super smash bros apk downloadsuper smash bros apk download

super smash bros apk download

(The Adventure of Fight) Super Smash Bros APK Download Latest Version

Super Smash Bros is a Multiplayer Action & Fighting Game in which fighters fight either in the team or individually. Super Smash Bros contains Seventy Four Fighters along with DLC.

In this game, if player1 wants to win then player1 launch its rival out of the arena. You can make your team of Maximum 8 players and fight with the other team having an equal number of players.

There are two Control Buttons in Super Smash Bros. One button is for basic attack and other for the specific attack. Controls in Super Smash Bros are simple as compared to other games of fighting.

Super Smash Bros is a remarkable fighting game, install and enjoys the Best Fighting Game.

Download Super Smash Bros Apk For Android

Here you can easily download the Super Smash Bros game for android devices.

Super Smash Bros Apk Download For Android

Features of Super Smash Bros

Features of the Super Smash Bros APK are:

  • Super Smash Bros set the Stock and Time for each player. There is a fixed time for fighting. Each player gains points if he remains successful to knock out its rivals from the arena and loses the points if the player knocked out of the arena itself by its rivals. After the end of the time, a player win which has higher points.
  • More than Seventy Four fighters along with DLC.
  • Over Hundred Stages in Super Smash Bros.
  • This game has many Combat Items. Combat items are those which are used to fight in the battle. Fighters used these items to fight with other fighters.
  • Over 8 Hundred Music tracks to warm up the Fight.

Latest Version of Super Smash Bros APK

The Latest Version of Super Smash Bros APK includes many features. The latest version is Super Smash Bros APK Ultimate v6.0 which release on December 06, 2018.

What’s new in Super Smash Bros APK?

The latest version comprises many new characteristics.


Super Smash Bros Characters

        The latest version of Super Smash Bros APK comprises characters from all the Nintendo and other franchises that have unique fighting qualities.

Music Tracks

        Super Smash Bros adds many new Music tracks in the previous versions. The latest version of Super Smash Bros APK comprises More than 8 hundred Music tracks.


The latest version includes HD Graphics.


Players can make communicate with each other through Set Messages on the battlefield.


There are many new stages added in the latest version of Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros Technical Information

Size The size of Super Smash Bros APK is 14.2 GB.
First release Date The first release date is January 21, 1999.
Latest release Date The latest release date is December 06, 2018.
Number of Players You can make the team of maximum Eight players.
Category Fighting, Action, and Multiplayer
Publisher The publisher of this game is Nintendo.
Developer Developers of This application are Sora Ltd./Nintendo/ Bandai Namco Studios Inc.
Platform Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, GameCube, Wii, iQue Player, Nintendo 64.

Permissions Required

Required permissions are as follows:

  • This application will access your Storage. And can read, modify and delete the contents of storage.
  • This application will access the information of network connection.
  • This will access the information of the Wi-Fi Connection.
  • This will control your device from sleeping.
  • This application will send you a notification.


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Note: You can also buy it from the e-store ($4.99 cost).

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