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Latest Dead Space APK (The War of Space) Download

Dead Space is an Action Horror Game which is about the space. This game is about the Fiction of science. Dead Space is a horror game that is presented in the twenty-six century. Dead Space APK File is based on the future Concepts of Technology, Science Advancement, and Imaginations. Dead Space is created in the Real-time space environment.

You are playing the role Isaac Clarke, who is an Engineer on Spacecraft named USG Ishimura. You do not belong to the profession of the army but you are an engineer the most important part of the defense among the Remaining Squad of Aircraft.

The remaining ones become Necromorphs. Necromorphs are the horrible creature as aliens. But your crime is equally the same, powerful tools of mining provide you the means to fight versus danger.

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Features of Dead Space APK

Dead Space is about imaginative happening in the space. Features of Dead Space are as follow:

  • Necromorphs are your enemies. But Necromorphs are not like other enemies. You cannot shoot them. Shooting at their heads is like hitting on the rubber. If you want to kill Necromorphs then divide them into pieces or separate their parts one by one. This is the only solution to kill Necromorphs.
  • USG Ishimura doesn’t have conventional weapons but its toolkit has a high power of stopping.
  • You have Cutter of Plasma with the help of plasma cutter send the energy blast at your Antagonists vertically or horizontally.
  • You have Disc Ripper with the help of it controls the Sawblade remotely which has very high speed.
  • If you want to increase power, enlarge ammo, and to increase the speed of reloading then you have to purchase the Upgrades.
  • Dead Space supports many languages like English, Cesky, Deutch, Italiano, etc.


Latest Version of Dead Space APK

The latest version of Dead Space APK is released on February 05, 2013, which has many creative things about the space. This game based on imagination. Shows future technological advancement.

What’s New in Dead Space APK?

Dead Space APK has many features are:

  • Interesting Graphics used in the Dead Space APK.
  • Purchase the upgrade to increase your Speed of Reloading, Increased Ammo, and increase your power.
  • Powerful toolkit.
  • Fast Speed Saw blade to cut the Necromorphs into pieces.
  • The plasma cutter sends an Energy blast.

Technical Information of Dead Space APP

Genre(s) Dead Space is an Action Shooter game.
First Release The first releasing date of Dead Space APK is October 20, 2008.
Latest Release Latest releasing date of February 5, 2013(Dead Space 3).
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Visceral Games
Platform Dead Space APK is compatible with Android, Wii, iOS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft windows

Permissions Required for Dead Space APK

Required permission for the Dead Space APK are as follows:

  • This will access your storage and can modify, read and delete the contents of storage.
  • This will access your network connection.
  • This will view information about the networks.
  • This will control your device from sleeping.
  • This will send notification on your device.

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