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Latest Monster Legends APK Download Latest Version 9.2.16 For Android/iOS/PC

Monster Legend is an Android and iOS Game. It’s about to Fight with the best Monster Legends and led them into the arena of battle. Pick up a squad of Monsters Legends intelligently from the available Monsters to fight with other Monsters in the arena of battle.

Build a beautiful customized environment for Monster Legends to live in, feed them, and create as many creatures as possible by cross-breeding different Monster Legends to create Strangest ever Creatures.

True Monster Masters will love fighting in Team wars and Team Battlegrounds, where other players will be able to join in the game and can win rewards.

To prove yourself a No.1 Monster Master, Join the Monster Community of over 60 Million!

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Features of Monster Legends

These are some important features of Monster Legend APK:

  • Online Multiplayer RPG Strategy Game.
  • Build Beautiful Monster Paradise for your Monsters including Breeding Mountain, Temples, and Habitats, etc. As the Level up, you discover new places like Libraries, Monster Lab, etc.
  • Amazing types of Monster Legends available in the game’s limited-time.
  • A player can cross-breed different Monsters to create a new creature.
  • Increase the level of your Monsters for the battles ahead and rank them up to break the limits.
  • New Monsters are added to the game every week by collecting over 600 Monsters.
  • Set up Monster teams consisting of Attackers, tanks, and Control Monsters.
  • Collecting coins allows you to earn rewards.

Latest Version

We always delivered you the Latest Updates on the APK. Now we are going to talk about the latest version of Monster Legend which is released on Jan 16, 2020. The latest version includes many new features that are discussed in the New Offering portion.


What’s Offering New by Monster Legend APK?

Monster Legends Apk Download

New Offering by the Latest version of Monster Legend APK is very interesting.

Legend Pass

Legend Pass is a new system with the help of which you can get rewards and advantages by completing different difficult and interesting challenges.

Monster Skin

The latest version of Monster Legend includes the feature of Monster Skin which allows you to customize your Monster Legend’s skins, and create interesting and strange Monsters by changing skins.

Bug and Performance

Bug fixes and performance improvements have given the main focus.

Technical Information

  • The latest version of Monster Legend APK is version 9.2.16 and it was launched on January 16, 2020, and is available on Android and iOS App Store and Gaming Websites.
  • Monster Legend APK is developed by Social Point.
  • The file size of Monster Legends is 101 MB on the Android App Store.
  • The file size of Monster Legends is 122.7 MB on iOS App Store.
  • The category of this app is Free Strategy Game.
  • The compatibility of this Game is with Android 4.1 and above.
  • Content Rating for this Game is 7+ due to the Strange Physical appearance of Monsters.

Required Permissions for the Application

  • This will have access to your Files, Media, and Photos
  • This app will have access to your storage and can read, modify, and delete the contents of your USB storage.
  • This app will access the Information of your Wi-Fi connection.
  • This app will access and view the connections of the network.
  • This app will prevent your device from sleeping and control your device’s vibration.

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