Download Jio Pos Plus Latest Updated 2020Download Jio Pos Plus Latest Updated 2020

Here you can download 100% working Jio Pos Plus latest/updated APKccccc version for free. This is working for android and ios platforms. We appreciate your interest in learning about JioPOS Plus APK and how it can help you manage your Jio SIM card. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of JioPOS Plus APK and why it is such a great tool for managing your Jio SIM.

Download Jio Pos Plus Latest Updated 2020

Earn Money with Jio POS Plus APK [current_date format=’Y’]

Reliance Jio has launched the JioPos Lite app that lets each user earn a commission whenever they recharge their mobile number. Reliance jio has launched a special community recharge app which is known as jio POS Lite so that users do not have to face any trouble while doing the recharge of their mobile number.

The most important thing about this app is that by downloading this app, you can easily become a Jio partner. By becoming a Jio partner, you can easily earn commission through recharge. In easy words, whenever you recharge with the help of this application, you can get some commission in your account. You can easily download and install this app from Google Play Store. After downloading the Jio POS Plus apk download you can also become a Jio Partner.

How to make money via Jio Pos Plus [current_date format=’Y’]?

In order to become a registered jio partner, you will have to do your registration for the application. For the Registration process, you don’t have to do any physical verification nor you need to submit any hard copy document of your identity proof. After the registration process, just simply load money into your application wallet. Users can deposit money from Rs. 500 to 2000 into their wallet. On every recharge done by your application, you will get 4.16 on Rs. 100 recharge every time. Isn’t that an amazing deal for a recharge app?

Since the availability of Jio Fiber has been increased from town to town, people are also using the app to recharge their fiber internet plans with the help of the app.

How to Download Jio Pos Plus App [current_date format=’Y’]?

  1. Go to Google Play Store
  2. Search for jio POS Plus app and download the application.
  3. Open the app and click on the signup button.
  4. Now you will have to enter your email id and your jio mobile number.
  5. After this, you will receive an OTP on your mobile number.
  6. Enter the 6 digit OTP given in the application.
  7. Accept all the terms and conditions by clicking on continue.
  8. Now tap on options and sign in using your registered phone number.
  9. Verify the OTP and set up your 4 digit password this will be needed whenever you do a recharge.

Earning money by this app has been so easy now and Jio partners can easily earn more commission now by using this app only. This scheme is highly beneficial for the recharge shop owners as they are getting an amazing commission on the recharge they do.

What is JioPOS Plus APK?

JioPOS Plus APK is an Android app developed by Reliance Jio that enables Jio retailers to recharge prepaid Jio SIM cards for their customers. It also allows Jio retailers to earn a commission for every recharge that they perform.

How Does JioPOS Plus APK Work?

JioPOS Plus APK is very user-friendly and easy to use. Jio retailers simply need to log in to the app using their Jio retailer ID and password. Once they are logged in, they can easily recharge their customer’s Jio SIM card by entering the customer’s mobile number and the recharge amount.

The app also allows Jio retailers to view their transaction history, track their earnings, and manage their inventory. Jio retailers can also add money to their JioPOS wallet, which can be used to recharge their customer’s Jio SIM card.

Why is JioPOS Plus APK So Popular?

JioPOS Plus APK has gained immense popularity among Jio retailers because of its ease of use, reliability, and commission structure. Jio retailers can earn a commission of up to 6% on every recharge they perform, which makes it a very lucrative business opportunity.

The app is also very reliable and secure, which gives Jio retailers peace of mind when performing transactions. Additionally, the app is regularly updated with new features and improvements, which ensures that Jio retailers always have access to the latest tools and resources.


JioPOS Plus APK is an essential tool for any Jio retailer who wants to provide the best service to their customers and earn a good commission. With its user-friendly interface, reliable performance, and lucrative commission structure, it is no wonder why JioPOS Plus APK has become so popular among Jio retailers.

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