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Castle clash INTRO

The Castle Clash is a multiplayer strategy game in which you have to build your own castle/base and protect it from the raids of other players.  And, in turn, you will also attack the castles of rivals.

At the same time, the game is quite complex and lacks detailed step-by-step training, so for beginners, it is advisable to become familiar with its principles and fundamentals at the very beginning of their playing career.

In this castle clash guide for beginners, I will try to explain the basic mechanisms of the game, provide assistance to beginners, facilitate the passing of the game, familiarize you with examples of game strategies and give some castle clash tips that may be useful to you.

Castle clash beginners guide

When you start the game for the first time, you will go through a little training in which you will be shown the basics of the combat system and the basics of building a base.

Here it is worth highlighting the basics of the word – playing training will not advise you on the right tactics of construction.

It will not tell you about the specifics of different types of troops and will not explain how the rules of battles between users work.

In order not to get lost in numerous buttons and not to waste time on the proceedings with the rules of the game, I suggest you familiarize yourself with my castle clash guide and brief information squeeze:

A beginner’s guide and hints

Constant internet connection

The game stores data on servers. This means that for the game you will need a constant internet connection.

Any action taken by you in the game is saved on the server and assigned to your account. Logging in to your account, you can continue your own game from any device.

The game is divided into two main phases:

The 2 main phases are

  • Construction
  • Battle

The main screen that you will see during the game will be a screen with a visual image of your city.

On this screen, you can build various facilities (using the “Store” button), upgrade existing facilities, hire troops and heroes, and pump heroes.

From the same screen, you can switch to battle mode by choosing between single player battles and raids on the castles of other players.

In battle mode you will be ingo to the castle of another player (or computer opponent) and your only tasks will be the location of the troops and support the army with spells.

Your troops are fighting on their own, you only have them on the map.

However, this does not mean that every battle is completely subject to randomness – certain types of troops behave differently on the battlefield and the result will depend on how you arrange them at the beginning of the battle.

The spells that you use during the battle can be used only once and have various useful properties.

Some strengthen your army, some weaken and kill the enemy. Proper use of a spell can greatly strengthen your army in battle.


A raid on another player’s castle is possible only in the absence of that player in the game at the moment.

Simply put, while you are online and active, your castle cannot be attacked.

But once you quit the game or even just stop all activity for 15 minutes, you will become a potential target for any player close to your level of strength.

The only thing that can protect your castle from enemy attacks is a shield.

So in castle clash guide, at the beginning of the game, you are given a shield that will not allow enemies to invade your territory for two hours – use this time wisely.

Shields can be bought for gems, and they are also given to you in the event of a successful attack on your opponent.

The greater the damage inflicted on your castle by the enemy, the more time the shield will function after his attacks.

When attacking, the enemy has the opportunity to pick up 25% of your resources – gold and mana.

If he can destroy your fortifications and get to the resource vaults. You, in turn, can do the same when raiding locks on other players.

Key game resources

The main game resources are gold and mana – it is them that you will spend on building your base and hiring troops.

Mines are used for gold mining, and mills are used for mana mining.

And each of these buildings can be pumped to increase the speed and volume of mining, as well as to increase the defensive abilities of the building.

Gold and mana are used for different purposes, but basically, it can be said that gold is more often needed for buildings, whereas mana is more often needed for hiring troops.

Having reached the new limit, you will not be able to collect more gold or mana – to increase the limit, build a vault.


 The donated resource in this game is the gems mentioned above. Gems allow you to speed up the construction and training of troops.

So you can buy any missing resources, acquire shields, hire additional builders and get almost any gaming capabilities you need almost instantly.

The only problem is that the main way to get gems is to buy for real money. However, if you don’t want to invest money in the game, then there are ways to get gems without real currency investments.

You can receive gems as rewards for completed game tasks, battles in the Hero Tournament and viewing/installing the advertised applications.


Unlike conventional troops, the heroes have powerful skills and can single-handedly destroy enemy cities. Having a hero means having a powerful potential in battle.

But at the same time, it is much more difficult to get a hero [How to get a hero?].

If an ordinary soldier can be bought for mana, then a hero can be obtained only with the help of special resources – Signs of Honor, Gems, Heroes and Order Crystals. 

Different resources affect a hero’s chance of falling out in different ways:

  1. When using Badges of Honor, the chance to get a powerful hero is much lower (although it is easiest to get Badges of Honor)
  2. Gems and Orders are more likely to they will use the Elite Hero for your use.
  3. The Heroes Crystals will make it possible to avoid random fallout and allow you to choose the hero yourself (if there are sufficient resources).

There are four types of heroes in Castle Clash:

  1. Sacrifices
  2. Ordinary
  3. Elite
  4. Legendary

The former is used to improve the skills of more powerful characters and do not participate in combat.

The latter are not distinguished by special characteristics and have ordinary abilities. Others are capable of causing significant damage to the enemy in the event of a successful upgrade.

And the fourth play a crucial role in any battle and are capable of destroying enemy cities alone.

Each hero can be pumped up to 20 levels, after which he needs to be improved for resources – this will allow him to be pumped further.

Strength Level

Also, one of the parameters of your city is the level of Strength.

It increases with the development of your castle, the construction of new fortifications, the hiring of the army and the level of your heroes.

The level of the Force is the basis for the selection of opponents in a multiplayer game.

Players with an approximately equal level of Force will attack your city, and you yourself, similarly, will be able to attack only enemies of your own level.

Despite the fairness of such a matchmaking system, wellIt is important to understand that the level of the Force is the same for the army and buildings.

Therefore, pumping a powerful hero, but leaving the base without protective walls and towers, you are more vulnerable to attack, but you can destroy cities more effectively.

The reverse is also true – with a powerful city, but weak heroes, you are well protected from army raids, but you are less effective in hitting enemy castles.

The most correct way of development is balancing and leveling the protective capabilities of the base with the power of the army and heroes.

Then you can adequately respond to almost any opponent of your level.

We hope, this castle clash guide is very helpful for you, keep reading;

Dungeons and other single player game modes

Dungeons are in fact enemy cities that were previously created by developers, for the destruction of which you can get additional resources and experience.

You can and should go to the Undergrounds – with their help, you can get resources quickly and with less risk.

However, in order to preserve the balance of the game, you can only visit the Dungeons a certain number of times, after which the number of visits must be restored for a certain time (1 time in 20 minutes).

However, you can remove the restriction with gems.

The same is true of other single-player game modes – for example, Monster Invasions and Hero Tournament.

In these modes, you will need to defend your own city from the mass of monsters or several enemy heroes, and in case of victory, you will receive the necessary resources for development.

Guilds and multiplayer game modes

When you reach a certain level of development, you can join the Guild. The guilds are alliances of many players under one flag.

In Guilds, you can exchange resources, communicate and participate in joint battles with game bosses and other guilds.

Multiplayer battles are more difficult than battles in single player modes, but they are more interesting and a higher reward is given for them.

Castle clash heroes guide for beginners

Castle Clash Heroes Guide for Beginners
Castle Clash Heroes Guide for Beginners

When you turn on Castle Clash APK for the first time, you might think that first of all you need to build a strong base, hire dozens of soldiers and build as many walls as possible to protect your precious resources.

Wait a minute Before you start mass building, take care of the real strength of your troops – heroes. Below you get a best and quick castle clash guide to get heroes.

Heroes are a special kind of troops.

Unlike standard soldiers, heroes cannot be hired for mana in an army camp.

You need to use special game resources for hiring them: heroes’ crystals, gems, or badges of honor.

As you probably already guessed, it is much more difficult to obtain these resources – unless, of course, you don’t invest real money in the game.

Nevertheless, you can still get enough good heroes from the very beginning of the game – so, for example, after launching, you immediately have a melee fighter, Hangman.

The executioner is not the most powerful of heroes, but belongs to the elite category and can help you out very early in the game.

Also, at the time of writing this castle clash guide and walkthrough, the reward for the first entry into the game is the legendary hero Druid.

Its attacks from a distance and heals itself well after a certain number of hits.

Total at the moment you can start the game with two heroes:

  1. The elite melee hero
  2. The legendary ranged hero

Moreover, together with the Druid, you will receive a set of 10 books of experience and 10 entities of crystalline ectoplasm.

The first will increase the amount of experience by 1000 points apiece, and each of the latter will improve the hero’s skill by 600 points.

But first things first.

Hero discharges

Hero Discharges in castle clash guide
Hero Discharges in castle clash guide

In Castle Clash game there are 4 character categories: sacrifices, regular, elite and legendary.

– Sacrifices

It cannot be used in combat. There are four such heroes in total:

  1. Slime (brings 100 experience points)
  2. Crystal ectoplasm (brings 600 experience points)
  3. Jelly-like Knight (brings 3000 experience points)
  4. Great Slug (brings 15000 experience points) 

They, as their name says, can only be used as a sacrifice for pumping the skills of other heroes. These heroes have counterparts in the form of the above entities – items that are stored in the warehouse and can also be used as sacrifices to increase the level of the skill of another hero.

– Ordinary heroes

The weakest of the heroes who can participate in battles. These heroes are cheaper than others and possess the simplest and weakest skills.

There are only eight of these heroes:

  1. Angel
  2. Raider
  3. Giant from the Hill
  4. Engineer
  5. Frost Witch
  6. Dryad
  7. Alchemist
  8. Sniper

One of the most useful ordinary heroes in the early stages of the game can be called Angel.

Since this is the only ordinary hero who can heal himself and the surrounding allies.

Also, the Witch, capable of slowing down opponents, and the Engineer, capable of inflicting high damage to multiple targets, also have fairly good characteristics.

– Elite heroes

These are far ahead of the usual level of efficiency and sometimes can compete with the legendary. There are nine such heroes:

  1. the Executioner
  2. the Assassin
  3. the Werewolf
  4. the Cyclops
  5. the Shaman
  6. the Panda the Destroyer
  7. the Queen of Serpents
  8. the Ice Devil
  9. the Triton

As mentioned above, each player receives a Hangman at the start of the game.

This is a good melee hero, capable of stopping opponents for a few seconds – as a result, he copes well with enemy heroes, especially in one-on-one combat.

Also, their qualities stand out the Queen of snakes, capable of causing great lasting damage to all surrounding enemies, the Shaman, reducing the attack of the enemy, and the Ice Devil, slowing down enemies.

– Legendary heroes

These are the most desired of the heroes. They are the most expensive and strongest, and there are the most such heroes in the game.

As many as 37! Besides the fact that such heroes are much more powerful than others.

They are also able to evolve – when you reach the “ceiling” in their development.

You can special runes, red crystals and copies of heroes to achieve a new degree of evolution and even more develop the abilities of heroes.

In total, there are two stages of evolution and at each of them the hero changes his appearance, acquires new skills and becomes even stronger.

Also among the legendary heroes, there are those who can only be bought for real money or only randomly obtained – sometimes getting such heroes turns into a goal for some players.

At the beginning of the game, you can get one legendary hero by castle clash guide –Druid, which, as mentioned above, can attack at a distance and heal allies.

Try to pump the Druid as quickly as possible – with its help you can easily score the first thousand Strength points in a couple of hours of play.

Leveling heroes

In this section, I will try to give a small castle clash guide and tips on pumping heroes in Castle Clash, which can be useful for novice players.

The first rule, which is to adhere to – try to download one character at a time.

By releasing more than one hero on the battlefield, you divide the experience between them equally.

It would seem – what’s wrong with that? But all swing at once! The problem will arise later –

Having reached the first ceiling of the experience (level 20)

The heroes need to buy an upgrade for gold, lights, and badges of honor.

If you are unlikely to have problems with the first two points, then quickly gaining several thousand experience points for several heroes may fail.

It is much more efficient to quickly pump one hero, earning badges of honor for him in the Arena and in the Dungeons, and then move on to another.

Also, when pumping many heroes at once, there may be a risk that you spend sacrifices or books of experience on those skills, which will not be useful to you later.

A thoughtful game for one hero will allow you to study well and feel his strength, speed, and special skills and decide in which role you would like to use it.

Sometimes some heroes can immediately be sacrificed to others who are similar and stronger – and this will make pumping even more effective.

Do not forget to exhibit and replace heroes on the altars in your castle. They will help you effectively repel enemy attacks, especially if you correctly position the Altar.

In addition to gaining experience points, also use sacrifices to increase the hero’s skill level.

The skills of heroes are their most powerful weapon, and sometimes a high level of skill of one legendary hero can be more useful than a few extra heroes less – do not be afraid to sacrifice them.

If your goal is no longer simple pumping, then try to combine heroes – collect troops, which would have a pair of melee heroes, a pair of ranged heroes, someone could slow down enemies, and someone to heal allies.

Some heroes are not so good alone, but in combination with others, they manifest themselves just fine.

So, for example, the Frost Witch does not deal particularly heavy damage but can slow down the enemy.

This is a great excuse to launch her into the game with fast characters that can do a lot of damage.

Castle clash walkthrough and secrets

Castle Clash, also known as Furious Castle, is a strategy game created by IGG. In it, you will build and defend your base, collect resources, build an army and attack enemies.

For the mechanics of the game, there are many similarities with Clash of Clans but both games have many followers and many of them play both.

This castle clash guide and walkthrough will give you detailed hints, tips, and information on how to play your best game and emerge victoriously.


The first thing you should do is download castle clash. Castle Clash is available for iOS and Android devices and you can download it at the following links:

[button color=”black” size=”medium” link=”” target=”blank” ]Download Castle Clash[/button]

Before starting to play, you must make sure you have a constant Internet connection. This is due to the ability to attack and be attacked by other players at any time.

After loading the game and downloading the updates, you will be greeted with the “Novice Guide”, a brief tutorial that deals with some of the main elements of the game in Castle Clash.

Building your base in castle clash

Castle Clash includes a lot of buildings to add to your base. Clicking the “Buy” button in the lower right corner will open a menu that allows you to buy buildings, defense units, and decorations, as well as purchase coins in the game.

The most important building on any base is the City Hall. As the City Council updates and increases its level, you will be able to update other buildings, new research technologies and strengthen your defenses.

Destroying the City virtually guarantees victory on the battlefield, so it is important to place it in the most protected area of ​​the base, usually in the center.

Building your army in castle clash

The “attack” option in the store gives you access to five offensive key structures:

  1. Army Camp
  2. Hero Base
  3. Altar Heroes
  4. Arena
  5. Municipal Relic

The army camp works as much as a barracks and a guard post.

Each field can contain a certain capacity of troops and each type of troop will consume an additional game capacity (Guardians need one, Treants require four, etc.).

The total capacity will increase as the army camp is updated.

The military camp is also a key defensive structure. Like all stationed troops, they will attack nearby enemies during a strike.

The Altar Heroes will be used to summon new heroes, who are super strong units.

Altar Heroes can be purchased with gems (the game currency), badges of honor (battle gains), and shards (occasionally won in dungeons).

Each Altar Hero has its own set of attributes and abilities, and other heroes can be sacrificed to improve these abilities.

The Hero Base allows you to define a hero in defense, which is useful since many enemy attacks include their own hero.

The Arena creates a mini-game, where the heroes will try different ways to reach and destroy the enemy base.

The winning team gets Insignia [The Honor] to summon new heroes.

Each base is also equipped with a Training Center. This allows you to update the current troop classes and unlock new ones for the battle. This building cannot be updated.

Battle in castle clash

The battles are mostly simple in castle clash.

There are two modes: individual and multiplayer.

A single player consists of levels called dungeons consisting of battles against the prefabricated bases. Multiplayer battles work identically, but you can place yourself against a random opponent.

Before attacking, you have some time to inspect the enemy base and the plan in which you wish to place your troops.

In multiplayer mode, you are able to send gold to deliver a new enemy.

Once you are ready to attack, touch the troop you want to send, and then touch where you want to place it.

Repeat this procedure until you have released the desired number of soldiers. If a hero is loaded and ready, he will also be in the cast. If a hero dies, he will go to relive the Altar of Heroes.

Castle clash guide and tips

Here we present a castle clash guide and a series of tips for you:

1. Create several accounts

Create several Google accounts and set your device to use these accounts. The objective is that you use the free gems of each account to obtain a Pumpkin Prince.

The pumpkin prince is one of the most powerful heroes and you will use it in many facets of the game.

Do not spend money on any of the accounts until you get the pumpkin prince. Maybe you’ll have to create a lot of accounts before getting the prince pumpkin but it will be worth it.

2. Keep your power low

Until you have advanced considerably in the game and are ready to get your sixth hero, it is best to keep your power at low levels.

Your main source of gold and mana should be the bases of other players where you will get the resources attacking.

If your power is low, you will be presented with weaker players that you can attack and get more gold and mana.

3. The buildings you must improve

  • City Hall. You should always try to have one of your builders work on improving the town hall. The higher you are at the level of your town hall, the more walls you can buy. The walls do not provide points of power.
  • Watchtowers. Improve the watch towers as much as possible.
  • Gold vaults and mana. Improve the gold and mana vaults when the cost of gold to improve the town hall or the watchtowers is greater than what you can store in the vaults.
  • Muros. Improve the walls when you have gold available and you are waiting for the improvement of another building to be completed. Improving the walls will not give you power points.
  • The base of Heroes. Upgrade hero bases to level 10 when you have enough mana. The reason for stopping the improvement of the base of heroes at level 10 is because, as a rule, you will have more mana than gold, in addition, you do not want the area that the hero’s vigilance is greater than the defense area of ​​the watchtowers and that this will cause you to lose heroes during the wave of Make Monsters .
  • Hall of Relics. Upgrade the relics room to level 6. With the level 6 relics room you will get access to the spells: Level 1 Restoration, Ares Fervor and Guardian Angel which are what you need to attack and complete dungeons.

4. The buildings that you still do not have to improve

  • Mills of Mana. You will obtain a mana mill automatically after completing the tutorial. Do not build more mills at the moment.
  • Gold Mine. You will get a gold mine automatically after completing the tutorial. Do not build more mines at the moment.
  • Military camps. Each military camp level 1 will give you 20 spaces for troops. Once your city council allows you to build another military camp build it but not the best ones.
  • Training Center. It is not possible to improve the training center but here you can improve the level of the troops. Only improve what is necessary to unlock the 5-star Griffins. These will be the troops that you will use the most in the game. The improvement of troops will give you many points of power so only improve what is necessary.
  • Altar of Heroes. Improving the altar of heroes will reduce the time of the resurrection when a hero dies. There is no point in improving it if you want to keep a low power.

5. Improvements you should avoid to keep a low power

  • Heroes. The heroes will give you the most amount of power. You must select only 5 heroes to improve. Prioritize legendary heroes over others. Any additional hero can be sacrificed or kept for when you decide to increase your power. The level, talents, and experience of the hero provide power.
  • Troops. Improving the troops will also give you many points of power. Stop raising the level of the troops once you get the Griffins to level 5.
  • Spells. The spell enhancement will give you many power points. You can get many victories with the Restoration spells level 1, Fervor de Ares and Angel Guardian. To keep your power low, no better spells.

Castle clash hints list

Explore the 100% working castle clash guides, hints and secrets;

  1. Do not wear your badges of honor by hiring heroes
  2. Do not try to defend yourself in the Arena
  3. Get five builders as soon as possible
  4. Do not waste your gems on changing the talent of your heroes unless you are willing to spend a lot of money
  5. Join an alliance
  6. Find yourself a good defensive design for your base so you can succeed in the wave of Make the Monsters
  7. Priority of Heroes
  8. Do not waste time improving other troops other than the Pyromancers and the Griffins

FAQs on castle clash

How to use soul stones in castle clash?

  • Tap the Altar of Heroes, then touch Hiring Heroes.
  • Scroll to the right until you see the “Rent with soul stones” option.
  • Then tap on that.

Let the dialog box open where you can redeem 200 soul stones for the hero equivalent: Once you’re there scroll down to the hero you want and if you have enough since you can hit Exchange to get a copy of that hero.

How to get heroes in the castle clash?

Of course, your first hero, Executioner, you just get it. But how to get the rest?

There are several ways to get new heroes:

1. Daily rewards: You will receive your legendary Druid in this way – visit the game section daily and get rewards. You can accumulate 150 gems needed to buy a hero in five days – and at the end of the month, you can get an additional hero.

Total for the month of the game, you can safely get 7 heroes, which will already increase your defense and diversify the game in the attack.

This method of obtaining heroes is completely free and least costly, but the chance of obtaining legendary heroes is very small.

2. Purchase for gems: You can use the donated currency of the game to buy a random hero. The game offers two buttons – to buy at the same time 3 heroes for 450 gems or one for 150.

This method of obtaining heroes will allow you to get a legendary hero with a very high probability and an extremely high elite one.

3. Purchase for badges of honor: Fighting in the Arena or participating in raids, you will receive badges of honor. These badges can be spent on a random hero.

One hero will cost you 500 badges, followed by a price increase of 100 badges.

The next day, the price will again be 500 icons.

Despite the fact that this method is the easiest to implement (it is not difficult to save badges of honor), it is not recommended. The probability of Slime or, at best, an ordinary hero is extremely high.

4. Purchase for Crystals of Heroes: This is the only way to buy a hero in a random way. Save up Heroes Crystals, go down to the Undergrounds and participate in different game modes (or buy them) and choose the character you need.

Keep in mind that not every hero can be bought in this way – some fall out only by chance, and some can only be bought for real money.

From the above castle clash guide for heroes, we can draw the following conclusion: it is safer to use to buy the Hero’s Crystals.

The problem is that this resource is the most difficult to develop in the game and can only be obtained when visiting Dungeons.

Since the last two game modes will not be immediately available to you, it is recommended to go through all the available Dungeons to get Heroes’ Crystals.

Note that in those Dungeons, which show the blue tower, the chance of falling out of the Heroes’ Crystals is higher – as is the difficulty.

How to get gems in the castle clash?

There are several ways to get gems as soon as you start playing. So take advantage of them all and get the necessary gems for your 5 builders:

  • Rate the game: Obviously, you have to value it with 5 stars, and you will get 100 gems in return.
  • Invite friends: You can do it at the beginning and whenever you want, but do it as soon as possible, you can get 200 gems per friend. And you can search for them on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Line, SMS, etc.

These are the resources you have available to make gemstones daily or weekly:

  • Advertising: An advertising video in exchange for a gem is not a bad trade.
  • Buy: We did not need to explain to you that you could buy gems, but you might not know that your first purchase guarantees you 100 gift gems.
  • Connect daily: You can earn 5 gems a day just by connecting.
  • Fight in the arena: 10 Arena fights, regardless of the result, reward you with 5 gems.
  • Raid: If you draw gold in the exact amount required from another player, you have options to take gems. And if you draw mana, exactly the same.

How do talents work in castle clash?

In this castle clash guide, we will touch on the math of talent, so that you can understand how it all works.

What is Talents? – Talent is an important component for any hero. Proper pumping is another pledge of the effectiveness of your army.


Zoom and cut are multiplied together. An increase of 25% multiplies the value by 1.25, and a decrease of 25% multiplies the value by 0.75.

Talents, skills, and spells that affect the same value are multiplied among themselves. It seems that everything is simple, but in fact, there is an important nuance.

For example, if a hero with a 15% buff on damage is subject to buff by 25%, and another one by 20%, then his damage will be multiplied as follows: 1.15 * 1.25 * 1.20 = 1.725.

That is, the damage will increase by about 72-73%, and not by 60.

And such nuances should be taken into account in order to understand how much the hero’s damage will increase because in difficult battles the extra 10% will make themselves felt.

Attack speed

The number indicated by the sword on the Altar of the hero is the time required for the attack, in milliseconds (ms).

For most heroes, the attack time is 1000 ms. Slow hitters such as the Paladin have more.

Fast attackers such as ninjas have fewer. When the attack speed increases, it is divided by the zoom factor.

A ninja with a base attack time of 800 is just as fast as a regular hero with a 25% Berserker, making 5 attacks every 4 seconds.

How to mine crystals, gold and other resources in castle clash?

As in any other strategy, resources play a crucial role in the development of Castle Clash. How and for what to receive resources, we will talk further castle clash guide;

Gold and mana

The most basic currencies are gold and mana. For their production, there are special buildings in the store in the resources tab.

There are two types of building – resource extraction and storage.

The first accelerates the extraction of gold and mana and is also your airbag if you suddenly had unsuccessful raids.

The second allows you to increase the limit of your resources.

At some point, you will need to build as many resources as you cannot physically build without improved storage facilities.

It is best to improve them when you realize that soon there will be a shortage of resources.

The second method of extraction is participation in raids. See how much you can get resources from the enemy base.

Do not attack the bases from which you cannot recoup the costs of the raid, or there will be a very small income.

If you have a feeling that you cannot win on some rich base, you can simply send your soldiers to where there are mines and storehouses.

Also, these resources are mined in many other modes and activities.

Crystals, Orders and more

To see where you can get an alternative currency, click the following icon on the screen:

Crystals Orders and more
Crystals Orders and more

There are three tabs: Earn Gems, Daily Entry, and Chronicles.

The first tab shows the ways where you can get crystals and some other resources.

Mostly there are achievements, as well as some off-game tasks, like telling friends about the game and linking your account to Google Play.

In addition, you can complete quests in other games and participate in some activities.

We advise you to pay attention to this tab since here you can get a lot of crystals to start the game.

Daily entry is an activity where you only have to enter the game every day, receiving rewards for it.

If you enter the game 7 times, you will end up with approximately 54 gems, as well as many other awards.

If you are focused on development, try to enter the game every day.

The Chronicles tab is more intended for an informative function. But it is here that you can find out where you need to participate in order to raise a lot of additional resources.

Final verdict:

Now you are familiar with the basics of the game and are ready to reveal all its secrets. I hope that this castle clash guide will help you start the game and not get lost in its capabilities.

In the future, I will try to formulate useful gaming tactics and strategies that will not only help you start the game, but also allow you to develop quickly and effectively throughout your gaming career.

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