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Chief almighty: Fishing first thunder BC is a pay-to-win strategy game developed and offered by YottaGames.

In this chief almighty guide, we are talking about getting easily chief almighty all resources. This is a mobile game available on the App Store and Google Play that will delight all strategy game enthusiasts.

To accompany you in this gourmet adventure and colorful, we suggest you follow our chief almighty guide which is effective and very convenient.

This type of game is characterized by the integration of optional purchases, presented in the form of resources.


Chief Almighty Guide

You want to be a chief almighty in the age of fire, beasts, and stone. Reunite allies tribes together in the primal stone ages. The epic prehistoric lands are rich with resources, and they are ready for you to explore and dominate.

Right your instincts when deploying diplomacy with rival chiefs, lead your armies and tribes to smash the most dangerous of a rival, hunt ancient creatures to become a fierce symbol of your power.

The chief almighty game guide helps you to get unlimited resources. Particularly effective, it allows players to make great savings by permanently avoiding the imposed payments in this tough free-to-play!

What To Do In Chief Almighty?

Chief almighty is a fantastic mobile strategy game in the stone ages.  You can explore the continents with other players from all around the world.

You will hunt ancient beasts to survive in the stone age and experience a primitive hunting frenzy. You have to build your tribe strong as compared to other players.

Collect unlimited free resources and ally with other chiefs. All the time you have to be ready to face head-on the worthiest chiefs. To do this, expand your powers and influence with other strong allies.

Trust your abilities because only the brave, resourceful and powerful chief will dominate the continent.

Continent 99

Update: Now you can also explore the new continent 99 in the horizons. This content is complete with everything.


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Just download the latest Chief almighty game and discover:

  • New Amazing Content
  • New Events
  • Some Interesting Improvements

So just download and install Chief almighty updated version and earn free gems.

Strongest Chief

You have to become the strongest chief and survive in the wild continent in dark ages. Chiefs will build their own tribes step by step.

Civilizations will rise with wars and sacrifices. People of the continents are waiting for such a chief that will lead them through this darkest age. Bring peace to the continent because of its fate lies in your hand.

Create And Establish Your Clan

To overcome civilization you have to stand together with the brothers and sisters of your clan. No matter how much strong you are. To win the game easily you have to fight along with your brothers and sisters of your clan. If you unite all the enemies will fear your power.

Power Of Troops


Ranged can end the life of enemies with lethal weapons such as fire arrows and poison arrows. They can kill enemies from miles away.


They are iron blood troopers on the battlefield with awesome mobility. They can cross the battlefield with high speed and kill enemies and they can also act as an intelligence corps.


They have extraordinary transportation capability and can bring massive troops and weapons to the battlefield. The improved behemoth has become the secret weapon of the clan.


They are powerful, robust, and can be the strongest shield to block attacks. They can also be the sharpest blade to cut through formations. Their strong bodies act as the greatest weapons. Barbarian has fearless performance on the battlefield and made themselves nightmare or enemies.

Choice The Spirit Wisely

Invoke the spirit wisely because the right choice of spirit will make you unbeatable. If you choose it wrongly then it will cost you the chance of rising. If you make good use of it then it will help you to rule the continent.

Power Of Mysterious Runes

With the help of the chief almighty game new players help, you can accomplish the conquest of continents in a better way with the power of runes.

The power of runes is a great mystery that will reveal throughout the continent. You can craft various mighty runes when you have various corresponding materials. It will help you to faster development of tribes and strengthen the power of your troops.

Treasure Trove

Treasure trove is a new feature of the chief almighty. With this feature, you can invest a diamond to earn interest.

Final verdict

With an awesome and best chief almighty guide, you will get help to rule the continent in the darkest ages. By following our latest chief almighty guide you can beat other players.

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