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Deep town intro

The Deep Town: Mining Factory is a new Rockbite Games headline which offers various variations of regular games presented in the strategy category in app stores.

Well, it’s really not different, since we saw several mineral-based games in the world of the game, but this game for iOS and Android aims to stand out because you are playing as an artificial intelligence system.

In deep town Apk for Android/iOS, whose task is to assemble, build, and repeat.

You have a high-tech digging system at your disposal that can drill any rocks, and you can also use several technologies that you can use, including robots, cryogenic freezing, fires, etc.

You can create various types of buildings and factory pipelines and send bots to explore the planet, trying to answer this important question – where exactly are you located?

So read the complete deep town guide and tips for the better game experience.

Deep town features

Name Deep Town Guides
Developer Rockbite Games
APK Size 78M
Requires Android
4.1 and up
Content Rating 7+
Category Strategy
Features Coins, Money, Buildings, Quests

Thanks to the unique concept and amazing performance, the Deep Town game will make you play hard for hours because it is always interesting what will happen next and what the next unlocking will open.

This article will help unlock secrets much faster and unlock everything in the game.

Deep town guide & tips

These deep town tips and tricks are best for you to get information about how to play deep town game? how to get everything in deep town? etc.

Keep collecting in deep town

In addition to producing more resources, it is also important to ensure that these resources are collected, especially at the beginning.

Collect from your mines on a regular basis so that you regularly produce resources.

We probably should not mention this for experienced players, but, as our first advice, this is what every beginner should follow from the very beginning.

Do not forget to collect resources from the mines

Your mines in Deep Town will quickly fill with resources, especially at an early stage. Do not forget to check all your points and get your income.

Move mines around in deep town

As you progress in the game, you will discover new areas, while the cost of building new mines will gradually increase.

This can interfere with your profit if you are not careful, and to avoid it you can move your mines from one place to another. In other words, a good way to increase your potential profits and ensure smooth operation is to simply move them.

For example, you might consider moving a level 2 mine from area 1 to several areas deeper, since you will get more resources at a higher cost as you move deeper and deeper.

The main exception here would be if you specifically after a certain type of resources that only goes in large quantities on top.

But otherwise, you must move your mines from the highest level (in terms of ground level, that is) to the lowest level as soon as you unlock a new area.

Why should you follow the above strategy?

We could mention this in the first deep town guide and tip as a bonus for the propeller, but we decided instead to mention it separately, as it is important enough to be mentioned by itself.

Please note that high-level (i.e., well-aligned) mines have a large capacity for storing items and are faster in mining resources.

These mines are as low as possible, so follow the above rule so that you can get the most out of your mining and get more profit.

Prioritize your needs when changing spells

This is one of the best tips for deep town guide. You will open new spells when you unlock more areas & beat more bosses, and, as you can expect, these spells are best used during bosses.

For example, you can use Ice Freeze and Nano Cloud during boss battles as soon as you have these two unlocked.

Otherwise, you also get one-time bots, for example, as a good spell that you can use when you develop.

Fortunately, you will not curl or charge any game currency to switch spells.

This means that you should regularly change spells depending on what you are currently focusing on – if you are preparing for a boss battle, turn on Ice Freeze, and then switch to one-time bots.

In other words, when you open new areas and defeat some bosses, you can unlock new spells. Some of them are useful only against enemies (for example, Ice Freeze or Nano Cloud), while others are better at mining (for example, Pumper and Disposable Bots).

Since switching between them requires no pay, you can turn on spells for mining, and then switch to attacking spells when fighting with bosses.

Use the correct spells when you rise against bosses

Rising against bosses is one of the good tips in deep town guide. This guide and tips will help you to beat bosses easily.

beat bosses - deep town guide
beat bosses in deep town guide

Fighting bosses may seem like an impossible task, but it’s not: the whole thing is about using the right spells:

  • Use the correct set of spells – Ice Freeze, Nano Cloud, Fire Blast and Laser Zap.
  • Start an attack when you can use all spells. Start with Ice Freeze, then the rest.
  • Update spells. Keep in mind that every 10 levels you will need some kind of resource for this and not ordinary coins. The higher the spell level, the easier it will be to defeat bosses.

If you cannot win the fight, continue to gather resources, develop new materials and sell them, upgrade your weapons and try again.

Upgrade your spells

This may sound like something that is fairly easy to do in the Deep City – if you want to be sharp against even the toughest boss, you need to make sure your spells are upgraded.

But there are some reservations that should be kept in mind, starting with the need for resources to upgrade at every tenth level, unlike standard coins.

But if you have enough coins and resources, you should definitely work on improving your spells to make it easier for you when you are in any boss battle.

Grind to kill tougher bosses

Unfortunately, you still find it difficult to defeat some of the later bosses in the game, and for this, you will need to contribute, earn more coins and collect more resources.

This may require a bit of crushing – this includes developing materials and selling them for coins, as well as collecting resources as usual.

Update your spells/weapons as soon as you have enough of both, and give the boss a battle again.

There are some spells such as Laser Zap and Fire Blast that can help you earn more resources while you are in a battle with the bosses, although you still get better results through your mines.

This is also a good tip in deep town guide.

Perform more tasks, but be careful/Follow the quests

Pretty soon, quests will require you to accumulate tons of resources, hundreds of each type.

In most cases, they will not be subtracted from the total when completing the quest, but watch this and do not complete missions by depriving valuable resources.

In other words; It probably should be taken for granted that you have to complete as many quests as possible in Deep Town.

But as soon as you reach a certain level in your quest, the game will ask you to collect a lot of resources – think about hundreds of each required resource.

In most cases, they will not be collected from you after completing the quests, but sometimes you may accidentally sell resources that you would otherwise need to complete the quest.

However, once missions are completed, you can sell all the resources you need, since it will take a long time before you need these resources again.

Do not sell your base materials too often

In the early stages, you cannot get enough coins to upgrade and build new mines if you do not sell these basic materials.

But as soon as you have gone far enough into the game, you should avoid it if you are not in the extreme position.

In addition, it is imperative that you save even the most advanced basic resources and sell more of the premium resources you have in abundance.

Note: Deep Town had a crafting mechanic, and you would need resources to create the best material and you can sell it at a significantly higher value.

Why carry out these expeditions?

Honestly, expeditions are not as important to the game as other functions, but you still need to complete them. By following our tricks in deep town guide and cheats, you can complete them easily.

First, it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with aspects of the storyline of the game.

But more importantly, you have a good chance to earn more premium currency for free.

Nevertheless, there are other, more essential functions, but do not pay special attention to these expeditions in comparison with others.

Improve buildings and learn new recipes

When you can unlock Drones, it will facilitate the collection of resources. Until then, you should learn all the available processing recipes for smelting and creating the necessary items.

Upgrading buildings, such as the Melting Furnace, requires a lot of resources, but this is not necessary for the early stages since you will not have the necessary resources to permanently craft items.

But the deeper you dig, the sharper you begin to feel the need to upgrade. When this happens, take a break and collect the necessary items for the update.

A few brief words about the mechanism of crafting

As soon as you unlock the drones, it will simplify your life while playing in Deep Town, as these robots will be able to automatically collect resources for you.

But as long as you do not have drones, do it to study all the processing recipes available to smelters and crafters, and to create items based on those that you need most at any given time.

You will need a lot of resources to upgrade these buildings, and you will not need to do this at first.

You can still be productive, working one line at a time, and then focus on upgrading the building as soon as you have the necessary resources.

Final verdict:

Deep Town is a strategic science fiction game for mobile phones and tablets. This deep town guide and tips are based on the creation of our own mines, the construction of factories and buildings, and the study of the earth’s crust and all deposits under it.


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