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In this article, you are going to explore the domiNations guide, secrets, hints & strategies about how to play? how to get rewards? how to get power? and much more.


DOMINATIONS is a game for Android and iOS. It was released from NEXON M Inc. In this domiNations guide and tips, you will learn which nation is better to choose at the beginning, how to build a base correctly, learn about its optimal location, how to build troops in order to defeat even a strong opponent.

We will give a lot of wise tips and secrets of the passage of this game.


In domiNations guide and tricks, you can learn about Single company, victory chests, civilization, basic protection, leagues, crown, training, building, & experience.

Single Company

What is a single player campaign?

Single-player campaigns consist of a series of battles covering a number of outstanding periods in world history, without interaction with other players.

To move to the next battle you need to end the current battle with at least one star. In these battles, you can earn a significant amount of resources without leaving the truce mode.

In addition, in the single-player campaign cannot get or lose medals.

What is a truce and how does it work?

While the truce lasts, your base cannot be attacked. If the enemy received at least one star when attacking your base, a truce is given to you automatically.

The truce depends on the number of stars received by the enemy.

It can last from 8 to 16 hours. In addition, a truce can be bought in the shop for the crown.

What does the term recovery truce?

The term for the restoration of a truce is the time that must pass before a truce can be bought again in the shop.

How is mining calculated?

Mining is calculated as a certain percentage of the enemy’s reserves stored in its markets, mills, farms and in caravans.

What is a bonus and how to get it?

This bonus increases the amount of loot in the multiplayer game. Such a bonus can be obtained by playing for Britain or buying the blessings of loot in the temple.

What are the Victory Chests?

Victory chests can be earned every 24 hours, having received 15 stars in battle. These chests are filled with a wide range of rewards, including food, gold, oil, and merchandise.

The 24-hour time interval begins with the first Star, which you will earn in the battle for the day.

As soon as you earn a star, in the next 24 hours you can claim the Victory Chest. After receiving the chest, you begin to work for another, until 24 hours have passed, starting from the moment of receiving the first star.

How to change civilization in DomiNations?

When you reach the Middle Ages, you will have the opportunity to change their civilization. It happens in a revolutionary way.

Click on its main square and select the “Revolution” button.

The cost of the revolution is 600 crowns for the first time and 1000 crowns each time thereafter, and all available citizens are used.

Where you produce oil?

Having reached the Age of Enlightenment, you will be able to extract and store oil, as well as build oil refineries and drilling.

What are the beginner Packs?

Novice Packs are designed to help new players develop in the game. They also help players in the early stages of development to get additional residents, who usually become after a century.

There are currently two Newbie Packs available for purchase.

The First Novice Package becomes available in the Bronze Age. It contains crowns and one (1) House.

The same house becomes available to players in the Industrial Age, but the Beginner Package allows you to build it much earlier and avoid the waste of gold that is required for its purchase.

If you have reached the Industrial Age and purchased a house for gold, this Beginner Package will no longer be available.

The Second Novice Package becomes available in Antiquity. This package also contains crowns and one (1) Home.

The same house becomes available in the following centuries, which are not yet available in the game, but the Novice Package allows you to build it much earlier and avoid the waste of gold that is required for its purchase.

Beginning in the Middle Ages, Luxury Life becomes available on the Treasure tab in the Store.

This offer provides players with the property of a special house, which gives 3 new citizens.

Unlike Novice Packages, these townspeople are unique and cannot be obtained as a result of development.

When you purchase one of these packages, you may need to completely close the game and download it again to successfully retrieve the content.

How can I determine if fewer citizens are required to build a building?

Buildings that require fewer citizens to be built will be marked with a special banner that indicates their regular citizen’s value and new value.

There are only events with limited time when fewer citizens are required.

Is another player cheating, or has he also reduced citizens’ expenses? 

Events that reduce the cost of citizens will be available to all players simultaneously. If you can currently build buildings with fewer citizens, then other players can too.

If this discounted event happened about a week ago, it is quite possible that their buildings simply end.

If you suspect a player is cheating, send a screenshot to Customer Service, and will be happy to investigate.

domiNations guide
domiNations guide and walkthrough

Online Game

Multiplayer is a battle against other players (PVP), where you can attack other players and defend against their attacks. When attacking and defending, you can gain or lose medals and resources.

How to win a battle?

To win you need to get at least 1 star. In total, you can win 5 different stars:

  • Quick win: Any star gained in the first minute of the fight.
  • Main square: The destruction of the main square of the enemy.
  • 50% damage: The destruction of 50% of the enemy base.
  • 75% damage: Destroy 75% of the enemy base.
  • Complete destruction: The destruction of the entire enemy base.

How are opponents selected in a network game?

Opponents for multiplayer battles are selected based on the age of the attacker and the defender, as well as depending on the number of their medals.

The system finds opponents from a large range of different numbers of medals in order to create a wide range of available opponents.

It also allows you to attack players within one century.

Be sure that the number of medals won or lost in a battle is determined by the difference in the number of medals of each player.

If you received the message “” Opponents not found “”, it means that at the moment, there are no more opponents in your segment.

This can happen if you have already played with all available players or that all players in your segment currently have a truce.

If you encounter this, please be patient and try to find opponents later. Please note that the higher the number of your medals, the fewer players can be against you.

How to manage the troops after their landing?

Each type of troops has its own preferences in the choice of targets. After the landing of troops, use the “Combat Duty” button in the form of a red target to direct your troops to the desired target (building or area).

After each use of the combat collection, it takes some time to restore it.

Part of my troops survived the battle. Where did they go?

Attacking troops survive only if all the defenses of the enemy are destroyed.

After the battle was completed with success and all the enemy’s defensive buildings were destroyed, the surviving troops returned to their military buildings: barracks, factories, and airfields.

The generals will also survive if all defenses are already destroyed; however, their activity will be temporarily suspended based on the amount of damage they sustained, up to a maximum of 24 hours.

Surviving mercenaries and donated troops will not return to your village if they survive the battle.

Why do I have to wait before returning from battle?

If you play using a slow connection or the connection is lost during the battle, you may be asked to wait a few minutes before returning to your city.

This is because developers need to ensure that battle data has been correctly stored. If the developers cannot save your progress, then you will see that your device is disconnected from the network.

Basic Protection

In dominations guide and secrets you can get information about how to protect in dominations Apk.

How to use your troops to protect the settlement?

Towers, garrisons, stables, and other defensive constructions automatically defend the settlement. Troops in the barracks are used only for the attack. In addition, all troupes donated by your Alliance will defend your City Center during attacks.

How to revenge the one who attacked me?

After you have been attacked, you can open the defense log with the results of the battle and see the replay of the battle.

Messages about attacks and defenses come to game mail (click the envelope icon on the left of the screen).

If a player is in the game or he has a truce, he can not take revenge.

Why can’t I avenge the attack?

Revenge attacks must meet a number of criteria before they can be successfully launched, some of which are not obvious. In order for a player to start a revenge attack, the goal of revenge should not be:

  • Under the action of a peace treaty.
  • Under attack.
  • Queued up to be attacked by another player.
  • Play DomiNations.

Since there is a large list of requirements for justice, it sometimes seems that starting a revenge attack is an impossible task.

The developers understand that this is very annoying – no one likes to press the Revenge button and get nothing.

Active players, players who have a lot of resources, players who are in a state of a lengthy peace agreement, or even just players with high medal standing have a very short time when they can successfully use Revenge while being attacked.

How did the attacker manage to land the troops inside my fortification?

The landing sites are determined by taking into account the sections of the buildings and the buffer zones encircling them.

Make sure that there are no large empty areas inside the base where enemy troops can land.

Why does a player attack me much higher level?

The selection of opponents is not on the level of development, but on the era and the number of player medals.

The system allows quite a significant difference in the number of medals: this allows you to choose more possible opponents.

This means that you can attack both opponents much weaker than you, which are easier to defeat, and more powerful opponents who can loot more loot.

However, you can also be attacked by a strong player.

Remember that the number of won or lost medals depends on the difference in the number of medals among players.

Why was I attacked by a player who has a lot more medals?

The system allows quite a significant difference in the number of medals: this allows you to choose more possible opponents.

This means that you can attack both opponents much weaker than you, which are easier to defeat, and more powerful opponents who can earn more loot.

However, you can also be attacked by a strong player.


In dominations guide and cheats, you can discover complete hints and secrets about the game league.

How does the number of medals affect enrollment in the league? 

In every multiplayer game, you can earn medals. The number of medals won by the start of the season will determine the league in which you will be in this season.

To find out how many medals you need to earn to advance the next league, click on the medals icon, and to view all the leagues, click on your current league (at the top).

What are the divisions in the leagues?

In each league, there are three divisions, from III (the lowest) to I (the highest). Each division has its own combat bonuses, and the daily ship bonus is determined only by the league itself.

Why I am not in the league?

You will not be credited to the league if you have less than 400 medals or you have not played a single network game this season.

However, if you meet all the requirements and are still not credited to the league, this may be a server error. In this case, contact the in-game support service: Settings (gear icon)> Support.

What are the league rewards?

The rewards for participating in the league are listed on the league tab (click on the medals icon).

Daily ship bonus can be obtained once a day at the pier, which is located to the south-east of your settlement.

The higher the league, the more goods you can get. Battle bonuses bring extra loot if you earned at least one star in a multiplayer game.

Achievements in the League

As long as you fight for Achievements in the League, you will see a number that corresponds to the number of progress that has been made in achieving the goal.

Achievement progress always reflects the highest level you have achieved, even if you have returned to a lower level.

Accordingly, you cannot always track progress in progress, each time you advance in the league.

What are the seasons?

Each season players are divided into leagues. When the season ends, players are temporarily taken out of the league, and in order to get back into one of the leagues, the player needs to play at least one online game.

As soon as you play the network game in the new season, you will be credited to the league in accordance with the number of your medals.

Each season lasts 2 weeks. The time until the end of the season is displayed on the league tab.


How to get a free crown?

Free crowns can be obtained for achievements and tasks. Sometimes crowns can be obtained by hunting for the certain game on cleared areas of the forest. In addition, crowns can be obtained for a successful defense against the attack of superior forces in a multiplayer game.

Why did my crowns disappear?

In the game DomiNations guide and walkthrough, you can accelerate or instantly complete some actions in exchange for the crown. You could spend crowns by accident.

In addition, it is possible that some of your friends or relatives are playing on your device. If you think this is not the case, contact the in-game support service: “Settings” (gear icon)> “Support”.

I accidentally spent the crown! Can I get them back?

Alas, it is impossible to return or refund the crown spent in the game.

Cannot buy a crown. why? 

There are several possible reasons why players sometimes fail to buy crowns.

Here they are:

  • The transaction was not successfully processed due to a network error.
  • Not enough funds to complete the transaction.
  • Depositing a purchase to your account and creating a purchase invoice takes time.

Can I buy crowns out of the game?

Crowns can only be purchased by the built-in shopping mechanism in the game, which uses iTunes or Google Play.

Foreign sites that offer domestic currency for DomiNations are insecure and unauthorized for selling Crowns.

These hackers always ask for data from the Game Center or the username and password from Google Play, which means that they will have access to your account and it is impossible to guarantee the security of your account.

The acquisition of crowns outside the game is a violation of the Agreement. Developers can ban DomiNations account, which was found to be buying crowns from hackers.

Can I get free crowns and resources with hacks or cheats?

Developers are very serious about fraud and are constantly working to quickly resolve such problems. If they find that the players have cheated themselves or benefited from someone else’s fraud, then block the accounts of such players.

This means that they can no longer receive medals and belong to an alliance, and opponents for them will be selected only among other blocked players.


Where are the troops donated by me? 

The troupes donated by your Alliance live in your City Center. If your City Center is under attack while the troupes are still there, they will come out to defend it. If they die during the defense, they will no longer be available to you.

What does the “Complete Learning” button do on buildings? 

The “Finish Training” button appears at the bottom of the screen if you select a manufacturing building. With it, you can instantly train any troops and learn tactics in exchange for the crown.

I do not want to use already trained troops! How to get rid of them?

Want to make a place in the barracks? To disband the trained troops, click on their image in the training window, and then click the minus sign (-).

Having dismissed the troops, you will not get back the food spent on their training.


How to sell buildings and items?

You can not sell anything. In particular, it is possible to sell the ruins found when clearing a forest (after they have been investigated). To do this, click on the investigated ruins and select “Sell”.

Buildings cannot be sold, and the wonders of the world can be changed to others, paying for the crown.

I have lost improvement or building! What’s the matter?

In rare cases, when building or improving a building, they can disappear, especially if you have a slow Internet connection. If this happens often, try to use a stable connection via Wi-Fi.

With the loss of a building or improvement will not lose the resources and crowns.

How to change the wonder of the world?

Changing the wonder of the world is very simple: click on it and select the “Replace” button. You can replace your wonder of the world with any other wonder of the same era.

Replacing will require 600 crowns and all residents of the settlement.

Please note that with such a replacement, your miracle will change instantly, that is, additional resources will not be required.

Why didn’t I unlock the new house in the industrial age?

The player who bought the starter pack, in the Industrial Age, has the opportunity to own a house earlier, in order to provide his incipient civilization with assistants.

A player who has not bought a starter pack will have access to purchase a new home in the store of the Industrial Age.

When a player succeeds in an era, he has access to the entire territory, regardless of whether he has invested real money or not.

I paid for the crowns, but I did not get them charged

In-game purchases may not come to your account immediately, and you may not receive a bill for a purchase. This happens for the following reasons:

  • The transaction was not successfully processed due to a network error.
  • Not enough funds to complete the transaction.
  • Depositing a purchase to your account and creating a purchase invoice takes time.

If you received a bill for the purchase, but the crowns did not appear, contact the developers and attach a copy of the bill. You must help!

To see the history of your purchases in the Play Store (Google), do the following:

Through the Play Store app:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  2. Click Menu> My Account.
  3. Click on an order to see its contents.

Currently, in the Play Store application, order numbers are not visible; If you need to know the order number for a refund, follow the instructions in the “Through Google Wallet” section.

Via Google Wallet:

  1. Open the Google Wallet and view your recent orders.
  2. Select an order to see a receipt.


What is an experience?

Since the Cold War era, every level 10 or more barracks provides experience for your troops. This provides a constant increase in damage and hit points.

Each barracks (level 10 or higher) gives an increase to the total experience bonus. All your troops in the barracks benefit from increased damage from experience and hit points regardless of troop level.

For example, You have a cold war era with 3 barracks. Two of these barracks have level 9, and one has level 10 and provides experience.

Even if you are teaching artillery (a division of the Enlightenment) in level 9 barracks, then a bonus is still provided for damage and life points.

Will my barracks troops be updated with experience?

Yes! Upgrading troops through the Armory is the only way to upgrade troops from ancient times. These upgrades also increase base damage and hit points.

How does experience interact with other bonuses, such as Blessings and Coalitions? 

Experience bonus is added after all other bonuses are calculated. Other bonuses do not give increases.

Does the skill of my Barracks affect defensive units? 

Not. Mastery benefits only your offensive troops trained from the Barracks.


In dominations guide and strategies you can get hints and secrets about Alliances, Trophies, Friendly Challenges, & Currency.

How To Join An Alliance Or Create An Alliance?

In order to join an alliance or create your own, you need to repair the Alliance Gate. After you go to the Iron Age and fix the Gate, you can click on it and learn more!

Please note that there is a 15-minute hold to join the Alliance. This means that you cannot join another Alliance within 15 minutes after joining the current Alliance.

How To Join An Alliance With The Condition “by invitation only”? 

To join the alliance with the “by invitation only” condition, click on its name and submit an application. The leader or one of the advisors of the alliance will accept your application or reject it.

Why I Cannot Join The Alliance?

Perhaps this is a “closed” alliance or admission to it is “by invitation only.” In addition, the alliance can be set the requirement for the number of medals, and you have them is less.

How To Find A Specific Alliance?

Some alliances may be closed and then not displayed in the search. In addition, try unchecking the “Censorship” checkbox on the Alliance search tab.

What Are The Alliance Roles?

The Alliance has the following roles:

  1. Leaders, co-leaders
  2. Board members and allies

Leaders, co-leaders of the alliance and members of the council can promote and remove allies from office, as well as exclude them from the alliance.

Leaders and co-heads can promote allies to the council, but only the leader of the alliance can promote someone to the position of co-leader.

There can be only one leader in an alliance.

How To Find New Associates For My Alliance?

You can always ask your friends to join your Alliance or tell everyone how great it is by posting it on the Official Forums. In addition, if your Alliance is set to Open, random players can join if they see your Alliance in the Join Alliance window.

Someone Kicked Players Out Of My Alliance! What to do?

Only the leader of the alliance and advisers can accept players in the alliance and exclude from it.

If someone was excluded from the alliance, then to discuss the situation you need to contact the leader of the alliance or adviser.

What Should I Do If A Player Is Abusive In Our Alliance Chat?

If someone informs a player about the pursuit of their Alliance chat, Player Support can block a player from re-joining the Alliance at the request of the Council, co-leader or leader.

Please report this incident to Player Support by attaching screenshots of an abusive chat.

Invalid alliance name: Perhaps in the name of the alliance, there are words that are considered unacceptable in the game, or special characters that cannot be correctly displayed in the game.

How To Share Replays Battles?

You must be in the Alliance to share your reps. After the battle, go to your attack log and click the Share button. Your replay will be transferred to the alliance chat instantly.

Our Alliance Leader never goes online. Is there a way to remove our Alliance leader from the Alliance? 

Termination of the Alliance is currently not possible if the Leader does not perform this action himself.

If the reason you want your Alliance to be dissolved is an inactive Leader, please let the next high-ranking member of the Alliance contact support.

How Are Alliance Points (Trophies) Calculated?

The number of points scored is calculated by multiplying the medals of each player by the percentage of his contribution and the summation of these numbers to the number of points scored.

The alliance is divided into five top players, with more medals and players with fewer medals.

For example: if I have an alliance of 5 people:

  • Amy: 2,000 medals.
  • Bobby: 1,500 medals.
  • Chilli: 1000 medals.
  • David: 750 medals.
  • Eric: 500 medals.

Total: the number of points gained by the Alliance: (2000 * 50%) + (1500 * 25%) + (1000 * 12%) + (750 * 10%) + (500 * 3%), that is, 1585.


dominations guide and strategies cheats about trophies
dominations guide and strategies cheat about trophies

How Can I Donate Troops?

To donate troops, you need to be in an alliance. By joining the alliance, you will be able to give troops through the alliance chat.

If one of the comrades in the alliance asks to send him troops, click the “Give” button and select the troops for a gift. You can donate only up to six volumes to each member of your Alliance.

How can my alliance give me an army?

As soon as you join the alliance, you can ask to give you troops from other members of the alliance. The number of troops that can be given to you depends on the level of the gate of the alliance. Improve your gate to get more gifts.

  • Just like a regular army, strong units will occupy more than one power.
  • Each member of your Alliance can donate up to six powers.
  • If your power is more than six, then you will need several players who will present all the troops that you can hold.

How can I track the gift of troops?

Troop Donations are tracked in two ways in the Alliance menu:

  1. Donated Troops
  2. Lifetime Gifts

Donated Troops show the total number of troops donated by each member for the last league season. With the arrival of the new season (this happens every two weeks), the counter is reset to zero.

For this reason, Donated Troops are only suitable for tracking the most recent contribution made by members of the alliance.

Lifetime Gifts track all contributions made by players for all seasons.

This feature was added in Versions 3.7.x, so all contributions made before this update are not taken into account.

Lifetime Gifts are reset if a player leaves the current alliance. Even if he reconnects to the same alliance again, the countdown will start from scratch and all previous contributions will be lost.

Friendly Challenges

How do Friend Challenges differ from conventional player versus player battles?

Friendly challenges are like training battles. Everything that happens in the Friendly Call does not affect your resources, troops, etc.

  1. Groceries, gold, oil, and goods are not lost or purchased.
  2. Troops, tactics, and generals do not disappear.
  3. The generals operating in the Castle will protect your base.
  4. If you attack a base during a peace treaty, you will still have one base after returning.
    • Similarly, you will not receive a truce from a peace treaty for defeat in defense.
  5. Hanging traps do not need to reload.
  6. Medals do not disappear and are not recruited.
  7. Blessings are not used.
  8. Teutonic rage is not earned or disappears.
  9. Winning stars are not earned.
  10. Friendly Challenges do not appear in your attack or defense history.

Why can’t I choose a specific layout for Friendly Challenges? 

Layouts must be complete and valid for use in Friend Call. If there is a red “!” Near your base, you will have more buildings that you need to place before you can use them.

Why cannot I twice Friendly Challenge Alliance?

In order to maintain a fair sense of competition, each member of the Alliance can perform only one Friendly Challenge.

If you want to try again, the task creator can start a new task from the same base, but the results of the previous task will be lost. You can also create and participate in your own Friendly Challenges.

Why has my Friendly Challenge Alliance disappeared?

Friendly Challenges expire after 24 hours. If you want your allies to challenge your base again, you can always start a new challenge with the same basic layout.

Tasks have a 10-minute rollback so that players do not spam into the chat, so you may have to wait a bit to challenge the same base again. Calls remain active, even if the applicant is offline.


You can get information about different game events and game system by following the dominations guide and hints.

What Is The Event System?

By clicking on the Event button on the left side of the screen between Tasks and Achievements, you can now access the Events window.

Here you can participate in weekly events in order to win temporary awards.

The Event Information tab contains event details, as well as Recommended troops, buildings, and enhancements that can help you finish the event faster.

Clicking on these Recommended items will move you to buildings where you can improve or buy them. The Progress tab contains information about your progress in the event.

You can click on any of the steps to see how to complete them, and what you will get for completing them. You can also click on rewards for more details.

When you complete the event stage, you can receive a reward by clicking on the “Get Award” button.

Where Is My Event Button?

This icon takes players to an event that will appear two days before the event starts in order to give time for any preparation that needs to be made.

It will remain active until after two days the event ends so that players can remove items or loot remaining at a special event.

What Is My Inventory?

Your inventory is the place where gifts and packages are stored. It can be found on the far right of the inbox by clicking on the envelope icon in the lower left corner of the HUD.

What Is A Traveling Merchant?

A traveling Merchant sometimes creates a shop on a site on the east side of the map, next to the Embassy.

He comes and goes, whenever he pleases, each time bringing new products, such as Troop tactics, National goods, Event buildings, and more. These trades may cost you Goods, National Goods or Crowns.

Why Can’t Donate Tactical Units To Military Bases?

Some units and armies are not intended for use in defense, and therefore cannot be transferred. These units include:

  • Delivery carts.
  • Armored personnel carriers.
  • All fighters, bombers, and vehicles.
  • Expedition troops, which include any of the above troops.
  • Special Forces.
  • Tactical helicopters.

What Is The Embassy? 

The embassy is a new building on the Northeast side of your map.

You can restore the Embassy from the Middle Ages, which will allow you to collect National Goods and participate in Coalitions in the World War.

Embassy improvements open new Coalitions, improve existing Coalitions, and increase the maximum number of Coalitions you can participate in at the same time.

What Are National Products & How Can I Get Them? 

After you repair the Embassy, ​​you can earn National Goods by defeating other players in multiplayer battles. You will have a chance to get National Goods for victories with 3-5 stars, the more stars you get, the more chances you will receive goods.

National Goods are stored in your Barn, but, unlike ordinary Goods, National Goods cannot be stolen. You can also buy a supply of National Products in Barn and use them to form Military Coalitions at the Embassy.

Every Nation has its National Goods:

  • China – Tea.
  • Britain – Timber.
  • France – Cheese.
  • Germany – Salt.
  • Greece – Scrolls.
  • Japan – Silk.
  • Korea – Porcelain.
  • Rome – Marble.

How Do Allied Armies Work?

Starting with version 5.3, each unit comes with a special allied army. The defensive allied armies are automatically deployed from your fortress to protect your base during World War II.

The attacking Allied armies can be used during an offensive during World War I and not occupy much space in your fortress.


Reward Bonus For Sending To General

You can get the resources, goods, crowns, or even special armies and blessings that are available on expeditions.

Can Expeditions end? After you have completed or replaced the Expedition, you will not see it within 24 hours.

If you have completed all available Expeditions within 24 hours, then you need to wait or you can use crowns to reduce the waiting time.


What Is A University?

A university is a new building that allows you to explore skills to improve all aspects of your nation, from improving the health and damage of your troops and protection to reducing the cost of upgrading your generals.

Inside the University is a panel of Great Leaders to help you. Choose a leader and check his skill tree.

Why can’t I explore certain skills? 

Click on the lock icon to see what you need to do to unlock a specific skill. Some skills require pre-mastered skills that need to be investigated first, while others require you to upgrade your University so that you can open them.

What happened when I learned all the skills from a leader? 

At the end of each skill, there is a special skill that gives unique pieces. When the whole chain of skills is learned, this final skill will open for research.

New Rewards For The Mining Tables

What kind of rewards can I get from League Boat Rewards, Victory Chests and watching videos?

Starting with version 5.8, in addition to earning Food, Gold, Oil, Goods and National goods, you can now get a wider range of rewards from these sources. Available rewards include:

  • Tactics troops.
  • Tactics.
  • Blessings
  • Deliveries of the Goods and National Goods.
  • Hired contracts.
  • Secret Chests.
  • Recruits.

Please note: video availability may still vary depending on the type of device you have, the country you are currently playing in and the availability of inventory.

Event Buildings

What is a Global Expiration Timer?

This timer shows when all Buildings of this type of event will expire.

They will be removed from all bases and will no longer be able to be requested from inventory, regardless of when they were received or placed.

Only some Event Buildings have Global Expiration Timers, while others will last a specified time. (Usually 7 days.)

What happens when I destroy the Building event?

Now you can destroy the Buildings of events at your base, which will allow you to place a new Building of events, without waiting for the expiration of your old one.

To destroy a building event, you first need to click on this building.

Then, by clicking on the Destroy button (trash bin), you can permanently delete the selected building, so make sure that you are ready to see how it disappears.

You can also replace your old event building by stating that a new event building has been created in your inventory.

The destroyed Event Building disappears forever and does not return to your inventory.


By following our latest updated dominations guide and wiki you can explore the best hacks about game acceleration.

What Is Acceleration?

Acceleration is consumable items that shorten the time of the performed action.

What is The Use Of Acceleration?

Accelerations can be used for researching the University and the library, building and modernizing buildings, unlocking museum artifacts, cleaning forests, expeditions, and blacksmith research.

How To Get Accelerations?

Accelerations can be found in the boat of the Daily League and in the chests of Victory. They will also be available on some sales.

What Is An Archive?

The archive is a new building that stores luxury items, such as Accelerations. Click View from the Archive action panel to see your Accelerations.

How To Create An Archive?

Starting with the Iron Age, you can create the Archive tab on the Store tab in the Economy.

What happens if I use Acceleration in an unfinished building and then cancel the building? 

Acceleration will be spent when you use it. If you cancel the building, you will not get the Acceleration back.

What happens if I use Acceleration, which completes the action? 

Acceleration (s) will be used and the action will end immediately.


What are Sales with a Promotion? Buying some sales will unlock your access to various offers with higher rewards. Starting with update 6.5, you will be able to see everything that is offered at every level of sales.

Do not forget that clicking on items in a pop-up window will give you more information about products for sale!

Can I buy the level of sales outside number 1? Levels can be bought only in order.

Can I buy any Level several times? Each Level will indicate how many times it can be purchased. It’s pretty common when Levels are labeled “Limit 1,” which allows you to access higher levels.

Repeated levels will list the number of times they can be purchased, or may simply be “Unlimited.”


dominations guide and hacks
dominations guide and hacks to get free bonus

How Does This Differ From The Rewards Of Old Battles?

Previously, you received separate bonuses from each resource Gold, Food and Oil. With the new Bonus DOMINATION! You will get a bigger bonus for all resources after winning a 5-star victory!

Bonus DOMINATION! will increase when attacking the bases of a higher epoch and decrease when attacking the bases of a lower epoch.

If you are currently in a higher era (Cold War), you will be eligible for the maximum DOMINATION Bonus rewards ! when you battle the bases of your era.

Where Can I Expect To See These Rewards In The Game?

Before you start the attack Bonus DOMINATION! will appear on the screen along with the total amount of Food, Gold, and Oil available from this base.

After the battle ends, new progress indicators will appear, showing you your DOMINATION Bonus!


What Is A Crown Pass?

When you purchase a Crown Pass, you get access to daily deliveries for a specific time.

Where Can I Get A Crown Pass?

The Coron Pass can be purchased on the Treasure tab in the Store or in the Crown Pier information window, which can be found by clicking Crown Pier on the coast.

I Have Just Purchased A Crown Pass. Where Is Ship Crown?

As soon as you acquire the Crown Pass, you will immediately receive a small amount of Crown, and the Crown Ship will sail to your city.

If there is an active Crown Pass, touching the Crown Pier will see when the next crowns arrive. Berth Crown will also show you how many more days the ship Crown will make deliveries.

Can You Skip The Delivery Of Coron?

If the Crown Ship remains moored for more than 24 hours, it will go away and be replaced by the Crown Ship of the next day. In this case, you lose the ship’s crown. Remember to receive your crowns daily!


What Is A Museum?

The museum is a new building in DomiNations. It is located on the outskirts of your city near the gates of the alliance.

The museum is available for construction from the age of gunpowder. As soon as you repair your museum, you will be able to create and display artifacts and get great benefits.

What Are Exhibits?

Exhibits are items that give your city and troops bonuses. These bonuses affect your troops in battle, your economy and even enemy attackers.

You can create exhibits containing Mysterious Fragments. After creation, you can show the exhibit in your Museum and activate its benefits. All exhibits have 5 related benefits.

Do my Artifacts Affect World War?

No, currently the artifacts of your museum do NOT affect World War.

What Is The Modernization Of My Museum?

Upgrading your museum will increase the number of mysterious fragments created by the Museum, as well as unlock additional categories of exhibits that will help show more artifacts.

What Are The Mysterious Fragments? Where Can I Get Them? 

Mysterious fragments are the objects necessary to create museum exhibits.

After you repair your museum, the building will create mysterious fragments for a long time. You can also get Mysterious Fragments, winning ordinary battles.

What Is “Creating An Exhibit”?

The museum allows you to use your mysterious fragments to create exhibits, with the result that you get an exhibit from a random category. Category exhibit determines the benefits.

What are the Museum Resources? Where Will I Find Them?

Museum resources are items that must be collected to unlock an artifact. There are 3 different types of Museum Resources.

These are Supplies, Researchers and Benefactors. Unlocking an artifact may require up to 2 different types of material for recovery. The museum resources you need depend on the quality of the Star of your artifact.

You can find Museum resources throughout the game. They are in the league boat, victory chest, and expeditions.

You can see how much museum resources you have by clicking the backpack icon on the Museum Exhibits screen.

What Are Categories Of Artifacts?

Artifacts come in different categories. Currently, there are 5 categories of artifacts:

  1. Weapons
  2. Armor
  3. Jewelry
  4. Ceramics
  5. Legends

You can create artifacts of each category, except legends. Legends are very rare and cannot be created.

How To Get The Legend Artifacts?

Legend artifacts can be obtained from time-limited events, sales, Marco Polo, and other means.

How Can I Maximize The Benefits Of An Artifact?

Artifacts start at Level 1 and have 1 (maybe 2) unlocked benefits. You can increase the individual advantage of the Artifact, but not the Artifact itself.

Reinforcement requires a certain number of plans and food, gold or oil for each level. The amplification process is instantaneous and does not take into account citizens.

Level 10 is currently the maximum level of advantage. This means that a fully enhanced Artefact has all 5 advantages enhanced to level 10.


If you want to win world war easily then you should read our quick domiNations guide and walkthrough.

domiNations guide about world war
domiNations guide about world war

What Is World War?

World War is a conflict between two Alliances, which takes place on the War Map, which you can enter by pressing the “war” button with the coat of arms of your Alliance in the lower left corner of the screen, next to the “Battle” button.

How To Take Part In The World Wars?

In order to take part in the World War, you must be in the Alliance and build a command post, which you can find in the Store, under the Army Lead.

The command post stores all the loot you can win in the war. Your Alliance leader can declare war using the War button in the lower left corner of the screen.

Do I Use My Normal City In The World War?

During World War I, players do not use their ordinary cities in defense. During World War, your city is safe; instead, battles take place elsewhere: on the War Map.

On the War Map, players defend Military Bases, instead of their cities. During the World War, you do not risk your cities, their resources, medals and peace treaties.

How To Start A World War?

Only the leader of the Alliance can start a war by opening the World War screen and pressing the “Start New War” button. As soon as they have chosen the members of the Alliance to go into battle, the search for the Alliance of the opponent will begin.

At least 10 participants must be selected to go into battle, and the number of participants must be a multiple of five. “Inaccessible” players cannot be selected to participate in the war.

No need to wait on this screen; you can return to your city, you will be notified when the search is successful. The planning of the day will begin immediately, as soon as the enemy Alliance is found.

What are the requirements for entering the war?

Your Alliance must have at least 10 members who built the Command Post in order to enter the War.

Why some members of the alliance can not participate in the war?

When Leaders click on “World War” – Start a new war, they get a list of available players. Some members of the Alliance may be considered “inaccessible” because they have not built a command post and therefore they cannot be involved.

Or they are still at war with their alliance. All other players can be included or excluded from the list.

What happens if I leave my Alliance during an active War?

Your Military Base will remain on the Map of War if you leave the active War at any time after the search began. Out of War in any way, it will not affect.

You can easily join other Alliances, or return to your previous Alliance and continue to participate in active War.

If you leave the active War, you will not be able to participate in the War with another Alliance until the present War is completed.

You will still receive any Military loot that was mined through your Command Post, even if you are no longer in the Alliance.

What Are The Alliances For World War?

World War Alliances are selected based on the strength of their participants. Multiplayer medals are not a factor in the selection of opponents in World War II.

How to calculate the force in World War?

Force is measured on the basis of the player’s attack power (Improvements of Troops and Barracks, Military Tactics, as well as generals) and defensive power (defensive buildings, walls, traps, and generals).

The base scheme does not affect the measurement of force.

Strength can be increased only by improving troops, defense, military tactics, or by sacrificing defensive and offensive capabilities.

How many players can participate in World War? 

The smallest war allowed is 10 against 10 players. Other dimensions of war can be 15 against 15, 20 against 20, 25 against 25, 30 against 30, 40 against 40, and 50 against 50.

Alliance members who have not been elected for the war will be spectators until the war is over.

What Happens During Planning Day?

Planning Day created to prepare for war. No Attacks can be made, but the player can conduct reconnaissance of opponents, donate troops within his Alliance and organize their Military Base.

What Is A Military Map?

The military map indicates the places where the war is going. The map is divided into several territories and divided between enemy alliances.

Your Alliance controls the territories highlighted in blue, while the enemy controls the red zones.

How does intelligence work?

You can scout both the Allies and the Enemies during World War II in order to see their location. Scouting in advance helps coordinate attacks and plan winning strategies.

How To Donate Your Troops In The World War?

The gates of the Alliance on your military base are different from the gates in your city and need to be filled separately. Troops donated during the planning day will defend against all attacks during the Day of War.

Troops will appear in the city center throughout the war. Unlike your city, you do not need to request troops for your military base.

On Planning Day, people are free to donate troops. To give away your troops, simply tap the Military Card and confirm the donation.

Unfortunately, you cannot donate troops on the Day of War. During the enemy attack on the Day of War, you can fill the gates of the Alliance in your city with troops (before the battle), as in multiplayer.

What Is A War Booty?

Military mining is special mining that you get at the end of the war. Attacking and defeating enemy military bases will increase the amount you get. This war booty is always shown in the upper left corner of the War Map during the Day of War.

What Is Territorial Mining?

Territorial loot is the loot you stole from bases during World War attacks. This mining is obtained by attacking buildings of resources, just like in multiplayer battles.

However, territorial mining does not depend on the resources that the player has in his city. In World War, mining is calculated based on the strength of the player’s building resource protection.

Light bases will contain less production, while more difficult bases will contain more. Territorial loot is delivered to your store immediately after the battle, and it is much less than the war booty you get for winning.

What Is A Military Base?

The military base represents the player on the War Map. Only military bases attacked during World War. The military base uses the same buildings as an ordinary city, but it can be distributed differently.

Pitfalls, Defensive installations, and Generals at a military base do not need to be updated during World War II; they are always ready for battle.

During planning day, you can donate troops to your ally’s military base. Troops donated to military bases will defend the Main Square during each attack on the Day of War.

The gate of the alliance of your military base must be filled separately from the gate of the alliance of your city.

You can change your military base at any time by clicking on the “Change Location” button and pressing the Military Baseliner.

Final verdict:

In this dominations guide, walkthrough, tips& tricks and best secrets about how to win a world war, how to get everything easily and much more.



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