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As the name of the application is representing what the Betternet Free VPN is going to offer you. The world has been turned into a global village but due to the limitation of borders and national interest security, some countries do not give assess to particular restricted websites.

Due to this hurdle, you may not be able to conduct your business or work on a particular website. Now your worry has been solved by the development of the Unlimited Free Vpn- Betternet application, which would make you access to your favorite or desired website by just tabbing on its icon on your mobile Android, IOS or Windows screen.

The Betternet application is developed by Betternet LLC, a corporation to enhance the quality and security of your browsing experience.

This application has many unique features that may urge you to use it. The first and most important thing is that this VPN Client is totally free and you can download its Free APK File from any free app store without any payment because many VPNs are only available on Credit.


This application is offering its services in all operating systems, either android, IOS or Windows.

The development team of Betternet has introduced a new feature of AdBlocker so that you may feel comfortable browsing experience without the interruption of Sticky Ads.

If you are facing the problem of Censorship then it’s time to avoid this worry by using this application. This application is capable to break any kind of strong censorship.

This application is very simple and easy to use even beginners or regular users would be able to utilize it, without any guide. Step by step this application also guides you that how to use it.

Simply you just have to open the application and tap the connect button, now it’s ready to break your country’s censorship without any obstacle.

In its Incognito Browsing Mode, you are safe to surf any website that would be in your privacy because Betternet VPN operates your internet just like a wire hidden in a pip.

It means that now the problem of your record stealing and history recording has been solved. Now you can enjoy your browsing experience with wide difference from previous experience, anonymously.

The vital specification of Betternet is its Hotspot Protection Shields if you are using Wi-Fi internet at any public place.

With Betternet VPN, you are secure to use any Public Internet Connection because this application has Internet Security Shields to protect your internet device and its browsing history from Cyber Crime.

Finally, it’s absolutely, an easy, free and secure, device health-based application to experience.



Betternet APK

Unlimited Free Browsing

Free and easy to explore internet browsing with no limitations.

Private and Virtual Internet Connection

Fully private and privacy-protected application to keep you safe from the spreading of Cyber Crimes.

Device Security

Secure your device with Virtual Private Network, and keep your device’s health fully maintained.

Incognito Mode

Enable you, to hide your browsing records and cookies related to your business website.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Shield

Now feel relaxed on any Public Wi-Fi Connection without the cyber fear of being exploited by the wrong

Finally! An unlimited, free, secure, and advanced application is awaiting you to download its Betternet APK File, from any app store.

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