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We provide the best and quick CSR racing 2 guides with the best tips and tricks so that you never have a problem in getting first in all races and get the best cars & CSR 2 tuning guide.


CSR Racing 2 is a racing game that is very popular due to the fact that it all depends on how you set up your car before the race.

As a result, it’s not an arcade contest in which you only play the role of the speed of your reaction.

Here, everything is much more difficult, and if you spend the wrong setup on your car, then you will not be able to get around even the weakest opponent.

Therefore, you should pay a lot of time to set up machines for CSR 2.

At first glance, the process may seem very complicated, because it has a lot of different aspects, but if you understand, you will be able to operate in a very way efficient without wasting a lot of time.

The CSR 2 setup machines are extremely important, so if you want to succeed in this game, follow our CSR racing 2 guide and walkthrough.

CSR 2 Tuning Guide [current_date format=’Y’]

Discover the best working CSR racing 2 guide, walkthrough, tips, and tricks to get unlimited everything for free.


Required level

Of course, in the game mechanics, CSR 2 racing is carried out from the first level, since the first arrival.

But at the beginning it might not have such an important role, so for you, the main thing is to be able to adjust the car for yourself, and also for the route you are about to pass.

If you do, then you won’t have any problems at the beginning of the CSR Racing 2 APK game.

But in the advanced stage of the game [CSR 2], the results of the competitions can be solved in a few seconds and depend on the smallest deviations of the indicators.

Consequently, it is necessary to think about how to give more time to the setting in CSR racing 2.

When should it be done? If you want to start getting positive results, you will have to pump nitro at least on the second level, the tires on the third, and the transmission on the fourth level.

So you can adjust these parameters, thus personalizing the behavior of your car on the track.

In the CSR 2 game, the machines are configured for each of these parameters, so it’s worth considering them separately.


So in the CSR Racing 2 game machines for setting up start with nitric oxide. Of course, you can customize each parameter in random order, but in the CSR 2 tuning guide, they will be described in turn.

What can I configure here? On the nitroxide screen in front of you will be a cursor, dragging it to the left side, you can increase the duration of the turbo-acceleration mode, but its power will decrease.

If you move the cursor to the left, the power will increase, but the active time will decrease, respectively.

In this case, the simplest rule is to look at the track.

If you have to go a short distance, it is better to invest in power, and if you know you have to travel a lot more, it is better to concentrate on the duration of the action.


Many people ask about the tuning of the BMW car in CSR 2. Of course, some players can leave you with examples of how they set up their car, but you can be sure that they will all be different.

The fact is that in many ways it all depends on the details installed on the car, as well as on your personal driving style.

This is why in our CSR racing 2 guides for turning only the basic data relating to the development and not specific examples are given for all cars.

After all, in CSR 2 racing, the settings of the GTI Golf machine for one person can bring victory, and the other cannot normally control the car, set up by another player.

Consequently, it is the reducer that you should set independently. What does it mean? This means that you have to choose a specific transmission report.

What will it affect? The higher the gear ratio is set, the faster the vehicle accelerates, but its maximum speed will be affected.

If, on the other hand, you reduce this value, you can reach an incredible speed, but you can’t quickly overclock.

Tire pressure

Well, the last thing you should absolutely pay attention to is tire pressure.

Here too, it is necessary to achieve the most acceptable balance, only this time between adherence and acceleration.

It is clear what will happen if he decides in favor of acceleration: your car will accelerate much faster, but it will slip at the beginning, as will be recorded at the corners.

If you choose the clutch, your car will behave as if it were glued to the road, but don’t dream of quick acceleration.

The key to tuning cars in CSR Racing 2 is to get the balance:

In relation to the acceleration, modifying the pressure of the tires will adapt it to us, as well as the grip.

You have to look for a balance, the key is that if you raise the acceleration you will lower the grip and give more swerves.

To find the perfect turn in CSR Racing 2, use the red and green values ​​that appear next to you so you will know if your car is unbalanced.

Success rate

If you carefully check the fact that you are checking on the screen during installation, you will notice that a digit is constantly replaced next to the name of your car.

This is an indicator of the success of your changes. If you change the settings and notice that this number has changed in the big direction, it means that the overall performance of the machine has been improved.

If this indicator falls, it means you did something wrong.

However, experienced players do not recommend focusing exclusively on this indicator, because this can lead to extremely negative and undesirable consequences.


The fact is that this is just a general indicator of paper. The essence of the game is the detailed tuning of the car for each route and each opponent.

Therefore, sometimes you should get a slightly lower success rate, but at the same time customize the car for yourself, checking its functionality in the test.

Tuning guide for each car

CSR 2 tuning guide
CSR 2 tuning guide and tips

One of the most interesting novelties of CSR Racing 2 is the possibility of tuning the car, varying its conditions to adapt it to one race or another.

When it comes to tuning cars in CSR Racing 2 you have to know what you want the vehicle for. We need to know how to modify the nitrous oxide tank, our final drive, and tire pressure or pull pressure.

Starting with nitrous oxide, you know what it’s worth: to get a major acceleration at key moments.

If we move the meter to the right get a powerful nitro, perfect to fix that fast car that you love but has poor acceleration. If you are going to do long-distance races, move the nitro to the other side.

Last guide to tuning cars in CSR Racing 2

The last value to modify is the Final Drive or the performance in the last one.

Here you have to be careful if you max out this value you will get very fast, but the speed will go down.

Knowing this data, you have to know which car to use for each race. Be careful to increase the acceleration too much or your car will end up dancing.

CSR racing 2 Guides, Tips, and walkthrough ([current_date format=’Y’] Updated)

We have prepared a CSR Racing 2 guide cheat full of tips and secrets that will help you get to the finish line first.

CSR Racing 2 is a mobile game that you can download completely FREE from the Android Play Store or the iPhone App Store.

In CSR Racing 2 your mission will be to reach the goal in the first place. The game features unique and seasonal modes and events that give even more excitement to this racing title.

Get to the finish line first

We started our CSR racing 2 guide by giving you several valuable tips on how to drive if you want to be the first to reach the goal without any difficulties.

They recommend the first thing is that you master the change of gears well. Experiment with different points on the track when you get new cars, upgrades, and tunings of different types.

Do not forget to update and level up the parts of your car to improve the speed you can reach.

Win the most difficult races and get other improvements that are derived from your victories (as the respect of your competitors).

Updates improve all aspects of your cars like wheels, transmission, engine, turbo, power, and body.

Collect rare import cars

This is a great trick. Make sure you visit the import garage of rare items every four hours to get a free merger and money.

Consider the parts you already have when buying new cars to make the most of them.

We always recommend joining a group, a team, or a guild. In this case, it is really essential to be able to access exclusive content and bonuses.

Make sure your friends are active in the game and that they are committed to the race to get maximum respect on the road.

rare cars in csr 2 racing

 Practice makes perfect

Who needs to practice? From the Regulation and the daily races or the battles between teams.

There is enough action in CSR 2 so that you need to continuously get into the practice mode once you have passed the tutorial/CSR racing 2 guides.

More races imply more experience and more chances of victory. Press the pedal to fly to the finish line.

Fill your garage with preciousness

CSR 2 racing brings you dozens of cars so you can play with them. From the cars of level T1 of Ford and Volkswagen to the T5 super exotic that include Lamborghini, Pagani, and Bugatti.

Each car behaves in a completely different way, so we recommend you try them all to see which one suits your driving style.

Do not miss any team battle either and get the guild cup of races.

The higher you stay, the more respect you will get from your teammates and opponents, especially if you sit in a really exclusive car.

The best cars in CSR 2 racing [current_date format=’Y’]

Explore the best cars in our CSR racing 2 guide for best cars.

Now that you have the basic tips to be the most badass, we go directly with the statistics of CSR 2 racing, because we have analyzed them all in search of the best car in CSR 2 racing.

Of course, this may change in the future with different game updates.

Tier 1 best cars:

From tier 1, we strongly recommend the Dodge Dart Mopar ’13.

It is a rare import but it is worth only for its control.

In front of other cars like the Abarth 500, the Dodge has a grip much higher than 5000 and a change of 325.

If you cannot make it, the Abarth 500 itself has a grip of 400 and is very light (only 2469).

Tier 2 best cars:

The M235i Coupe is a pretty good car inside the Tier 2, especially because you can buy it for only $ 75,000.

It is light and has high power, but you will need to improve your tires to increase grip.

If you want the best car of the T2 then you will have to win the F-150 in the rare and special imports.

Believe us [on CSR racing 2 guides] it’s worth it with a BHP of 304, a power of 411, and a grip of 8100.

Tier 3 best cars:

As for Tier 3, the Ferrari California 30 is obviously the best in its class – no wonder therefore that they retain it as a prize.

So if you cannot win it, you have the SRT Hellcat at 825 G, which is a good option with its high power, little time of change, and a strong grip.

If you have a few dollars to spend, get the RS 5 Coupe.

Tier 4 best cars:

The GT-R (R35) Premium seems a pretty good vehicle for this level. Not only is it affordable, but it also has an incredible 10040 grip and little gear change time (only 300).

You will have to work on energy and lose weight with a lighter body.

The Viper ACR is another good option: it has great power for the level, a time of low change, and 23 fusion slots.

Another good option is the Vanquish because of how light it is (2875) or the Corvette Stingray Z06 because of its power (650).

Tier 5 best cars:

At this point, CSR Racing 2 has some amazing cars to use, and the latest releases push performance to the limits.

The Bugatti Chiron is a fantastic choice, just like the FXX K, but launch cars like the Bugatti Veyron and the One: 1 are still the best.

Remember green

Are you waiting for the green light at the start when the moment comes to change gears?

In this game, your new friend and helper will be the green color on your tachometer, which indicates that the time has come to accelerate.

At the start of the race, you must accelerate the engine of your car to such an extent that the arrow gets into the green zone.

This will allow you to jerk off the bat. Then, in the course of the race, you will need to change gears when the arrow reaches the green again.

Consider that each car has its own optimal start zone. So you have to experiment before you can figure out which tactics work with which car.

And the previous race will not be an indicator compared to the following: a new car.

Bonus tip: for some cars, the overclocking tactic works, when the engine revolutions first increase above the norm, and the start at the moment when the arrow starts to move back to the desired zone.

CSR Racing 2 became a team

By CSR racing 2 guides and walkthroughs, you can play this game to become a team.

In CSR Racing 2 there was a certain social component – the ability to create teams.

They are similar to clans and alliances in other games and allow you to create groups of gamers who are interested in working for the result;

  • Moving towards common goals
  • Earning perks that spread to the whole team.

Joining the team is not burdensome in CSR Racing 2 – you do not need to be online at certain times.

As in other titles, and the goals and objectives of the team actually coincide with your personal goals.

Therefore, just by playing, as before, you will still bring benefits to yourself and the whole group.

Even if you are an individualist, we recommend that you still try to join the team – this will facilitate the passage, believe me.

Play live races

The really interesting aspect of CSR 2 racing is the possibility of competing with real players in the multiplayer mode without asynchronous elements, which are so boring in other racers.

Don’t be afraid of competing with other players – they are more difficult, but the gain in them is much more substantial.

This is almost the only chance to quickly get rare cars, while you do not lose anything, even if you lose in such races – may suffer, perhaps, your pride.

In Live Races, you can bet on the outcome of the competition, but it is not necessary to do it.

To spend on this in-game currency is your business, the game will not be forced to spend more, for which a special thank you to its authors.

CSR Racing 2 Tips and Strategies

The CSR Racing 2 is a free game that offers very careful graphics and real vehicles such as the BMW 1 Series M, the Ford Focus ST, the Mini Cooper S, and much more.

FAQs on CSR 2 Racing Game

How to tune your car in CSR Racing 2?

As you get new parts and install these parts & merge then you will really improve on the road.

The updating of the pieces until the sixth stage is only the beginning. To raze your car, make sure you improve your nitro, the final driving, and the pressure of the wheels. This way you will get Evo points.

Do not forget to customize your car either. The cars are really beautiful in CSR 2. They are perfect recreations of what cars would be in real life.

Do you want to run with a Neon Ferrari? Well, now you can. Tuning the cars will give you the respect of your opponents on the road.

How to upgrade features in CSR Racing 2 ([current_date format=’Y’])?

There are five levels of upgrades for the seven types of components of the machine – they can be made by paying in-game money or gold.

There is also a sixth level, available only if you win a certain spare part depending on the model of your car.

You can implement upgrades immediately on the first three levels, but the fourth and fifth require you to wait (or the cost of reducing the waiting time) – spare parts for these upgrades must be delivered.

In addition, there are special fusion components that can be installed on different parts of the car, even if they have already been improved before.

They are not tied to the models of your sports cars, and therefore they can be used regardless of the brand of car.

If you set a goal exactly the speed, then, first of all, you need to upgrade nitro, transmission, and tires – at least for several levels.

Final verdict:

In CSR Racing 2 guides and walkthroughs, you explored the complete CSR 2 racing tips, tricks, and quick strategies to get everything.

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