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Dragon City Guide, Tips & Strategy

In dragon city guide, you can explore this game completely. This dragon city guide and walkthrough is perfect for beginners and pro players on apkguides.com

Dragon City About

The dragon city is a Dragon Breeding game developed for Android and iOS platforms. In this game, you can get hundreds of dragons, breed them, as well as raise their level.

Your main goal is to become a Dragon Master. You will be able to teach dragons, meet face-to-face with other real players, build your own city and deal with ten types of different dragons that you can breed and merge, creating hybrids.

In addition, the game has many missions that will give you great pleasure in this growing dragon city.

And if you are playing this game for the first time then follow our best and quick dragon city guides, tips, and tricks that will help you to achieve your intended success.

Dragon city basic strategies to become the master

Climb faster level, get more out of your resources, master the combat with dragons and much more in this initial dragon city guide.

Dragon City (available on Android, iOS and via Facebook) is a fun game in which you can build a world full of dragons that are born, grow, reproduce and fight in exciting battles.

In this article and the dragon city guide, we bring some tips and strategies for you.

Farms are the basis of everything

The harvests are the sustenance of your dragons: if you feed them they will grow in level to become strong and powerful creatures.

Also, you can feed the more dragons and get more resources of another type, like gold.

dragon city guide about farms
Farms are the basis of everything in the dragon city guide

So, invest in farms: focus your first resources on building as many farms as possible, and when you rise to the next level build bigger farms or improve the ones you already have. 

Also, always keep your active farms generating resources.

Basic Resources:

Some resources are essential for this game, these are, gold and food, both can be obtained in 3 ways:

Harvesting in the farms

Collecting gold from the dragons or from the Dragon City market.

Also when they complete missions they are given experience points, gold, food, and gems.

The best tactic to start is building as many farms as you can and always keep the gold. On the other hand, you have to gather the food right away so your dragons move up the level faster.

Another fact that you should keep in mind that the more progress in the game you can use larger farms to generate more food for longer.

dragon city guide and hints
dragon city guides, tricks, cheats

Now we show you the statistics provided by each dragon in the last level:

  • Dragon of Earth: 90 gold per minute
  • Star Dragon: 75 gold per minute
  • Electric Dragon: 60 gold per minute
  • Dragon firebird: 52 gold per minute
  • Spicy Dragon: 45 gold per minute
  • Fire Dragon: 37 gold per minute
  • Dragon Cloud: 23 gold per minute
  • Water Dragon: 15 gold per minute

Once your dragon is already developed then you can sell it if you wish, with it you can get a lot of income mainly if it is a “weird” dragon.

However, as a general rule, a dragon will give more when it generates gold when sold. So, it is advisable to sell when they need space (because you have many that generate little) or when you need the gold urgently.

The value of the dragons is as follows:

  • Laser: 50000 gold coins
  • Waterfall: 5000 gold coins
  • Volcano: 1000 gold coins
  • Ice: 375 gold coins
  • Tropical: 300 gold coins
  • Electric: 150 gold coins
  • Earth: 50 gold coins

Some tips that you should keep in mind for resources:

  • When you stop playing, always remember to collect all the gold that is in each habitat of each Dragon.
  • To prevent their habitats from filling up with gold too fast, place dragons that generate less income in the habitat that can hold the least amount of gold. This way, you will not lose all the gold when it is filled before you can pick it up.
  • If they have a large farm and will not play for a long time, they can use that time to order as much food as possible.
  • Gems can be purchased but you can also get them for free. When completing certain missions or winning a tournament in the stadium they will have a jewel as a prize.

Clean all the territory

Do you want to quickly up the level? In addition to carrying out actions in your territory; there is a very simple way: cleaning the land you don’t have yet!

So, click on any element (bushes, trees, rocks, etc) and clean it. True, it is worth money, but it makes up for the investment due to all the experience you earn with the minimum effort.

In addition, cleaning land that does not belong and has ready to build when acquiring s, which then will save time and money.

dragon city guide - Clean all the territory
Clean all the territory

Rate each type of habitat before building it

In dragon city guide and strategy, it is one of the best strategies for the best places.

Habitats are the places where you will place your dragons. Each has its own pros and cons, so analyze each type well before placing it and keep in mind that which type of dragon can only be placed in certain types of habitat.

Then we leave a chart for you that showing the type of habitat, the level from which you can build it, its price is in gold.

Rate each type of habitat before building it
Rate each type of habitat before building it

In summary: when you are in the first levels it is preferable that you focus your efforts on building more habitats of Fire, Sea, and Nature than not of Earth.

Experiment with dragons breeding

In dragon city breeding guide, you can do experiments with dragon breeding.

One of the bases of Dragon City is the mating between species of dragons. Do not pair two types of dragons only once, since the combinations of dragons they produce may be different.

For example, if you pair an Earth and a Fire dragon, sometimes you will have a Volcano dragon and sometimes a Flaming Rock.

Likewise, he insists on mating between hybrid dragons (those that are not “pure” types): sometimes they will generate new species that are really unusual but others will create repeated species.

In all cases do not desist and keep trying to have dragons of all types.

Remember that whenever you do not want to accumulate so many dragons (especially if you have limited habitats) you can sell them, getting gold bars that will be very useful.

Dragon city guide - dragons breeding
Dragon city guide of dragons breeding

Dragon city breeding guide

As we have seen several times in the dragon city guide, one of the fundamental elements of Dragon City is the Dragon City breeding that is the breeding of eggs and their respective dragons.

In fact, through breeding, it is possible to create combinations of dragons and obtain more powerful dragons, called “hybrid dragons“.

This allows the player to own a wide range of dragons without having to use their own gems in the Black Market to buy the desired dragons.

The main rules of Dragon City breeding:

A pair of dragons can only generate one dragon at a time. Except for the union of dragons that possess the opposite element.

It is indifferent which is the dragon on the right and the one on the left, the generated dragon will always be the same.

In the below dragon city guides, we have seen the main hybrid dragons obtainable from the union of the various elements.

All dragons are hermaphrodites.

Both dragons protagonists of the Dragon City breeding must have completed the breeding course and have passed the growth level 4.

Dragons may not mate with other dragons if they are engaged in combat or performing training or trials at that time. They can participate only when they have completed the action.

Possessing the Breeding Tree you have the possibility to raise two dragons at the same time.

As we saw in the dragon city guides, it is not possible to carry out Dragon City breeding between dragons that have opposing elements.

The dragon obtained from the union of two dragons has the main element of each of the two-parent dragons.

The dragon obtained has a breeding time ie a number of hours necessary for its transformation from an egg into a baby dragon, then into an adolescent and finally into an adult.

A maximum of three dragons can be raised simultaneously.

Master the mechanics of fighting

The breeding and construction of your city are one of the strengths of Dragon City, the other, the Pokemon style fighting. Here are some quick dragon city guide and tips for this mode.

Create a balanced team, trying to have dragons of different types.

dragon city guide about a balanced team
dragon city guide about a balanced team

You can change dragon during combat, but keep in mind that it will cost you a turn.

change dragon
change dragon guide

– Look at the different types of attack of your dragons: each one is more or less useful depending on the dragon that touches you.

Again, thanks to the Dragon City graphic tool: Attacker would be you and Defend the opponent. 

Look at what kind of dragon is your opponent and see what types of attacks you have to see which will be more damaging to your target.

When you take a few games you will know these strategies by heart and you will not need to look at the list.

If in spite of these dragon city guide and tips you cannot win, do not despair: that is, your dragons are still too low.

Feed them well to level up and you’ll see how you win the next fight.

Get gems without spending money

dragon city guide for unlimited gems
dragon city guide unlimited free gems

The violet gems are the currency that is achieved by paying in Dragon City. However, there are seven ways to get free gems:

  1. Get a gem every time you level up.
  2. Claim your daily bonus. You have the option of getting large amounts of gems.
  3. On Mondays, there is a special reward that also allows you to get gems.
  4. Participate in the promotions or surveys provided by the game.
  5. Invite friends to play Dragon City APK Game: you will get five gems for each contact you accept.
  6. Participate in the Dragon League Tournaments. If you win a tournament you are given two gems as well as gold. You can fight up to three times a day, so take advantage.
  7. Build a Dragon Stadium and put your creatures to fight. For each tournament you make, you will earn two gems and money.

Needless to say, getting free gems in dragon city guide and walkthrough is, as you see, expensive. So save them and use them to unlock special items; do not waste them accelerating the construction time, egg hatching, etc.


In dragon city guide for tournaments, you can explore the basic rules.

When they already have their stadium they can start with the team matches of three dragons.

You with your opponent will take turns to attack the opposing dragon and hurt him until one of the teams loses all their dragons and is defeated.

Some basic rules you should know about fighting and other things:

  • They can switch between the dragons of their team although this will cost them a turn.
  • They can participate in tournaments every 12 hours.
  • When you level up your dragons you will unlock stronger attacks.
  • If you fought in the stadium and want another additional challenge, click on the icon with the balloon and choose “World of combats” so you will test your skills against other opponents.
  • They can compete in “World of combats” 3 times every 6 hours.
  • If they lose a fight, they will not lose their dragons, so they can go to battles without fear.

 Collect rewards

A final tip and dragon city strategy: before closing your game in Dragon City put the farms to generate crops of the highest possible time and collect gold from all habitats, even if the icon does not appear.

To do this it is enough that you select each habitat and select the “Collect” option.

Pure hybrid dragons guide

The Pure element of Dragon City is available starting at level 34. So read the dragon city guide for pure hybrid dragons.

His elementary dragon, Pure, blinds the other dragons with the light of his eyes.

It has a blue body while the chest and the underside of the wings are pink.
It also has horns and fuchsia eyebrows. It has a growth time of one day and 18 hours while its value in the market is 15,000,000 gold bars and can be sold for 336,000 gold bars or stars.
dragon city guide and tips
dragon city guide and tips

Pure hybrid dragons are born from the union of the Pure element with other elements.

Pure is the only element of Dragon City that does not receive destructive attacks and has no elementary attacks.

All pure hybrid dragons are available in level 34, have a growth time of 2 days and can be sold for 348,000,000 gold bars. Their value in the market is 2000 gems.

Now let’s see the first 4 Puri hybrid dragons in dragon city guides:

Pure Earth:

It is the rocky and pointed version of the elementary dragon Terra. It was born from the union between Earth and Pure.

Unlike the Earth Dragon, Pure Earth is stronger and more robust. It is the only Pure Dragon that does not have wings and it is the dragon with the strongest Earth element.

Pure Flame:

This dragon, born from the union between Pure and Flame, is the strongest dragon in all of Dragon City in terms of fighting the power and is the most powerful Flame dragon.

Its appearance resembles the Dragon Armor dragon by Social Empires.

Pure Sea:

This dragon is born from the combination of Sea and Flame and is wingless.

It is the only Pure dragon able to learn the Hypnosis attack. It is the most powerful Sea dragon and its appearance closely resembles that of the Pokemon character Suicune: it has the same colors of blue, purple and pink.

Pure Nature:

Pure Nature is born from the union of Pure and Nature. Like all Pure dragon, Pure Nature is the most powerful Nature dragon.

It is similar to the Pokemon Bayleef and can be purchased in the Dragon Black Market: it has a female appearance, with a green body, tail and red wings and red and yellow legs.

Pure Electric:

This is one of the best dragon city guides.

This dragon is born from the union of Pure and Electric. Already in its egg shape, it has small horns with spikes. Growing these tips also appear along the entire back.

It is mainly composed of blue and yellow colors and is, like all Pure dragons, the most powerful of the Electric dragons.

Pure ICE:

He is one of the few pure dragons capable of learning “normal” or dragon-like attacks (Judo Kick and Deus Sword).

His egg has some peaks of ice which, as they grow, become part of his body, particularly the tail and wings.

Its body has various shades of blue: ice blue in most of the body, face, neck and outer parts of the midnight blue wings. It is the most powerful of the Ice dragons.

Pure Metal:

This dragon is born from the union of Pure and Metal.

According to its description, it is composed of a mix of metals unknown to man that makes it the most powerful dragon among all the metal dragons.

It is silver in color with some parts of the dark gray body.

Pure Dark:

This dragon is very particular indeed it has two heads. Being generated by the union between Pure and Dark; this dragon is midnight blue.

It has two heads, one head has green eyes, the other has red eyes. Both heads have white horns.

Dragon City game dragons are then broken down into generations, based on the combination from which they were generated. So you can read the complete dragon city guide for combinations.

Dragon city funniest dragons info:

Discover the dragon city guides for funniest dragons:


The first dragon of today is Wrestler. It is an exclusive unobtainable dragon, like all exclusive dragons.

His appearance is very similar to a Wrestler: he is very muscular, with the blue wrestler mask and the appropriate belt.

The mask and the belt are also present in the egg. As he grows his eyes and his belt shrink in proportion to the body.

Its wings are very small. Unfortunately, this exclusive dragon is no longer available.


An exclusive dragon with a bizarre look and still available in the Dragon City Black Market is Columbus.

A dragon inspired by Christopher Columbus and published for the explorer’s celebratory event.

Its elements are Earth and Sea. Just like Christopher Columbus, this dragon discovered all the islands of the game and therefore knows its secrets.

He is dressed in the typical clothes and hat of Christopher Columbus.


This dragon is composed of various symbols of the party, in fact, it is a headless dragon (as a child he has a pumpkin-shaped head while as a teenager he becomes headless), dressed as a vampire and with a pumpkin with eyes and a smile. It is composed of the elements Earth and Dark.

The most bizarre dragons in the dragon city game

Get the list of dragon city guide for most bizarre dragons:


This dragon is a hybrid dragon that is born from the union of the elements dark and Ice. Its appearance is very similar to a penguin but it has two small horns and two wings.

It is the only dragon present in the Blue Planet Collection section of the Dragon Book that is not composed of the Sea element. Its weapon is the teeth that are very sharp.

Carnivore Plant:

It is a hybrid dragon born from the union of Dark and Nature.

This Dragon City dragon, which has no eyes, is composed of a green and yellow dragon body and a red carnivorous pink polka-dot plant head with mouth and teeth.

It resembles the carnivorous plants of Super Mario Bros.

From a child he is without legs then he acquires two as a teenager and finally four as an adult.

He loves food. Even if he is Czech he has an excellent sense of smell.


This hybrid dragon is born from the union of Electric and Metal and is inspired by batteries.

In fact, its face is similar to a battery while its body is composed of a battery. Its predominant colors are obviously yellow and black.


It is a hybrid dragon composed of the elements Flame and Dark. Its prevalent color is red.

Until adolescence Vampire actually looks more like a cat than a vampire as a behavior. This dragon has eyes closed when it walks while its eyes are open when it flies.

It can be transformed into a bat but does not feed on blood but on fruit. Together with the dragon Earth, they are the only two dragons to possess the “DEFY” sign in combat.


Poo is certainly the funniest exclusive dragon: his physical appearance is very similar to reality.

Currently, it is not available as it was only available from 12 to 16 September 2012.


This rare hybrid dragon is inspired by football and in fact, its egg is black and white checkered.


This dragon is inspired by chili peppers and in fact has a chili pepper body with two legs, two arms, and two small green wings.

It is a hybrid dragon born from the union of Flame and Nature. He loves Mexican food and says a lot of bad words.

Ice Cream:

The ice cream dragon looks like ice cream, in fact, as a teenager, it is shaped like a cup while as an adult it looks like a cone with two legs, two arms, and a tail.

It is a hybrid dragon born from the union of Sea and Ice. When the red ice cream drips onto the Ice Dragon cone, it licks it.


It is a hybrid dragon that comes from Ice and Nature. The party is guaranteed by inviting this dragon to your island.

Snow Man:

In perfect Christmas style, the Snow Man dragon is inspired by the snowman. It is the first exclusive dragon of December 2013 and is composed of the elements Ice and Nature.
It can be purchased for 95 gems via the Dragon City iOs version while it is not available for the remaining versions.


This exclusive dragon born from the union of Flame and Metal is inspired by a robot. It can be obtained at level 10 of Social Wars.

It also has an electrical connection although it is not composed of the Electric element.

Its appearance is futuristic, with black “Matrix” glasses and a gray body.

Dragon city combinations guide

Dragon City is a Facebook game in which you will have to incarnate a dragon keeper to get the money that you will get through your feeding, care, and mixing of breeds to get unique and improved specimens.

When you have more dragons at your charge then you will get more money to overcome the challenges that will lead you to the next levels.

For best city combinations, read our complete dragon city guide and walkthrough.

Dragon earth combinations

Earth + Fire = Flaming Rock or Volcano.
Earth + Plant = Tropical or Cactus.
Earth + Water = Mud or Waterfall.
Earth + Electric = Star or Chameleon.
Earth + Ice = Alpine or Snowflake.
(See the rare hybrids section below) = Armadillo.
Earth + Dark = Hedgehog or Poison.
(See the section on rare hybrids below) = Poop.

Dragon water combinations

This is one of the best combinations in dragon city guide and tricks.

Water + Earth = Mud or Waterfall.
Water + Fire = Cloud or Blizzard.
Water + Plant = Water Lily or Coral.
Water + Electric = Fish Torch or Storm.
(See the rare hybrids section below) = Pirate.
Water + Ice = an ice cube.
Water + Metal = Mercury or Shell.
(See the rare hybrids section below) = Oil.
(See the section on rare hybrids below) = Poop.

Dragon fire combinations

Fire + Earth = Flaming Rock or Volcano.
Fire + Water = Cloud or Blizzard.
Fire + Plant = Bird of Fire or Spicy.
Fire + Electric = Laser or Hot Metal.
(See the section on rare hybrids below) = Cool Fire or Footballer.
Fire + Metal = Medieval or Steampunk.
Fire + Dark = Vampire or Dark Fire.

Dragon plant combinations

Plant + Earth = Tropical or Cactus.
Plant + Fire = Bird of Fire or Spicy.
Plant + Water = Water Lily or Coral.
(See the section on rare hybrids below) = Chicle.
Plant + Ice = Dandelion or Mojito.
Plant + Metal = Jade or Dragonfly.
Plant + Dark = Carnivorous Plant or Rattlesnake.

Electric dragon combinations

Electric + Earth = Star or Chameleon.
Electric + Fire = Laser or Hot Metal.
Electric + Water = Fish Torch or Storm.
(See the section on rare hybrids below) = Chicle.
Electric + Ice = Fluorescent or Moose.
Electric + Metal = Gold or Battery.
Electric + Dark = Neon.

Ice dragon combinations

Ice + Earth = Alpine or Snowflake.
(See the section on rare hybrids below) = Cool Fire or Footballer.
Ice + Water = Ice cube.
Ice + Plant = Dandelion or Mojito.
Ice + Electric = Fluorescent or Moose.
Ice + Metal = Pearl or Platinum.
Ice + Dark = Penguin.

Metal dragon combinations

(See the rare hybrids section below) = Armadillo.
Metal + Fire = Medieval or Steampunk.
Metal + Water = Mercury or Shell.
Metal + Plant = Jade or Dragonfly.
Metal + Electric = Gold or Battery.
Metal + Ice = Pearl or Platinum.
Metal + Dark = Zombie.

Dark dragon combinations

Dark + Earth = Hedgehog or Poison.
Dark + Fire = Vampire or Dark Fire.
(See the rare hybrids section below) = Oil.
(See the rare hybrids section below) = Pirate.
Dark + Plant = Carnivorous Plant or Rattlesnake.
Dark + Electric = Neon.
Dark + Ice = penguin.
Dark + Metal = Zombie.
(See the section on rare hybrids below) = Poop.

Rare Hybrid Dragons

Explore the rare hybrid dragons in dragon city guides and tips.

Armadillo Dragon: 
Jade + Star.
Alpine + Medieval.
Mud + Jade.
Zombie + Mud.

Fire Dragon Fresquito:
Laser + Dandelion.
Fluorescent + Firebird.
Alpine + Medieval.
Flaming Rock + Alpine.
Fresh Fire + Fresh Fire.
Footballer + Footballer
Soccer Dragon:
Laser + Dandelion.
Fluorescent + Firebird.
Alpine + Medieval.
Flaming Rock + Alpine
Fresh Fire + Fresh Fire.
Footballer + Footballer
Chewing Gum Dragon:
Laser + Dandelion.
Fluorescent + Firebird.
Neon + Water lily.
Fish Lantern + Rattlesnake.
Jade + Star
Plant + Star.
FireBird + Star.
Pirate Dragon:
Neon + Water lily.
Fish Lantern + Rattlesnake.
Zombie + Mud.
Neon + Cloud.
Neon + Mud.
Dragon Oil:
Neon + Water lily.
Neon + Cloud.
Neon + Mud.
Zombie + Mud.
Neon + Fish Lantern.
Dragon Caca:
Dark + Mud.
Dark + Waterfall
Water + Hedgehog
Hedgehog + Mud.
Hedgehog + Waterfall.
Water + Poison
Earth + Oil.
Hedgehog + Oil.
Mud + Oil.
Mud + Poison
Oil + Waterfall
Oil + Poison
Poison + Waterfall
Earth + Pirate.
Hedgehog + Pirate.
Mud + Pirate.
Pirate + Waterfall
Pirate + Poison
Legendary + Oil.
Legendary + Pirate.
Crystal + Oil.
Crystal + Pirate.
Mirror + Oil.
Mirror + Pirate.
Wind + Oil.
Wind + Pirate.

Legendary Dragons

Find the list of Legendary Dragons combinations in the dragon city guide.

Fresh Fire + Fresh Fire.
Chewing gum + chewing gum.
Fresh fire + chewing gum.
Chicle + Armadillo.
Oil + Armadillo.
Fire Fresquito + Armadillo.
Footballer + Armadillo.
Armadillo + Armadillo
Chewing gum + Footballer.
Fresh Fire + Fresh Fire.
Oil + Footballer.
Footballer + Footballer
Fresh Fire + Oil.
Chewing gum + Oil.
Oil + Oil.
Fire Cool + Pirate.
Chewing gum + Pirate.
Footballer + Pirate.
Armadillo + Pirate.
Oil + Pirate.
Pirate + Pirate.

The most powerful are:

The Fresh Fire.
Football player.
The Armadillo.
The oil.
The pirate.
The gum.
And all the Legendary and Pure.

Pure Dragons

By crossing two Legend Dragons (Wind, Mirror, Legendary, Crystal) you can get the Pure Dragon.

After achieving Pure, you can create the rest of Pure as follows:

Pure + Fire = Pure Fire.
Pure + Water = Pure Water.
Pure + Plant = Pure Plant.
Pure + Earth = Pure Earth.
Pure + Dark = Pure Dark.
Pure + Metal = Pure Metal.
Pure + Ice = Pure Ice.
Pure + Electric = Pure Electric.

FAQS on dragon city game

How to get money in the dragon city?

A good way to get money is with the Legend Habits (with their respective Dragons), which can store up to 750,000.

But if you are not in the very advanced level, the best way to earn money is to buy water habitats and put water dragons, since they are cheap and provide a good amount of money (50,000, the Great Water Habitat).

In the first levels, it is very important to clean all the islands (trees, rocks, bushes, etc.) to earn XP and thus level up.

In more advanced levels, it is best to put Potentiators or Crystals to change Money for XP, since they cost 250,000 and they give you 250,000 XP.

In my opinion, the best food crop is 75,000 since you do not lose money because it gives you 75,000 XP. The bad thing is that only 3,000 of food is obtained for each farm.

But it is worse to lose money as for example: with the crop of 1,000,000 you get 500,000 XP, and you lose half the money.

How to get gold in the dragon city?

You can get gold easily by dragon city guide for gold:

  • Collecting from the Farms
  • Collecting from the Dragon Market
  • Free Gifts that friends can send By
  • Completing certain objectives
  • Bonus Daily Deus
  • Certain special events

Tricks to get more gold:

  1. First, we are going to “BUILD”, and we give it in “BUILDINGS”
  2. We buy the small farm ( $ 100)
  3. We put it on the island
  4. We click on the farm and we give in “IMPROVE” (Green Arrow) (IMPROVE has a value of $ 25,000 gold)
  5. Then the farm will be improved instantly
  6. And it will give them 25,000 XP (Or points to pass level)
  7. Once they have improved if they give it where it says “TOOLS” (White arrow)
  8. Then they give it where it says “SAVE IN THE INVENTORY” (Chest)
  9. After they have saved they go to “INVENTORY”
  10. There they will find all the things that they have saved
  11. They look for the farm and they give to the button that says “SELL”
  12. They will give them $ 12,500 gold x each BIG farm that they sell

In this way, they continue buying SMALL farms and they improve them x $ 25,000 gold and they are selling them.

Even if you spend money you will see that you are going up in level.

How to get gems in the dragon city?

  • For each level (99 is the maximum),
  • For winning in the Coliseum (every 12 hours),
  • For winning a league in the world of combats (7 Victories for each league),
  • Completing a page of the Book of the Dragons (from 2 to 9 gems),
  • Also with certain special events.

How to get legendary dragons and pure dragons?

If you want to get a legendary dragon, the first thing you have to cross an ice dragon or alpine and a medieval dragon.

In case of wanting a pure dragon, you must cross a legendary dragon with another legendary dragon but you will have to try several times until it comes out.

You can also get it by crossing it with a pirate dragon although you will have to try it more times.

How to play dragon city from Facebook?

Dragon City is a Facebook game developed by Social Point, if you do not know how to play well, we tell you that you should raise dragons from birth until they grow up and become extremely powerful to fight against other dragons’ village, with that, they will score points and climb levels in the game.

In Dragon City, you have to take care of the dragons, protect them and teach them to fight.

To do this once the game has started they will have to take care of it since the dragons are in the shell until they leave it.

So be cautious and try to ensure that the dragon eggs are not broken.

Then they have to feed them, take care of them during the growth process, and when they are adult enough to form pairs to make crosses and create new breeds that will help them win the battles.

What are the dragon city generations of dragons?

Dragon City dragons are divided into generations, which correspond to the main types of dragon available in the game.

The generation I of dragons corresponds in fact to the elementary dragons or rather those dragons supplied by the game or purchased in the market. The union of two dragons that possess the same element always generates another dragon of the same element.

Generation I is also composed of two special sub-generations:

  • The IB generation corresponding to the dragon Archangel, the dragon that owns the Light element and the War dragon that owns the War element.
  • Generation IC includes Pure dragons. As we saw in a previous dragon city guide to the pure dragons of Dragon City, each Pure dragon is the strongest dragon of all elementary dragons that owns its element.

Generation II corresponds to hybrid dragons like dragons obtainable by means of the coupling of two first-generation dragons, from an elementary dragon and a hybrid dragon.

Often the union of two elements can give rise to two different hybrid dragons but the birth of one or the other dragon is random and generally does not depend on the disposition of the two parent elements.

The Dragon III generation of dragons corresponds to the rare hybrid dragons or those dragons born from the union of dragons that possess opposing elements.

The dragons of generation IV are the legendary dragons or dragons obtained from the union of two pure hybrid dragons while the EX generation is made up of exclusive dragons. The Ex generation also has several sub-generations:

  • EX-II: exclusive hybrid dragons.
  • EX-III: exclusive rare hybrid dragons.
  • EX-T: thematic exclusive dragons.
  • EX-S: exclusive dragons available only for the mobile version.

What is the currency and experience points?

Well, we will not really call the unit of calculation currency, but we will divide the different type of accounting unit into the following categories, which include gold and EXP (experimental) points.

You need to know the volume of your stocks of gems and food.

You can collect gold in quests or in dwellings (Habitats) of dragons, as well as a win in battle.

Experienced glasses, on the other hand, you can get when you complete missions. They will help you to increase the level of dragons and unlock many of them.

How to breed dragons?

In Dragon City, breeding will be the first way you can get more dragons by yourself. Choose any two of the ten types of dragons, separate them, and their children will inherit the characteristics of their parents.

However, there are some signs that may lead to the fact that children will differ from their parents, so do not be afraid to experiment with different combinations and you may be able to create a new powerful dragon.

What kind of dragons should you use as beginners?

The land of dragons is perfect for use, here you can quickly collect a lot of gold.

But if you treat players who play only a few times during the day, then Water dragons are perfect for breeding, primarily because you have to wait a little bit to collect excellent gold.

On the other hand, the legendary ring dragons may come in handy if you decide to take part in dragon battles.

Final verdict:

We hope you love our dragon city guide and explore the complete game and walkthrough. This article includes complete information about the dragon city game.


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