durango wild lands guides and cheatsdurango wild lands guides and cheats


In this article, you can explore the complete Durango wild lands guides, walkthrough, tips & tricks, secrets about how to play and get unlimited everything.


The durango wild lands is a game for Android/iOS released from the NEXON company. In this durango wild lands guide and tips, you will learn which is a good character for you at the beginning, how to easily and correctly survive on the island, how to collect weapons and tame an animal and even a whole dinosaur.

We will give useful tips on the passage of the game and tell you about its secrets.

You can easily play it on your PC by downloading Android Emulator[Bluestocks]. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game & start to play on PC.


In this durango wild lands guide and tricks, you are going to discover information about the manager, soldier, engineer, housewife, farmer & student. Its also include some pumping tips, world map, worm-hole & much more.

Durango: Wild Lands is a new game from the Korean company NEXON. The player gets to the center of the paranormal catastrophe, which occurred when his character was riding the train.

The peaceful plot of the trip interrupts an unexpected cataclysm with the advent of prehistoric monsters. After a small battle, the hero gets into an unknown time and unfamiliar terrain.

He is rescued by a girl with a dog who explains where is the player. Here begins the game of survival in the prehistoric era.

Even during a trip to the train, the player will be asked to choose a character. Each character has his own special skill, which will immediately be level 20.

In order to choose the right pioneer, you need to figure out what are the skills and what they are needed for.


Owns “hand-to-hand combat”, has good reflexes. Hand-to-hand combat is easily pumped at every battle, so this skill is not very important at the start. You can take it because this skill will allow you to quickly adapt to the new world.


Owns the ability to “Construction”, knows a lot about equipment. The skill of building is available on the first training island to any hero. Pumped quickly, so it makes no sense to take this character first.


Owns protection, has a hidden character. Protection at the start is pumped the worst of all, but it is necessary for the early stages of the game. Therefore, it is recommended to start the game with this character.


They have the ability to manufacture “Weapons and tools.” The ability is also easily pumped because the first task on the learning island will be “Making a knife.”

It is from this moment that any character will begin to pump this skill.


Owns “Cookery”. Skill is also easy to pump, the experience is given with each cooked meal. But, if a player wants to take one of the good places in the clan “Cook”, then he will need this skill.


Owns “Tailoring”, which can also be pumped from the very start, it swings easily, no special additional skills are required.

You should not take this hero if you are playing Durango: Wild Lands for the first time. For this, you should read the durango wild lands guide and secrets.


The farmer has the skill “Agriculture“, it is not pumped as easily as other skills. This hero can be taken if the player engages in farming, especially in any clan a farmer is needed.


Owns “collection”. Since it is necessary to collect a lot in the game, the skill will be pumped up to the level of the player, so there is no special need to take a student.

It is very important at the start to choose the skill of the character that will bring the most benefit to the player who will help to start with the best performance.

In this regard, of course, the Unemployed one stands out with the Defense skill. The rest of the skills you can start to pump with a learning island.

Durango Character Pumping Tips

A beginner is very important to be trained. Here he will be given valuable advice, he will manufacture his first weapon and build a raft.

But, in order to start with a good level of passage on the other islands, it is worth taking a little time and lingers on the first geolocation.

As soon as the player’s character is reanimated by the girl and leaves him with the dog, you should slightly postpone the execution of the main task and begin to earn experience and improve basic skills.

Why on this island should be pumped the first levels of the character?

  1. Endless resources – the player does not need to run around the map for this or that material.
    • For example, a player collects pebbles, it is infinite. It is possible without losing time to pump through several levels without departing from this place.
  2. The absence of monsters is also a good incentive to linger for a period of time and level up.
    • In this case, no one will attack the character.
  3. The most important thing is to come to the main island, where the player will be asked to establish his own camp, from level 15 to 20 already.
    • In the future, completing tasks, the player will almost fist kill dinosaurs.
    • If the character is below level 10, there is a chance to die from the paws of the beast.

It should be understood that immediately collect some resources to fail. Therefore, first, you need to collect pebbles or cobblestones from which to make a knife.

Using a knife, you can collect grass, leaves and some other types of plants. Experienced players recommend collecting a full backpack of materials.

After it is full, you should simply throw away the collected resources. Then continue the further ascent of the experience.

Making the first knife:

By following the below durango wild lands guide and cheats you can make your first knife easily.

If this user has the first game, and he has not played other games before, then it will be difficult for him to orient himself on the terrain.

Therefore, the creation of a knife for them will be difficult. Although not all so difficult. The player must stock up on pebbles.

Then go to the main menu of the game (button with 3 bars in the lower left corner), go to the tab “Make/build”. Then select “Weapon”.

A new menu will appear in which you need to select the “stone blade”, click on the “Make” button (in the lower right corner).

A list of necessary ingredients and items from the backpack.

Select a pebble and click “Manufacture” again. If you look at the skills menu, you will see that “Weapons/tools“, “Gathering”.

Leaf collection:

The created knife will serve as a tool for collecting grass and foliage. The first survivor’s clothing is made from foliage.

To create clothes you need to go to the main menu, select “Make”, click “Clothing”. Here you should select “Clothes from the leaves.” With this action, the player pumps “Tailoring”.

If the player is filled with a backpack, then you can simply throw it away. After removing the excess, it is necessary to continue to pump over the character. It is recommended to level up to 15 – 20 level before you go on an adventure further.

World Map

In this durango wild lands guide and walkthrough, you can discover different climatic zones.

The territory of the prehistoric world is divided into several climatic zones:

  1. Tundra
  2. Desert
  3. Swamps
  4. Savannah
  5. Tropics
  6. Temperate climate

Islands open at certain levels. Each zone has its own flora and fauna.

Information about islands and zones can be viewed by clicking on them. To open the map you need to go to the “Harbor” (raft) and click the “Raise Sails” button in its menu.

Each island has a level. This is a hint from which level you can get to the island.

Islands types

Islands have several types:

  1. Learning Islands – the first 2 islands to which the player falls after the cataclysm. At the first endless resources and no animals (only harmless shadows – phantoms). On the second there are not aggressive animals and updated resources.
  2. The mastered island is the possession of the player, where he creates his base. Here, resources are not renewed. If a player knocks out all the bushes – then it will be impossible to collect materials from them.
  3. The unstable island is the common zone of the players, there are animals and plants. Their level is equal to the level of the island.
    • Resources are renewed, but the island lives only a few real days, the top goes under water. Putting a base on them is not recommended.
  4. The civilized island is the stable islands on which the clans build their bases – the Enclaves (the enclave is a fixed-size cell that shows the borders of the territory of the player or clan).
    • Here resources are updated.
  5. PVP Islands – Available after level 60. Here you can attack other players. Resources are updated.
    • If you build a clan base here, then you must install security towers, because there will be many who want to attack the good of the clan.

Traveling around the islands is easy, you should choose any available island and go to it. Inside the islands, you can navigate through the wormholes.


Wormholes teleport inside the island. But they can also be used to move things that fell into the prehistoric era of their time. On the basis of the need to build a “homemade courier wormhole”, where things will be transferred.

The building opens easily, you should pump the appropriate skill in the ability to “build” the branch “Construction”.

After construction near the wormhole, “Activate” will appear.

It will begin to work after activation. After sending the items, they must be picked up after a certain rollback time.

Before sending an item or teleportation, you must open the map (click on the minimap in the upper right corner). There are wormholes all over the map.

The map opens gradually, you can see the designations only in the investigated area. Teleport only works between wormholes. When searching for teleport on the ground, you can use the lighthouse.

The worm-hole has 2 functions:

  1. Transfer – transfers the hero within the island.
  2. Send to possession – allows you to transport items to the player’s camp. For actions with the port, you need to pay a few game coins.

Items from the modern era are marked on the map with a box icon (“Transfer Remains”). In this place, items appear periodically. The map is updated several times a day.

Therefore, if a player came running to the location of objects, and they were not there, then someone came earlier and picked up things.

Each residue of the Transfer is a herd of aggressive animals. Therefore, before collecting items you need to change into combat or hunting clothes, products that restore health.

Feed your fighting animal. Sometimes there is a reason to go to the collection with a friend.

You need to collect everything – every thing is useful in the manufacture of necessary items.

After collecting, you must go to the wormhole and melt the materials through it. Only after that you can go to the camp and pick up the good.

Levels of Life, Energy, and Fatigue

The game has 3 scales that you need to navigate:

  1. A life.
  2. Energy.
  3. Fatigue.

If the level of Life and Energy falls, and Fatigue rises, then the character cannot function at 100%.

A life: If the health scale is not complete, then Dodge, Protection and other physical parameters are reduced. Therefore, before attacking dinosaurs, health should be fully restored. The scale of life will rise independently.

Energy: There are date palms on the islands, from which fruit can be gathered and eaten. After a meal, the energy scale rises. Energy can also be restored by berries.

Fatigue: With any action or step of the hero increases the level of fatigue. If the character is dirty, then Fatigue is typed faster.

When the hero is dirty, an icon appears in the form of dirty clothes under the scale. Therefore, it is necessary as often as possible to go into the water and wash.

Fatigue accumulates from a long stay in the water because the body temperature drops and the hero feels uncomfortable.

When a player pumps a character on a training island, Fatigue will be reset with each character level.

Fatigue can be removed in the camp, where it accumulates very slowly, so all actions related to the manufacture of things are best done in the camp. Fatigue can be removed by the fire. Also, he can warm up and restore the scale of health and energy.

Choose The Right Place For Your Home

In durango wild lands guide and cheats you will get info about how to choose a place for a home? You will have this question when you want to take a small land swing to build houses on it or to justify a settlement.

You have no time limits during which you have to build your house. Therefore, carefully choose a place for your home or settlement.

Before deciding where to build your house, make sure that this is a really good place, that there are most of the resources you need to survive.

Food and water are essential, so try to be as close as possible to these resources.

Remember that this is a one-time opportunity, having built a house you will not be able to demolish it in order to choose another place.

Also remember, because the house is a private territory in Durango: Wild Lands, the unwritten law is respect for the personal space and boundaries of each player.

Well, if you play with friends, then you can team up to become a guild.

Complete Missions From The Communications Center

Complete missions from the Communications Center and get valuable T-coins for them.

T-coins are the main currency in the new world, and getting it is not so easy.

Therefore, do not miss any opportunity to get these coins. To do this, they invented a special chick from the Communication Center in the game, for which you are given these coins.

Complete Quests To Collect More Warp Gems.

When you open the menu in the lower left corner and go to Tasks, you will see several tabs filled with missions.

Daily tasks are good because they help to pump the level and reward with silver, as well as with points of tasks – be sure to perform them every day!

Focus especially on achievements, because as a reward you will receive a lot of gems.

Do Not Eat Raw Meat

Raw meat and seawater are very harmful to the body (as in reality), so do not feed your hero.

The meat that you collect can be combined with a stick to make a kebab and cook it on fire, so use it even if the meat is gradually spoiled.

Also, when you are near the river, you can drink water. It is useful, unlike sea water, which increases your fatigue. Yes, and be sure to wash near the water source to get an extra bonus.


Durango skills and abilities guide
Durango skills and abilities guides cheat walkthrough

Each character has skills that affect his survival in a new aggressive environment. The system of skills in the game is quite large. Pumping through the basic skills (abilities that the player sees at the start) it is necessary to develop additional skills.

These skills are pumped over Skill Points. If any of the skills are not learned, the person will not be able to perform one or another type of activity, attack or defense.

For example, in order to tame a dinosaur, you need to explore the “Catching four-legged dinosaurs.” This skill can be found in the Survival ability – Taming Animals.

Skills can be learned at certain levels, so you can evenly distribute their learning. Some skills are very important for life in the wild prehistoric world. 

They need to be improved first. It is recommended to pump over abilities in the simplest and easiest ways, earning “Skill Points”. 

Points can be distributed according to different abilities, they are not tied to a particular skill.

In this durango wild lands guide and strategies, you can discover best points about the game protection, hand-to-hand fight, rifle, different collections, about how to survive, weapons, tools, treatments, flying, how to build? how to cook? & much more.


Reduces damage, sometimes prevents its occurrence. Swings at every battle with animals or people. At the same time, the ability has 4 branches of skills that will help you to improve protection in the battle.

  1. Recovery – this branch provides an opportunity to accelerate the recovery of health and stamina. Intersects with skills in the “Survival” category.
  2. Body training – here first of all (if possible) you should download the “Defense” of all levels.
    • With each new level, character protection increases by 10%. “Avtoavlonenie” increases the chance to escape from enemy attacks. “Health” adds to the main scale several units each level.
  3. Defensive actions – here we study defensive techniques, dodging techniques and avoiding the opponent’s attacking actions.
  4. Protective stance – in this branch, you learn the defensive stances before an attack. This skill is most often used in battle, due to it the ability of “Protection” is pumped through.

If the player is not going to fight a lot, then you should pay attention to pumping this skill. 

He will be needed at all stages of the game, as many tasks of the Company will be aimed at the destruction or capture of dinosaurs. 

With good defense, but weak attack skills, you can hold out longer in a fight, or get away from the attacker.

Hand-To-Hand Fight

The ability for fans to fight, get emotions from a beautiful battle. Here the main skills of melee are pumped.

The skill is pumped easily, with each hit on the enemy. If the player is going to develop this particular skill, then it will not be difficult for him.

But on the training island to begin pumping this skill does not work. But you can begin to improve the experience on 1 island after the training.

On it, the animals are inert, cowardly, do not attack the character when he runs alongside.

  1. The fighting stance – here the attacking stands improve, so that when a dinosaur attacks, it is possible not only to parry the blow, but also to cause damage first.
    • You should not start leveling up your skills with this talent since the hero initially knows how to concentrate (they will teach the train).
  2. Improving melee attacks – there are two branches of talent. “Melee Mastery” increases the damage from weapon attacks in contact combat. “Specialization in melee weapons” – increases the damage from critical attacks.
    • If possible, this talent should be explored faster.
  3. Two-handed weapons – until the Crushing Weapons or Spear skill in the Weapon/Tools ability is revealed, it is not worth pumping this skill. Over time, of course, it will be necessary, but at the start, it is better to focus on other skills.
  4. Attack with the one-handed weapon – it is worth pumping from the first battle. This skill allows you to use a knife, and then another weapon, in battles.
    • Further developing the branch, the player increases the damage from attacks.
  5. Fight with a spear – is studied after the discovery of the skill “Spear” in the ability “Weapon/Tools”, it gives active skills in battle, but as long as there is no spear, it is useless.
  6. Bare-handed attack – some hand-to-hand strikes that will allow a player to kill the first few dinosaurs. It should be pumped almost immediately because the strength of the weapon can drop to 0 during the battle, and until the player puts another weapon.
    • The character will finish off the dinosaur with his bare hands, legs, and body.

If a player intends to keep a calm image of a farmer or a cook, then you should not especially pump over the skills of “Hand-to-hand Combat”. 

But, it is worthwhile to study the most necessary skills: after all, you have to live in an aggressive world.


This is a classic ranged ability that is not given when you first select a character, but you can master it after buying or making a bow or crossbow.

Siphoning the “Small” skill, the player increases the radius of the battlefield. Experience can be obtained with every battle with a bow or crossbow.

  1. Stand for ranged combat – since the first talent is given at level 1, then its further leveling can be postponed to a later period.
  2. Improving ranged attacks is a classic increase in damage from simple and critical attacks. You can pump together with two other hero skills.
  3. Aim hit is a very useful skill that allows you to shoot arrows at a target accurately and at high speed, while the spread of arrows decreases. It is worth paying attention to this skill in the first place.
  4. Specialization in ranged weapons – there are two branches for bow and crossbow, which increase the percentage of penetration, attack, accuracy. You can pump simultaneously with the “Aim hit”.

If the player is going to specialize in battles and hunting, it is better to give preference to shooting ability. 

Of course, hand-to-hand combat is important (fat animals still reach the hero), but you can take away HP well while the enemy runs to the character.


This is the easiest ability to pump, it gives the most “skill points” because the game will have to collect a lot of materials and resources.

But, if you do not study her skills, then some resources cannot be gathered. If at the first level the player automatically gains skills, then further research is necessary.

Some skills are learned automatically. Collecting, one of the types of abilities that need to be explored first.

For example, a player wants to fry mushrooms (or they will be given a quest), and before learning mushrooms some more talents need to be opened, and the player has all the Skill Points spent on something else.

Or there was an urgent need to collect a stalk or beetle, but there is no such possibility.

In durango wild lands guide and hints, you can explore the famous collections below:

  1. Unusual plants – here we study the possibility of collecting those plants that are not included in the skill “Plants”.
  2. Tree – there is studied the collection of leaves, branches, bushes, and logging (that is, the ability to chop certain plants).
  3. Minerals – tillage and collection of pebbles will be obtained automatically by the player, but then, as far as availability, research is needed.
  4. Plants – there are very few of them, especially since the fruits and stems are available from level 1 automatically.
  5. Beetles – there are only 3 skills, the collection of caterpillars is automatic, and beekeeping can be practiced only after level 40.
  6. The basics of collecting are an ambiguous skill, because even without its pumping everything is assembled and disassembled. It can be pumped when the opportunity arises.

In the game, all talents and activities are interconnected, so it is necessary, before learning secondary skills, to explore vital skills and abilities.


In the game, the ability is indicated as the most important for pumping. Ability increases with each new level of other abilities.

  1. The level of survival – is obtained automatically when a certain level of ability. Especially nothing is affected.
  2. Intelligence skills – available from level 10. “Stealth” allows you to pass unnoticed cute aggressive animals. Skill is important for hunters. “Growth” – increases the level of maximum energy.
  3. Taming animals – since dinosaurs will be part of the player’s life in a harsh era, this skill is necessary. Without it, you cannot catch a single dinosaur.
    • It can be pumped directly before catching (leaving “Skill Points” for this).
    • It is also important to explore “Communication with the animal,” it depends on the success of domestication.


The ability to pump every time you make any item. It is important, as far as possible, to pump every talent evenly.

For example, without the learned skill “Bamboo” or “Standard” spear in the skill “Spear”, you cannot make this type of weapon. Many talents open automatically.

  1. Tool
  2. Ax
  3. Crushing weapons – clubs and hammers.
  4. Bows and Crossbows
  5. Kitchenware
  6. Special parts – handles and attachments for weapons
  7. A spear
  8. Basics of making things – with each talent increase the chance of success of manufacturing. Sometimes, during operation, a collapse may occur and the thing will not be executed.
    • This is important at large levels when complex items from several components have collected that need to be searched for a long time.
  9. Modification of the weapon – only “Thorns from nails”, which increase the attack of the weapon.


The ability is easily pumped with every production of objects in the game or butchering animals.

In any action through the menu “Make/build”, you can see what kind of ability enhances manipulation.

  1. Standard treatment – various treatments of leather, material, rubber are studied here. These talents need to be explored first and foremost as they become available.
  2. Fabrication of materials is also worth exploring as it is discovered at certain levels. Without these studies, it will be impossible to make some things.
  3. Processing practice – study increases the chance of successful processing of objects and metals.
  4. Metal processing – various methods of interaction with metal are studied. It is important after reaching level 40.

There are no special recommendations on the “Processing”, it is simply recommended to open talents after studying the collection talents.


This is the treatment of dead animals with the aim of obtaining bones, meat, skins. The necessary skills, because of the meat you can cook food or feed the animal, sew clothes from the skin.

You can raise the experience when cutting dead dinosaurs.

  1. Removing bones – these are just different bones, a skull and teeth, the higher the level of talent, the more carefully the materials will be mined.
  2. Collect meat
  3. Seafood is a strange skill, all talents have 1 level, and that is automatically available from 1 level of ability.
  4. Skinning – skinning, plucking of feathers, separation of bone plates are studied here.
  5. Basics of skinning – skill increases the chance of success when butchering an animal.


The ability to start pumping is recommended on the training island, making clothes from leaves. If a player pumps skills on a training island, then it is necessary to research science as it becomes available.

There is no need to run and search for materials. But, if a player raises the level of the character only on “Mastered Island”, then “Tailoring” can be postponed.

By our durango wild lands guide and wiki, you can activate the essentials skills:

  1. Clothing for beginners – here we study everyday casual suit.
  2. Accessories – various shoes and gloves.
  3. Bags are one of the important skills because after researching talents, you can make a bag (add space in your inventory) and a flask (for water).
  4. Bijouterie
  5. Tailoring materials – having studied these skills, you can make threads and fabrics.
  6. Improvements – the desired skill, in the study and further manufacturing, you can add pockets, sew clothes with a lining.
    • Improvements give clothing a variety of benefits to the parameters: additional protection, protection from moisture and sun.
  7. Clothes of the settler – skills for sewing work clothes are explored. If in these clothes to engage in selected labor (farming, cooking, processing), the production time will be reduced.
  8. Basics of tailoring – has 2 branches of talent that increase the chance of making armor and clothing.
  9. Clothing for exploration – the skill allows you to sew a variety of armor, which will increase the protection of hunting and exploration, gives things additional characteristics.
  10. Clothing for hunting – clothing with enhanced protection and additional features. It is recommended, as talents will be available, to pump first.
  11. Improved modern clothing – there are only two suits. There is no special need for it, you can leave these talents for last.

To Build

Swinging is not difficult, affects the speed of construction, the level of buildings. Some talents are given automatically upon reaching a certain level of ability.

  1. Facilities – here you can explore the buildings of the first necessity. After the construction of the Wormhole (the port for teleportation) opens, it should be placed in its permanent or temporary possession.
    • First of all, it is recommended to pump this talent, which will allow teleporting possessions of objects from the modern world.
  2. Living quarters are useful constructions, but it is not recommended to pump over further at home.
    • It is important to open a tent, which can be put in a campaign on distant islands.
  3. Construction detail – the name speaks for itself, especially since the items studied here will be necessary for the construction of buildings.
    • Pump as far as possible.
  4. The erection of structures is the most important skill of the ability to “Build” since without them it is impossible to build various kinds of workbenches, therefore, it is impossible to make some things without them. Pumped first.
  5. Traps/containers – these skills make it possible to create baskets (increase inventory capacity), boxes, baths, beds, chairs, and more. You can download as needed.
  6. Mastering the construction – has two branches. The first one increases the chance of successful production of furniture (as needed, this talent should be downloaded), the second one – increases the chance of success during construction – this is an important skill at high levels.

Some skills are very important for life, others do not require immediate pumping after opening. 

Do not forget about the other more important talents that are needed in the first place.


An important skill for the clan cook. But, since there are many products in the game that can satisfy hunger, these skills can be postponed until the best moment.

  1. Cooking techniques – cooking, roasting, deep-frying.
  2. Storing food – of course, if the character has not eaten everything he has prepared, then it is necessary to save all the dishes. Although the player’s animals will happily eat the food.
  3. Medicine – you can pump as needed.
  4. Food processing – useful skills for the chef.
  5. Basics of cooking – increase the chance of cooking. It is worth pumping in the first place if the player works in the guild kitchen.
  6. Bakery business – bread, rolls, pastries and more. But will an avid hunter bother with “Cooking Cream”?

If the player is not a cook, then these are absolutely unnecessary skills. But if you really want something exotic, then you can pump in a few skills. 

Do not be afraid to learn something wrong, all skills (except automatic) can be reset.


If the player is not a farmer, then you should not strain too much, pumping these skills. If there is an urgent need (to perform the task), then on the maps on the unstable islands, there are places that are called “Mud pit”.

You just have to go there and spend a few minutes of life pumping the necessary talents.

  1. Food crops – the cultivation of various edible plants.
  2. Farming and tools – skills open up the possibility of cultivating the soil.
  3. Flowers
  4. Tree.
  5. The basics of farming – increase the success rate of farming.
  6. Technical culture – flax, cotton, mushrooms.

Skills are recommended to explore as urgent as necessary. They have no special need. If the player is a farmer, then these talents are mandatory for him.


The game has a career guide (at the top of the screen with abilities). Not to be confused with the specialization chosen at the start of the game.

You can choose at the beginning of any character, and then get a qualification (title) by selecting one of the professions. The profession can be changed at any time.

It is recommended to start the passage of a career after reaching level 60 in order to evenly master the basic skills. 

If you take up the Career at the initial stage of the game, then completing the tasks you will have to develop only 1 ability (the others will not have enough time).

Tasks are given gradually, for them the player gets titles and awards. The title gives additional characteristics that other professions will not have.

In order to see what gives the title, you should go to the “Character” menu. Here, there are 4 tabs above the equipment (1, 2, 3, 4), below them is the line with the arrow “Untitled”.

Here you can choose any title and see what it gives. In each tab, you can collect 1 equipment and switch between them as needed.


In Durango wild lands guide and hacks, you can learn about how to tame a dinosaur? how to find good animals?

The game has a lot of different living things. Some can be tamed. The caught animal can be grown in a pen, or you can take it with you for research.

If the pet runs alongside the hero, it gains experience. Upon reaching certain levels, the beast gets a new skill.

Reaching level 60, the pet will receive a “special behavior.” The choice of behavior will depend on the type of animal.

Each animal needs to be fed and improved its skill.

Pets are:

  1. Herbivores – they are fed with any vegetation.
  2. Predators – eat meat and meat products.

If the animal is hungry, it will not fight with the character. 

Therefore, before the fight it is necessary to feed the pet. 

Animals have a service life of 1 month, after which it will leave the player.

Dinosaurs have their own characteristics:

  1. Attack.
  2. Movement speed
  3. Load capacity
  4. Protection.
  5. The amount of health.

How to Tame A Dinosaur?

Training: Before you go on a hunt for a pet, you need to learn the skill of catching. (Survival – Taming animals).

At level 15, a four-legged dinosaur becomes available for taming (by clicking on the skill, on the right you can see the names of dinosaurs that can be tamed).

Over time, you can explore all the animals.

Before catching you need to build a pen for domestication. 1 pen – 1 animal.

It is recommended to tame several animals at once.

How To Find The Right Animal?

To do this, open the map, then select the sea and island.

In the description of the island (on the right) you can see which animals live on it.

Mostly animals are distributed by climatic zones.

The picture clearly shows where to watch the inhabitants of the island.

Catching: That player came to the habitat of the selected dinosaur, then it is recommended to put a fire.

The battle will be difficult, so you should have a rest by the fire before and after the battle.

It is also worth capturing products that restore health and energy (useful in battle).

Dinosaurs need to be tracked in “exploration” mode (the skill can be learned in the “Survival” menu – “Intelligence Skills”).

Separate animals should be selected, not the whole herd. The animal stands out, pressed “Attack”.

After that, you should immediately run away from the group of animals (so that other dinosaurs do not come to the aid of fellow), then continue the fight.

It is necessary to fight as long as the cobweb in active skills starts blinking.

As soon as the cobweb began to flicker, you should click on it.

The caught animal will be in the bag, if the animal is not caught, it should be finished or run away from him.

It is recommended to catch 2 – 3 dinosaurs at once, since the chance of domestication is 75%. There is a chance that after trying to domesticate the pet will run away from the player.


The domestication takes place in the camp of the player in the “Domestic pen.”

This action is given a certain amount of time.

Feed the pet at this time is not recommended, because to speed up the process you need a lot of feed. It is necessary to feed the beast after leaving the pen (if not run away).

What Is A Dinosaur:

  1. It can travel long distances at high speeds.
  2. He will fight with the hero.
  3. During the attack, you can move away to recuperate, and at this time the animal distracts the enemy.
  4. To transport goods (each pet has a bag).

If the player is collecting far from the camp, then there is no point running home when filling the bag. 

You can simply call the fastest dinosaur and give materials to him. 

He will come running to the hero anyway. As he bag filled, you can call another animal.


In this durango wild lands guide and tips, you can get info about the weapons, hammer, bones, etc.

Attentive Moments

Strength: If you take any item in your backpack, then its description will appear on the right. In the upper part of the description, there is an icon in the form of a cube – this is the strength of the object.

In the game, everything can wear out over time.

If a player wears things in the inventory for a long time, they also wear out, so the strength indicator decreases.

Very quickly spoil the food, a bottle of energy (if you do not immediately drink the next day, they spoil).


In the description, next to the strength there is an icon in the form of a hammer, and next is the parameter from 1 and above. This value indicates how many times this item can be used in the manufacture.

Example. The player wanted to make his own dumplings. To do this, you need a desktop (some items are made on desktops, machine tools and workbenches), 2 pieces of meat (there are 2 hammers on them) and a mortar.


If the weapon has 1 hammer, then it can be improved. This can be done by inserting a special amulet into it, which gives additional positive effects (attack, defense, etc.).

When an amulet is made, at the stage of describing the process, it is necessary to put a tick on the weapon on which the amulet will be put on.


Each item, in the manufacture, is in the description of its characteristics: where the product is used, the products say what scale (life or health) they restore, whether it can be repaired.

There are several indicators of weapons:

  1. Attack
  2. Accuracy
  3. Breakthrough the protection
  4. Attack speed
  5. Reload rate

In the same description, you can see whether the subject adds positive effects on the person. Food with such effects is recommended to be used by hunters before attacking an animal.

If you go to the menu “Make/Build” and select the item you need to make, then you should pay attention to its description.

Here is important information and Durango wild lands guide and secrets:

  1. The maximum level of the finished item – above this indicator cannot raise the level of the subject.
  2. Connected ability – what ability will be additionally pumped.
  3. Skill category – what basic ability will be pumped.
  4. Materials – here are the ingredients for making. If some material is not enough (you can make it or buy it in a store).
    • For convenience, you can simply click on the name of the material and a window will appear where it is written, what to use and where to find it. In the window, there is a button “Search in the store.”

In order to get an item, armor or weapons of a higher level, you should make a better quality item. 

To do this, you need to learn the appropriate skills, pick up the ingredients and click “Manufacture.” 

The higher the class of a thing, the more components are required for its production.


When selecting a material for manufacturing, you should pay attention to its strength. The higher the strength of the component, the greater the chance of rejecting during production.

There are interchangeable materials. If you do not have enough ingredient, then do not rush to purchase it. At the second stage of preparation, the selected items will be shown the possible options.

For example, a bone can be replaced with a stick.

For the manufacture of some items need to learn the appropriate skill.

The processing time of the product can be viewed by clicking on the table (machine, workbench), a menu appears where time will be shown.

It can be accelerated.

The operation costs a certain amount of Durango coins.

Making Weapons And Armor

Search for the right ingredients:

Weapons and armor often require turned materials that can be turned on a workbench. If there are no materials available, you can buy them in the “Main Market” in the “Main Menu”, then select the product category, then the product type.

In the right part, in order not to waste time on searching manually, simply click on the magnifying glass (next to the item name).

In the search, you should write the name of the thing, set the required level, click search. If the assortment is large, then you can put a search at the lowest cost.

To get the coolest armor/weapon with additional effects and good strength, you need to bring to the ideal:

  1. Workbench (take the best quality)
  2. Material (take the most durable, with the highest level available)
  3. Tools (high level)

On the chance of no marriage, as well as the future strength and characteristics of the subject. When making it worth considering that very often will be needed:

  1. Dry skin
  2. Grinding material

These skills are specifically studied. In order not to lose a lot of time for drying and turning. It is recommended to put several workbenches and dryers in the possession, on which both components will be made at the same time, and to dry them.


On the production of equipment, you need a lot of bones. At the start, you will have to kill for this animal.

How to see the quality of the subject? 

In the bag, almost under everything or material, there are yellow squares (1 or 2). If 2 square is a quality indicator then 1 is a good item.

If there are no squares, this is just an item that will not provide additional characteristics during production.

If one box is yellow, and the second is gray, then this is a defective item with low protection.

How to improve weapons?

If the weapon in the description is “not improved”, then it can be strengthened with “Spikes from nails” (done in “Arms”).

For the manufacture of need 4 nails (made of sticks), 4 ropes, 1 unnecessary weapon.

At the 2nd stages of production, when choosing (if you look from top to bottom “Percentage of manufacture”), you must first deliver the weapon which you need to upgrade.

And when you get to the 4 percent line, you should put any unnecessary weapons (better durable and good). The main thing is not to confuse.

At the start of the game, the two-handed ax and spear are considered the coolest weapons.


In Durango wild lands guide and walkthrough, you can get secrets about clan buildings territory, enclave, storage & How to join the clan? How to create the clan?

Clan Benefits


Each clan has its own territory. Upon reaching a certain level of the clan, the base will be equipped on the territory of the Civilized Island.

If a clan with adequate participants and normal leaders, then each member contributes to its development. After a place is selected for a base, players can move there (but each participant has his own personal possession).

Together, the players set up a camp: build storage facilities, where they bring materials for general use, a laboratory, where they study the sciences, set up workbenches, tables for production.


The more actively the clan develops, the more it can expand its territory. The number of cells under the base increases at certain levels of its development.

The cells are called an enclave. You can expand the base in the tab Clan – Ownership. On the Civilized Islands for the enclave, you need to pay money.

Possessions are given for 7 days, after which you can extend the time of use for another week.

In order for this territory to be firmly entrenched in the guild, it is necessary for its participants to pay dues.

The role of the participants:

The leader can choose and appoint any member to the position: one will be engaged in agriculture and hand over the fruits of labor to the warehouse, from which the cook will prepare food for everyone.

Tailors will sew clothes for all, gunsmiths make weapons. The remaining players will be engaged in hunting and gathering the necessary components.

You can go together to collect items or hunt. The leader, for his convenience, can create his own hierarchy in the clan.

For example, rename the position of a chef to a chef or sous-chef, appoint an assistant in the kitchen.


For convenience, the storage can be done in it several tabs with the name of the components: weapons, clothing, sticks and so on.

You can put multiple repositories.

Some clans put boxes in which items are stacked.

Clan buildings:

Upon reaching a certain level, the clan opens buildings that it can build.

Clan level What kind of building opens
6 Kuril (a place for rest and recuperation).
7 Defense tower (can be installed on PvP islands).
9 Storage.
ten Wormhole receiver (you can teleport modern items).
eleven Science Center.
12 Intelligence Center.

For each property, construction, workbench, you can configure the rights, that is, who can use (this parameter is chosen by the leader):

  1. The officer
  2. Clan member
  3. Stranger

How To Join The Clan? 

If you want to join a clan then you should read our quick Durango wild lands guide and wiki.

To do this, go to the “Clan” tab from the main menu, then enter the name of the required clan in the search, and send a request.

Sometimes the search does not work.

Therefore, it is recommended to make friends with one of the clan members (add him as a friend), and throw an application through his profile.

How To Create A Clan?

You also need to go to the “Clan” menu, then select “Create a clan” and, having paid a certain amount, the player creates a clan.

After creation, you need to come up with a name, logo.

Then write to the chat about the fact that a clan with an adequate leader has been created (such self-promotion) or come up with another appeal.

When new people come, they need to be interviewed for sanity, ask what the clan player can give, how much time he spends on the game and more.

It should be noted that the level of the clan rises with the level of its members. 

Therefore, for the development it is necessary to help each other. 

If someone does not understand this, you can simply exclude him from the guild (to begin with, it is recommended to warn). 

If the officers and the leader are too arrogant, you can change the clan at any time.

Clan Menu

  1. Information – here the chapter writes a message to the participants. It also shows the treasury and a small description of the guild itself.
  2. Participants – here you can see the rank of the participants, the time of their last visit to the game and other parameters.
  3. Level – this shows the level of the guild and the effects that the clan receives on reaching a new level. Effects apply to all members.
  4. Timeline – here are the actions of the participants: someone took something from the repository or put it there, which was useful (or vice versa) the participant did.
  5. Search – here you can see the statistics of another clan by writing its name in the search.
  6. Alliance – shows the community in which the clan. The higher the clan level, the more you can create alliances with other clans.


How To Delete A Character?

To do this, go to the “Character” menu.

Next, select the item “Change Character”.

In the lower left corner will be the line “Delete character”.

After clicking on the button, the game will ask “do you really want to delete this character.”

If the player changed his mind – cancel, if not – OK.

How To Add A Friend?

Each player has an index by which you can quickly find the right person in the search (located in the “Friend” menu), select “Friend”.

In the window that opens, you can view existing friends, or find new ones.

You can enter the game chat, click on the player’s nickname, select “add friend” and send a request.

If the player does not mind, you can become friends.

If the desired player is in sight, you can simply click on it and offer friendship.

How To Add A “Close Friend”?

You should go to the “Friend” menu, go to “Manage Friends”.

On the contrary, each nickname will be an arrow, by clicking on which you can make a player a close friend while setting up his rights to act with the character, possession.

How To Block A Player? 

To do this, go to “Manage friends”, select the tab “Blocked player” and put a tick in front of the person’s nickname.

You can also customize the rights of this player (whether he can send messages, use things, or restrict him completely in everything).

How To Quickly Pump Character?

The first thing to do is to level up to level 15-20 on the learning island (the manual is written above).

Then, you can do the simplest things: collect resources, make simple objects. This can well raise the level of the character (this is best done on an unstable island).

It is also necessary to perform daily tasks that bring not only experience and skill points but also a good reward.

Every weekend, players are given the opportunity to gain experience several times more in 1 action (50 or 100 percent).

Final verdict:

At the very beginning of the game, it is necessary to study the Durango wild lands guide and walkthrough about how to play and earn as much as you can?



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