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Blaze Of Battle Guide & Strategies

Here is the best and 100 % legit blaze of battle guide, tips and tricks and beginners and pro players to upgrade your city and empower your kingdom with lord’s skills.

Get free and unlimited resources on, improve the skills of the dragon, attack kingdoms of other players and enhance your kingdom.

Overview of blaze of battle

Blaze of battle is a fantasy base building game full of dragons. In blaze of battle game, you have to build your empire and train your troops. With troops go to battle with million players from all around the world.

Credited by

Blaze of battle is developed and offered by Shenzhen Leyi Network Co., Ltd.

Introduction of blaze of battle guide

We’ll help you build the ultimate realm with our dazzling strategy blaze of battle guide of tricks, tips, and hints from Blaze of Battle!

If you have been playing the blaze of battle and want to explore more. Here you can find the most valuable advice and strategy.

This is a dazzling blaze of battle guide to the battle’s mittal fire.

Knight Level-up Tricks, Gem Drive, Calculate construction time.

How to kill a monster quickly. Open chests automatically, level-up lord and dragon quickly. Cheats for resource use, attacking and defending tips.

Features of blaze of battle

  • Play for free in this award-winning castle noble strategy game by following our blaze of battle.
  • Join a powerful alliance to chat and make friends with players from around the world.
  • Train multiple troops and prepare for attacks against countless rivals. We go to the battlefield to present the best application to open gems the blaze of battle.
Name Blaze of Battle APK Info
Developer Shenzhen Leyi Network
APK Size 77M
Requires Android
4.1 and up
Content Rating 7+
Category Strategy
Features Troops, Upgrade Dragons

Resources in blaze of battle

lBaze of battle guide give you complete information about resources of blaze of battle.

There are five main resources in blaze of battle.

Resources in blaze of battle guides and hints
Resources in blaze of battle guides and hints


You need food for your troops. You can get food by growing and upgrading farms. It will also increase the storage capacity of food.


You need wood for training, healing, and researching, etc. You can increase the production and storage capacity of wood by building sawmills.


You also need stones for building, upgrading, and training. You can increase the storage capacity and production of stones by building and upgrading the Quarry in your city.


Iron is one of the main resources. You need it for healing, building, training, and researching. To increase the production of iron you have to build and upgrade mines in your city.


Gold is the most important resource in blaze of battle. You need gold for researches and troop training. Production of gold is very slow. So, you have to spend it wisely.

Blaze of battle tips & tricks

Here are tips and tricks in blaze of battle guide which will help you to improve in the game.

 Blaze of battle force

Force shows yours overall strength in the game. Force value of a player or alliance tells about its power.

How to get the force in blaze of battle?

When you make your city powerful and efficient, you will increase your force.

Following are some ways to increase your force

  • Research
  • Troop and trap training
  • Construction and upgrading of buildings to a higher

In blaze of battle guide, you will know about all features of the game.

Blaze of battle quests

To get all information about quests you need to read full blaze of battle guide.

There are three types of the quest in the game for players.

  • Daily quests
  • Alliance quests
  • VIP quests

To complete these missions you just have to tap the start button then these quests will complete automatically.

You will find different levels of missions in each quests. These quests having importance in ascending order.

  • Primary quest
  • General quest
  • Senior quest
  • Advanced quest
  • Holy quest
  • Supreme quest

City Quests

City quests are having great importance. It will include all the major progress of your city. You will get great rewards by completing these quests. These quests include the progress of your city from building to research and also training of troops.

Blaze of battle strategies and hints

By reading our complete blaze of battle guide you can play the most exciting real-time strategy (STR) and simulation (SLG) games! Train your own army, direct your dragon and knights and fight for glory in Blaze of Battle! Build the city of your dreams and fight against millions of players from around the world.

Play for free

Play for FREE this hit game now and get tricks and hints in blaze of battle guide! Join an Alliance and discuss and make friends with players from around the world. Train troops and prepare to attack the city of your enemies.

The whole city is counting on you! Take your destiny in hand now!

Characteristics of blaze of battle

– Build and customize your city.

– Train and crush your enemies!

– Lead your army with your Dragon for victory.

– Recruit the best Knights with blaze of battle guide.

– Measure to players around the world.

– Join an Alliance and lead rallying wars with your allies!

– Chat in real time with your friends.

– Conduct research with blaze of battle guide to boost the economy of your city.

– Monsters around the kingdom every day. Hunt for equipment, or rare ingredients for FREE!

– Participate in many events and earn valuable rewards every day!

 Upgrade civic center:

The civic center is the main building in your city. Progress of your city depends on your civic center. The civic center shows the overall advancement of the city. With a legit blaze of battle guide you have to advance  and upgrade the civic center from the stone age to wood age.

FAQs of blaze of battle

How to get a dragon in blaze of battle?

When you reach civil center Lv. 9, you can build a building named Great Dragon Keep. Click hammer icon and build that building and become able to unlock your dragon.

How to upgrade dragon in blaze of battle?

Your dragon will get experience from battles by using special items. The higher the level of your dragon the more bonuses your army will get. Increase your dragon energy. You can upgrade your dragon by improving its skills. Each type of skill will improve performance in different ways.

How to get gold in blaze of battle?

Gold is the most important resource in blaze of battle. It is very important to carry out researches and training of troops. You will get gold when you construct buildings and houses. You can also get gold by completing specific tasks.

How to get farsight alteration blaze of battle?

Monster Liar: You will get this item in blaze of battle as a reward when you gathered all the resources on the Flame Chaser Liar. You have to make sure that you have got enough items. Farsight alteration is essential for upgrading Gem Palace.

How to get gems in blaze of battle?

You can earn tons of free gems by occupying gems tiles, liars and defeating monsters. You will find four kinds of gems treasures in gem palace.

  • Pile of gems
  • Sack of gems
  • Bucket of gems
  • Chest of gems.

You can also hire workers to dig gems.

You will get free gems while completing different task and as your achievement rewards and receive the gift of free gems. You can also buy pack of gems from store.

How to change kingdoms in blaze of battle?

By taking part in competition called kingdom events for kingdoms to teleport and occupy one another. You will compete for supremacy and getting prizes. During the event, lords will complete specific tasks to score points.

  • Cross-kingdom teleport
  • Cross-kingdom warrant
  • Rival kingdoms

How to get wood in the blaze of battle?

Wood is one of the main resources in blaze of battle. You need wood in training, building, upgrading, healing, and researching, etc. You can increase the production of wood by building and upgrading sawmills in your city.

Final verdict

Blaze of battle guide informs you about all hidden facts in the game. This updated blaze of battle guide tells you to forge the most powerful equipment for your Dragon and make him the greatest of the commanders.


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