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Board Kings is a relaxing table game still without hilarious new multiplayer brought to you by Jelly button creators of Pirate Kings. King’s board combines classic features of board games everyone knows and loves with epic social benefits and hysterically funny graphics.

The board kings is a casual application by Jelly button games!!!

Board Kings is a bit of strategy and good luck. You roll the dice and then move the number of squares. For every seat you move, you get some cash, which is great, but you have to move what you have rolled. Most actions on your board can only be performed when you are in certain places. Since you can not choose to stop at a certain place, you might really want to stop by the machine to get a hefty sum of money.

Board kings gameplay [current_date format=’Y’]:

Your board is filled with a variety of spaces, from opportunity cards to locations that give you unique bonuses, to an automaton that spends new game pieces.

There are police cars where you can hang around, a piggy bank where you can keep the money, and even a place to steal money from other players.

There are many things you can do alone on the board, but it’s really fun to drive to other boards and break their things, or take ownership of their buildings, collect money and bonuses, and evade the police. But a lot of it happens by accident.

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Board kings guide, tips/help to explore the game

Our board kings guide and strategies will help you to build your own city easily. So read the full board kings tips and tricks!!!

board kings guide

 Roll the dice & build landmarks

Roll the dice and build your empire. Your first board is empty (for now!).  Roll the dice and move around the squares. Get coins and build buildings so your bunnies enjoy an absolutely dazzling city. Earn additional prizes such as coins, gems, and throws by falling into one of the special boxes and get free bonus cards. Create buildings and place key constructions on your board so that your bunnies are happier!

Visit other boards and do some damage:

Visit other boards and destroy everything. It is clear that we all like to enjoy classic board games, but the funniest part of Board Kings comes when you fall in the train box * laughter malignant mode *. Visit the boards of other friends, destroy and conquer their buildings, and take control of their key constructions. By the way, how about stealing some money and putting them in a good mess? You just have to be careful not to get caught by the police.

Defend your board:

If you are visiting and destroying other boards, you can count on other players who try to invade yours. Place the police cars through your tiles, keep your eyes open and chase the vicious intruders away.

Get revenge:

By following our board kings guide you will get the best tips about the game. Other players can steal your earnings when they invade your board. But don’t worry, you can get your earnings back. You can go to other players’ boards. Set your slider to revenge mode. This will show you the list of players who have visited your board. So, you can get revenge on them.

 Nicer and better board:

As you progress through the game and make your rabbit residents happy, you are invited to develop your table-building skills and move on to other boards. The more you advance, the nicer and better your board offers is.

Connect to Facebook for getting more rolls:

Since this is a board game that is usually played with others, you first have the opportunity to connect to Facebook. You can always add it later and it is not necessary to play, but it is much more fun to play with people you know. You will get 30 rolls and a couple of gems when you first time connects to Facebook.


The controls for this game are pretty simple. There is a dice button at the bottom of the screen, and as long as you have rolls left you can move the number of spaces you have diced around the board. Buildings are marked with a green upgrade arrow, then they can be upgraded so you can take control of your city with just a tap on the board.

Spend your gold coins wisely and quickly:

You have to spend your coins wisely because you can not hold them for a long time. With these coins try to upgrade your buildings as early as possible and save them from being robbed.


This game has much to offer. There are many upgrades for every building on your board. There are over 6 topics to collect, each with ten pieces, and after collecting multiple pieces of the same piece, you unlock silver and pieces of gold.

In my opinion, the real fun comes from traveling to a friend’s city by train, ruining buildings, conquering companies, and plundering piggy banks. This can lead to rivalries and a battle for land, but it is also much more lucrative if you are a competitive person.

More boards and themes:

As you advance on the board and your bunnies become happier, you can pick up fragments of the golden path to access better and bigger boards. The more you progress, the better you can equip your board. The world of Board Kings contains 18 boards and our bunnies work tirelessly to create many more.

Why the game is so much fun?

Since this is a board game that is usually played with others, you first have the opportunity to connect to Facebook. You can always add it later and it is not necessary to play, but it is much more fun to play with people you know. You have the choice between 4 pieces of the common game before you are dropped onto the starting square and given the chance to throw the dice.

The game has a nice tutorial that will be played during the first rounds and guide you through the different types of fields you can land on. It’s pretty thorough and not overly complicated. Then you are alone and can build your city or terrorize your friends.

Collect items:

The game is all that people love about board games in a city building and a mobile gaming environment. You build your city, you destroy the city of your friends and collect items while you roll a dice and hope that you get a six, so you finally get the last upgrade to get to the next level.

It’s a bit of luck, as this is a board game with dice, but with a relatively large pool of energy, you have enough moves to make it anywhere and get what you want to do.

Real fun:

The game is fun with their own players, but the real fun comes from playing with friends and the ability to take over their city and imprison them in your jail.

 Final verdict:

Become the king of the board now by following our latest board king’s guide. This game is free to play. Get unlimited rolls and coins as you advance in the game.

Write your opinion in the comment section.

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