pick it up if you do not have better options.

  • For the body causes 110 points of damage
  • For the head
  • causes 165 points of damage

Light machine gun M600 Spitfire:

It is a fully automatic light machine gun. While it has a somewhat bad setback, it ends up stabilizing the more disparate.

Also, by having higher firing rates, you can fill your enemy with bullets.

  • For the body causes 20 points of damage
  • For the head causes 40 points of damage

Triple Take the sniper rifle:

It is a triple-barreled sniper rifle and is the second-best energy weapon in the game.

As you can see from its name, it fires three projectiles at the same time.

This can be very interesting, but be aware that these projectiles are going to spread and you will hit less on your rivals.

  • For the body causes 69 points of damage
  • For the head causes 138 points of damage

Assault Rifle VK-47 Flatline:

It is a fully automatic assault rifle. It does not play a good role if we look for something long-distance because of its low precision, but in the short and medium-range fighting, it is quite interesting.

  • For the body causes 16 points of damage
  • For the head causes 32 points of damage

Precision G7 Scout Rifles:

It is a light and semiautomatic sniper rifle.

The bad thing is that we are not talking about a very precise weapon, so it should never be your first choice if you are looking for long-distance combat.

  • For the body causes 30 points of damage
  • For the head causes 60 points of damage


It’s a high-powered revolver. Of course, note that pistols should always be your last resort in the games.

In any case, it stands out because of its high precision and causes very good damage.

  • For the body causes 45 points of damage
  • For the head, it causes 90 points of damage.

Better landing areas

The big question at the beginning of each game is “Where do we land?” The weight of being the jump leader is a lot, but here are our recommendations on the best landing areas in King’s Canyon:

  • Thunderdome: It may not be a gigantic settlement, but it has enough booty so that all your team has a good starting point without being too crowded.
  • Ship of supplies: If you go here you will end up in a shooting, but it is worth it for the excellent equipment that you will get if you survive.
  • Relay: Another great option for those who like to collect quiet loot, and then get into trouble.
  • Water Treatment: One of the largest structures south of King’s Canyon. This treatment plant offers a lot of loot and lots of hiding places to hide from enemy fire.

Apex Legends Tips

In apex legends guide, tips, hints, and cheats you will get the help and you become a professional player that is breaking all the records of downloads and concurrent players.

Apex Legends is being a surprise, both for its enormous success and for how well it moves, giving countless hours of free fun.

The reign of Fortnite seems to be in danger, and the new thing of Respawn Entertainment already has an enormous legion of followers who want to become the best player of Apex Legends.

Here we offer the best apex legends tips, and tricks, with combat strategies, detailed guides for each of the characters, the most efficient weapons, and even performance settings for your computer.

A good landing will give you a good start

It is very important to know how to drop in Apex Legends. Loot is only possible if you beat your competitors.

Aggressively play

Aggressive players are rewarded at Apex. Avoid repeatedly running out of cover, spraying, hiding again, and reloading your weapons. Learn to close the distance between you and your enemies.

While wounded, maintain a presence

If a player hits an enemy hard, most of them will push harder. Keep your presence and avoid being pushed by the enemy if you’re hit hard. 

Make quick work of looting

While looting, stay moving as much as possible. Instead of spending ages trying to divine the contents of a death box, trust your initial scan. 

Carefully follow the flanks

As long as you have enough cover and distance between you and the enemy, wide planks can be effective, provided the enemy cannot pounce on you simultaneously. 

Apex Arena is a great way to practice

The development team at Respawn Entertainment has added a new permanent mode to Apex Legends, alongside the game’s existing Battle Royale mode. It’s an excellent way to learn how to fight and survive. Because it’s based on 3v3 combat, players are thrown into the fight over and over again. 

What is Apex Legends and why does it want to reign in a battle royale?

apex legends guide reign in battle royale

Apex Legends is a battle royale with games of up to 60 players divided into teams of three people, who can choose up to eight types of characters, each with their own abilities.

Unlike Fortnite, this title is more focused on futuristic combats and with a much more serious and mature touch.

So, it is perhaps attracting a greater number of users who were looking for more serious playable experiences.

The title leaves aside the construction work of Fortnite and focuses more on the skills and classes of each of the characters.

Apex Legends all Characters

Discover the list of all characters in apex legends guide.


apex legends guide - Bloodhound

Due to its interesting tactical ability, it is one of the most valuable legends of the game.

However thanks to its ability you can find out the location of the enemies inside the buildings, which could help you in combat tactics.

To this, we must add that his final ability increases the speed of movement for 35 seconds, which is more than enough to hunt other players who are even more skilled.

This way, this character should be almost always in our team if we want to focus the combat in a more tactical way.

  • Tactical Ability (Omniscient Eye): Briefly reveals the location of enemies, traps, and clues on nearby structures.
  • Passive Skill (Tracker): See the traces left by enemies.
  • Ultimate skill (Beast Hunter): Improve your senses, move faster and highlight your enemies.


apex legends guide - Gibraltar
apex legends guide – Gibraltar

This tank-type character has a very interesting ability to create a protective dome, which for 15 seconds can safeguard the team.

Another aspect to note is that you can use it to launch shots without other players being able to hit you, due to its ability to shield weapons.

Also, if you’re in a bind, you can always use your airstrike skill that bombards all opponents, ideal if you’re in ambush.

  • Tactical Ability (Protection Dome): Launches a shield that blocks attacks for fifteen seconds.
  • Passive Skill (Weapon Shield): Aim down displays a coat of arms that block the fire.
  • Ultimate skill (Defensive Bombing): Launch a mortar attack on the marked location.


Pathfinder in apex legends
Pathfinder Character in apex legends guide

While his hook ability is quite difficult to master, once you do, you’ll have enough ground gained in the games.

And thanks to this character, you can get better resources by this character.

If you also have it in your team, it will help you quickly change your position in a shootout, with which your skill will give us many advantages both to collect resources and during the matches.

  • Tactical ability (Hook): Hook to reach places of difficult access quickly.
  • Passive Skill (Internal Knowledge): Beacon that scans the next location of the ring.
  • Ultimate skill (Lanzatirolinas): Create a zip line for everyone to use.


It’s a pretty funny character because it allows us to create traps for enemies and also ambush them.

He is also able to take the team to several locations quite quickly.

The portals of this character in apex legends guide will remain open for 60 seconds which will allow you to move faster between situations.

  • Tactical Ability (In a vacuum): It is repositioned quickly through empty spaces, avoiding damage.
  • Passive Skill (voices of emptiness): A voice alerts when danger is approaching.
  • Ultimate skill (dimensional gap): Link two locations with portals for 60 seconds. The whole team can use it.


This character has high mobility with what is tremendously good at the time of moving in the fighting.

This allows us to shoot and maneuver tactically and accurately, and also to carry out specific attacks very efficiently.

Also, if you use your smoke pot ability you can move quickly and without being seen by opposites.

  • Tactical Ability (Lanzahumo): Shoot a high smoke canister at the speed it explodes when it hits a wall.
  • Passive Skill (Light Passing): Shooting while sprinting makes you move faster for a period of time.
  • Definitive ability (Thunder rumble): Launches an artillery attack that moves slowly across the stage.


We are talking about a very particular character, and their abilities depend practically on toxic gas. You can create gas traps, or even throw gas grenades that explode to cause a large cloud of poison. In this way, it serves to annoy and confuse the rest of the opponents to try to attack them by the flanks.

  • Tactical Ability (Nox Gas Trap): Throws boats that release deadly Nox gas when they are fired or shot by enemies.
  • Passive Skill (Vision Nox): This allows you to see enemies through the gas.
  • Ultimate skill (Nox gas grenade): Cover a large area of ​​Nox gas.


Lifeline In Apex Legends
Lifeline In Apex Legends Guides

In the latest apex legends guide, this is the character that we must have almost always if we want to quickly fill the health of our allies.

Although the other players can also revive their fallen comrades, this character can do it 25% faster and under a protective shield.

It also has different mechanisms to more efficiently protect the entire team.

  • Tactical Ability (Doctor DOC Drone): Call the Drone of Compassion to heal close companions.
  • Passive Skill (Medical Combat): Revive fallen comrades while protecting with a shield. Curing objects 25% faster.
  • Ultimate skill (survival pack): Ask for a capsule that drops high-quality defensive arsenal.


Its the last character in apex legends guide. It is a very particular character that maybe you will not use during your first games.

However, you can confuse the opponents if you have it on your team since it is capable of displaying different holograms on the battlefield.

While it may be invisible, you can not attack the rest of the opponents in this state.

  • Tactical Skill (Disarm): Launch a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy.
  • Passive Skill (More!): Automatically drops a decoy.
  • Ultimate Skill (Disappear): Launch a decoy team to distract enemies while your cover-up.

Top 20 Apex legends Tips + Tricks for Beginners (Updated [current_date format=’Y’])

In apex legends guide and walkthrough [wiki], you can get the top 20 apex legends tips and tricks:

  1. You can land faster if you keep an eye on the speed meter when you are falling. So you do not lose speed always try to plummet to fall again as quickly as at the beginning.
  2. One of the places where you will get better start-up resources is in the marshes located in the east of the map
  3. Take a look at the supply ship because here we can get weapons that will never be on the ground
  4. Follow the boss closely, but not so close that you lose resources. If you fall too close you are going to bother when it comes to finding resources.
  5. Communication is very important, use the ping at the right times and not confuse the rest of the members
  6. Know what each of the weapons does and do not leave without using any to know how they work
  7. You have to be proactive during the game, this will allow you to always find the best resources and weapons
  8. Do not hesitate to be aggressive, but do not hesitate to kill your character either.
  9. Do not hesitate to break all the structures that you see in the scenarios, some hide valuable objects
  10. Learn about the color of the shields, they will tell you the power of each of them
  11. Look at the numbers and the color that appear on the enemies’ heads, it will indicate if they have shields
  12. When in a confrontation you hear a small explosion, it is because one of the opponents has suffered the destruction of his shield
  13. In the settings menu, you can customize to show you the number of damages of the opponents when exerting the blows
  14. You can move and run faster if you do not have equipped weapons
  15. Do not complicate your life: all the characters run the same
  16. Take advantage when you are sliding to heal
  17. You can perform a small speed boost after leaving a slipped and jumping
  18. It will be a good idea to throw grenades into structures where you think there are enemies
  19. The grenades also serve to make the enemies nervous and ambush them, confusing them about the place of attack
  20. You can prevent other enemies from opening a door if you put your character in front of it.

Apex Legends Movement and Environment Guide:

Apex legends guide includes the best movement and environment tips:

  • There is a kind of climbing wall mechanics in the game. It’s not exactly Titanfall’s wall-running nor its triple jumps, but you can climb walls that are 3 to 4 times taller. Your character will ascend very high up railings that seemed inaccessible without help.
  • Use the doors to climb even higher. Veterans of PUBG will recognize this trick. Open a door and climb over it, and from there climb even higher to reach railings and roofs even higher than normal. It’s a good way to surprise people.
  • You can use the red balloons to move faster through the map. Each balloon has a zip-line attached (yes, the zip lines work in both directions) and from above it will allow you to jump with the jetpack as at the start of the game. With this tactic, you can reposition yourself quickly.
  • The steps, the zip lines, the falls, and the landings are very silent. You can land behind people (after, say, jumping from a balloon) and you will almost always surprise them. The audio tracks are much quieter in Apex Legends than in another battle royale, at least in the time we have spent with him. The repositioning by surprise will catch the campers off guard.
  • You can get out of the limits of the map if you land too high. You can land on top of anything in Apex Legends, but from a certain height, you will receive a message of “return to the game area” and a timer that will mark you 30 seconds. You can use these places to reposition yourself stealthily, but of course not to win the whole game.
  • Use the slides and jumps whenever you can, similar to the recommendation of the best players of PUBG, Blackout, and Fortnite that you are always jumping, but with the added layer that you can slide (which allows you to move faster than when you run) to make it even harder to hit you. Jump to the end of a slide to advance at the same speed through the air for a few seconds, sprint, slide, and repeat again.
  • You can slide indefinitely down a slope. You should have caught this from the apex legends guide, but it’s always good to remember it. Look for hills at all times, regardless of their size, if you want to gain a huge speed advantage.
  • Dispose of your weapons when you are running. If you need to move at full speed, discard the active weapon (3 on PC, keep Triangle on Xbox/PS4) to gain speed and also save larger distances in jumps and slides.

Combat, Weapons, and Equipment Apex Legends Guide

Apex Legends combat is fast, complex and a bit intimidating if you’re more accustomed to slower battle royale, but once you get the hang of it, it’s very agile. Here you have our apex legends guide & advice.

Apex Legends Combat Help

  • Apex Legends combat depends on teamwork. Stay close to your colleagues and communicate with dialing. You can keep the dialing button to indicate more specific circumstances. In general, try to think about how you can face a situation between three, not you alone.
  • Use your tactical ability (Q/LB/L1) often. It is simple advice but it is easy to forget. Even the Bangalore smoke grenade can change the game if you use it well. Try firing at a particular enemy when you are at a disadvantage so you can focus on firing at another, for example.
  • Another specific advice of a character: Pathfinder can use his hook to attract enemies, to the Roadhog
  • Jump after sliding will help you in combat. Simply jumping up and down like a rabbit will not help you in the Apex bouts. However, the jump after sliding allows you to move quickly and erratically, so it is more difficult to get them.
  • You can execute the enemies, but doing so will make you an easy target. The executions are movements to kill lying enemies that initiate a special animation unlockable from the in-game store or loot boxes.
  • If you are able to launch an execution, the truth is that you can receive a special bonus. If you have a Legendary Shield and perform an execution, you will receive a free and full shield reload.
  • Apex Legends’ combat speed makes headshots difficult. It is better to aim at the chest, which will give you the opportunity for a bullet to reach the head, instead of aiming directly at the head of the enemy.
  • The damage has a color code. The shots to the head are yellow, and the damage to the body is either the color of the enemy’s shield (purple, blue or white) or red if it no longer has a shield. You can change the way the shots appear in the menu, in case you prefer a number for each successful bullet or a single number that indicates the total damage done.
  • When the enemy shields fall, a characteristic sound is heard. Warn your squadmates if you see that someone without shields flees.

Below you have details and answers to the most common questions about Apex Legends.

FAQs of Apex Legends

Is Apex Legends free on PC?

Yes, Apex legends game is absolutely free.

Is Apex Legends free on ps4?

Straight yes, it’s free.

Who made Apex Legends?

The Apex legends were developed by “Respawn Entertainment” & published by EA.

What is color damage in Apex Legends?

When you attack an enemy, you will see that the damage numbers that come out of the enemy when they are given change depending on the enemy.

The color indicates the quality of your opponent’s armor: purple is level 3, blue is level 2, white is level 1, and red if they do not have armor.

What is a climber in Apex Legends?

You can climb surfaces considerably higher than you would expect in an FPS. Jump to an edge or wall and keep pressing in front to climb – you can climb to a height of one floor above you.

How to use destroy doors in Apex Legends?

You do not need to “open” a door – you can simply hit it to make it cease to exist.

What is Helmet in Apex Legends?

Helmets, unlike armor, do not require consumables to recharge. They simply reduce the damage to the head while you continue to carry it.

Where does Apex Legends live?

Apex Legends develops after the border wars (which we saw at Titanfal) are over. The Wild Lands, a remote set of planets, had not been affected by the war and were abundant in resources and opportunities.

However, life there has very little value, and danger threatens behind every corner.

The pioneers, explorers, and outlaws who inhabit them used to spend their lives locked in an eternal struggle for power, but now resolve their differences in the Apex Games, a bloody sport.

How to reach level 110 of the battle pass as quickly as possible?

How to reach level 110 of the battle pass as quickly as possible

In the apex legends guide you can get information about how to reach level 110 of the battle pass as quickly as possible. GamingFeature has published a very complete infographic that details how many experience points we get depending on what we do.

For those who aim to reach level 100 at the end of the season, they should already be at level 20.

For those who are even more ambitious and want to reach level 110 in Apex Legends, they will have to average about 35,000 XP each day since the total required is 3.2 million XP.

If you want to advance, but dedicating as little time as possible to the game, you will need to dedicate 1.7h each day focusing on getting the points to survive and XP bonuses, to reach level 110.

But if you can dedicate 20h a week (maximizing the bonus of all the legends) you could reach level 110 in just seven and a half weeks.

Nobody said that going from level 100 to Apex Legends was easy, what is certain is that your effort will be rewarded. For more info, you must read the complete apex legends guide and walkthrough.

How to raise the level of the Apex Legends battle pass as quickly as possible?


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