Darkness Rises Guide

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Darkness Rises Guide

The description of the darkness rises:

Darkness rises is a revolutionary action RPG that combines beautiful graphics, innovative gameplay, and intense bosses, all at your fingertips.

The darkness spreads over the land and brings with it a horde of savage demons that are ready to break our gates. An epic fantasy RPG awaits you – the path will be debilitating, but you must persevere and descend into hell yourself to destroy this evil before it destroys our world.

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Legendary heroes are waiting for you and calling, from the world-shaking Berserker to the wizard. With character adaptation, you can choose from a number of classes that suit your playing style and design your character as you wish.

Hack and strike through frightening monsters with a flurry of powerful skills. Enter the PvP arena and unleash your power against other players. This epic role-plays to play against demons and worse.

Conquer the darkness before it conquers you.

Credited by:

Darkness rises is offered and developed by NEXON Company.

Nexon’s Android and iOS mobile game, Darkness Rises is one of the best options you can find now if you like action RPGs.

Most important features:

Adventure RPG:

  • You can hack and slash your way through demons and hordes of monsters.
  • With the RPG mode for one player, you can only stand for the demonic hurdle.
  • Discover and unlock different levels of dark dungeons.

Epic boss fights:

  • This Roleplaying game with challenging boss battles that test yours. skills
  • PvE battles become more intense as you go deeper into the abyss.

Best RPG experience:

  • Enjoy epic visuals that really immerse you in the world of darkness rises.
  • Fantasy RPG gameplay mechanics – use the Soul Link skill to grab control over monsters and turn your enemies against themselves.
  • Take legendary heroes on dungeons – gather your allies to explore threatening dungeons and discover rare spoils.
  • Join a guild and form a group of warriors.

Character adjustment:

  • With the person creator, you can build your character from the ground up.
  • Warrior, Wizard, Assassin, or Berserker – choose your class and descend into the darkness.

Jump up in this RPG adventure and confront the forces of darkness with your party.

Darkness rises guide: Tips, tricks, and strategies

Darkness Rises Guide and cheats

There is a quick and latest darkness rises guide for beginners and pro players.

Choose a hero:

You can choose between 4 hero classes, the Warrior, the Wizard, the Berserker, and the Assassin.

Darkness rises warrior guide:

The easiest characters to handle are the warrior (a tank) and the magician (very balanced). The warrior has a lot of life and damage. A gentleman who performs dynamic and dazzling attacks with a long sword. Handles a variety of skills to be a balanced, versatile fighter.

Darkness rises wizard guide:

The wizard has good ability to attack from a distance. Another class is that of the Assistant. A powerful magician who uses an enchanted staff to cast spells, the commands of the elements that stand out in the distance combat.

Darkness rises berserker guide:

The Berserker also has a lot of life and does a lot of damage, but it is slower and somewhat more difficult to handle. A crazed berserker battle that pummels opponents with his ax. Some enemies can withstand a furious attack.

Darkness rises assassin guide:

While the Assassin does not have much life or much damage, his speed is tremendous, but you have to learn to use it. An agile assassin who handles double swords with masterful precision. Shoot the enemies with a whirlwind of blows.

 Darkness rises guide-Follow red dots:

When you start playing the game follow red dots that are visible on the top of the activities and menu items. These dots are indications that something can be done such as playing missions, opening chests, and improve your character abilities. This is the easiest way to get up in the game.

Look for the skull icon:

It’s a beautiful game, Even a tutorial is quite amazing and full of so many cutscenes and teaches about the basic controls of the game. The main point in favor of your game mode is to have a signature of the kill moves where you can perform different kill animations with a simple tap on the Skull Icon.

How to level up fast in darkness rises?


You have main missions, weekly, daily, and those of the achievements. Try to do them all. Although your priority should be the main ones, as they will allow you to access higher levels of power and higher-ranking pieces.

 You can do up to 15 weekly missions per day. Try to complete them all to get extra rewards. And something similar happens with the daily ones, which have a meter that is filled as you complete them.

Playing weekly and daily missions are the way to level up fast. Weekly missions consist of mini-challenges while daily missions will give you unlimited rewards.

How to upgrade character in darkness rises?

There are several ways to improve your characters. Through equipment and custom chests, cleaning levels, or collecting improvement items. But in the end, you will need essence and coins to improve the attack, the defense, the life, the critic, etc. The recommendation is that you improve all the statistics at least 5 levels, and from there you focus on the ones that interest you the most.

Darkness Rises Guide and Strategies

You can use essences to upgrade characters. Continuously level the stats of character and boot your power is one of the best ways to advance in the darkness rises game. So, you need essences to upgrade your character that you will get in adventure mode or in specific essence chests. If you want to get higher rank missions and dominate in PVP or PVE then start earning and upgrading.

Darkness rises gear guide:

As you advance in the game there are fewer direct upgrades in chests.   So, need to look for other new ways for top-rank gear.

How to enhance the effectiveness of weapons and armor?

  • Upgrading gear: By using upgrade stones, upgrading gear will allow you to enhance anything to its maximum level and reach to next rank.
  • Fusing gear: Fusing gear takes two items of the same rank to merge and enhance them to the all-new item of next or upgraded


It activates as you are doing damage. But it activates very fast, so do not reserve it. And on the other hand play missions to unlock rabies improvements, you want to have the latest available as soon as possible.

Do not forget to claim the rewards of your victory in PvP duels. So you will earn the honor points needed to improve your skills


You must adapt the skills to the type of game. It is not advisable to use them in PvE, Cooperative, individual PvP, and PvP by teams. For example, those of area damage is more indicated for PvE and cooperative. And for PvP are more interesting those that disarm your rival or those that lower a lot of life at once.


You will get a lot of objects, gold, and essence in the missions, so whenever you can, advance through them. And meets your requirements to also take a handful of gems.


You have several free chests that are unlocked every so often. The team every 24 hours, the gold every 2 hours, the costume every 3 days.

How to improve the team in darkness rises?

The main way to improve pieces of your equipment is through the chests. As soon as you get a better piece than you have, equip it. And when you have pieces that you do not use because they are worse, sacrifice them to improve those that do interest you.

You can also improve or change the features of the pieces in exchange for tickets and gems, adding jewels. So every so often you go through the blacksmith, as it will help you merge jewels and runes to improve your team.

Bonus tab:

You can get additional rewards for connecting a certain number of days in a row, for disconnecting yourself, for resting, etc. So do not forget to check the bonus or bonus tab.


Ideally, always be working while you’re away. Think that many tasks will take you all day. So put it to work at times when you’re going to be disconnected, like at night when you go to sleep.

Essence and gold:

The best way to farming essence and resources is to repeat levels. You can do it up to 200 times per level. In fact, with tickets, you can repeat the level with a 3-star rating without having to play it, although this last one we only recommend if you have too many tickets, which is not usually the case.

You also have the option of sequential battle, even if you have not completed that level yet. Although we only recommend this option if you have a really good character.

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