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Game Guide for Battle Warship

Battle Warship is an innovative game based on war themes. It is played by multiple players online by using different real-time plans/strategies on

Battle Warship lies in the same genre of game Clash of Clans, Guns of Glory, and Age of Empire lie in.

It will be the best pick for people who play war games like the above in their daily routine. The game aims to construct a war-base, create a big naval force and destroy your enemy.


The battle warship is the game made on the theme that the whole world is turned into a sea-flooded area, where all the players will be distributed into a group fighting against each other to survive using different resources and collecting war stuff.

In the battle Warship, the world is indulged in a flood where everyone is greedy, in stress to survive these situations.

The players together in the form of clusters will fight against all these situations and will fight for their survival using real-time strategies, plans, battle warship aircraft, and other war stuff.

Along with inter battlefield, the players will also be given the chance to enjoy PVEs or system instanced battles in which the pirates will take over the battlefield.


It may not suit everyone because the environment of the game cannot be changed according to everyone’s preferences, but this game is made similar to other Massively multiplayer online real-time strategy games.


For the player’s convenience, the Battle warship game will be accessible using different platforms that include Personal computers, android, and IOS.

Battle Warship Objectives

The main mission of players while playing the game battle warship will be setting up a base, participating in several different activities that will ultimately lead to increasing the player’s power.

The player should aim at upgrading the base resources to go up in the game. Find new weapons and stuff like battle warship naval empire aircraft for war and join an alliance to progress in the game speedily and survive in the game as long as the player can.

Battle Warship Aircraft Guide

battle warship guide
Battle Warship: Naval Empire Guide & Secrets

Getting an aircraft in the game is very necessary. They can be achieved in a limited time or the base of an Aircraft carrier. Your start level will decide which quality of aircraft will you get.

If your star level is higher than you will get a high-quality unit on the other hand if the quality of your aircraft is low, you will get a comparatively low-quality aircraft.

Decide which aircraft you want yourself to pair up with and use the strength of the particular aircraft for your benefit you can upgrade the class of you battle Warship aircraft undergoing following steps:

  • Reach to level 6
  • To change the color, find the class interface. From the same class interface, you can also increase the power and upgrade the attack of aircraft.
  • On reaching level 16 you can change the color of your aircraft to purple.
  • On reaching level 20 you can change your aircraft to gold.

Battle Warship Tips & Secrets

Before playing battle warship you need to know some easy and amazing tips that will help you proceed in the game easily as well as fastly.

let us have a look at battle warship tips and strategies to proceed in the game.

  • Main Mission Completion

The main mission is displayed at the bottom of the screen in Battle Warship. To keep your naval base upgraded all the time that include the latest buildings and new resources, you need to complete the given main mission. For your ease they are displayed on the screen all the time, you can reach the location by just tapping on it. Completing the main mission provides you with rewards as well as resources, so don’t forget to the main mission in Battle Warship.

  • Other Missions

Else then the main mission there is the number of different missions available in Battle warship that includes Daily Missions, Alliance Mission and VIP mission. These missions are available to the player at different intervals of time in a day.

  • Queue Up the Daily Mission

All you need to do is to queue up the daily mission and wait for the given time for its completion. On completion of the daily mission, the players will be presented by different rewards.

  • Queue Up the Alliance Mission

Completing the Alliance Mission also provides the player with amazing experience and rewards but before queuing up an Alliance Mission you need to unlock it first.

  • Queue Up the VIP Mission

Like the Alliance Mission, The VIP Mission need to be unlocked before queueing it up. And after the given time is completed the player will achieve experience and rewards.

To unlock the VIP Mission all you need to do is make a new alliance or join the existing one and achieve the active VIP status by buying the VIP items.


There is various type of rewards that the player can achieve on completing different missions that include Signals, Credits, Upgrades, Camouflage, and much more.


Benefits of Joining an Alliance: How To Join?

The alliance is the group of people that play together to fight for achieving the same goal. Joining an Alliance provide the player with several different benefits so all you need to do is join the Alliance as soon as possible. The very first benefit is that you will be awarded 200 gold when you will first join the Alliance.

The second amazing benefit of joining an Alliance is that your alliance fellows can come to rescue you while the enemy attacks you as well as fasten up your construction time.

The third benefit of joining an alliance is getting access to the mission named as fore-mentioned Alliance missions.

Opening of Gift Boxes

You will be awarded a gift box whenever you will reach a new commander level. Varieties of things will be available in the gift boxes that include goodies, resources, speed-ups and much more.

When you receive a gift box you have to open it manually so always keep a track of your inventory so that you don’t forget to open up your gift boxes.

Go Enjoy Battle Warship

Battle warship guide gives you the chance to enjoy the amazing battlefield through your phones and computer. What are you waiting for, download the game and play the amazing battle warship game!


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