Download Cooking Fever MOD APK v8.0.1 For Android and iOS 2020Download Cooking Fever MOD APK v8.0.1 For Android and iOS 2020

Download Cooking Fever MOD APK v8.0.1 For Android and iOS 2020

Latest Cooking Fever MOD APK Unlimited Coins and Gems ([current_date format=’Y’] Updated)

Cooking fever is the most challenging game/APP. Players can earn coins and upgrade their kitchens.

Cooking fever ([current_date format=’Y’] Updated) mod apk unlimited coins and gems are cooking imitate mobile game developed by Nordcurrent, a Lithuanian game developing and publishing company. Download cooking fever apk mod latest version no jailbreak from given links.

Latest Cooking Fever MOD APK Unlimited Coins and Gems

This cooking fever mod apk unlimited coins and gems is a 100 percent working game for all platforms like android and ios. If you want to get 99999999 coins and gems then you are in right place. Before going to download this game you should read Cooking Fever Guide & Secrets

Cooking Fever is a simulation game that allows the greatest cook to come. You have a task as the owner and also the waitress who serves everything that your customers want to eat or drink.

This type of game is classified as a time management and strategy game that needs your strategy to make your restaurant successful. There are many games of cooking, but the great thing that makes this cooking fever unlimited coins and gems different is its ocular effects that you can see in this cooking game. The effects of this game can make the player more interested in playing every day.

However, this kind of game is very fascinating. You must think faster at each level than you have succeeded. Levels of this game grow harder, though there are many new things you need to think about to finish the level. This is why this game has a lot of players because of its hardness to play.

The hardness you get will not only come from one thing, but also from the mood of the customers, the comfort of your place, the time to serve your customers, and also the varieties of food and facilities that you offer to the customers. To get these, you will need coins and gems to make sure your customer’s needs exist in your restaurant.

Download [100% Working] Cooking Fever MOD APK ([current_date format=’Y’] Updated)

You can generate in cooking fever mod apk unlimited coins and gems by downloading this game from the given links. If you want to get unlimited coins and gems then you are in the right place. After all, there are some tips that you can use to make the game easier to play.

There are cooking fever mod apk tricks that can create some ease at the end of each level in the game. Cooking Fever mod apk unlimited coins and gems, usually, makes your coins and gems grow faster, or even become unlimited. This is what we are trying to offer now, which is to make the game easier to play.

With your unlimited coins and gems, you must always think about which things to get or which things to upgrade. Having this cooking fever mod apk unlimited coins and gems in your game will help you solve the problem you have.

You have to open a restaurant in the city. There are a lot of customers every time. You have to speed up your cooking and serve all tasty dishes to your hungry customers. Time management games improve your accuracy and speed. Gather all the elements and satisfy the appetite of your hungry customers. Take your cooking fever unlimited coins and gems to a whole new level. Cook the delicious food, serve the orders on time, and make your customers happy.

All levels of cooking ever unlimited coin and gems include amazing cooking and serving challenges. The fantastic challenge to make delicious burgers, fries, chickens, juices, coffee, cola, hot dogs and so much more. Claim yourself as the master cook and manage the restaurant on your own.

Cooking Fever MODED APK Unlimited Gems + Coins in ([current_date format=’Y’] Updated)

This cooking fever mod apk unlimited coins and gems will improve some of the installations in the game. For example, you can improve the kitchen itself, to make the cooking process much faster than usual.

The other things are to improve the restaurant itself. The Cooking Fever mod apk unlimited coins and gems allow you to have lots of coins to get a lot of new things. By having some new installations at the beginning level, it will make your game easier to finish, faster and better.

What can you do after downloading the cooking fever mod apk updated free version:

  • unlimited coins and gems:
  • Improve your food.
  • Improve your kitchen.
  • Improve your restaurant.
  • get more utensils.

You do not need to think about the facial expression and mood of the client.

You can finish the game faster and easier.

In the Cooking Fever mod apk unlimited coins and gems, you start your own little restaurant. Your mission is to serve your clients as fast as you could reasonably expect. As a cook, you’ll have the ability to work in a variety of extraordinary areas, from everything from oysters to Mexican dishes. Make use of all the distinctive gear accessible from cola machines to the wine container. There are many dishes to study and over a hundred stars to use.

There are many things you can do to make your restaurant more attractive to customers. Maybe you can offer your customers free chips or sweets for kids for free? On the other hand, perhaps you want to spend your coins on luxury furniture to give your customers a royal affair, there are a variety of approaches to make your restaurant totally exceptional and exotic.

As your restaurant receives more and more customers, you will probably notice that it is so difficult to stay on top of all the requests. That’s why it’s essential to reliably update your kitchen appliances so you can get enough food ready on time and keep your customers happy.

By using our Cooking Fever mod apk unlimited coins and gems, you can get an opportunity to get unlimited coins and gems. These benefits will make you more enjoyable to play this game. When you will use these coins and gems in the best way, you will not face any bad mood or negative facial expressions of your customers. In conclusion, you can have an easier game on our site, but still, have great experience in this number one cooking simulation game.

Cooking Fever Mod Apk Updated ([current_date format=’Y’] Updated)

Download free and original cooking fever apk mod unlimited gold coins and gems. This is a 100% working cooking fever mod apk for android and ios unlimited money version.

Download the Latest version of Cooking Fever mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Coins) for your android ios devices from our site with a direct link. It is very easy to install and doesn’t hang. It runs smoothly on all devices.

Cooking Fever is a  game where you cook food and manage different types of restaurants. You must serve your customers as quickly as possible, making sure that your customer goes from your restaurants happy and satisfied.
By downloading our latest version of cooking fever mod apk you can get unlimited coins and gems. When you have more coins and gems then you can manage or complete your tasks with great ease. You can manage your time and serve your customers easily and on time.

In our latest version of Cooking Fever mod apk, you can run different types of restaurants. You have a choice of unique locations for your restaurants. You will cook many tasty meals in our free addictive time-management game.


You can cook many dishes to cook using 150 ingredients, several upgrades for the kitchen, the choice to decorate your restaurants with appliances. You have a chance to get unlimited coins and gems in our cooking fever mod apk latest version.

More than 300 levels to complete. Many facilities are available to make your kitchen upgrade.

Cooking Fever mod apk latest version is definitely a great arcade app for Android and IOS. You’ll love playing this cooking fever mod apk android for sure, and we really believe you’ll enjoy it for long hours at home, at school, in the metro, or anywhere you go with your smartphone or tablet.

Unlimited Everything For Free in [current_date format=’Y’]

Get latest cooking fever APK + MOD free 100% working version on all android and ios devices. Find cooking fever cheats and hacks unlimited money, gems, and coins and cook well.

The cooking fever mod apk unlimited money and gems for are very popular and millions of players around the world would be happy to get it without any payment. And we can help you! To download the game for free from our site. In our cooking fever mod apk unlimited money and gems, you can generate easily unlimited money and gems.

Download APK File For Android

This money and gems would help to achieve your goals in a game and you will become a great player. With this unlimited money and gems, you can make your customer happy and satisfied. You can make your kitchen more attractive to customers so they can wait for more for the completion of their order. In this way, you would not see their bad facial expressions or mood.

Decorate your restaurant with VIP chairs, TV, and more interior appliances and all this will possible with unlimited money and gems which you can get easily from our cooking fever mod apk unlimited money and gems.

Make delicious food and dishes in this addictive time dominating game. With an option of several unique sites. You will be able to implement your skills in a diversity of settings and cooking mechanism. You can use many ingredients to cook a hundred of mouth-watering dishes.

Use all the appliances of the kitchen like coffee makers, cookers, pizza ovens, popcorn makers and cola dispenser. Adorn your restaurants to enchant more customers. Make your own dishes, such as cookies or cupcakes, to make the experience of your customer more distinctive and unforgettable. Just like in real life! Renovate your kitchen and even produce a greater variety of dishes.

Download Cooking Fever MOD APK ([current_date format=’Y’] Updated) For Android

Available latest and original cooking fever apk mod 100% working for all Android devices. Download free cooking fever mod apk unlimited money, coins, and gems for android. Download it and improve your kitchen.

Cooking Fever mod apk is a fun game of cooking different delicious meals with simple and addictive gameplay, along with a great environment. Our cooking fever mod apk is 100% working and free for all android versions. This game is all about cooking delicious food for customers.

You can cook more than 400 dishes with the help of several ingredients. It is totally time management game. If you love to become a professional chef or want to have a restaurant of your own then this game is perfect for you. In this cooking fever mod apk android, you will get 9999999 coins and gems.

By having unlimited coins and gems you have a great chance to win the game. With the help of coins, you can upgrade your kitchen with appliances for your restaurants and utensils for your kitchen.

Cooking Fever mod apk android – enhance your skills by cooking delicious meals for clients at different locations and cafes. Do not make your clients wait too long! Start your fascinating journey as a chef by feeling yourself as an owner of cafes or restaurants around the world in this cooking fever mod apk Android game.

Download APK File For Android

Prepare a variety of dishes, including burgers, popcorn, hotdogs, and cola. Be careful, use the right ingredients and accurately fulfill customer orders. Purchase various equipment to improve your kitchen and restaurant with the help of coins you get from your customers. Prepare some free dishes like muffins or cupcakes for kids or to attract more customers.

Cooking Fever Mod Apk Android Features

  • Different locations for restaurants.
  • Over 400 recipes to cook.
  • Food Ingredients are more than 100.
  • More than 300 levels.
  • Upgradation for kitchen and restaurants.
  • Get tip from clients.
  • Have a chance to discover unlimited coins and gems.


  • Android version required: 4.0.3 and higher versions of Android smartphones and tablets
  • Required storage space: 48 MB or more
  • APK ID: com.nordcurrent.canteenhd

Download Cooking Fever MOD APK For iOS ([current_date format=’Y’] Updated)

Download cooking fever hack cheats unlimited gems and gold coins 100% APK MOD for iPhone devices. Get 100% free and working cooking fever apk for IOS [iPad, iPod] and have your own restaurant.

Cooking fever mod apk is perfect for all iOS versions. By downloading cooking fever mod apk android from our site you can find unlimited coins and gems. When you discover unlimited coins and gems then you can easily complete all tasks without any difficulty.

In our cooking fever mod apk iOS, you cook savory food and pastries. This is a free addictive time control game. You have preferences of different particular locations like an oyster bar, oriental restaurants, or fast food bars. In cooking fever mod apk iOS you have to use your abilities and skills to manage the time when you are cooking food and serve your customers. By discovering unlimited coins and gems you can purchase all kitchen types of equipment without spending a single penny.

In the beginning, you can only serve customers at a burger place, but as you advance in the game by getting more coins and gems, you can unlock new types of restaurants like pizza bars, bakeries, and restaurants. You have over 400 different kinds of meals, including hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, soft drinks, etc to serve your customers.  It is very simple to serve your customers.

When a customer comes to your restaurant his/her order is shown above the head of a customer that what he/she wants to eat or order. Make the order of customer quickly by using all the facilities you have in your kitchen. In our cooking fever mod apk iOS, you have more chances to get unlimited gems and coins and more chances to win the game.


  • Compatibility Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  •  Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Seller: Nordcurrent Ltd
  • Size: 98.4 MB

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