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In this article, you can explore our Fallout 4 guide, wiki, walkthrough and tips as well as some tips & various mods that will help you to enjoy even more.

About fallout 4 game

fallout 4 guide - Intro
fallout 4 guide & walkthrough – Intro

Latest Fallout 4 is one of the largest and most complete role-playing games of the recent era. Hundreds of hours of exploration, combats, fun, and survival in the wilderness await you if you decide to bet on the game of Bethesda for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Are you have problems when surviving in the wilderness? we have prepared the best fallout 4 guide and tricks with details about aspects as important as the main missions, secondary missions, collectibles, and unique and legendary weapons.

Fallout 4 missions

One of the main features of Fallout 4 is its overwhelming number of available missions in Fallout 4 guide.

In addition to the usual main missions, the role play of Bethesda presents four main factions that in turn will give us a good number of missions that we will be able to complete.

The fallout 4 factions are:

In fallout 4 guide & walkthrough, you can explore these factions:

The Minutemen

Fallout 4 guide - The Minutemen
Fallout 4 guide – The Minutemen

Your main goal is for the Minutemen to be what they once were. For this, you must get the support of some camps, fulfill missions and even rebuild the camps.

There are two types of missions on apkguides.com The main ones are more difficult and end up unlocking some trophy.

In the others, you simply win the support of the camps or you will defend one of those who is already an ally so that your happiness does not fall.

 Now we detail one of the secondary missions so they know how they are and then we explain how to complete all the main missions? You can complete all main and secondary missions by reading fallout 4 guides carefully.

Deal with the looters of the Greentop nursery:

Go to the Greentop Nursery to talk to a settler. Be careful because the area is patrolled by Super mutants that will not make it difficult for you.

Go to the excavation of Dunwich Borers and kill all the enemies, destroy the turrets to reach the bottom and cross the door that indicates the main mission to enter the cave under the mountain.

In the caves in Fallout 4 guide, you must move forward while you finish with groups of bandits. In each area, you will find a bed to rest and recover your life without using stimulants.

When you finish with those in the first zone, go up the following stairs before advancing.

You will reach a gate and if the forces reach a couple of objects.

In the second you will see another lock near the mattress. In the area where you end up with the main enemy, you will see the magazine on a table and a terminal to pirate in the central zone.

Follow the cave:

Once you finish with the main bandit you must follow the cave very carefully. If you turn on the lights in the following areas you will wake up some enemies that pretend to be dead.

Go through the cave until you have a small hallucination where you will see some workers and when you reach the crossroads follow the straight path.

Follow the path on the right side to reach a wider area and kill all the enemies. In the wall on the right, you will see a terminal.

Follow the cave and kill the rest of the enemies. In the end, you will find an area with water in which you can dive. Dive to the bottom of the underwater cave to find the Kremvh Tooth weapon and several nuclear minipumps.

Go back to the previous intersection in fallout 4 guide and follow the path until you leave the cave.

Go to the Greentop Nursery to tell the settler that you took out the bandits and then go to Sanctuary to talk to Preston Garvey.

Troubled waters:

When you get to the mission area, talk to Supervisor White and then go to the Weston Water Treatment Plant.

The plant is surrounded by super mutants, therefore, it would be advisable to enter running 4.

Once inside go down the corridor on the left to get to the corridors, enter the locker room and bathroom to get some items and then use the elevator in the hall to get to the ground floor.

Explore the whole area and go to the right to get to an office.

Next in Fallout 4 guide, to a computer, you will find the magazine “Vallas” that will allow you to build furniture for patios in the settlements.

Return to the previous room and follow the marked path by making several pumping.

Finally, press the main button of the plant to leave it running and use the elevator to return to the outside.

Once outside, return to the nursery to speak with Supervisor White to complete the mission. Now, yes, initial Independence mission.


Before starting the mission, make sure you put on your best armor and carry a nuclear rocket launcher. Then, talk to Preston and head to the area indicated to meet with The Minutemen.

Talk to Preston and prepare the assault on the castle.

Your first objective will be to kill all enemies in the area, then you will have to break all the Mirelurks eggs and finally finish off the queen of the Mirelurks 5.

Plasma magazine in fallout 4 guide:

When there are no enemies take the Plasma Magazine: The weapon of tomorrow in the radio station of the courtyard, administers with the power of ten to the radio and speaks with Preston to complete the mission and get the Independence Trophy.

It will be some time before Preston contacts you to start the Old Weapons mission.

Old weapons:

Explore this section with the help of fallout 4 guide and walkthrough. Go to the castle and talk to Ronnie Shaw to discover that the purpose of this mission will be to reach the castle armory.

Follow Ronnie through the castle until you reach the general’s room and use the Workshop mode to remove the debris blocking the way to reach the castle tunnels.

In the tunnels, you only have one way to advance. The most important object you can find is a Fusion Core before having to face a robot that patrols the area.

Wait for Ronnie to open the next door and examine the corpse of the person you will see on the floor.

Back to top go to the armory and grab the planes artillery, the ammunition artillery and some grenades smoke before talking to Ronnie in the castle courtyard.

Build the artillery in the special section of the workshop and assign someone to control it.

Activate the Radio Liberty station and go to the indicated point.

You must launch a smoke bomb in the area and return to the castle running before the bombs begin to fall. 6.

Speak again with Preston to complete the mission and, in passing, get the Old Weapons Trophy.

The molecular level:

It is part of the main story in Fallout 4 guides and cheats. During this mission, you will have to choose with which faction you want to complete the mission.

To do so with The Minutemen you must speak with Preston Garvey in Sanctuary.

Then, talk to Sturges to deliver the plans.

Use the Sanctuary workshop, enter the special section and build a stabilized reflector platform.

Go back and talk to Sturges to let him know you’ve built it and accept the mission of building a console, a repeater antenna, and a molecular beam emitter.

The next step will be to build a small generator to connect the console, the antenna, and the molecular beam emitter. When everything is connected, continue to build generators to give enough energy to each device 7.

Talk to Sturges one more time and go up to the central platform. You will be teleported to The Institute, you will complete the mission, you will get the Molecular Level Trophy and start the Internal Work mission.

Internal work:

Examine the terminal you see in the first room and load the H Network scan to get the information. Now, follow the main path through the institute and refuse to join this faction when the opportunity presents itself.

Return to the teleporter by the same path. By doing so you will get the Institutionalized Trophy. You must talk to Sturges to complete the mission.

Get the cash and defend the castle:

You can get the cash easily by Fallout 4 guide, wiki, and walkthrough. You will have the mission to get the cash that consists in going to talk with Preston Garvey.

Talk to Ronnie Shaw to get you up to speed and build the defenses.

The nuclear option:

Go to Sanctuary to speak with Sturges and head to the mission point east of the CIT Ruins.

You must dive in the water to enter through a pipe. In the next area enter through the pipe on the left and continue through the following tunnels until entering the institute.

Once in the institute, you should examine the main terminal and use the holocinta Sequence of fixation of the repeater of the Institute so that your classmates can teleport to The Institute.

The Institute

fallout 4 guide - The Institute
fallout 4 guide – The Institute

End of the road:

To start the missions of The Institute you must complete the main mission. The molecular level with any of the three factions to reach The Institute.

It is advisable to follow the fallout 4 guide, as it is prepared.

During the mission, The molecular level will reach the institute and you will meet its leader.

In this conversation, accept the offer to join the faction and follow the chain of missions.

Talk to the faction leader and go back to speak with the leader of the Institute and that’s it.

Destroyed aircraft:

Talk to Madison Li in one of the labs and use the Institute teleporter to go around Boston Airport.

You must destroy three terminals. Run to the hangar and go up the stairs on the right to get to the heliport, where you will find the first one.

The second one is in the watchtower next to the heliport (you must use the elevator in the corridor to get there) and the third one, in the opposite end of the heliport where the first one was.

Now go to the next area that you indicate and go up to the highest part of the tower. Finish reinforcements. ‘If you complete the optional goal, more Synths will come to help you.

When the Synths complete the task you will be teleported away from the area.

The brotherhood of steel

Fallout 4 guide - The Brotherhood of Steel
Fallout 4 guide – The Brotherhood of Steel

Touch of bullseye and support fire:

The Touch Target mission automatically began when you completed the mission of the main mission, and the Fire Support mission was achieved automatically as you explored the Lexington area.

Start by activating the mission, Tap the target and go to the designated point.

Talk to the guard and tell him you’re interested in joining the fraternity.

Your first mission will be to go to a police station in the area and upon arrival, you will complete the mission.

When you arrive at the police station, the fire support mission will be activated and to complete it you should only finish with the enemies of the area.

When the conversation with the Paladin Danse ends, you will receive the Call to Arms mission.

Call to arms:

It starts automatically when completing Support Fire. Talk to paladin Danse and follow him to Arcjet Systems.

You’ll have to kill some enemies, but easy ones. In Fallout 4 guide, wiki and walkthrough, you can explore the call to arms completely.

Follow Danse through the factory to a room where you will have to hack into a computer that asks for a password.

The password you need will be found on the computer on the left.

Follow Danse to finish with the rest of the enemies that appear on the way to reach the area of ​​the Arcjet engine core.

Go down the stairs and follow the path to the right, take the Junk Jet weapon from the table and a fusion Core in the bottom machine before hacking the terminal.

When you activate the energy, enemies and an optional target appear.

It is best not to comply to prevent Danse from suffering damage. When there are no enemies, use the elevator. Up you will have to kill more enemies and register their bodies to find what you are looking for.

Outside the building, talk to Danse again. During the conversation, you will be offered the possibility of joining the Brotherhood of steel. If you accept the offer you will get the secondary mission Semper Invicta.

Semper Invicta:

Go back to the Cambridge police station and talk to paladin Danse. After the conversation, you will be part of the Steel Brotherhood and you will get the Semper Invicta Trophy.

Now you must talk to your fellows from the Brotherhood of Steel to get Commonwealth Intendancy and Cleanup missions.

Both have random objectives. One of them is usually to find an object and the other to kill the enemies of an area.

When you have completed both missions talk to Danse to get the Steel Shadow mission.

The railway

Fallout 4 guide - The Railway
Fallout 4 guide – The Railway

Way to freedom:

This is the last faction in Fallout 4 guide. Go to the point that points to the mission and follows the path you see until you enter the Old North Church.

Continue on the right to the catacombs, finish with the enemies and continue to a dead end road.

On the right side, you will see a wheel with some letters, you must turn the outer wheel and press the central circle in the letters RAILROAD to open the path p.

Soon you will meet a group. During the conversation make sure you are as friendly as possible so that you can move forward with this faction.

  • Spies like us
  • Boston at night
  • The molecular level
  • Underground cover
  • Synths Retention
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill
  • Humanity – Redefined
  • Mass Fusion
  • Caught
  • At full power
  • Underground cover
  • Precipice of war
  • The red glare of the rockets
  • The nuclear option

You can explore all the points in our fallout 4 guide by video:

Fallout 4 Weapons

Get best information and fallout 4 guides for weapons. The weapons and shooting mechanics are one of the most worked aspects of Fallout 4 with respect to previous installments of the franchise.

That is why we do not want you to lose the detail of all the legendary and unique weapons that you can find in the Wasteland Legendary weapons can be achieved by fighting and eliminating legendary enemies.

While unique weapons depend on completing a specific mission or defeating a particular boss. Fallout 4 guide, wiki, and walkthrough also includes unique weapons guides.

Legendary and unique weapons

Well, today we bring you a new Fallout 4 guide with all the details on how to get legendary weapons in the game.

One of the main features of Fallout 4 is the ability to create and customize the game’s weapons to your liking using parts and resources that are obtained by exploring the wilderness scenarios, but today we want to talk about other types of weapons: legendary weapons.

The legendary Fallout 4 weapons can be achieved in multiple ways in Fallout 4 guide.

For example, eliminating legendary enemies that release pieces of equipment or legendary weapons once they are defeated or visiting certain locations that will force us to face legendary enemies and, later, collect their booty when they are eliminated.

In this Fallout 4 guide we are going to focus on those legendary weapons that stand out (many of them even fall into the category of unique weapons) and that can only be found in a specific location or mission.

Without more, we leave you with the details on how to get legendary weapons in Fallout 4?

  • Dealer – This is a 10 mm pistol and can be obtained after completing the first mission of the Railway faction.
  • Fair Authority – Achieved by completing the Call to Arms mission of The Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Alien Blaster – It is one of the legendary and unique weapons harder to get, so here is a link to another guide in which we tell you how to get the Blaster Alien in Fallout 4.
  • Junk Jet – Achieved during the Call to Arms mission of The Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Big Boy – You can buy it from Arturo in the Diamond City market.
  • Survivor Special – This laser gun can be obtained after completing The Lost Patrol or by killing the Brandis Paladin and picking it up from his body.
  • Good intentions – Clint leads her in a bandit camp on the Quincy elevated highway.
  • Reduces Ash – Can be obtained during the mission The Great Excavation.
  • Kiloton Radio Rifle – The Kane sells in The Core, a location of Fallout 4 Far Harbor.
  • Sergeant Ash – He is sold by Dejen in Arcadia, in Far Harbor.
  • Atom Judgment – It is one of the rewards of Ritcher’s missions in The Core.
  • Experiment 18-A – Can be purchased at The Institute.
  • Virgil’s Rifle – You can kill him and steal him, or talk to him and convince him to give it to you.
  • Justice – Penny sells her in Covenant.
  • Reba II – It is in the house of the Rook family in Salem and you can get it by completing the location and killing the enemies that are there.
  • Tesla Rifle – Ivey takes him in one of the main Automatron missions.
  • Baseball Bat of the World Series 2076 – Obtained as a reward at the Jamaica Plains City Hall.
  • Heartbreaking – Reward upon completing the Far Harbor mission called Bloody Tide through Cassie Dalton.

Fallout 4 collectibles

You could not miss the collectibles in Fallout 4 guide, and it is also very interesting.

On the one hand, the 20 big heads that we can find hidden by the scenarios of the game and that will allow us to unlock unique abilities or increase the points of some specific skill like Force or Intelligence.

On the other hand, there are magazines. There are more than 100 scattered in the wilderness and some are really complicated to get.

Each of the magazines that we find will give us permanent unique abilities, such as the possibility of causing critical damage to certain enemies or a 5% increase in melee attacks.

Fallout 4 trophies

In Fallout 4 guide, you can get all trophies easily. Nothing more and nothing less than 50 trophies are needed to complete the Platinum of Fallout 4.

As we do not want you to get stuck on your way to get all the achievements and trophies of the game of Bethesda, here is a Fallout 4 guide and wiki all the details to get all your trophies.

Fallout 4 all trophies

As we mentioned above in Fallout 4 guide, the game has a total of 50 trophies that you must unlock to achieve the longed-for platinum. Here’s how to get them.

Platinum trophy:

Get the other 50 trophies to get this one.
This trophy is achieved automatically.

Gold trophy:

Prepared for  the future

Decide the fate of the Commonwealth.
You will get it by completing the game no matter what faction you have joined.

Silver trophy:

Bounty hunter

Complete 10 side missions.
See Mercenary trophy.


Complete 50 different objectives.
To get this trophy you must complete secondary missions and objectives that will offer you some characters.

The Minutemen faction will offer you infinite missions in Sanctuary.

These missions are based on recovering settlements, defending them or creating objects.

Mine is yours:

Force 50 locks.
No matter the difficulty of the lock. Having the Beginner level is enough, although the locks of greater difficulty usually lead to better rewards.

RobCo’s worst nightmare:

Hack 50 terminals.
No matter the difficulty of the terminal. Having the Beginner level is sufficient, although the more difficult terminals allow you to more easily complete some missions by unlocking shortcuts or also opening zones that hide objects of all kinds.

Armed and dangerous:

Create 50 modules for weapons.
In Sanctuary, and in the many settlements you will visit, you will find a workbench where you can modify the weapons with scrap metal.
The scrap you will need to advance in some missions and also to get other trophies.

Old weapons:

Complete “Old weapons.”
You will get it automatically during the missions of the Los Minutemen faction.

Bronze trophy:

Community organizer 

Form an alliance with 3 settlements.
See trophy Compassionate leader.

The best mods of Fallout 4

Above, You read the new Fallout 4 guide about how to get legendary and unique weapons, now we bring you new content with the best mods of the RPG of Bethesda for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

The mods they arrived at PS4 and Xbox One sometime after its PC premiere.

Fallout 4-star wars

Fallout-4-guide - Fallout 4 Star Wars
Fallout 4 guide – Fallout 4 Star Wars

The Star Wars mods were among the first to reach Fallout 4 and also some of the most interesting ones.

Would you like to explore the wilderness with Kylo Ren’s helmet or a Stormtrooper armor? Thanks to the Star Wars mods for Fallout 4 guide.

In addition to the mentioned articles, the Star Wars mods also include aspects of Boba Fett for our armor, R2-D2 suit and the ability to use lightsabers as melee weapons.

Without a doubt, it is one of the most outstanding user’s creations, especially for Star Wars fans.

Complete dialogue interface

The system of dialogs of Fallout 4 has been one of the aspects most criticized by the fans of the saga since the launch of the game in 2015.

That is why some users have created a mod to offer a complete interface in the dialogues of Fallout 4, in a similar way to the system of conversations that we saw in previous titles of the franchise.

In addition to the complete sentences that our character can say, the mod that improves the dialog interface of Fallout 4 also includes clarifications about the meaning that certain phrases will have.

Fusion city rising

Fusion City Rising is, without a doubt, one of the most complete Fallout 4 mods. Add between 10 and 20 hours of new content including missions, factions, locations, characters, and companions.

All this in a new underground city bigger than Diamond City with shops, metro, hotels, shooting ranges and settlements. 

Armorsmith extended

This mod in Fallout 4 guides created by Gambit77 has completely renewed the armor and clothing system of Fallout 4.

Thanks to this modification we can equip regular clothing pieces under armor can, offering greater freedom when it comes to customizing the look of our character.

Improved map w / Visible road

If the original map of Fallout 4 seems simple to you, this mod of fallout 4 guide is sure to please you.

This is Improved Map w / Visible Roads and includes improved roads, train tracks, improvements in marker placement and the ability to adjust features such as brightness or the different numbered lines.

That appear on the new map so that we can customize completely this mod that is among the most prominent of the role play of Bethesda.

True storms wasteland edition

The True Storms Wasteland Edition is a complete review of the Fallout 4 storm system in both the Commonwealth and Far Harbor, including new weather effects, sounds, particle effects, and textures.

Thanks to this creation of the users of the game we can enjoy in Fallout 4 guide of dust storms, radiation rain and fog effects throughout the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 seasons project

We continue with climatic mods. This time it is an interesting mod that allows us to enjoy Fallout 4 in the four seasons of the year:

  1. Autumn
  2. Winter
  3. Spring
  4. Summer

We can choose what season we want to play and we will see how the vegetation and the landscapes change drastically depending on our choice.


You can now build a small settlement anywhere (with enough space) of the Fallout 4 map!

The Conquest mod allows us to create a small camp for cooking, sleeping, and resting while we explore the wilderness.

Sim settlements

If you are tired of the way to build settlements in Fallout 4, we have a perfect mod for you. This is Sim Settlements. It allows us to establish plots of land for our settlers to build their own homes.

There are numerous options for building buildings, although basic needs such as water, food or defense will remain our responsibility following the original settlement scheme launched by Bethesda with the PS4, PC and Xbox One game.

Bullet time

It is an interesting alternative to the Fallout 4 VATS system that allows us to configure its characteristics to adapt it to our game system.

In fallout 4 guide you are exploring the game mods.

The main difference of bullet time mod with respect to the VATS system is that now we can have total control over mobility and combat accuracy.

That is, we can move and shoot freely while bullet time activated.

Any mod any weapon

This mod in Fallout 4 guide is considered one of the best and most interesting of Fallout 4.

Thanks to the creation of user LucasGod, now we can equip all kinds of modifications in any of the dozens of weapons in the game.

Without a doubt, this is a most curious mod for all those users who want to let their imagination fly creating strange weapons thanks to all kinds of combinations and possible modifications.

Fallout 4 walkthrough

Latest Fallout 4 guide and tips for creating a character, a list of perks, cheats, how to find the best weapons, how to establish your settlement.

Character creation and development

Creating a character is a very laborious and important process in Fallout 4 walkthrough, you need to do everything right at once since it will be quite difficult to correct the distribution as the game progresses.

To improve the characteristics in several ways:

  • Get a new level
  • Find a magazine
  • Find baby doll “Volt Boy”

Character’s appearance:

SPECIAL system:

At the beginning of the game, the player will have 28 points, 21 of which can be distributed among the attributes (each attribute already contains 1 point, therefore distributing the remaining 21, we get a total of 28).

From the selected parameters will depend on the style of passage and the possibility of a character, so you need to select them in accordance with their preferences. Up to 10 points can be attached to each attribute.

All attributes are intended for a particular style of play, it is impossible to distribute points unsuccessfully in the direct sense of the word, but it is possible to distribute points unsuccessfully specifically for yourself.

For example, if you like melee combat, then investing in intelligence will be stupid.

If you want 10 points a certain attribute, then the character generation encloses only 8, as the game progresses you will be able to raise the response using PUPS “Walt-fight”.

  • S – Strength. The more power, the more things you can carry. Melee damage is directly dependent on the strength of the character.
  • P – Perception. Affects accuracy in VATS mode
  • E – Endurance. Helps to resist radiation, poisoning, and other negative influences. A character with high stamina has a lot of health and can run longer without getting tired (the ability of “Sprint” consumes action points, the higher the stamina, the less they go).
  • C – Charisma (Charisma). Gives the ability to persuade other people and affects prices when trading and exchanging.
  • I – Intelligence. A character with high intelligence is well versed in weapon repair, treatment, and computers. From this indicator depends on the amount of experience gained, and the options for replicas in the dialogues.
  • A – Agility (Dexterity). The number of action points and silent movement depends on it.
  • L – Luck (Luck). Increases the chance to strike a critical hit, as well as find a valuable item.


Each time a player raises a level, he is given the opportunity to select a perk. There are 70 of them, 10 for each of the SPECIAL attributes.

The higher the score, the better the perk can be taken.

For example, if you put a character charisma 10, then the most advanced perk will be immediately available.

Alternatively, when you raise the level, you can refuse the perk, but to get the opportunity to add 1 point to the SPECIAL indicators.


  • Iron Fist – Hand-to-hand strikes deal 20% more damage (5 levels)
  • Major League – Melee Weapon deals 20% more damage (5 levels)
  • Gunsmith – Get access to level 1 armor modifications (level 4)
  • Blacksmith – Get access to melee 1 level weapon modifications (level 3)
  • Big Cannon Fan – Heavy cannons deal 20% more damage (5 levels)
  • Sturdy Ridge – Get +25 wearable weight (4 levels)
  • Solid hand – For all guns, accuracy increases when shooting from the hip (2 levels)
  • Hryatsya! – Butt strikes cause 25% more damage (4 levels)
  • Tree Man – Bonus +25 Resistance to Damage and + 25% to Attack without Weapons (3 levels)
  • Locomotive – Sprint in the power armor causes damage and knocks down the enemy (Robots and big enemies cannot be knocked down) (3 levels)


  • Fortitude – Bonus +10 Damage Resistance (5 levels)
  • Lead Belly – Get +10 Radiation Resistance When Eating Water and Food (3 levels)
  • Fountain of Life – Bonus +20 to maximum health (3 levels)
  • Pure life – Reduces chance to get addicted to chemicals by 50% (level 2)
  • Aqua Boy – You can breathe underwater, and also not receive a radiation dose when swimming (2 levels)
  • Lead Pants – Bonus +10 Radiation Resistance (3 levels)
  • Adamantine Skeleton – Limb Damage Reduced by 30% (Level 3)
  • Cannibal – Eating human corpses restores health (3 levels)
  • Ghoul – Radiation Exposure Restores Health (Level 3)
  • Solar battery – Bonus +2 to strength and endurance from 6 am to 6 pm (3 levels)


  • Cap collector – Improves prices for buying and selling from merchants (3 levels)
  • Lady Killer / Black Widow – 5% more damage is inflicted on people of the opposite sex, they are easier to convince in dialogues (3 levels)
  • Lonely Wanderer – Without a companion, the damage taken is reduced by 15% and the transferred weight is increased by 50 (3 levels)
  • War Dog – Companion Dog can hold the enemy, thereby increasing the chance to get into it in the mode of VATS (3 levels)
  • Animal Friend – Aiming a weapon at any animal below your level, there is a chance to tame it (3 levels)
  • Local Leader – Possibility to arrange supplies between your settlements (2 levels)
  • Party-goer – you don’t get addicted to alcohol (level 3)
  • Natural Leader – Companion deals more damage and can’t hurt you (level 3)
  • Wasteland Speaker – Targeting any creature below your level, there is a chance to tame it (3 levels)
  • Bullying – aiming at any person below your level, there is a chance to pacify him (level 3)


In Fallout 4 guide, wiki and walkthrough, you are reading tips about intelligence.

  • VANS – The path to the nearest target is displayed in the VATS (level 1)
  • Medic – Stimpacks restore 40% of lost health, and Antiradin removes 40% of the received radiation dose (4 levels)
  • Weapon Fanatic – Get access to level 1 firearm modifications (level 4)
  • Hacker – You can crack the average complexity of the terminals (4 levels)
  • Trash collector – You can get rare components from the trash. Aluminum, coal, etc. (2 levels)
  • The science! – Get access to high-tech modifications of level 1 (4 levels)
  • Chemist – Any drugs last 50% longer (4 levels)
  • Robotics expert – Ability to hack a robot, turn it on or off, and start a self-destruct process (3 levels)
  • Nuclear Physicist – Radiation weapons do 50% more damage, and power armor batteries work 25% longer (3 levels)
  • Madness Frenzy! – When the level of health drops below 20%, time slows down, and you get a 20% bonus to attack and defense for the duration of the effect (3 levels)


  • Duelist – Manual Pistols deal 20% more damage (5 levels)
  • Commandos – Automatic weapons do 20% more damage and increase accuracy when shooting from the hip (5 levels)
  • Scout – you are 20% harder to detect in stealth mode (5 levels)
  • Sandman – Weapon with a silencer deals 15% more damage in stealth mode (3 levels)
  • Zhivchik – Action points recover 25% faster (2 levels)
  • Running target – Bonus +25 to resistance to damage and energy during sprint (3 levels)
  • Ninja – The damage from hidden attacks in ranged combat increases by 2.5 times, and in melee attacks – by 4 times (3 levels)
  • Sleight of Hand – Recharge runs faster (2 levels)
  • Blitz – In the VATS mode, the distance of hand-to-hand combat increases significantly (level 2)
  • Gan-Kata – 25% more damage to second and subsequent targets in VATS mode (3 levels)


  • Treasure Hunter – There are more lids in the containers (3 levels)
  • Freeloader – More ammunition lays in containers (4 levels)
  • Bloodbath – Bonus + 5% damage in battle (4 levels)
  • Mysterious stranger – Periodically a stranger appears in the VATS mode and helps to deal with enemies (3 levels)
  • Savant – A chance to get 3 times more experience for any action. The lower the intelligence, the higher the probability (3 levels)
  • Critical Damage – Critical hit deals 50% more damage (3 levels)
  • Critical Attack Bank – Ability to apply a critical strike in the VATS mode on your own (3 levels)
  • Death on take-off – 15% chance to restore all action points after a murder in VATS mode (2 levels)
  • Clover Quatrefoil – Each strike in the VATS mode can complete the critical strike scale (5 levels)
  • Ricochet – An enemy shot can ricochet back and kill him. The lower your health, the higher the chance (3 levels)


Many players find it tempting to wander freely in the Wasteland, but at the initial levels, you may not be ready to face its dangers.

Therefore, you can start with story quests in Fallout 4 guide. Within a few hours, you can find new satellites, various quests, and many shops.

But do not forget about side quests. Having acquired decent equipment, look for side quests, including the “Miscellaneous” tab in your Pip-fight.

Some tasks have an internal timer and can fail if not executed on time. Unfortunately, this cannot be found in any way, except by failing the quest.

Typically, these are quests such as attacking a settlement of the moment of a minute or the release of hostages, when they directly tell you to hurry to free them.

Complete the Cambridge Police Quest as soon as possible. As a reward, you will receive from Paladin Dans a unique laser rifle, the “Righteous Lord,” and access to the quests of the Brotherhood of Steel fraction.

The latter will allow you to open many locations and get experience. And the resulting rifle can be modified and successfully used until the very end of the game: it has double critical damage and an increased filling rate of the critical attack indicator. I already have 43 levels, and I still go with her.


Every enemy has its weakness. Use it. The first thing that comes to mind is to shoot the ghouls in the legs that break easily, this will completely reduce their mobility.

This is especially important if it’s a luminous or withered ghoul: shoot him a leg and finish off a recumbent:

Claws of Death have vulnerable stomachs. Robots are eliminated faster with energy and plasma weapons.

Shoot people in the head or in the arm with a weapon to prevent them from attacking.

After seeing the super-mutant, quickly shoot the right hand in which they hold a nuclear mini-charge – you will see a beautiful explosion and all the enemies near the bomb will be destroyed.

Better yet, destroy the supermarket by shooting anything but a hand with a charge – this will not allow the mutant to detonate a nuclear charge, and you can take it away from the body.

Fallout 4 secrets

Buying a dog for settlement

Buying a dog for settlement
Buying a dog for settlement

When traveling through the Commonwealth, you may encounter various personalities. One such random character will be Jin, voiced by Brandon Kiner.

At the meeting, he will offer to buy a dog from him for 250 covers, but then he will begin to doubt.

If your hero has charisma 6 and above, then he will be able to convince. The dog is allowed to be sent to any settlement you choose (gives a bonus of +5 to protection).

As the game progresses it will be possible to meet and buy pets again and again.

Racks for storing magazines and figurines

Having collected a number of magazines, you probably want to arrange them beautifully on the shelf, and the game provides such an opportunity in fallout 4 guide and secrets.

In construction mode, you need to create the appropriate furniture, and then put magazines there.

A special rack is designed for the pups, one of which you can find in your room of shelter 81.

Interface color change

In the game settings, you can change the color of the game interface, as well as Pip-Boy.

The color of the laptop directly affects the backlight.

An improvised flashlight (in fact, the light source is the device’s screen) can be turned on if you hold the Pip-Boy’s call button for a few seconds.

Accordingly, what color you set, this will be the backlight. Interface and Pip-color are configured independently of each other.

Buying a house in diamond city

If you want to settle in Diamond City, then go to the reception of the mayor, and talk to his secretary. In total for 2000 covers, you can buy fine housing in the city center.

It can be arranged to your liking since the construction mode will be available to you (you can only create interior items and furniture).

Change the appearance of the character

If you are tired of the appearance of your hero, then it is not necessary to start the game again.

Enough to visit the center of “Mega-surgery” in Diamond City, where in just 100 caps you can again conjure in the character editor. Gender change (yet?) Is not provided.

You can change your hairstyle in Diamond City or in shelter 81. There are hairdressers in both places.

Using VATS to destroy grenades and mines

The system can detect mines lying on the ground, as well as grenades flying at you.

Use it to destroy explosives at a safe distance.

It works in the opposite direction: throw a grenade at the enemy, and then enter the VATS and shoot it.

This way you can control the moment of the explosion.

Underwater objects at the bottom of the bay

Quite a large part of the Fallout 4 card is covered in water.

In other games, there would most likely be a void, but in Fallout 4, there is something to see even at the bottom of the bay.

For example, you can find a lot of sunken ships, a submarine, and even something resembling a real submarine base.

Power armor jetpack

The most interesting modification for power armor is undoubtedly jetpack. You can get it in the presence of perks “science” and “gunsmith” 4 levels.

Fallout 4 guide, tips, and tricks

Welcome to our Fallout 4 guide. Throughout these pages, we try to offer you the most complete fallout 4 guides to living in the Commonwealth, with all the main and secondary missions, tips and the location of collectibles.

Tips and tricks

Choose your skills well: It is totally and absolutely essential to improve the skills to hack terminals and force locks. Man of action will facilitate the combats and the chopper will help you to find ammunition even under the stones.

Accumulate fusion cores: This time, the power armor is not a piece of equipment anymore, but you must enter it and use a battery to operate.

You can remove this battery (fusion core) from all that you see or when you leave one that you are using temporarily.

In this way, you will accumulate a good amount for when the time comes that you create one of yours, for personal use, that you are going to take everywhere.

Sell ​​fusion cores before they run out: When you are using power armor, you will see a “fuel” needle. When you see that it is going to run out, remove the core (it will be stored separately from the “full” kernels) to sell it.

It sells for the same price as a fully loaded one, which will help you get sheets quickly.

Always carry hairpins: Whenever you access a dealer, first of all, check if you have forks.

They are the picks of the game, and even when you are a specialist in the matter you will break a few with the most complicated ones.

You do not want to have to turn around to open a safe or a small door.

Choose your main camp: This goes hand in hand with the previous council.

Choose one of the settlements and make it your “habitual home“, in which you will store your objects, weapons, armor and later your garage of power armor.

That way you’ll always know where you should go back to find everything.

It points to the arm with which the enemy wields his weapon: If an enemy has the arm with which he carries the unused weapon, this will have an effect from simple bad aim to complete inability to fight.

FAQs of Fallout 4

How to get alien blaster in Fallout 4?

The Alien Blaster is one of the most powerful weapons (and difficult to get) of Fallout 4. Here we show you a fallout 4 guide to finding this gun, although we warn you that it will not be to sew and sing.

To find this gun, we must first have located refuge 75, which also has its crumb. It is an installation that has not appeared in previous games and is located in the basement of the Malden school in the Commonwealth.

The first step to get the gun is to empty this vault 75 of enemies (and not forget one of the figures that can improve our statistics persistently).

Fallout 4 guide Alien-blaster
Fallout 4 guide Alien-blaster

Let’s go back to the wilderness, in a westerly direction, on the way to the Oberland station (next to the Beantown distillery) and then we will see how an event is triggered (do not stop circling the area until this event is over).

A damaged spacecraft will pass by us at great speed. From that moment, head your way to the distillery until you grow up with a cave and the remains of the starry ship.

You just have to take down the alien and loot his corpse.

How to join the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 guide Brotherhood of Steel
Fallout 4 guide Brotherhood of Steel

The Brotherhood of Steel is one of the most powerful and influential groups in Fallout 4. So, many players will want to join it.

The reason for joining the Brotherhood of Steel can be a very good laser rifle, which will be issued for the first task.

First, you need to start the quest “The First Step” and open the “Corvega Assembly Plant” location on the map.

Quest itself to finish is not necessary. We walk around the building and look for the Military Frequency AF95 radio signal.

Hearing the signal for help, we go to the police station – Cambridge Police Station, which will be marked on your map.

Upon arrival, we find Brother Danse in power armor, fighting with ghouls and super mutants. We help him to fight back and talk to him.

We receive the task “Call To Arms”. First, we inspect the site and collect all the useful supplies. And as we are ready to go on – we are talking again with Brother Danse.

We need to find the Deep Range Transmitter, for which Brother Danse will lead us. Opponents will meet on the way.

Inside Arcjet systems will be many opponents. Nothing bad will happen, even if your character is not ready for this yet – Brother Danse will do almost all the work.

First, we need to repair the elevator and power. After that, wait until Brother Danse will deal with a bunch of opponents.

We rise on the elevator up and understand with the remaining opponents. From one of the bodies, we select the Deep Range Transmitter. On the elevator, we rise to the surface.

We speak with Brother Danse and as a reward for the task, we get a cool modified laser rifle – Righteous Authority. He will also ask you to join the Brotherhood of Steel and issue the next task.

We hope this fallout 4 guides, wiki, and walkthrough will be helpful for you.

How to get inside the psychiatric hospital “Parsons” in Fallout 4?

The Parsons Psychiatric Hospital is a very interesting place, with which several fascinating quests are connected, but in addition to this, there are two useful items:

  1. Charopa pups
  2. A journal of surgery

To access the building, you will need to complete the following tasks:

  • Express delivery
  • Emogene and her lover
  • Mystery House Cabot

Express delivery:

Fallout 4 guide About Express delivery
Fallout 4 guide About Express delivery

To begin, you must be at least level 10 and you need to clear the area around the hospital from mercenaries. After all this, you should talk to a guy named Edward Deegan. You can find it in the following locations:

  • Bench spare in Diamond City
  • Diamond City Colonial Bar
  • The Third Rail in Neighborhood
  • In Bunker Hill (most players find it here)

You can regularly visit these locations to provoke your meeting.

Note: If you have fairly high charisma, then you can immediately come to the Cabot house and start talking through the intercom.

Gul will give you the task “Urgent delivery. ” We head to the Cabot house and listen to our employer. The next goal will be to return the serum of Jack.

With a high level of charisma, you can lie that you have not found it and keep it (the serum removes 36000 radiation, protects from 50 damage and gives 5 strength).

Try to go along with what Jack says, as this will determine how to get a unique weapon at the end of the mission.

How to establish a settlement on the Spectacle Island in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 guide about How to establish a settlement on the Spectacle Island?
Fallout 4 guide about How to establish a settlement on the Spectacle Island?

Performance Island is an island on the map of Fallout 4. This is the perfect place to establish your own settlement and rebuild a reliable base. A large territory and isolation from the outside world make this place very attractive.

Visit the island and find a workbench is not difficult, but at the moment the mode of construction will be unavailable.

First, you need to power the hut. From the old buildings are wired, they will lead us to the shore, where the ship is.

We go inside and turn on the switch on the generator. In the same room, we find Fat Man (he will come in handy).

At the top of the ship you can find baby doll “Luck.”

However, we simply will not be given a chance to go back: the Uterus of the swamp farmers will block the way (big mommy, to be honest).

Dealing with her will not be so easy, so we immediately use the newly found fat man.

In the battle with her, use cover, the upper deck of the tug is great for shooting. Do not stay in place, constantly change their position. Having dealt with the monster, go back.

Turn on the switch in the hut and the workbench will become active.

Now you can safely plunge into the arrangement of one and the most interesting settlements in the entire community.


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