Conan Exiles is Minecraft with cannibalism, dismemberment of corpses and heavy violence. In short, the game turned out to be very exciting and attractive. Yes, the game is very interesting.

Although Conan Exiles has gathered a large audience of fans around it, there are not so many guides for this game on the Internet. So here we are going to start with the Conan Exiles Guide.


You, Will, Die

The first piece of advice is not going to help you directly, but it is going to make you consider an inevitable fact in Conan Exiles: about ‘your death’. In fact, death will happen, and quite often.

Check The Map

Press “M” to open the map. Unlike other games, the map does not change. If you are in a bad situation, open the map before you die and study it quickly. You will know exactly where you are and you can go back there in case you die, to recover your objects.

Do Not Carry Valuables

The other tip is not to carry all your valuables with you. Once you have a house, leave everything there and only carry the basics (weapons, food).

Key Statistics

When you level up then you get points that you can award strategy points.

All these statistics are worth something, but there are three more important than the rest in the first barsStrength, vitality, and weight are the three that will best come to us in these initial moments.

Strength makes your attacks more powerful, vitality gives you more health and Weight allows you to carry more objects, these three aspects being vital for a new character.

Keep in mind that there is a maximum level of 50 in the game, so it is better not to spend all your points on these statistics. However, taking each of these to level 5-6 will give you some advantage in the initial areas.

Find Water & Food

You will soon realize that your Food and Health meters empty at an alarming rate. This will vary from server to server, but in general, you will need to find food and water resources every few minutes.

It is important to reach an area where there is a lot of both resources. The water is easy, since there are lots of waters and lakes, and you can just go for a walk and drink from them just by interacting with the water.

The food is a bit more complicated. The meat has to be cooked before eating it, or it will poison you. Cooking demands a place to make fire, which takes some time, which you don’t always have. There are other options, more temporary. Beetles can be found when you pick grass.

They won’t be worth much, but they can give you a few extra minutes when you’re about to starve. There are also large larvae on the ground, looking like large white worms.

Finally, you can find nests with eggs, which will give you some more sustenance.

Build A House

One of the most important things you have to get a house. It doesn’t have to be pretty, or big. You just need somewhere to hide and where to store your objects.

Depending on the server, building a house can be slow, or much faster. In any case, your first house only needs to have a few square meters. 2×2 is more than enough to have a bed and some storage chests.

Basically, think of this as your starting stash, and later you can build a complete house without problems.

Houses are important because they offer protection from the monsters that roam the earth and other players who want to steal your objects. Most important of all, it offers you a safe place to put your bed.

Do You Already Have A House? Go For The Bed!

When you have a house, the next most important thing is a bed. Maybe you doubted?

The beds are the point of reappearance. Once you leave it on the ground, simply interact with it and you will receive a notification that it is your point of reappearance.

You should remember that not all beds are the same. The fiber roll, for example, can only be used once. After reappearing in it, it will break and you will need another. The best beds can be used more times, but it will take some time to build them.

Make A Friend

Although you can play the game alone, finding allies will make the experience more enjoyable and easy. Much of the crafting of the advanced game requires many resources.

Making friends and playing with them will allow you to build more things, and defend what you already have much better.

Of course, it is a game in which PvP is always an option, so sometimes attempts to make friends end up with your head cut off … Even with those, it is worth a try.

Unlock The Experienced Survivor Recipe

One of the first recipes you should get is Experienced Survivor. The reason is for this that it unlocks the campfire, which is mandatory for cooking meat. Without it, you will be doomed to eat bugs.

When you have it, try to get fire as soon as possible. Put it in your house and then add some firewood to make it light.

It will be a source of light at night and any raw meat you put will be cooked. Cooked meat will fill your food bar very fast and will not poison you.

Scramble With Everything

Creating objects in Conan Exiles requires many resources. Even if you think you won’t need stone, for example, take as much as you can and store it. Even some of the latest recipes will still require the basic ingredients, so there is no reason not to take them.

This implies that you will need a lot of space. Building several chests is mandatory, so when you build a large house, be sure to add space for storage areas.

Build A Sanctuary

When you settle, you should build a sanctuary. Sanctuaries can give you very special and useful items. The only downside is that they demand a considerable amount of resources to be able to build them.

This implies that it is better to do them once you have friends to play with so that everyone can contribute to their construction.


  • Integrate your Tar & Brimstone in a Cauldron to make Steel fire.
  • You’ll desire to integrate that with your Iron Bars inside the Furnace once you’ve acquired Steel fire in Conan Exiles.
  • Add in branches, or coal as a fuel for the Furnace, and eventually, you’ll come with a Steel Bar ready for being utilized.
  • So as to craft the Steel bars, you want to gather some components such as Iron Bars, Brimstone, Tar, Cauldron, Furnace, Steel & Fire.
  • You can discover the Brimstone in the map of New World from the trees [stone-like] or even from the Rock nose monster in the region and you may generate Tar planned of tannery given that a side product.


Crafting is an indispensable element in Conan Exiles, as we have mentioned before. Therefore, you should know how to crawl the essential elements that will guarantee your survival and also obtain new materials to build better weapons or tools.

One of the most important elements to build a lot of elements is wood and plant materials, so don’t stop collecting branches and plants every time you see them.

If you go into a plant area, do not stop giving the collection button: you will need everything you get.

Iron is another indispensable material for your future. To get iron you need two materials before: sulfur and tar, so get on your search to get them.

With these two elements, you will only need a boiler to combine them and get the precious iron. With iron, you can improve your tools and create better weapons to continue with an adventure full of dangers.


If you wonder how to play Conan Exiles offline we will give you the procedures that exist, both for the version of the game on consoles and on a computer. Although we are facing a survival role title in an open world designed to be enjoyed by other people, it is also possible to be alone.

To play offline with Conan Exiles on the console is very simple. All you have to do is choose the single-player mode, review the character selection options and every time the game asks you if you want to go to the cooperative mode or stay offline, you must confirm that you are offline.


We can get to create entire villages. So good construction planning will be essential to evolve rapidly in the game.

First Steps

If they see themselves in balls and lost by the arid worlds of Conan, we hope that their main doubts will be solved with this guide for newbies. Everything you need to survive until you can build your first house:

Character Settings

It is the first thing to do in the game. Of course, we can configure what we want, even if we want to go in balls for the game and the size of the attributes.

Basic hazards

In the beginning, we have to be attentive to several things if we don’t want to die :

You just have to know that the character dies if he doesn’t eat or drink so you don’t have to waste much time in the start zone. We must go to areas richer in resources and if possible with water

If we are not prepared then animals on the map can play tricks on us. Until we have a stone shield and sword, it is not advisable to face hyenas, turtles, etc. And for crocodiles, we should be a little better armed.

We can also meet people. Whether they are NPCs or if they are real people, with more reason, better to avoid them.

Picking up materials

The first steps in Conan Exiles will be to collect everything. We can take from the ground: stones, branches, the fiber of plants, seeds, handfuls of insects. By the way, attention to collect the skin to store water that gives us the gargoyle.

To find more than sticks and stones it is best to look at the map and go to an area with water. And we explain a bit of the materials

Handfuls of insects: They will serve food as long as we have no fire and we can get meat. They are usually among the plants where we collect fiber.

Stones: At first we will have to get them loose from the ground, with better tools we will get many more of the rocks. We will need it for tools and weapons.

Branches: They are also scattered on the ground, they are necessary for tools and weapons.

The fiber of plants: We take them from the bushes or areas with vegetation. It will help us to make clothes and ropes.

Wood: It is extracted from the trees, but we will have to have tools created.

Meat, bone, and skin: It is achieved by hunting animals, but for this, we must have weapons to kill them and axes to extract what interests us. By the way, raw meat intoxicates, so you need the fire to cook it.

Learn formulas

There are many, but these are the first we will need:

Craftsman apprentice: It will allow us to make more evolved tools, such as the ax.

Mercenary: We can make our first weapons, like the sword or the shield

Experienced survivor: With that, we can make fires to cook meat or a sealed skin to store more water.

Apprentice quarryman: With this formula, we will be able to make the first pieces for our house.

Creating tools

We will try to follow an order in the first things they will need:

Stone Peak: We will need 5 of the stone and 5 branches. We can break rocks and get much more stone, and defend ourselves.

Ax: We will need 20 stone and 5 branches. It serves both to cut down trees and to extract bones and flesh from our victims.

Clothing: With the fiber of plants we can do everything.

String: Also with the fiber of plants, we will need many strings, they have many utilities.

Wooden shield: We will need 16 wood and 8 cords. It will protect us in any confrontation.

Stone sword: He asks us for 5 branches, 20 of stone and 10 cords. Now we can attack with dignity.

Bonfire: He will ask us for 50 branches and 30 of stone. With this, we can cook meat and raw meat intoxicates, so you have to cook it.


Let’s start with the basics; Where to place our base? So here are some tips for your base to be a fort:

Where to build the base in Conan Exiles?

Next, we will show you how we should build our base. And also a series of tricks that will further protect the treasures that we keep inside.

Build the base on a rock

The idea of ​​building a base on top of a rock is that access to it must be through stairs. Since in a moment of panic, we can simply climb through them and destroy them as we go to prevent our enemies from climbing.

Ideally, we can destroy up to two flights of stairs in a row so that it is completely impossible for a raider or assailant to overcome it.

This “trick” is quite obvious and you will see that it is very common to see bases on the rocks in Conan Exiles. Then we proceed with others who will make our base an insurmountable place.

Bridge to access

Assuming we have the walls to the fullest. In order for a raider or assailant to fly it with explosives, he will need a flat place to plant them. If there simply isn’t, it will be impossible for our walls to fly.

To do this we must create a jump point or bridge to reach the entrance and take a piece of the triangle.

Hide valuables with double walls

The double walls can be used as we saw to reinforce the entrance. But also to hide the objects that we want inside the base. The question is to place them in such a way that few can imagine that they exist.

Ideally, do not hide everything valuable and expose things that can satisfy a looter. Some bed, some chest, you know, don’t leave empty-handed.

Access to these hidden areas can be done through or without a door. The only difference is that we will have to rebuild the walls after accessing.


There will be materials that we will have to find and others that we will have to elaborate or crackle. Here we show you the main ones:


To get steel we need to have evolved a bit. We will have to have several instruments and be able to manufacture iron and fuel oil among other things. But thanks to steel, our weapons and tools will improve greatly. Here you can see all the steps:

How to make steel in Conan Exiles?

To make steel in Conan Exiles we will need to perform a series of previous steps. Since the essential materials for steel are the iron bars, & both are achieved in turn performing a series of steps. So we explain step by step everything you have to do and get to achieve it:

Get iron

First, we have to get iron. For this, we will need an oven and two materials: wood and siderite.

The wooden everyone knows how to get it. But the siderite, in case you don’t know its a bluish rock that sits high in the mountains.

The proportions that we need will be 2 siderite for each iron bar.

Get firefighter

The next step will be to get firefighter. For this, we will need a cauldron for fire and three materials: wood, sulfur, and pitch.



It serves us to Craft Armor and Shields, requires  240 Stone, 160 Wood, 50 Leather.


Here we craft tools and weapons that require metal, to build it we need 50 Bricks and 100 Iron Ingots.


In the bonfire we cook our food to recover health, it needs 50 of Straw and 30 of Stone.


Here we crafted wood planks for the structures, you need 400 Wood and 150 Stone.

Cauldron of Fire

Used to crack potions and poisons and everything related to Alchemy, it needs 50 Reinforced Iron and 25 Rope.


We use the oven to melt the iron and also to make bricks, it needs 540 Stone.


We use it to turn the skin into leather, it needs  240 Stone, 160 Wood, 50 Tree Bark, 25 Rope.


Here we leave you with the list of materials of Conan Exiles, all of them must be crawled from resources in the different Craft stations.


The Brick is one of the Building Materials in Conan Exiles. The bricks are used for level 2 buildings. They are made of stone and are cracked in the oven. We need 10 units of stone to crack a brick.

Dragon Dust

Dragon dust is a material that cracks in the cauldron of Fire and serves to create explosives. We need 100 units of Steel Fire, 50 Crystal, 10 Sulfur and 2 Demon Blood.


This material is achieved by placing 2 Crystal units in the oven.

Hardened Brick

We crack them in the oven, it requires a brick and a solid stone unit. They are more resistant than normal bricks and serve us for construction.

Iron Ingot

This material will allow us to make weapons and iron armor, it can be treated in the oven with Steel Fire to make Steel.

Reinforced Iron

We crafted this material in the Blacksmith’s Place by placing 2 Iron Ingots.


We obtain it by placing 3 units of skin in the tannery and using tree bark as fuel.

Wooden Planks

We crafted them in the carpentry bench placing 10 wooden units.


We crafted it in the hand with two units of Cobweb.

Steel Ingot

The most resistant material for our weapons and armor, we Craft it in the oven with 5 Iron Ingots and Steel Fire.

Steel Fire

This strange mixture is necessary to crack the much-desired steel, we can crack it in the Caldero de Fuego with 2 units of Brea (tar) and one of Sulfur.

Reinforced Steel

We crafted it in the smithy with 2 steel ingots.

Thick Leather

More resistant than leather, we have to place Thick Skin in the tannery.


We can crack it directly in the inventory using 3 Fiber.


Tap the carcass of the killed creature with a pickaxe or an ax. As soon as possible, build the “Feather Workbench” to create a “Furrier Knife” on it from 5 branches and 20 iron ingots.

This knife efficiently extracts the skin, so from one carcass of a deer, you can get from 5 to 10 skins.

Final Verdict

In this article, you can get the complete guide and walkthrough of the game “Conan Exiles”. Just read the complete secrets and tips to get everything.



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