Download Safestrap ApkLatest Safestrap APK Download For Android (Best Recovery Application)

Download Safestrap Apk

Latest Safestrap APK Download For Android (Best Recovery Application)

Safestrap is a free and best recovery application to get recover your OS. If you have Safestrap APK File and you are flashing your ROMs then you can customize your ROMs securely.

It is sometimes really frustrating when you want to experience your Customized ROM but you get stuck in the loop of boot after customizing. And you are using Bootstrap for the recuperation but you could not recuperate. Then don’t worry there is a solution to this problem, and the solution is Safestrap.

Safestrap Recovery is almost similar to the Bootstrap. Safestrap is very helpful in the sense that, if during Flashing ROM, there happens anything wrong then you don’t have to worry about this, you can recuperate the backed Operating System.

Features of Safestrap

Boot Options

From here you can handle your ROM Slots. By clicking on the Boot options you find a new screen comprises of options for ROM slots. You click on the particular ROM slot to create it.

  • You can make that ROM slot Activate and all the TWRP Features will affect the particular selected slot.
  • You can give a suitable Nickname to that particular slot.
  • You can delete the files of particular ROM slots.

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In Install, you can flash zip file to the current functional system. At this time, this is not for stock ROM. In the coming version, the flash will be enabled to stock.


From the name of backup, you can easily get an idea about his. You use this to make a backup of the selected system.


You can take care of the Mount about the installs. This is a very important point to keep this in mind that, System, Cache, and Data will be installed on that particular ROM which you have activated.


Wipe means to clear the ROM like slate and you can use this ROM from the new. But if your active slot is Stock then Wipe it with care because it makes you handicapped.

ROM Slots

You can create up to 4 virtual Slots of ROM. These slots will be of different sizes from the available free space.

The latest version of Safestrap?

The latest version of Safestrap is 4.0.1 which modified on May 23, 2016, and updated on September 20, 2019. Download and install the Safestrap APK file from the link.

What’s New in Safestrap?

The latest version of Safestrap is 4.0.1 which is completely compatible with all the ROMs whether it is old or new.

This is the best Recovery Application for android phones.

Technical Information of Safestrap

Updated Safestrap Updated Recently on September 20, 2019.
File Size 5.90 MB.
Current version The current version of the Safestrap app is 4.0.1.
Supported Android This application is compatible with Android 3.1 and higher.
Developers Developers of Safestrap are GGOW
Status of version This version is Beta and is active.

Permission Required for Safestrap

Safestrap will get access to your device as follows:

  • This will access to Wi-Fi connection information.
  • This will send you a notification.
  • This will get the information about the network connections.
  • This will get access to the storage of your device.
  • This will prevent your phone from sleeping.
  • This will modify, delete, and read the contents of your phones’ storage.

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