Bricks Ball Crusher GuideBricks Ball Crusher Guide & Walkthrough

Bricks Ball Crusher Guide & Walkthrough

Are you a game lover and waiting to explore the world of the game and are in search of an amazing game that will make you fall in love with it then you are at the right place?

Let us explore the amazing guide to bricks ball crusher game that will help you increase your success rate in the game. Let us have a look at the brief guide, tips, and walkthrough of the bricks ball crusher game.


The bricks ball crusher is developed by tong yong. It is an amazing brick game that will help you relax your mind and enjoy it.

The game is a total fun pack that not only let you enjoy but also give challenges at every stage to make it more interesting.

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Play Guide

In bricks ball crusher all you need to do is crush the bricks on the screen with the help of balls. Each brick will be marked with a number and when the ball will hit the brick the number of balls will increase as per the number is written on the brick.

While playing and aiming you should always give your best shot and always try to break as many bricks as you can in a go with the balls.


Your score depends on the number of bricks broken by you keeping the leftover balls and time limit in mind.

Clearing the screen will lead you to the next level. The front end of the game is so amazing and appealing that it adds some more spark to the game and attract users towards it.


You must be waiting to know the amazing features of a brick ball crusher. The wait is over let us have a look at some breathtaking features of bricks ball crusher game:

  • The brick ball crusher is free to download and play. You don’t need to pay a single penny to enjoy and relax.
  • It is not a 2-level game it provides you with 1000+ levels.
  • Give a smooth touch that enables you to handle the balls easily and shot at the right brick.
  • To hit a variety of bricks it gives you a minimum of 10+ balls that vary at every level according to the complexity.
  • Bricks ball crusher has solved the biggest problem. People normally can’t play games in their free time or whenever they want just because either they don’t have a wifi connection or a poor connection.
    • But you can play bricks ball crusher on the go without the need for a WIFI connection. Relax your mind whenever you desire.
  • It provides you with the option to subscribe so that you can play the games with friends all over the world by just downloading.

 Main Functions and Power-ups

The game will go from easy to hard to go from starting levels to a higher level. You will face new challenges in every stage but to help you out clear the level with several different functions.

Bricks Ball Crusher Guide
Bricks Ball Crusher Guides & Walkthrough

At the bottom of the screen, you will find different icons that will be your companion in the game.

Let’s have a look at some of the main functions of bricks ball crusher:

  • If there are a lot of bricks left on the screen and you instantly want all the blocks crushed, then go for the rocket sign at the bottom and pressing it will crush all the blocks on the screen.


  • Are you stuck? One wrong move and you are at the stake to lose then hurry up and use the satellite icon. It will reverse the wrong move for you and your game will be no more on the stake.


  • Every challenge makes the game most interesting but what if you are running out of time in a stage? without thing click the clock icon from the bottom of the screen gets some more time to clear the stage.


  • There is nothing to worry about. The game facilitates you at every point. Running out of balls? All you have to do is press the ball icon in the bottom it will instantly give you 80 balls and you can crush the left bricks on the go.


Playing the game will not let your effort go in vain. Completing the level with a 3-star rating will make you win coins and high ranking leading you to the next level. You will be awarded daily rewards as well.

At each level, you can earn up to two diamonds by playing smart.

The very first question arising in your mind is the purpose of these diamond. So here is the answer the diamonds will be an asset for you throughout the game, they will help you buy some help from the main functions.

How to Unlock Levels?

Bricks ball crusher provides you with almost 1000+ levels with a different challenge and difficulty level. At the start of the game, all the levels will be locked now you must be wondering how to unlock levels in bricks ball crusher and enjoy the amazing game.

It’s very simple as soon as you clear a level the next level will be opened. It up to your smartness level that you complete the level with one two or three-star.

The Best Strategy to Play Bricks Ball Crusher

Aiming a good target and placing the ball in the right position is what this game all about so while always keep an eye on your aim. Let’s have a look at the strategy and tips to play like a pro:

  • Never aim straight, straight aims will always disappoint you. As it will waste the balls and the least number of bricks will be crushed.
  • Aiming in the corner will make the ball go to every corner and hit a large possible brick. So always try aiming in the corner.
  • Hit at an angle that makes your balls bounce more that will surely help you get all the possible bricks crushed.

Applying the above strategies and they will help you in achieving 3 stars at the end and clear the levels easily.

You are all ready to play the amazing bricks ball crusher like a pro. So, what are you waiting for go download bricks ball crusher on your phone and give yourself some amazing time with this game to relax and enjoy?


31 thoughts on “Bricks Ball Crusher Guide & Tips”
  1. I don’t know about that snake,I have not seen it, I am on level 588 and can not get past it, even though I can clear all the bricks several times over in the same game, it keeps assigning more,Help! Does anyone know how to use the hearts? I have like 400hearts and don’t see anyway to use them,help! Thanks

    1. The hearts are lives. If you lose a round, you lose a heart. They regenerate after an hour I think. If you run out of lives, you either have to wait to play or watch an ad.

    1. The hearts are lives. If you lose a round, you lose a heart. They regenerate after an hour I think. If you run out of lives, you either have to wait to play or watch an ad.

  2. Hearts allow you to play rounds. If you want to go back and play earlier rounds just for the sake of not being frustrated, especially to avoid ads.

    1. It’s just telling you that it’s speeding up the screen because it’s been bouncing around for a while. They don’t want you getting bored. I think it changes the trajectory a little, but this is just to move it along.

    1. What I recommend is going back to level one and playing those early levels then grabbing the 5-50 diamonds. Typically at upper levels I need a lot of help so I can use 1,000 diamonds to get through a level and so I need to boost my diamonds back. Using the 5-50 diamonds is my favorite way to get the diamonds and you need a heart to play each of those early easy rounds. I play the early rounds because they are fast to complete. All the ads are annoying.

          1. There are weapons?! I know there are props. Is that what you mean? If there are weapons, beyond the props, where do I find those? If you do mean props, I can only buy them with diamonds, not coins.

    2. Simple enough. Die. Or not clear a stage. In essence they are acquired lives or continues. Without them you have to watch an ad to continue play.

  3. How do you get the bank coins that come up after you finish a level. I get the other bank is for buying different things. There are over 9000 coins in that bank now..

    1. The only place I’ve seen you can use them is under Shop and the Ball tab. I don’t know if you need that many diamonds AND coins or if it’s an either or. I suggest going to buy a bigger ball. You can try it out first by watching an ad.

  4. Sono arrivato a livello 750.Non ho ancora capito cosa significa la scatoletta regalo in alto a sinistra.
    Qualcuno me lo sa dire ? Grzie

    1. So looking up help everyone has a white mask and I have a black gas mask that keeps going to the dude in the yellow jacket

  5. I am stuck at level 1090 and these types of levels are extremely tough.
    It has the triangles, iron shields, iron covers, and a leaf like substance which adds extra to the actual value of the ball and if failed to eliminate all leaves from a particular bri ck then again it would generate and continues.

  6. There is no good reason for COINS. Can someone please state what the coins are for? If it’s just to buy/change the ball, that is stupid and worthless. You can change the ball any time by going to the shop. YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO BUY GEMS WITH COINS. I’VE GOT 26,000 COINS THAT CAN’T BE USED.

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