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Download Fun Run APK

Latest Fun Run APK (The Running Adventure in Space)

Fun Run is an android game that will allow you to run in the space to help the alien friend to escape from the trouble situation. Fun Run APK has unlimited running fun, so every time you will feel the improvement in your skills.

Fun Run APK has many other versions available in the Application Stores and Gaming Websites, but it was the foremost or first version of the Fun Run APK Gaming Series.

It’s a little risky game because you will have to avoid the holes and obstacles in your way while running. But it’s a fun learning game.  Help your alien friend to find his escape from the space tunnels. It’s really a good chance to find your run in the space tunnels.

Download Fun Run APK For Android

Story Line of Fun Run APP

  • The storyline of Fun Run APK is a little bit strange. While playing the game you will not able to see the face of the running character.
  • The story of the game starts with your Alien Friend who is wanted to escape from the trouble.
  • You will have to help the alien friend to run as far as possible. You can jump, turn right or left or boost your speed while it.
  • After every level, you will observe the new unlocks and Rewards every time.


Game Play Mechanism

  • The first thing is you will not observe the face of your running character or Alien Friend, so, you should not feel the hesitation.
  • During the run there will be many obstacles and Space Holes on your way, so your main objective will be too avoided from the space holes and obstacles.
  • Do not speed too much, if you would not control it. With more and more practice your skills and speed control will be enhanced, so be patient and keep ongoing.

Some Interested Features of Fun Run APK

  • The stunning Network of Space Tunnels, and suspicions running through them, it’s a unique feature of this game for the running lovers.
  • There are different interesting modes, just as Explore Mode or Infinite Mode. The adventure of each mode is different.
  • Find the Stellar Sound-Track.
  • You will have to find Seven Allies to get access to their talent.
  • By playing this game you will be able to polish your skills of concentration and to play under the pressure of speed.
  • Your speed control will enhance after every level or the play.

What’s new in Fun Run APK?

  • Interested level with running adventure.
  • Different stories with different characters.
  • Much more achievements.
  • Bugs have been fixed.

Technical Information

  • Fun Run APK falls under the category of Free and Arcade Games.
  • Here you can download The latest Fun Run APK Game Version.
  • The Android Compatibility to run in your device is a minimum of 0 API or above.

Game Controls

  • You can change the settings of the Game Controls easily by opening the setting menu.
  • The controls are available on the game screen when you start it.
  • Press the right or left arrows to move in the space.
  • To jump in the space press space.
  • If you want to pause the game, press P.
  • To reset the game, press R.

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