Dragon Nest M is a mobile APK game of the classic anime fantasy MMORPG.

Now you can relive the whole story and plunge into the world of Altera, in the guise of one of seven heroes, on any Android/iOS device.

This Dragon Nest M guide for beginners will help you to understand the game and tell you about the goodies that are in the game.

Fans from around the world are very pleased with how well the game is adapted for mobile devices.

You will experience indescribable emotions from fighting in various modes of PVP, during the passage of dungeons, the conquest of world bosses and more. Choose one of seven classes and start your journey.

Use various combo attacks and skills to destroy players, monsters, and bosses.

As in any MMORPG, you have to improve your character: craft items and costumes, collect pets and mounts, and in other available ways increase your combat power to achieve the desired results.

When you are confident in your combat abilities, you can challenge players from all over the world in PVP arenas in real time.

If you have everything you need to become the next legend – then go to the top. Let’s take a quick look at the more accessible game content in this amazing game.

NOTE: You can play this game on your PC/laptop by using Android emulator.


Dragon Nest M Guide For Class
Dragon Nest M Guide For Classes

We begin, of course, with a choice of class, and if you played the original version on a PC, you will notice that only 7 of 9 classes are available.

  1. The rest can be added in upcoming updates, but for now, we will have to choose from the available ones.
  2. Each of the seven classes has its own set of skills.
  3. Make sure you choose a class that will fit your style of play.
  4. Some classes are harder to use but may be more powerful in the right hands.
  5. Unfortunately, the character’s gender is tied to his class, but their variety allows you to choose the right one even for an elegant player.


  • The warrior is an offensive class specializing in close combat. It has a wide range of skills to deal with high damage and combine abilities.
  • A cleric is a hybrid class that specializes in melee combat but has in its arsenal magic attacks and defensive spells. The main specialization of the class: strengthening and healing spells.
  • Assassin is a hybrid class. The dangerous and deadly enemy in melee, skillfully managing chakras and weapons. It has high speed and agility.


Archer – a class specializing in dealing with damage from a distance. In melee uses a series of kicks.

Sorceress – a magic class, causing the greatest damage, but with weak physical protection. The sorceress has a small attack radius, but they have a wider area of damage than the archers.

A feature of the class is a wide range of mass attacks.

The mechanic is a hybrid class that specializes in magic and technology. Uses a gun or blaster.

It is perfect for beginners who play solo. Her assortment of robots helps her survive even without teammates.

Kali is a hybrid class, impressively flexible and dexterous, owning special magic of invoking spirits who protect their mistress and her allies.

She flits across the battlefield as if dancing. But be careful, because this dance is deadly. Uses fans or disks.

It is worth noting that a representative of each primary class at 15 ur. can choose one of two branches of character development (Specialization) and at 45 ur. the character gets in addition to this, also the 2nd Specialization.

Just imagine what skill build can be made individually for each player.


Well, we chose a class and now we have to plunge into the fighting. Control in the game is standard, but there is a choice of the 2D, 3D, and 3D + game mode – therefore it is possible to enjoy the game from all sides =). Just read our dragon nest m guide and strategies.

Dragon Nest M has an automatic target tuning system for adapting to a mobile platform that will force your character to turn in the direction of the enemy, but your skills and attacks will not automatically hit the target.

This means that you can still miss, even if your enemies are automatically fixed in the sight.

Character skills will be difficult to use due to the constant movement of the enemy and the distance to the target.

It will be necessary to wait for the right moment to conduct an effective attack.

Feel the target system, perhaps in the PVP modes and during the instances with the Boss.


Dragon Nest M has fewer skills than the original. But there are huge branches of development of the available skills.

They are many times more than you can put on the active skills panel, which is why the tactics and combat styles of the same class are very diverse.

But you need to take into account the fact that skill points are limited, so you will need to improve your skills wisely.

The good news is that you can experiment with different skill combinations until you find the set that best suits your playing style.

So do not be afraid to try out different skills to create the perfect fighter.

  • At 15 lv. You can choose one of two branches of character development (Specialization).
  • When level 45 is reached, 2nd Specialization is unlocked.


The game limits us with energy that can be spent on passing daily instances (energy can be replenished for game currency), and the number of their passing.

For some, it will be a controversial moment and at first, it will seem that there is not enough content in the game, but a lot of new content appears when certain character levels are reached.

The energy system limits the player in leveling the character, which allows the player and the passionate player to walk on equal levels, but not by the power of the character (of course).

Not least, in the game every day there are various events that are tied to a specific day and time.

Events are varied, saturated and, as a rule, they involve the interaction of the entire server or guild.


When reaching level 7 character – the Fairy screen is unlocked and you get your first Fairy.

  • Fairies give you bonus features and increase combat power (BM).
  • The higher their level, the more you get BM.
  • To increase Fay’s level, you will need to feed them.
  • Additional Fay slots open at levels io, 28 and 35. This means that you will get even more BM.
  • Fairies are distinguished by their uniqueness and skills. Each fairy has its own unique skill, which can help you in the battle, but it can only be used by the Fairy in the “Captain” cell.
  • Make sure you choose a captain with a skill that will be useful for your style of play. 

Reaching level 21 character, we are given the first horse, which will help to move faster in the capital and increase your BM.


Well, here we come to the main game content. The game generally positions itself as PvP and is built around battles between players. Below, you can get Dragon Nest M guide and secrets about PVP modes.

It is worth noting that all battles in PvP modes are held in real time modes, that is, not artificial intelligence will play against you.

But a real player who, like you, improves your character and playing skills.

Presented many modes of PvP, consider some of them:

PA Arena

  • It is a vicious circle with a tree in the middle.
  • A fight lasts 2.5 minutes or until one of the players defeats.
  • A very complex arena that requires certain combat skills and the selection of the necessary skills.
  • The arena is fair and BM does not affect these battles.

Battle Heroes 4×4

In this arena, everyone is equal in BM. Choose one of the proposed characters and fight. The battlefield is generated randomly (there are several types).

It is necessary to capture the central point, while there is no enemy team.

In other words, you should kill all opponents and hold the position.

Battle Guilds

Every week there is a tournament. All guilds participate on certain days, three times a week, guilds find out who is strongest on the server, conducting battles in succession with 3 guilds.

That is, the whole battle takes place in 3 stages and at each stage, 3 rounds in 6×6 mode, and those who participated in the previous round cannot participate in the subsequent one.

In fact, this is a battle of the strongest players of the 18×18 guild.

Battle For Territory

Each week, the head of the guild submits an application to participate in the battle for a certain territory.

Each territory is divided into 6 sectors, in which 6 guild players take part. The essence of this battle is to capture an enemy point.

Battle For Mine

It is held once a week: 3 guilds are randomly selected to collect resources in the mine, defeating bosses.

The guild staffed teams of 4 players who, in the allotted time, must collect the maximum possible amount of resources.

Well, the feature of this event is that the clans can meet with each other if they choose the same boss and then the battle in the 4×4 mode will occur.


In Dragon Nest M guide and walkthrough + wiki, players can easily get information & hidden facts in the character menu.

In the “Character” menu, most of the items that increase the combat power of the character are collected.

First of all, this equipment, which you can look at the tab “Wear”.

In the left column will be armor and in the right weapon and jewelry. All the listed items, with the exception of jewels, can be created independently.

By choosing an item of equipment you can strengthen it (“sharpen”), thereby increasing the bonus size. The sharpening level is indicated by a plus sign.

Improvement takes place with a certain chance and is tied to the equipment cell. Thus, when you change equipment to the next set, you will not lose sharpening points.

For improvement, the above-mentioned agates, crystals, and gold are used.

Important! Reinforce equipment evenly. Upon reaching each level of 5 sharpenings you will receive an additional bonus.

The Suit tab displays style elements that also give you additional features.

Everything is simple: equip the costume with the biggest bonus.

If you want to change the appearance of the character, go to the “Dressing Room”. Here you can choose whole costumes or display only individual elements.


Each emblem gives a bonus to two characteristics, usually health and something else.

Try to create and equip the coats of arms of legendary quality (yellow), and also use cleaning to get more characteristics (purple> yellow> blue> green> white).

The possible range is indicated in square brackets directly on the coat of arms.

Sometimes when creating a coat of arms, there may be instances with three characteristics.

They will be marked with a special icon with a magnifying glass.

In order for the third character to appear, you need to perform the “Recognize” action for a certain number of D-coins.

All the resources that you spend on cleaning when parsing the coat of arms or equipment, you will return in full.

It is not necessary to purchase cleansing stones in the store, as it is not difficult to get them during normal gaming activities.


Bags with these stones can be obtained in the Dragon Expedition. In this menu, you can choose an item of equipment and inlay up to 4 stones there.

Click the Upgrade button to improve jade quality.

Please note that if you do not have enough stones in your inventory, the system will offer to purchase them for D-coins. This is not the best investment, so it’s better to farm the stones yourself first.


Here you have all your swag. Most of the resources in the game are issued in various containers, so do not forget to go here and unpack rewards.


Here you can perform two actions:

  • Activate the attribute title, which gives the most characteristics of the character.
  • Choose a display title that will simply be displayed above your character and will not give any bonus characteristics.

Dragon Props

At level 35, there is another opportunity to strengthen the character.

Dragon details are obtained for passing the “Forbidden Lands of the Dragon” and give a bonus to random attributes, as well as improve the skills of various classes.

Getting 4 S-grade stones to your current class is very difficult. In the beginning, you can use the details of other classes simply to get bonus features.

Extra details you can try to melt in the furnace. The chances that you get an item on your class are also slim. Think before you send valuable resources to the synthesis.


To get this permanent bonus, you will need battle medals, which were discussed earlier.

The easiest and most effective way to get them is to buy them at a guild auction (or worldwide).

Bidding begins immediately after the end of the fight with the world, guild boss, wars, and so on.

To place bets or buy out an item at a blitz price – the choice is yours.

Important! All D-coins that you spend on a guild auction are divided equally among all guild members.

Thus, it is much more profitable to purchase items at the guild auction (part of the cost will simply be returned to you).


Here are stored the cards that you get exploring the continent. When you collect a certain set, you activate it and get a small bonus. For every 10 activations, you can get one big bonus.


Here are a variety of ratings. If you follow your progress, look here more often.


This menu displays information about your home, visits to friends, crops, and so on.

Enter the house to check the crops or go fishing:

  • At level 32, only one bed will be available, later four more will open. The last two can be purchased for 500 and 1000 D-coins. Try to buy them back as soon as possible.
  • In the home store, you can buy seeds of plants that will be needed for fast pumping cooking.
  • It is very easy to plant the crops – just select the seeds and click “Sow”.
    • Usually, the plant springs around 6-8 hours, but this time can be accelerated if you take care of it in time (fertilize, water or disinfect).
  • Go to the pond and click on the “hook” icon – fishing is activated automatically if you have bait.

On the “Friend” tab you can choose a friend to whom you will visit.

There you can:

  • Drive away from the goblin and get a chest with a reward (just go to the pest and talk several times);
  • To harvest part of the crop. In this case, the friend will not lose anything, and you will get free products;
  • Help with fertilizer, irrigation or pest control.

From the products that you get, you can cook a variety of dishes in the “Cooking” section.

Here and food for sprites, and dishes for guild contributions and daily tasks.

So do not forget to go home and pump over the cooking, it is always useful.

On the last tab “Banquet” you can set the table for three comrades and tune out in your house. The reward for this is quite modest, and quite a lot of resources will be required, so the activity is more of a fun.


Dragon Nest Mobile has nice bonuses from friends. Joint trips to the dungeons shake your level of friendship (indicated by the heart icon). Upon reaching 12 units you can send each other a gift.

You can find more friends using the Add Friend button. Any character over level 32 has a house, which means you can rob their kitchen gardens and chase the goblins!

Become stronger

In this menu, collected all sorts of recommendations on the status of the current leveling of the character. It is very convenient to observe where you currently have prasad and where it is better to invest resources.


In dragon nest mobile guide, you are going to explore the best tips and tricks.

  • Do not hesitate to ask the necessary items from friends and co-guilds, necessary to perform daily tasks and the union award.
    • People usually share resources willingly if they are available.
    • For help, they will receive guild contributions or friendship points that can be profitably exchanged for various rewards.
  • If after going through the main activities (abyss, den) you have extra stamina, you can spend it.
  • On the repetition of the story stages (use the “Sweep” to immediately get a reward).
  • Help your friends with a den. To do this, apply to the squad and click the checkmark “Help”.
    • In this case, you will not spend the attempt but use endurance points.
  • Save time and use the void sweep coupons that you can get for submitting union bonus assignments. If there are no coupons, you can not waste time searching for a partner, but create a squad and go through the dungeon alone.
  • Use the auto-body (the “AT” icon under the character portrait) to go through the plot and the abyss.
    • Such an opportunity exists in the forbidden lands of the dragon, but the adventure is quite complicated.
    • Be sure not to lose precious attempts.
  • The highest rewards lie in short-term events. They pass every day at certain intervals.
    • Follow the schedule and, if you wish, set yourself a reminder on the phone.


In dragon nest m guide and cheats you are going to explore the various types of classes in the game.


This is the basic class of hand-to-hand combat. He is a very complete fighter who has a decent speed, defense and damage. In general, it is good for a beginner.


A distance fighter, one of the most damaging in the game. It can be a bit difficult to play because you need to move a lot to use it effectively. Choose it if you have confidence in your dodging skills.


Another powerful DPS. One of the main problems of this class is survival. Most likely, you need teammates if you want to play with this class.


Tank and healer, this class has a great capacity for survival. The drawback is that it has less damage than the other classes. You can survive, but it will take you longer to complete the dungeons for you alone.


An adorable little girl who brandishes some heavy weapons is perfect for novices who play alone. It has a great variety of robots that help you survive even without your teammates.


As you could probably guess, this is a DPS that specializes in fast and stealthy executions.

It has a combination of strong attacks and fast attacks. It’s a bit more complicated to use than the Warrior, so take it only if you have enough confidence in your fighting ability.


The bosses are much stronger than normal enemies. In addition, they release abilities that cannot be interrupted.

Fortunately, the bosses’ skills are always accompanied by a warning before they are released.

You will see that the area where the skill will hit will be marked.

All you have to do is leave that area before the skill ends up being channeled. You better play it safe until you break the armor.

The boss’s armor is indicated by a small yellow bar below his health bar. Once consumed, the boss is stunned, leaving him vulnerable to attack.

That will be the time to go with everything. Make sure you keep an eye on the armor bar because it will regenerate.


Enter Daily To Get Rewards

Typical of all mobile and PC MMORPGs. There are several icons in the upper right part of the screen. One of them is a cake-like icon called Benefit.

Tap on it to see different gifts you can get from the game.

What really interests us here is the daily reward of login and the free gold box .

The daily rewards include dragon coins, fairy eggs, improvement materials and much more. Even if you do not have time to play, at least you should log in to claim them.

Final verdict:

In dragon nest m guide and walkthrough, you can learn how to play well, how to defeat the bosses, how to get everything easily and much more.



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