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Endless Frontier Guide, Tips & Secrets

In this article, you can get updated endless frontier guide, hints and tricks to explore the endless frontier saga game.

We hope that the tips and tricks of the Endless Frontier guide will be useful for you, whether you have just started playing or are already an experienced player/PRO player.


Endless Frontier APK is one of the best role-playing games on the internet community.

This is a very interesting role-playing game for iOS and Android, where the heroes unite in a battle against legendary monsters to end the Dark Prince’s reign.

In addition to participating in PVP battles against human opponents and much more. If you need help, do not miss our Endless Frontier guide with tips, cheats, and strategies for the game.


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Endless frontier guide & tips

These are all the Endless Frontier tricks you need to have more units and gems.

Having more room to expand your troops is one of the great evils and one of the great needs within the war games.

Especially for mobile phones because they force you to devote more hours than necessary to obtain that much desired additional block.

Today we bring you the Endless Frontier guide and tricks to accelerate that process.

We will help you spend the gems with head, to progress quickly and not suffer costs that will increase as the game progresses.

With the guide of Endless Frontier, you should be able to have a great army without suffering the evils of the novice.

More Space

In order to get more space for units, you will need gems. But they are so easy to get that it will not be a problem.

The point is that during your first days, all the gems should go to unlock more space for your units.

One of the keys of the game is, the more units we have, the faster we will progress.

And although it seems that the thing is getting more expensive, you will not have problems to get the necessary gems.

Quiz – roulette

It is not that they are hidden, but they can go unnoticed. And in addition to rare units and other objects, of course, we can win many gems with both mini-games.

To access any of the two we simply have to press the configuration button in the upper right corner (not very visible, it is the typical configuration symbol) and select them.

Within the same icon, we will see that there are two tabs. Well, each minigame is in one of them.

Activate missions

By endless frontier guides and tips, you can activate missions easily.

Even if we unlock the option of auto quest or auto mission, let’s make sure that we click on each mission that we unlock.

With each one, we can win lots of coins. But we have to be aware of not leaving them to us, and sometimes they are not as visible as they should be.


There will come a time when we will unlock more than 10 spaces and we will have our 10 units.

And we must strengthen each one individually. We cannot ignore any, because as we go forward we will see that we will need to combine different types of units to progress in the game.

So we have to get all of them to level up.

And for these two keys, first of all, the medals, which will significantly improve their statistics and level up.

But all units have a roof level marked by their stars.

So once they reach their limit, if we want them to continue improving, we will need to evolve them. And for evolve, we will need some gems.

The process of leveling up and evolving is slower and costs gems, but we will have more to choose from and will depend less on luck.


If we see advertising we can get two rewards in an endless frontier guide:

  • Speed ​​Bonus: For 20 minutes we will get more experience, we will win more gold and we will go up the level faster.
  • A significant sum of gold.

So if what we want is to progress quickly, it is 100% recommendable.

And if you see a chest up and unlocked watching advertising, know that it is because it contains a good number of gems.


As in any game, you have to be aware of the rewards of the achievements. Since the vast majority will get them without wanting to, simply playing.

But if we do not claim them, we do not charge them. The issue is that in this game, like the minigames we have discussed before, are a little hidden.

You have to press the red arrow in the upper right corner of the screen, and then the symbol of the cup that appears first.

Perfect team

The question is to build the team around our best units, in which we must focus to grow as much as possible, and from there incorporate more units to our “elite“.

The ideal would be to start when we already have 10 or 11 units and we can play more or less.

At that time we should choose only two, looking at their stars, statistics, and damage.

The perfect thing would be a magician and a unit with physical damage that are good stars and not a disaster in the rest.

When we have evolved them we go for two more, we repeat the process and finish our “elite“.

Dungeons and Artifacts

Every day we can make different dungeons, in which we will have to defeat a boss and collect resources. So follow our endless frontier guide and defeat your boss.

With these resources, we can buy artifacts that will give us all kinds of power-ups.

And in fact, we can improve those artifacts with the objects that we get inside the dungeons, which we can also sell by gems if we prefer.

The recommended thing is to get many artifacts, improve them with what we get from the dungeons and go for the best rewards.

endless frontier guide
Endless frontier guides, cheats, and secrets

Endless frontier tricks and cheats

In our endless frontier guide, you can get the latest tricks and cheats:

Get gems

The first thing to keep in mind in the endless frontier guide and tricks is that you will not be able to expand your units if you do not have gems.

Think that during the first days of the game it will be a coin with which the game will reward you for doing practically anything, but you should not spend at random.

Before continuing, remember that in apkguides.com we cover the entire mobile landscape. In this house, you will find many tips such as the Unturned guide or tips, among many other games for iOS and Android.

Going back to the endless frontier guide and tricks, do not miss the opportunity to win gems with the mini-games “Quiz” and “Roulette”.

They are in the upper right margin of the screen and will reward us with gems when finished. But there is also the option to get rich playing normal.

Another way to win gems is by activating missions. 

Remember to have activated the option “auto quest” to earn resources at the end of each mission.

Finally, in the endless frontier guide and tips, we recommend that you do not waste the opportunity to win gems by entering the game once a day and watching the ads.

endless frontier guide and tricks
endless frontier guide and tricks

FAQs On Endless Frontier

How to play Endless Frontier?

Endless Frontier is a huge RPG with more than 150 heroes with its own powers, more than 50 pets that could travel by your side and more than 100 types of army units that you fight with.

However Endless Frontier can be considered an inactive RPG where many of the things are controlled automatically without your interaction, but still requires that you are very involved in enough of its game mechanics so we will not get bored.

There will come a time when you will want to start focusing your efforts on improving especially a couple of heroes.

And do not try to get the most out of all the heroes.

Just focus on a couple of your units that you are most comfortable with and what better adapt to your game style.

When you have several rare units, again focus on preferably two of them.

These are the units that tend to do the most damage and to further diversify things and ensure that you have a good mix of combat styles.

So, choose a melee character and a spellcaster, which allows you to deal with different enemies in all cases.

Advertising videos can help us make Endless Frontier even more accessible since they make the game faster for 20 minutes, which will help you earn more money and move faster in the game.

How to get free gems in Endless Frontier?

Gems are the premium currency of the game, and you’ll need them to unlock more slots in the unit.

The good thing is that we’ll receive many free gems throughout the game to buy more unit slots, since having more units in your army will It will make more power.

To win free coins in Endless Frontier, it is best to use the two mini-games to which you can access both games by touching the Settings icon.

So spin the minigame wheel so you can earn a lot of free gems, and even get some rare units for combat, and if you do it right, you’ll get 10 gems for the correct answer in the minigame.

You can also spin the wheel once a day for free, with the possibility of winning great prizes for free.

You can also win free rewards by getting the achievements as you progress in the game.

You can also complete them organically without having to work hard to complete them.

Simply moving forward in the game, but it is always better if you know what the achievements are and try to complete them directly.

To do this, touch the red arrow on the top right of the screen, then the trophy you want to look at once you have loaded the achievements menu and get gems in return.

Also if you are looking for another way to find more gems, you can find some treasure chests in exchange for watching an advertising video.

That almost always means that there are numerous gems in the chest to collect them.

By our endless frontier guide, you can get unlimited free gems and money.

How to improve your heroes in Endless Frontier?

In this game, you can spend your medals to improve your existing units.

This process greatly improves your statistics, but you also have the option to evolve them once the time comes.

So you can take them from one level of a rarity to the next.

Although it can take a lot of time and even more gems, and we would only recommend doing it if you have several units slots unlocked but empty.

Final verdict:

In endless frontier guide and tips, you explore the game and got information about how to play this game properly and get free rewards easily.

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