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Cooking Fever Guide, Tips & Tricks:

Get unlimited free coins, gems, resources and increase your XP with updated and legit cooking fever guide on Apkguides.

Cooking Fever Guide
Cooking Fever Guide, Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Cooking fever is a simulation game and cooking fever guide allows you to become the best chef in the world. He has a task as owner and also the waitress who serves everything his clients wish to eat.

You need cooking fever guide and strategies to make your restaurant a success.

In fact, there are many similar games, but one thing that makes this kitchen fever different is the visual effects that you can see in the game.

The graphics of cooking fever can make the player more interested in playing daily.

Credited by:

Cooking fever is offered and developed by Nordcurrent.

Overview of cooking fever:

Follow the best cooking fever guide to cook tasty meals, dishes, and desserts in cooking fever game from around the world. Cooking fever is a free habit forming and time management game.

With a selection of many unique places, from fast foods and desserts to the Oriental restaurant and Oyster bar. In cooking fever game with our latest cooking fever guide you can practice your skills in a variety of ways and cooking techniques.

How to play cooking fever?

Read cooking fever guide and get tricks to play the game in the best way. In cooking fever, you have a lot of ingredients to cook some hundred tasty dishes.

Just try the possible appliances, coffee makers and rice cookers, pizza ovens and popcorn makers.

When you use these appliances more effectively you will have more chances to win the game.

Finish levels faster:

This type of game is very difficult. You must think faster with the latest cooking fever guide at each level of what you have achieved.

The difficulties become more difficult, although there are many new things that you must think about to finish this level.

This is why this game has many players due to its hardness to play.

Challenges of cooking fever:

There are many levels and no of challenges in the game. By facing these challenges, you can get many rewards.

To get there, you will need coins and gems to make sure that your customers’ needs exist in your restaurant.

How to attract more customers in cooking fever?

Decorate your restaurants to attract more customers.

Make your own gifts, such as cookies or cupcakes, to make your customer’s experience more personal and memorable – just like in real life.

Update your kitchen and produce a greater variety of dishes.

When you update your restaurants you will get more customers. More customers give you more coins.

Share dishes with the lovely friends on FB:

You can share your delicious and tasty dishes on FB [with friends] It will have great fun.

Cooking fever basic mechanism:

The basic theme and game mechanics is a familiar mix because there is only so much you can do in terms of unique mechanics for a food support game.

In cooking fever, the focus starts with your basic hamburger counter – you have a single loaf and a burner to cook, and a single slow soda fountain from which to serve drinks.

Cooking fever guide to improving kitchen:

Coins and gems are used to improve some of the game’s facilities.

For example, you can improve the kitchen itself, so that the cooking process is much faster than usual.

The other things to win the game are to improve the restaurant and the kitchen itself.

The cooking fever guide allows you to have many coins to buy many new things. By having some new facilities at the initial level, it will make your game easier to finish.

How to get success in cooking fever?

Cooking Fever Guides
Cooking Fever Guides & Wiki
  • 1 Get success by refining your food
  • 2 Refine your kitchen
  • 3 Upgrade your restaurant
  • 4 You must improve the mood of the client & facial expression.
  • 5 By finishing the levels, the game is more faster and easier.

How to get free gems in cooking fever?

It is critical to get free gems in cooking fever. But you don’t need to worry about this.

Because in cooking fever guide we will tell you 100% legit tips to get unlimited free gems.

Open the game every day to get free gems. Even when you don’t play the game but open it you will get gems.

Cooking fever highest XP restaurants:

When you level up XP experience you will get free gems. You have to play or replay higher levels to increase your XP and get more chances to earn free gems.

Cooking fever casino pattern:

Casino becomes available when you reached level 7 XP.

When you have extra money, bet $500 coins to win 15 gems daily.

How to get free gold coins or money in cooking fever?

In cooking fever guide you will read how to get more coins easily. Coins are virtual currency of the game.

You can get more coins to play the levels again and again. You will earn more coins by replay levels.

Coins will help you to upgrade your restaurants. Coins are also important and help you to buy different appliances for your restaurants.

Cooking fever guide and tricks:

Prepare your order fastly: The trick – as usual – is as fast as Orders are possible – speed is king because the faster you serve each customer, the more customers you can serve in the allotted time.

That and of course, your advice will be better and your restaurant will be more profitable.

Upgrade your restaurants:

Cooking Fever Guides For Restaurants
Guide and Wiki

As you reach your goals in terms of volume and service you unlock more pots and burners, and you can take your profits and stack in the restaurant, expand your soda fountain, burners and trays, tabletop, and so on.

Cooking fever differs from that path in several ways – starting with appearance and brands, comfort and entertainment.

A kind of great vision that adds levels of complexity and challenge to the restaurant scene.

Use coins and jewels wisely:

Coins are used for regular updates, while a combination of different jewels and being used for special upgrades – and special is really all that it allows you to offer dishes and new and greater comfort.

Cooking fever features:

The game features optimistic background music such as a client tempo that communicates the general mood at the counter.

The sound effects are accurate to the extent that you almost believe that dachshund is really burning.

Keep your customers happy:

Cooking fever guide will tell you about how to keep your customers happy. If you will take more time to prepare the order of your customers then they will get angry.

Try to prepare their order as early as possible. To avoid customer impatience you have to keep previous customer’s money on the counter until you prepare the next order.

Obtain more resources and win the game:

To win the game you have to obtain more resources.

Interior upgrades will help you to increase customers patience. Try to upgrade appliances of your kitchen and restaurants.

Cooking fever tips & tricks:

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the resources within the game:

Try not to overdo it at the start, use the right tools for the job.

First, take a look at the screen of the mobile game starting and all notifications that are shown in red.

In cooking, fever avoid fighting at the beginning, grow your character instead;

  • Build and use a base, but do not stick to it. Move and be informed.
  • Be friendly online, which will last longer. Being persistent in the world leads to cooking fever.
  • In cooking fever, play with friends, exchange experiences, talk to them.
  • Receive random gifts every day of the week by logging into account daily basis.
  • Do not play with your sound on. You will be able to listen when something important is happening within the game.
  • Do not be patient with all things related to this game. This includes doing the trades, receiving awards, building improvements, get free resources, and so on.
  • Each element in the cooking fever game is used for something. Read notifications carefully. They serve as a cooking fever guide throughout the whole game.
  • Do not be afraid to start over. The new characters are always new!

Final verdict:
Our cooking fever guide is latest and updated which gives you many tips and tricks to get success in cooking fever with great ease. You can give your feedback in the comment section.

FAQ on cooking fever mod Apk:

Q1. How Many Levels Does Cooking Fever Have?

These are 40 levels in cooking fever Apk for Android and iOS devices. Read our full guide to complete these levels.

Q2. What Does XP Mean In Cooking Fever Apk?

It is called experience points. You can earn this XP easily by following our cooking fever guide. You can get these experience points by playing on Android or iOS platforms.

Q3. How Many XP Are In Cooking Fever Game?

These are a lot of experience points in the game. You can earn XP in each level of a game. As you know, the cooking fever has 30 levels and you can get XP at every level.

Q4. How Do You Get Dirty Chef On Cooking Fever?

By burning items, you can get a dirty chef easily. Don’t waste the burning items, in this way you can find a dirty chef in game.

Q5. What Is The Food Warmer For Cooking Fever?

The food warmer is used for tuna [cooked] in Hell kitchen. It is in direct relation with experience points.

Q6. How Do You Get More Tips On Cooking Fever?

After reading our complete cooking fever guide and tips, you don’t need any other tips and tricks.

Q7. Who Made Cooking Fever Game?

The developer of this game is Nordcurrent.

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