Bubble witch saga 3 guide

Bubble witch saga 3 guide

Bubble Witch 3 Saga (available on Android, iOS, and via Facebook ) is the sequel to the popular Bubble Witch Saga, one of the most entertaining King games. Its mechanics are extremely simple but, as always happens in these casual games, one thing is to play without more and the other to dominate it.

After a few hours of play, I tell you the bubble witch 3 saga guide and secrets so that you can play more and better Bubble Witch 3 Saga and do not spend money. Our bubble witch saga 3 guides will also help you to collect bubbles.

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Look closely at the bubble itinerary:

The Bubble Witch 3 Saga’s pointing system is very precise: the path that marks the dashed line that appears when pointing with a bubble is just what it will follow.

Look closely at this itinerary, especially if you want to make plays where the bubble bounces. Aiming one more millimeter to the left or to the right can make the bubble not go right where you want it.

Bubble witch saga 3 guide and hints

Point as high as you can:

Whenever you can, try to have the balls you throw combine with those at the top of the screen. Breaking structures from the top will make all balls in the lower zones that are connected also removed from the board.

With this bubble witch 3 saga strategy, you will finish the levels with much less distance and, therefore, you will get many more points in one sitting.

Bubble witch saga 3 guide and strategy

Keep in mind the two bubbles available in each roll:

In each roll you have two shooting options: sometimes they are two balls of the same color and other two of different colors. In the second case, analyze each play to see if it suits you better to use the bubble that is by default, or the other one, which you will select by clicking on it.

Many times you can make big plays if you use the right combination of colors with ahead.

Bubble witch saga 3 guide and tips

Eliminate bubbles on each play:

Try to create a combination of bubbles in each release. Not only do you do it to avoid wasting rolls, but also because chaining successful plays you will get higher scores you will make spiders -which give more points when a bubble hits them- and sometimes you will unlock a way in which you will score double on each play.

Use the power-ups only in desperate situations:

Each time you unlock a type of power-up (special power) in Bubble Witch 3 Saga, the game will give you a gift. Do not spend it without more, better save it for desperate situations.

The first levels of the game and more following our bubble witch 3 saga guide are easy. So, reserve all the special items for more advanced games, especially in those levels that you have been repeating for days and there is no way to overcome them.

An example: use a free color power-up when you do not have possible combinations and you have very few runs to finish a level.

This advice should also apply to the expenditure of gold bullion. When you start your game you have a hundred. The first impulse is to think that you have many and spend them buying lives or powers … don’t do it!

Bubble witch saga 3 guide and tricks

Acts differently according to the objectives of each level:

All the tips we have given you so far are applicable to all levels of Bubble Witch 3 Saga. However, the game has three types of levels, each with a different objective. Keep in mind these bubble witch 3 saga tips to overcome them more easily.

Clear the screen:

In the levels in which the objective is to clear the bubble screen, you must get to show light beams (you need the number that marks you in the upper right corner of the board).

So, in these levels do not obsess over breaking bubbles and more bubbles; Focus on reaching the top area of the board to release these beams of light. You will finish the level before and, therefore, you will get more points with less effort.

Save the animals:

At these levels focus on eliminating the bubbles that surround the characters and do not worry about the rest, unless it is to generate combos or chain reactions.

Release the ghost:

In these levels, as in the animals, you must focus on destroying the bubbles around the character. On this occasion, in addition, there is the added difficulty that the structure where the ghost is is rotating depending on your runs.

Thus, in these phases, he uses the shot with rebound more than ever and, in the case that no bubble combines with those that surround the ghost, use it strategically to turn it according to your need.

Connect devices to play (almost) without limits:

Like the rest of King’s games, Bubble Witch 2 Saga allows you to share split between your devices; you only need to connect the game with your Facebook account.

The good thing about this system is that the progress in the levels is saved but not the expense of lives. So, if you have already exhausted your five lives in your smartphone game you can continue playing in the Facebook version of the game, where the life meter will be full.

For example, if you use Facebook on your computer, you have a tablet and a smartphone, you will have fifteen lives in total.

How do you control the game:

By the third part of the popular King bubble series a masterpiece, its once again succeeded. The levels are not just a sweet picnic. When you look at fast times for help. We tell you that if the bubble witch saga 3 guide brings something and give you valuable advice for an exciting game, but not frustrating.

Get rid of the balls that clog:

  • Black balls: This curmudgeon can easily not destroy – except with a Special Orb or its combined overlapping balls and overthrows so that the black ball is dragged.
  • Clones: Klonblasen changes the color of the bubbles that are adjacent to it, and want to destroy it ends with a match. This can be annoying, but it can also help if what new matches you have created.
  • Double bubbles: These small animals should be taken twice because of their two tones until bursting. The sequence of colors is nothing more than what it is.
  • Golem: These stone monsters that one day swallowed a bubble of color. They can only be destroyed when their mouth is opened. Even reinforcements help.
  • Clouds: Clouds in front of the bubbles and hide their color. He throws his bubble against a cloud, she disappears and the ball is shown behind. Has happiness been taken and directly the right color, all located around the clouds disappear?
  • Bats: These small tight animals hang from the balls. You have the ball in a hanging stick shattered so the bat cuts. If the ball just at the end of the fly wings on the wall looking for a new home.
  • Cobwebs: avoid sticky threads that simply fall balls. You have to destroy the network by it the ball in the center of the explosion started.
  • ice: It is a bubble of ice wrapped, that can not be destroyed. You just have to break the ice that brings all the other balls around it for exploding matches.

Knowing the game mechanics of bubble witch 3 saga:

The gameplay is simple, you have to combine three or more bubbles or balls of the same color to explode. In this way, we clean all the bubbles on the screen and achieving the objectives that allow us to overcome the phase.

To launch a bubble you have to keep pressing on it to be able to orient the launch line where you want to place the bubble, as soon as you stop pressing the screen, the bubble will be fired.

If we make short presses on the bubbles that we can launch, we can alternate between the available ones. The difficulty increases as we move forward so that each time we have a more limited number of pitches. Pay attention to the following bubble witch 3 saga guide for very useful help.

Play and you will discover more strategies:

In this article we have given you a very basic bubble witch saga guide, the right ones to start and not lose lives or gold at the first exchange. When you take a few games you will surely discover more techniques to advance quickly in level. Do you dare to share them with us?

Bubble Witch Saga 3 Tips and Tricks [current_date format=’Y’]

Getting Rid of Rock Bubbles

Your shooter bubble can’t destroy those rocky bubbles. Unless they fall down, they can’t be removed. You will have to look for clusters of bubbly bubbles that are similar in color and connected to the rocky bubbles. These pesky bubbles are often found adhering to the normal bubbles. 

As rock bubbles will often cling to normal bubbles that are a bit hard to reach, it can be tough for you to remove them.

What to do to gain unlimited lives

In Bubble Witch 3 Saga, there isn’t a cheat for unlimited lives, but there is a proper way to get them. To convert stars to stardust, get a couple of stars in every level. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a stardust bar with a count of how many stars you’ve earned. You will receive 1000 stardust if the bar reaches the maximum. Stella’s home can be renovated with these funds.

In order for the rewards chest to be unlocked, you should renovate at least three smaller items. There may be an unlimited number of lives in the chest, which may last an hour or two. Take advantage of it by earning as many achievements as you can.

What to do to acquire more stardust

Gaining stardust is easy if you win levels. You can still get them through another method.  They can be obtained by tapping on glowing fairies in other players’ houses.

Then tap on a player’s profile at the bottom of your map screen to access a random player’s home. You can get free stardust by tapping only on those profile pictures that have dancing potion bottle icons. To get stardust, return every hour.

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