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Art Of Conquest Guide[How to play art of conquest?]:

In this Art of Conquest guide, we will give you some tricks and tips that will serve you for the beginning mainly.

Art of Conquest Guide: Art of conquest wiki

art of conquest guide and wiki

Initial Heroes:

Nothing else to begin we will have to choose between 3 heroes: Avalon, Avril or Rufio. Each one has its own abilities and we can only start with the one we choose, although later we will also unblock the other two. But we summarize them so they know which one to choose.

The truth is that there is a big difference between the heroes of the game. But almost everyone has something good, so knowing their skills well we can get much better.

In general, the recommendation is to look at the heroes who have good passives, and then those who have good skills at no cost. But let’s go over each one and decide which are the best heroes of Art of Conquest:


He has skills to support the archers he leads, he also has a very useful skill against bosses and above all stands out as a natural leader. With this ability, we can place additional units on the battlefield and increase troop capacity for bronze, silver and gold units. He also has a good ability to capture resources after the battle. So in general, he is a good support hero but he has more uses.

He is not one of the best heroes of Art of Conquest guide. The truth is that we took it as an initial hero because it seemed the most complete, but it does not convince us. In any case, it has its good things.

The download of arrows will come very well at the beginning to leave half dead columns, although later we will see that it is somewhat short. Collecting resources as an idea is not bad, but it picks up very few. A natural leader is perhaps your best ability, it will allow us to add troops to the attack. Mastery with the bow will obviously suit us if the archers are our strong part. And concentrated fire the truth is that we do not believe that it is a really useful skill in battle.

So, in general, we think he’s a pretty cool hero. And of all, unless we are interested in archers, Natural Leader is the best skill.


She is a magician with good control and damage abilities. It will help us a lot when we have to face more powerful troops, although their skills require a lot of mana. Among them stands out the ice wall that will split the battlefield or one with which you can freeze a battalion directly. So, in general, it is a hero to use against more powerful troops.

Although their abilities cost mana until we get better heroes are those that most unbalance combat. So if we could consider it among the best heroes of Art of Conquest guide.

Ice Nova, is very good, for one of mana freeze and we hurt. Vortex of ice is passive without mana cost that is also very good, a percentage of their normal attacks freeze and do damage. Ice wall blocks the enemy troops, as an idea is not bad, but in practice, the truth is that it does not convince us as it only delays the enemy. The magician with talent makes me win magic, it’s not bad but neither is anything remarkable. Blizzard is like Ice Nova, and although it costs 2 mana, it does more damage, so very good too.

Blizzard and Ice Nova are two very good skills. And although they cost mana, there are not many other heroes abilities that cost mana, at least of the first ones. So that’s where we’ll have to spend it. Although we also recommend raising your passive, ice vortex. A decent hero, really.


A very powerful hero that can multiply the damage by 3. Combining his skills we can create tremendous damage in a fairly considerable area of effect. We could consider it a tank and it is probably to whom we should allocate our skill points if we want to be more and more powerful.

Rufio is a long-term bet, while Avalon or Avril will help us more at the beginning, but they will end up being less useful. In any case, you can get many heroes and in parallel to the Art of Conquest guide, we will make a specific one about them.


It is the healer, and the truth is that it is a little bulky, and is not one of the best heroes of Art of Conquest. But since you get the first, take advantage of it:

Healing heals the troops, which is not bad, but if we need it, it is usually a sign of a lost battle. Mana Barrier creates a shield, but like the ice wall, it only delays the enemy. Saving lives is a passive one that increases the resistance to the damage of the troops, and is quite good. Priestess mastery reinforces the priestesses of the troops, not that they are of the best troops the truth.

Well, that, a hero of bulk, which if we decide to use we recommend raising the passive of saving lives.


It is also a hero in the art of conquest guide.

This yes that we like since it is really very useful in attack. He is one of the best heroes of Art of Conquest, at least the first hero that really unbalances.

Suppressive fire is a passive one that is animated, you can put Grimms alone on one side and without help, you can ventilate the entire rival side before the troops collide. And used by the center, it creates a brutal superiority. Although it is not effective against units with a lot of life. Bomb of smoke gives evasion of attacks to the affected troops. Mastery of tanks reinforces the tanks. Ammunition cart increases the ammunition of the troops. Reload ammunition retrieves spent ammunition.

A hero that will suit us for tanks and ammunition troops. But what it bursts with is suppression fire. Maybe later other heroes will be better, but at the beginning it destroys, so a very good hero.


Virion was the Captain of the Royal Guard before the fall of his city. He escorted Princess Elena to Nore, protecting her with the sacred power of light. The virion is a support hero that reduces the damage your allies receive during an increase in morale.


  • Safeguarding the Light: When Virion’s health drops more than 50%, it automatically activates a shield that mitigates 95% of all the damage it receives during the next seconds.
  • Summon Swordsmen: Virion summons a group of swordsmen behind him to assist in combat for 30 seconds.
  • Lion Heart Sword: Each time Virion attacks, you have a 25% chance to deal additional damage, and heal yourself a large amount of damage.
  • Mastery of Swordsmen: As Captain of the Guard, Virion passively increases the health points and damage done by all swordsmen units.
  • Crusader Shield: While Virion is in the field, his units receive a defensive bonus every time they get a morale boost.
  • The resurrection of the Crusader: Virion offers a prayer that revives a certain number of swordsmen.

AoC): Heroes you can buy from the store

In the above lines of the art of conquest guide, we mentioned how heroes, when used properly, can change the flow of combat in your favor. These special units can only be found by fulfilling special conditions, such as defeating a specific enemy. At first, players can choose between one of three heroes and, depending on their choice, they will get another hero a few minutes after they start. However, there are some heroes that can only be obtained by buying them in the game store.

These heroes do not offer an inherent advantage over the units that are available for free. They simply offer more combat options when choosing your strategy. However, with more variety in your arsenal, you will be able to face a greater number of challenges and players and overcome any obstacle that the game offers you. Because of this, if you enjoy Art of Conquest guide a lot, and want to raise your game to the highest level, consider investing in your favorite heroes.

Next, we will show a list of all the heroes that you will be able to obtain when buying them from the store, as well as their abilities and strengths. So read the full art of conquest guide and walkthrough.


Bane is a barbarian who saved his tribe with the help of Avril and then crossed stormy seas to seek refuge in Nore. Like Rufio, Bane is a hero who can withstand large amounts of damage. Although, unlike Rufio, he does not have as much capacity to distribute much punishment to his opponents.


  • Implacable: As king of the barbarians, Bane values personal strength about depending on his tribe to fight. When Bane is in the field, he can only bring one unit of troops, unlike the other heroes, who can bring two.
  • Provoke: Bane causes the units within the designated area to attack him, and receives a bonus to his defense for a few seconds.
  • Ferocious Charge: Bane runs to the designated place, running over and hurting anyone in his path.
  • Recruit Crazed: In human cities, Bane can recruit Crazed to fight with him.
  • Crazed Specialist: Bane’s presence on the battlefield gives him a health bonus and damage to all crazed units.
  • Swivel Ax: Each time it is attacked, Bane has a 25% chance to counterattack with a rotating attack of his ax, hurting everyone in range.
  • Blessing Barbara: Bane is blessed by the God of Chaos, increasing his physical stamina and vigor by a percentage.


In the art of conquest guide and wiki, Cleo is the last remnant of the ancient mythical sphinxes. It is the heir of infinite knowledge. She despises the ignorant and punishes them at every opportunity she finds.


  • Arcane Codex: Through her studies of ancient manuscripts, Cleo has completely mastered the arcane arts. It has a 35% chance with every hit of a dark orb that hurts all the units it touches.
  • Book of the Eclipse: After releasing 3 dark orbs, Cleo uses the Book of Eclipse, which causes the battlefield to be enveloped in shadows, greatly reducing the damage done by the humanoid units for a few seconds.
  • Grimoire of Pain: Using the Grimoire of Pain, Cleo unleashes the fury of the Gods, doing great damage to everything in the designated area. This damage is amplified if there is currently an active eclipse.
  • Grimoire of Wisdom: This book contains many useful secrets for all magicians. Every time Cleo reads from her pages, she gets a permanent bonus to her magic attribute.
  • Grimoire of Redemption: With the help of this book, Cleo can resuscitate a percentage of the undead units that fell during an eclipse.
  • Creation Grimoire: Cleo transforms the designated area into a black hole that persists for a few seconds. The units that are in the area will be dragged to the center of the hole and will suffer damage every second.


Princess Elena was the one who, along with Avalon, brought the citizens of her fallen kingdom to the safety of Nore. As a hero, Elena is extremely strong, as well as enabling strategies to take care of your units of death. In addition, it provides an aura of magical resistance to all allied units.


  • Strategic Retreat: Elena sends her units to retreat from the battlefield to prevent further losses. This ability incurs no recharge period and can be used a limited number of times for each battle.
  • Call the Cavalry: Elena summons a number of knights mounted to assist in combat.
  • Save Lives: Elena increases the capacity for wounded units, preventing the death of more soldiers after each battle.
  • Cavalry Specialist: When on the battlefield, Elena increases the damage and health of allied knights.
  • Prepared and Arranged: Elena has an incredible introspection ability, passively increasing the amount of experience she receives in each fight.
  • Magical Resistance: Elena reduces the damage that her allied units and herself receive by a percentage.


After being wounded in combat, Gafgar received a new mechanical body, as well as a new opportunity to live. Empowered by his mechanical improvements, he fights harder than ever.


  • Igneous tongs: Gafgar hits his powerful pincers on the ground, causing flames to erupt from him to his enemies, causing fire damage to anyone in the designated area.
  • Dazzling Strike: Every time Gafgar attacks, there is a 25% chance that he hits all those close to his target, stunning them for 3 seconds.
  • Repairman: When Gafgar is in the field, the mechanical units regenerate a percentage of his health every second.
  • Dwarf Warrior Specialist: Gafgar provides a passive bonus to the health and damage of Allied dwarves while on the battlefield.
  • Temporary Repair: Gafgar repairs all the mechanical units in the field, including himself, recovering a percentage of his health points.
  • Iron Shield: Gafgar suffers a reduced amount of damage for a few seconds.


Gan is a mystery in sorcerer art of conquest guide who seeks to help the fallen Prince, Avalon, in his adventure to recover his homeland. Like Avril, he is an ideal hero to keep large numbers of enemies under control, with the added advantage of being able to do great damage to buildings and defenses.


  • Serpentines Thorns: With the help of the forces of nature, Gan summons serpentine thorns that immobilize the enemies in the area during seconds. Each enemy suffers 15 points of damage when they are trapped.
  • Summon Antarctica: Gan summons is to assist in combat.
  • Antarctica Mastery: As a protector of the forest, the trees receive a bonus of health and damage when Gan is in the field.
  • Earthquake: Gan shakes the soil of the field, causing damage to all units in the affected area. The buildings received a lot of additional damage.
  • Life Force: Gan uses the magic of nature to strengthen the life force of all the units summoned, increasing its duration.
  • Blessing of Nature: Being a sage, Gan can use his vast wisdom to fortify the health points of all magical allied creatures.


Jacques is a great hero in the art of conquest guide and wiki, with simple motivations. He enlisted for the battle with the simple motive of bragging and showing his mechanical suit to everyone. His passion for snooping mechanical objects has no end. However, it is this same dedication which makes it a great addition to the Dwarf army.


  • Arsenal Walker: Jacques summons his mechanical suit to the battlefield. This skill costs 3 units of energy.
  • Fire Storm: Jacques doubles the firing rate of his rifle for a few seconds, devastating the enemies that are in his firing line. Each bullet does additional damage. This ability stops automatically if the ammunition runs out.
  • Rocket launcher: Jacques fires a missile from his mechanical suit, causing damage to anyone inside the area of the explosion.
  • Expert in Mechanized Units: Jacques grants a health bonus and damage to all allied mechanized units.
  • Expanded Capacity: To maintain the capacity to maintain sustained fire from his mechanized allies, Jacques increases his reserves of ammunition by a percentage.
  • Double Charge: Jacques will fire a double charge of shrapnel from his mechanical suit, doing additional damage to all enemies that are nearby.
  • Burst to Right and Sinister: Jacques overloads all the systems of his suit, increasing the firing rate of all his weapons by a percentage. This ability is deactivated automatically if the ammunition is depleted.


Nora is the King’s granddaughter in the art of conquest guide, which gives her the authority to skip her lessons and dedicate all her days to her mechanical creations.


  • Fire Bomb: Nora fires a bomb in the designated area, which bursts and ignites the burning field for 3 seconds, causing fire damage to everyone in the area. The units that die for this ability will explode.
  • Expert in Rocket: Nora is a gifted technician. When on the battlefield, all Allied rockets receive a bonus to their health and damage points.
  • Marking Attack: Nora marks a spot in the field, which will be attacked by all allied rockets with increased firing speed, for 8 seconds.
  • Air Cannon: Nora attacks a cone-shaped area with her air cannon, damaging and pushing everyone in the area.
  • Destructive Rage: Nora has a passive bonus to her attack.
  • Quick Charge: Nora can use her Fire Bomb, Marking Attack, and Air Cannon twice per battle. In addition, their recharge times are reduced by 0.5 seconds.


Rose grew up in a community where her mixed blood was hated, and her outstanding beauty was envied. In her misery, she sacrificed herself to darkness and was reborn as the Queen of the Arachnids.


  • Queen of the Spiders: Rose spends 3 units of energy when entering combat. She appears accompanied by many allied spiders, which add the power of 300.
  • Mother of the Spiders: Rose periodically summons additional spiders to the field. The combined power of the spiders you summon cannot exceed an amount determined by the level of the skill.
  • Spider Web: Summons a spider web in a certain area. The spiders that are on this fabric will receive a bonus to their speed of attack and movement. On the other hand, enemies receive a penalty to these attributes to be in the fabric.
  • Ponzoñosa Explosion: The spiders summoned are conditioned to explode when dying, poisoning to which it is near.
  • Spider Expert: Spiders on the battlefield receive a bonus to their health and damage when Rose is on the battlefield.
  • Touch Toxic: Rose poisons the enemies she attacks.
  • Incubation Speed: Rose summons additional spiders when entering combat, increasing the power of his army.

Choosing Race:

The choosing race is very important, so you can choose the best race by the art of conquest guide.

The races are very balanced, they all have their pros and cons. But if there are factors that make them more or less conducive depending on the situation of our server and what we want. Some go better at the beginning, others at the end, each one is stronger in certain areas, etc. So we recommend that you read our complete art of conquest guide/tutorial of races, sure you will leave your doubts.

How to choose a race in the art of conquest?

If you have doubts about which race to use, just read our art of conquest guide of races, we hope to solve them.

Which one to choose?

There are many factors that influence the choice of one or another race in the Art of Conquest. So we hope to explain enough so that at least you know which is best suited to your style of play. But rather than focusing on describing each race, our race in Art of Conquest guide will focus on explaining game factors that should lead you to choose one or the other:


We started our race guide in Art of Conquest talking about the map. Depending on the area where we are or where we want to go, there are races that are stronger than others. And this is because in the academy we have research available that strengthens our troops but only in one type of battlefield. And that’s the key. Depending on what predominates in the area that interests us (where we start or where we want to go), we will be interested in one type of troop or another:

  • Lich: Forts in Desert
  • Humans: Strong in Forest
  • Dwarves: Strong in Tundra

Any of these three races can get to have a 20% bonus attack and defense when we unlock it in the academy. But only in the combats that take place in the areas where we just indicated.

Of course, you can also change your race if you are interested in changing zones.

It should be added that almost everyone uses humans, and that is why forests are the most difficult areas.


art of conquest guide and cheats

With the heroes, the same thing happens, depending on which we choose we will obtain exclusive bonuses for a race, or more bonuses for a race than for the rest. Of those that are free

  • Humans: Avalon, Vega, Virion
  • Lich: Gazul
  • Dwarves: Grimms and something Avalon

We do not know if many people have given time to study this at the time of choosing the race. But of course, humans are the easiest race to start with. Since only with Avalon they have everything. And by the way, of all the free heroes, Avalon is the best by far for all the bonuses it gives.


It is not that this is decisive to choose a race, but it is important to know it. The most effective for our troops is to never use two troops that use the same resource. And all races have two troops that consume the same resources.

That is if we want to change Lich because we want an army of Scorpions and Skeleton Wizards, it is a mistake, we should only use one of the two troops. In the same way that it is very common to see armies with infantry and spearmen in humans.

Our recommendation for troops is as follows:

Human troops: Art of conquest human guide

  • Nitrile: The spearmen are better at the beginning, but with Virion, the infantry becomes a real barbarity. So we recommend infantry.
  • Rubi: Knights are the most dominant troop of humans by far, the siege engines are not level.
  • Crystal: Both archers and priestesses are good options. Archers are probably the most normal choice, but both troops are doing well.

Dwarf Troops: Art of conquest dwarf guide

Dwarves are the strongest troops in early server moments. In the long run, they are weak, mainly to defend, and they require a close ally if possible a human with archers. That is, with a human ally, covering the backs are possibly the strongest race on the battlefield.

  • Nitrile: The mechs are far superior to the siege machines
  • Rubi: The tanks are not bad, but the Gunmen are clearly above
  • Crystal: And the problem comes here because the two best troops compete for the same resource. Both the Technicians and the Rocketeers are amazing.

Lich Troops: Art of conquest lich guide

The Lich troops are probably the strongest troops in the Late Game, although they take a long time to compete with the other two races.

  • Nitrile: Although they need many improvements, probably in 2 months playing scorpions are the strongest unit of the game. So do not even use wizards
  • Rubi: Mummies are also much better than skeletons, basically because when killing humanoids (the other two races), they are resurrected as skeletons of our army.
  • Crystal: And spiders are much better than siege engines.


After everything said in our art of conquest guide of races, you can get an idea. All races are good, but you have to know their strengths and weaknesses and see depending on the map, our colleagues and others which is not better. To summarize, these are the reasons that should lead you to choose one or another race:

  • Humans: The easiest breed to start, strong in the forest and with many free heroes that improve it. Although in Late Game, it is possibly the weakest race.
  • Dwarves: They are strong in the tundra and can be really strong if they have a human ally. They are the ones that burst the most at the beginning, although in the end, the Lich end up surpassing them.
  • Lich: They are strong in the desert and it’s hard to make them reach their full potential. That if in a couple of months they are the strongest of all.

Improve skills:

art of conquest guide and rewards

We would simply recommend that you follow this order: First the main skill, then the ability to support, then the control, and finally the DPS.

Although we would also recommend that they did not decompensate a lot, and more or less have them balanced.


What are the resources and where to take them?

There are three main and three additional resources (not counting accelerators, Honor and donat Linear): gold, mana elixir and wood as the main, and blood diamonds, mithril and crystals as additional.

It is the first thing we must focus on, ensuring a good supply of resources in the art of conquest guide.

Gold, wood, and mana can be found at any time in the maps, and can also be produced in the castle. Initially, we will need them to improve buildings and technology. But they should not worry too much about them, they will end up getting a good supply.

Blood diamonds, Mithril, and crystals are rare resources that we can not produce. We can only find them on the map or get opening chests.

In general, the recommendation on the resources we have mentioned is to have a good warehouse that protects them.

Other ways to obtain resources are to intercept the shipments of other players and to be aware of the store, where after refreshing, rare items come out. Although they will not last long.

Improve buildings:

If we already have the resources in order, we must focus on the buildings. Although the truth is that in this game the development of the castle is much simpler than in others. So we just have to dedicate ourselves to upload what we have available. For this, it is important that we do not lack resources.

The idea is to orchestrate everything around a type of technology. If we change the race, it will not affect the level of the buildings, although it will affect the level of the troops. But the technologies will define the resources that we will consume, so at this moment we will begin to specialize. Improve building is good for the game, just read our art of conquest guide for improving buildings.


This is one of the keys to the game. So follow the complete art of conquest guide.

You have to know well how each troop works, as well as of course uploading them as soon as we can. And you have to know them well because how we put them on the battlefield will depend on our success in combat. Regarding his position in combat two issues:

Who is better against whom? The archers are strong against the spearmen, the spearmen before the cavalry, the cavalry before the infantry and the infantry before the archers. So there is no better troop, the key is where to place them based on the disposition of the rival.

Who dies before? Those on the front line die before. So it is advisable to put low-level troops. Since they will also be faster to cure in the hospital.

Having these two premises clear and knowing that they will have to adapt according to the enemy, a formation that should almost always work for them is:

  • Infantry: The swordsmen or whatever they have, with their shields put on the front line, will tank the rest of the troops since they are the ones who defend the best.
  • Lancers: If we have cavalry in front (strong against infantry) we place them first, if not, behind the infantry.
  • Archers: If we have infantry in front, in the third row, if not, in second
  • Cavalry: This may be our opinion, but unless there is infantry in front of us, we would advance them, we like to put them behind everyone. Basically, because they charge and end up arriving earlier. And in this way, the first impacts are not taken.
  • Heroes: Heroes that have some attacking ability that they need, must be advanced (second line). Otherwise, his rank will not reach his rivals.

Art of conquest troops guide: Analysis of Units

art of conquest guide

We analyze all the troops of Art Of Conquest and we give you some tips and art of conquest guide so you know which ones to focus on and which ones to use in each situation.

We will explain the operation of all the troops of Art of Conquest or units, both for what you know when to use each one and when they are worthwhile and for you to help them when choosing a race:


We recommend that you never use two troop types that consume the same resource. It will cost you much more to raise them in level and the key of the troops is in improving them. So we will analyze the troops of each race according to the resource they consume and comparing them with the other troop that consumes the same resource (Nitrilo, Rubi or Cristal).

Human Race:

Our recommendation is to focus on Infantry, Knights and Archers or Priestesses


Lancers: It is a very strong unit at the beginning and does not need improvement. It is also ideal against large units such as cavalry.

Infantry: If you are human you have to get the hero Varion. And what Varion improves this unit is a real barbarity.

They may not go so well at first, but because of the Varion improvements, we fully recommend the infantry.


Knights: It is the most unbalancing unit of humans in an attack. So there are too many explanations, if you want to conquer, you have to use cavalry.

Siege machines: They are the same in any race, and the truth is that in no case are they worth it.

In this case, there is no doubt: gentlemen.


Archers: It is the most unbalancing unit of humans in defense, although they can not be on the front line. So, in general, it is the most reasonable option.

Priestesses: This unit greatly reinforces the attack of troops like knights. So that would be the choice if we want to be more offensive.

In this case, it depends on whether we want to be offensive, priestesses, or defensive, archers. The normal thing is to use archers since they make us more complete. But playing with partners may be interested in more specialization, and some focus on defending while others attack.

Dwarf Breed:

Our recommendation is to focus on Merchs, Gunmen, and Rocketeers. Although next, you will see that the dwarves have a problem and that the best troops share resources.


Merchs: They are a complicated unit, and you have to learn to use it, placing it very well in battles, since among other things you can not resuscitate. But of course, they are strong

Siege machines: They are the same in any race, and the truth is that in no case are they worth it.

We chose the Merchs because simply siege engines are not an option.


Tanks: A recently buffeted unit that the truth is that it is going quite well, although as a troop of ruby we consider that it is something worse than its competition. Since they work well from the rear as support troop.

Gunmen: They have also been recently buffed. And although they do not defend very well if we believe that they are clearly above the Tanks in terms of utility

We believe that gunmen have much more utility on the battlefield.


Technicians: It’s a great unit, the best for the melee in the game. The pity is that they consume the same resource as the Rocketeers, and the latter is really unbalancing.

Rocketeers: They are undoubtedly the best unit of the dwarves, very beasts attacking from a distance, tremendously destructive and with area damage. So although the Technicians are a great unit, they are the choice

We believe that the Rocketeers are more important, even though the technicians are a very good option.

We hope you like the art of conquest guide and wiki.

Frequent doubts:

Directly we leave you links to tutorials for each of the most frequent questions:

How to move from the capital in the Art of Conquest?

Below we will explain what and how to move from the capital in Art of Conquest guide and wiki. You’ll need it sooner or later, and it better be early.

Why move from the capital in Art of Conquest?

Mainly for two reasons, although indirectly we will be good for more things, we will need to move from the capital in Art of Conquest to get:

Rewards by rank:

As we go up the cups in the art of conquest guide, we will get a higher rank. And depending on the range we reach we can unlock buildings that will allow us to build new things, mainly weapons and troops, or the best heroes of the game.

The problem is that almost from the beginning, we can only collect our rewards by rank when we accumulate the necessary cups if we have moved out of the capital. Otherwise, we can also unlock both rewards but through the castle level, something that will take much longer to achieve.

Resource bonus:

In the capital, we do not obtain a bonus of resources. In any other city, yes, and we are talking about that we will produce 40%, 60% or enough% more. So it is also highly recommended to move out of the capital in Art of Conquest as soon as possible.

How to move from the capital in the Art of Conquest?

art of conquest guide

It is not so obvious, and less if we have not been attentive at the beginning. In our case, we received several messages and invitations that we did not read, and when we wanted to realize it took us a long time to get what could have been very easy due to the art of conquest guide.

Join a Noble House:

They come to be the clans or alliances of the game. If we want to take a city, it is a requirement to belong to a noble house, otherwise, even if the city is empty, we can not take it.

The first thing you should look for is that you have your language or at least English. Basically, be careful not to get into a Russian clan or have an alphabet that you do not understand.

The idea is to join a noble house that already has a city, you can see it in the description of the house, by clicking on a player of it. If they can, they can move

If you do not have it, at least the alliance is great, and you already have a good number of members. Although there are stronger alliances, it is normal to end up weakening with the inactive people. And if there is no other choice, set up the clan yourself.

Conquer a city:

If you are already in a clan without a city, the next thing is to conquer the city.

The easiest thing to do is to wait for an empty neutral city to come out. The more members the clan has, the easier it is for them to be careful not to let it pass.

If they are a strong clan but without a city, they can try to conquer an existing one.

By doing either, you will be able to move.

How do cities work in the game?

As mentioned above, the system of cities in AoC guide is very different from that in other similar games. Here, your estate is originally located in the limitless capital of your kingdom – and it can not be attacked or affected. However, you also cannot attack other cities and carry out sieges if your estate is in the capital – therefore, sooner or later you will have to transfer your estate to another city.

The number of places in the city is limited and to go to another city in it must remain free places, and you must be a member of the guild. Being in a city allows you to attack other players’ cities, but you yourself become an accessible target – so moving to a city is better at least at level 8-10 of castle development and raising the level of units in the army. Also, when you are in the city, you develop 40% more resources and you can receive reinforcements from other players – this is very useful! Moreover, only by moving your estate to the city, you can get ranks above the fourth, which means discovering new heroes and opportunities. However, if you do not want to play “competitively” and communicate with other players, then you can always stay in the capital and gradually develop and discover world territories.

Technically, the city looks like a honeycomb – when you approach the city (besides the capital), a window opens with a large number of hexes with houses on them. By clicking on any of them, you can see the approximate amount of resources and rob the estate (if it is an enemy city). Also, the city can be taken under siege – for this, you need a lot of players, but as a result, you can recapture the city and pick it up for the glory of your kingdom. The region will also come under the control of your kingdom.

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