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The Fallout Shelter Apk is a simulator game for Android & iOS released by the American company Bethesda Softworks LLC.

In this fallout shelter guide and tips, we will reveal the hidden secrets of obtaining top-level residents, the tricks and cheats of building a shelter, the passage of complex tasks in the wastelands.

And also describe the nuances of the work of Mr. handy/helper, the capture of the mysterious stranger and features of pets. This is 100% working and updated fallout shelter guide for Android, iOS & PC.

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In fallout shelter guide and tricks, you can get information and secrets about the special parameters of the fallout shelter game.

Each resident in the game has special parameters, by which you can find that in which room a person will work more efficiently. To view the characteristics, click on the resident, in the window that appears, the basic properties will be written.

Inhabitants Special Parameters

There are many inhabitants special parameters;

Force (S)

It is needed to work in the Generator (reduces the time of energy production), also the force increases the damage, therefore it is important for surface researchers and security guards.

Allows residents to open closed containers.

Perception (P)

Needed to work at a Water Treatment Station. The characteristic increases the review and is suitable for research because it makes the possible to bring more food.

A resident who has a sufficient amount of this indicator can find abandoned buildings.

Endurance (E)

Required to work in the storeroom and at the Yader-Cola Spill Point. Gives increased radiation resistance and increases hit points.

These indicators give the resident the opportunity to stay longer on the surface.

Charisma (C)

Increases the attractiveness for the opposite gender, which reduces the period of the birth of the child. With this parameter, it is good to work at the Radio Station, the opportunity to call on new people increases, and the time between calls decreases.

On the Waste, a person can make new acquaintances and hold conversations.

Intellect (I)

Allows you to work in the Secret Laboratory and Medical Center. The property reduces the effects of radiation on residents and allows you to quickly restore health points.

On the surface, this property makes it possible to provide first aid to injured people.

Dexterity (A)

Allows you to work successfully in the dining room and in the garden. The parameter allows you to cook faster.

Also suitable for guards, because agility increases the speed of attack.

On the surface, a resident will be able to quickly and without injuries escape from brigands and aggressive animals.

Luck (L)

Increases the chance to get more caps, also increases the number of caps at the end of work. Increases the chance of successful acceleration of the room without an accident. Wasteland increases the likelihood of caps when collecting items.

Other Residents

In this fallout shelter guide and secrets, we are going to explore some more game residents like ‘Name’, ‘Happiness’, & ‘Health’.


Each resident has his own name by which you can select him from the list (located in the upper left corner of the screen).

But it is not always clear who exactly needs to be chosen at the moment, so it is advised to just rename the person to a name that the player understands.

For example, if a resident works in the Generator, then you can write “Generator 1” (because over time there are a lot of workers).

Also, the player will be easier if the resident left the workplace, to return it back.


Every resident has an indicator by which one can determine whether he is satisfied with life or not. Happy people work better and give birth to relationships faster.

People show discontent from lack of resources, food, water, from the wrong place of work. Happiness is reduced after an emergency in the room.

You can improve the rate by distributing people to work according to the level of parameters, periodically treat them and let them rest. After receiving a new level of human happiness increases.

Also, people are happy if the acceleration of work in the room was successful.


The health indicator is under the character profile in the resident menu. With a lack of health at the worker happiness falls, it is required to constantly monitor health.

It decreases after incidents in rooms and surface studies.

Treat residents can be stimulants. The higher the person’s level, the greater the health scale.

In order not to lose the inhabitants, it is necessary to constantly monitor their level of health and happiness. 

Improve the entrance door to the Asylum (from enemy attacks) and give weapons to all members of the community. 

It should be remembered that children and pregnant women do not participate in the defense of the home, so they should not give out weapons.


In this exclusive fallout shelter guide and cheats, you can get info about who is Mr. handy? How to get Mr. handy? How to repair Mr. handy? & How to remove Mr. handy?

Who Is Mr. Handy In Fallout Shelter?

This is an extra character that helps to monitor security in the Asylum. It should be put to work in a room where the resource is developed.

In this case, the Assistant will guard the floor on which he performs the work. As soon as an incident occurs at the level or enemies appear, the Robot will independently go to the room where the problem occurred.

He will pursue the enemy throughout the level. But if the trouble happened on another floor, the Assistant does not move there.

Consequently, each level requires its own Robot.

The robot is not a resident of the Vault, therefore its appearance in the room does not lead to the expulsion from the workplace of the worker.

Also, it does not affect the increase in the experience of residents, the percentage of accidents in the room.

If a player has several Vaults on his account, the Assistant will be assigned only to the bunker where he appeared. Robots cannot be moved between shelters.

The Work Of Mr. Handy On The Heath

The robot can be sent to the surface to collect the covers. However, he will be part of the residents who explore the Wasteland. In total, up to 5 creatures from one bunker can simultaneously be on the surface.

Assistant can find 5000 caps. By doing research, the Robot does not interact with other people in the Wastes but can fight off aggressive creatures.

After spending 4 days (approximately as long as it takes to fill a full bag of covers) on the surface, the Robot will return home.

How To Get Mr. Handy/Helper in Fallout Shelter?

The game has several options for how to get a home Robot:

  1. Purchase in the store for real money. You can buy as many souls you wish, but there are restrictions on the use of robots.
    • Only one Assistant can be located on one floor, the mechanics of the game will not give you a second.
  2. The robot can be in one of the cards that fall out of the lunch boxes. The chance of loss is small, so much hope to get an Assistant in this way is not worth it.
  3. An assistant is given after completing special tasks.
  4. Find Handy on the surface.

The total number of Robots per Asylum cannot exceed the number of floors and 5 more for Wasteland. The remaining Assistants received can safely lie in an unopened box in the pantry.

How To Repair Mr. Handy In Fallout Shelter?

The robot can work for a very long time, it is reliable and receives a minimum percentage of damage when attacking enemies and during accidents on the floor.

The handy/helper will long and faithfully serve the caretaker. During the use of the Robot, it is impossible to fix it, so you have to wait until it dies at the hands of the attackers.

In this case, it can be restored for 2000 covers. The process of resurrection takes place just like the inhabitants of the dungeon.

If there are not enough covers for repairing the Handy, or they are necessary for other needs, then send the Robot, which has little health, to examine the surface.

Being on the Wasteland, Android will not die, since it receives no damage outside the bunker.

How To Remove Mr. Handy In Fallout Shelter?

There are several ways to remove an unnecessary Robot from the dungeon:

  1. Wait until he dies from the paws of the monsters attacking the floor.
  2. Speed ​​up the development of the resource in the room where Android works. As soon as the resource runs out, scorpions will appear who will kill the Handy.

In both ways, after the death of the Robot, you just need to remove his remains.

Mr. Handy is a very useful thing in the Fallout Shelter, especially in the early stages of the game, when residents have few weapons or are not enough to work in the dungeon and on the surface.

In order to avoid oversaturation with robots, it is necessary to monitor the opening of the boxes and not buy them a lot in the store.


This fallout shelter guide and walkthrough includes secrets about how to build a shelter, how to build a refuge? & shelter layout.

The shelter is a kind of bunker in which people hide from radioactive contamination. The player is the caretaker of the dungeon, must develop it, improve the living conditions of the inhabitants, protect people from the attack of monsters.

The essence of the game is precise to develop shelters.

How To Build A Shelter In The Fallout Shelter?

The number of seekers

On one account, the player can have only 3 shelters. When creating a bunker, you must give it a number. You can choose any three-digit number, the number does not affect the characteristics of the dungeon and does not give any bonuses.

Just the name of the place of residence. Also, when creating a shelter, you must choose the complexity of the game:

  1. Normal mode – goes by default. By choosing this game mode, the gamer will calmly and methodically develop, wait for the monsters to attack, repel them.
  2. Survival mode – here you need to put a tick at the top of the screen when creating a dungeon.
    • This mode assumes dynamic development with constant attacks of monsters on the dwelling.
    • This version of the game is recommended to choose already experienced players.

Start the game

After the player has created the bunker, he is offered to undergo training. Here lies the first danger, which can lead to improper placement of rooms.

The fact is that the mechanics of the game is designed for combining 3 rooms. If the rooms are distributed one by one, they are less efficient.

Improving the rooms individually, the player will pay more caps than the combined rooms.

The player will be told about the effectiveness of the unification much later, so it is easy to make a mistake in building the bunker.

The distribution of residents

Until the player has built a generator, a canteen, and a water purification station, it is worth leaving the residents at the entrance. But it is worth remembering that the rooms must be combined.

Therefore, the rooms that provide resources: energy, food, and water, are advised to be located to the right of the elevators.

In this case, the generator is recommended to put on the second level. When there is a shortage of energy, the rooms located far from the generator will go out first.

Now that the first rooms are arranged, you can run the tenants. When distributing people into rooms, it is necessary to arrange them according to the level of SPECIAL parameters.

For example, workers with the highest Strength property (S) will fit into the generator. First of all, it is necessary to fill the rooms that provide resources.

If there were not enough people for living rooms, there is nothing terrible, with time people will approach the bunker or drop out of lunch boxes.


It is a very important resource for the life of the Asylum. At the start of the game, you can build 3 rooms by combining them together.

Then make improvements. It should be remembered that for many rooms energy may not be enough.

If the scale with the energy indicator turns red, the rooms will turn off. First, distant rooms will be turned off.

As soon as the room turns dark, it will stop producing resources, so the canteen and the water treatment plant should be located next to the power station.

In the future, the player will have to build new generators. They should also be put together.


Affects the livelihoods of people. Without water, the level of happiness quickly falls, and people start to work poorly. Without water, people gradually lose their health.

This is the main resource after energy. Without water, the food unit stops working.


It is also necessary for the settlers, and from its lack of people become unhappy. Production is slowing.

The chance to speed up the work becomes minimal, accidents increase. Care must be taken that residents with a high Dexterity score are working in the canteen.

Shelter Layout

First of all, it is worth considering that the monsters from the Wasteland will attack the home, therefore it is important to locate rooms with strong inhabitants on the upper floors.

For example, the workers of the Generator and the Water Treatment Plant can do more good in battles. If the rooms are located close to the entrance (for example, on the top floor of the dungeon), then the first battle will begin in them.

Just to put a room with strong residents is not enough, you need to supply them with weapons and armor. It is better to put on the upper floors to work tenants at a high level.

Living rooms should be located below. At the first stage of the game, you can put a dwelling on level 3 to the left of the elevator.

In case of danger, pregnant women and children should be moved there.

Rooms that give an increased performance (gym), medical center, storerooms, can be positioned at the start of the game to the left of the elevator.

They do not necessarily have to be big, enough for 2 rooms. At the first stages, it is not necessary to build a pantry – there is still nothing to put there.

It is better to spend the covers on improving the rooms that give resources. So they will be produced faster.

How To Build A Refuge In The Fallout Shelter?

In order to build a room, go to the construction menu (a hammer in the lower right corner).

Absolutely all the rooms in the game will be shown there, but only a few of them will be available at the start. As new inhabitants appear in the bunker, new buildings will be opened.

At the bottom of each room, it will be written how many people are required to open it.

Sometimes people come quickly or drop out of new lunch boxes, but sometimes you have to wait a long time for them to appear.

In such cases, it is necessary to motivate residents to have children.

The maximum number of inhabitants in 1 Asylum is 200 people. This factor should be considered when building and distributing rooms.

Building rooms is necessary only when there are enough inhabitants for them. Inhabitants who do not yet fit in the bunker can be sent to the surface for reconnaissance.

When building new rooms, it will be necessary to break stones that are located near the Vault. The operation is not expensive, only 175 caps.


This is the quick fallout shelter guide and strategies about How to build rooms? How to move rooms? location of rooms & room functions.

How To Build Rooms In Fallout Shelter?

At the start of the game, when loading the slides, click on the “Skip” button, then there will be no training. This will allow the player to allocate rooms at his discretion, without being forced into the living room level 1.

But if the player still launched the Asylum with training, it is advised to perform the following steps to remove 1 of the living room:

  1. When the game offers to build a generator, you need to install it at level 2 to the right of the elevator.
  2. Next, you will need to send 2 approached person to work in the generator.
  3. Then the player is asked to speed up the work in the room (it is worth completing this step).
  4. Then the player will be asked to build a dining room. It should be located at level 3 under the Generator.
    • As mentioned above, when there is a lack of energy, rooms that are located far from the Generator will be disconnected first.
    • Therefore, premises that produce important resources should be located near the power unit.
  5. The game offers to build a water treatment plant. It can be put on the left at 2 or 3 level.
  6. Then new people will come running, it is recommended to leave them for the time being at the entrance.
  7. Training is over, and the player can independently arrange the premises.
    • While people are standing at the entrance, it is necessary to build at the level where there is no Station, to the left of the elevator another 1 living room.
  8. Now you can remove the living room at level 1. This is necessary in order to rank 3 Stations.
    • It is necessary to remove the previously delivered Station and build a new one on the 1st floor of the bunker.
  9. It is necessary to distribute the players by room. Residents should be chosen according to their SPECIAL parameters.

If the Water Treatment Station is located at level 1, workers will work there with an increased Perception parameter (P). This feature improves weapon proficiency.

Therefore, in the first place, these residents must be provided with weapons.

When attacking, the raiders will run first to the Station (on the mechanics of the game.

They will first run all the way up to level 1, then go down the nearest elevator and run to the right all the way, and then left, this is repeated with each level).

If the enemy is met by residents with weapons, they will quickly deal with the enemies.

How To Move Rooms In Fallout Shelter?

It should be immediately noted that in Fallout Shelter rooms cannot be interchanged or moved to another place.

If a player has built a room that needs to be moved over time, then you will have to remove it first and then build it in another place.

At the same time, if the room is a passage, then it is impossible to remove it while there are far rooms.

Also, you cannot delete a room if there are people in it. To remove the room you need to bring people out.

If you need to remove the living room, you should first check whether there are enough remaining beds for residents.

If the living room cannot be removed due to lack of space, then the living space should be built elsewhere.

Location Of Rooms In Fallout Shelter

In order to correctly place the rooms in the dungeon, you need to know their purpose. Then it becomes clear where to put the premises.

It is important to remember that it is not necessary to build some rooms at first, it’s just worth opening the room as it becomes available.

First of all, it is necessary to build and improve rooms for the production of resources, costumes, weapons.

Secondarily, you can build and improve the premises. Some rooms are recommended to build as needed.

For example, living quarters, storerooms, medical center, and laboratory.

Room Functions In Fallout Shelter

In this fallout shelter guide and hints, you can easily explore the room functions e.g Vault Door, Elevator, Living room, The generator, Dining, Water treatment station, Storeroom, Laboratory, Radio studio, Gym, Gunroom, Fitness, Garden & much more.

Vault Door

Protects residents from radiation and enemies that run through the Wasteland. The door, like any room in the dungeon, needs to be improved. With each new level, the strength of the door increases.

After the raiders attack, the broken door is automatically restored. For the protection of the bunker is required to put people who have increased characteristics of the Force and Perception.

They also need to be dressed in armor and give the most powerful weapon.

Elevator – moves all creatures between floors. It does not require improvements and does not protect residents from enemies. It should be placed on both sides of the dungeon so that residents can quickly get to another level in case of danger. If a player builds a new row of elevators, then after the construction of the first, the second lift will appear automatically.

Living room

These rooms are recommended to combine 3 pieces and then improve them. This room only affects the dating of two characters of the opposite gender, where the conception of a child takes place.

Then partners can be distributed to jobs. These rooms at the start of the game cannot be improved.

In order to accommodate more residents in the bunker, it is necessary to have an appropriate number of dwellings.

Of course, it is not necessary to build a house fanatically, it is enough to build one room at a time.

As soon as the beds will be missed, the game itself will report this.

The generator

As well as the living space, is available for construction at the start of the game. It should be built taking into account the fact that in the future 3 Generators can be combined.

Better to put the first unit at level 2. It gives energy, the most important resource in the game. It should be improved to the maximum as soon as possible.

Here residents with increased power must work.

If there are rare or legendary residents, then you can put them to work at the power plant. Work in the generator must be periodically accelerated.


Produces food, it must be built at the start of the game under the generator. If there is little energy, the food processing unit will continue to work.

It is recommended to combine the room from 3 rooms into one.

The dining room employs cooks with an increased Dexterity setting.

Water treatment station

Gives water, an important resource in the game. It is recommended to build it at level 1.

As explained above, this is due not only to the proximity to the Generator, but also the ability to quickly repel the attack.


The building opens when there are 12 people in the bunker. This room is necessary to maximize the amount of clothing and weapons.

It can be built on 1 or connect 2 rooms. With each improvement, the storage capacity increases. To work in a warehouse, you must have increased Stamina.

First – aid post

Residents with an increased Intellect work here, and they produce stimulants. They increase the level of health of the residents. It is important to bring syringes with medicine that will replenish life on the surface.

You can connect with 2 rooms. With each level, the infirmary reduces the production time of the stimulator. A first-aid post is available for construction when 14 people are in the shelter.


It will be available as soon as there are 16 inhabitants in the dungeon. It produces antiradin, which reduces the level of radiation.

There are working people with a high Intellect.

With each improvement, vaccine production time decreases.

The caretaker’s office

It is where the Asylum caretaker (player) spends a lot of time improving the dungeon. In fact, the room is necessary to receive tasks (they can be seen on the menu in the “Tasks” tab).

Radio studio

To open this room requires 20 inhabitants of the dungeon. There are people with increased Charisma who increase the percentage of happiness in the bunker dwellers, as well as attract new residents from the surface.

It is recommended to combine 3 rooms of the Radio Studio, which will increase the percentage of people attracted to the Wasteland.

Arms workshop

Weapons are made here, the higher the level of the workshop, the higher the power of the weapon.

The room occupies three cells, so the combination is impossible. Opens for construction if 22 inhabitants appear.

The first workshop improvement is possible if there are 45 inhabitants in the bunker and the second with 75 inhabitants.

Room with equipment

Here the inhabitants of the dungeon will be able to train, thereby increasing their power characteristics.

It will be available for construction as soon as 24 people are in the Shelter.

With each new level, the workout time in the room is reduced by 1 minute.

The gym increases the overall percentage of happiness in the bunker.


Here the tenants will increase the figure of agility. The gym figures are identical to the training room. Will open for construction, as soon as the dungeon will be 26 inhabitants.

Gun Room

Designed to improve the parameter of perception. For the construction will be available when the Asylum will be 28 people. Armory figures are identical to the training room.


Increases the intelligence of the residents. Opens after typing 30 residents. Classroom indicators are identical with the training room.

Costume workshop – designed for tailoring. You can build after there are 32 people in the Asylum. The room occupies three cells, so the combination is impossible.

The first improvement is possible after 55 people are in the bunker. At the same time, rare clothes will be produced.

The second improvement allows you to make legendary clothing, you can improve after the number of inhabitants is 90 people.

Fitness room

A room designed to improve the stamina parameter. Opens after typing 35 people. Hall performance is identical to the training room.

Game room

Designed to enhance Good Luck. It opens after 50 people in the dungeon. Gaming performance is identical to the training room.

Nuclear reactor

Designed to produce energy. It employs residents with an increased Strength score. It opens for construction after there are 60 people in the shelter.

The reactor gives a lot of energy, so it should be placed (to leave a place in advance) in the center of important rooms.


Gives food, it employs residents with a high parameter Dexterity.

It opens after 70 people are gathered in the bunker. Rooms can be combined.

It is better to equip the premises near the nuclear reactor. After improvements, cooking time is reduced.

Water filtration room

Differs from the Water Treatment Station only in the amount of production. It will be available as soon as 80 people are gathered in the Asylum. Rooms are recommended to combine and improve.

The higher the level of the room, the less time is spent on water processing. Here people work with enhanced Perception.

The nuclear cola filling station

This is a room that produces water and food at the same time. Work requires Stamina.

The filling rate depends on the number of people employed in production. With each new level of the item, the time for bottling is reduced.

When arranging and improving rooms, you need to remember that you can combine only the rooms of the same level. 

For example, if there is one Level 1 Generator, then it cannot be connected to Level 2 Generator.


By following fallout shelter guide and wiki you can get hints about how to easily attract the resident with different types.

The number of inhabitants of the cave depends on the development of the bunker, the level of happiness and production of resources.

Once in the game, there comes a time when the inhabitants are sorely lacking.

Even if children are often born in the Refuge, it does not save the situation.

Therefore, it is necessary to build a radio studio, preferably not one.

Residence Types

Residents are divided into 3 types:

  1. Ordinary – have a total of up to 13 SPECIAL points. Maybe born in a refuge. Make up the bulk of the population.
  2. Rare – given for the job, you can get from lunch boxes. They come already pumped on 5 – 10 levels with good clothes and weapons.
  3. Legendary – can be obtained from lunch boxes. Have an increased level of SPECIAL parameters. Initially, they have a high level, excellent ammunition, and advanced weapons.

The radio station attracts the attention of people who are on the Wasteland. To work on the ray requires residents with high Charisma.

The shows attract refugees, and they come to the door of the Vault. The higher the level of the radio station, the more person will pay attention to the bunker.

Legendary Residents In Fallout Shelter

Character `s nameSuit (SPECIAL increase)Weapon (Damage)
Abraham WashingtonAbraham’s homewear (E + 1, I + 2, A + 2, L + 2)Lincoln Rifle (4 – 9)
Alistair TenpennyTenpenny Costume (P + 2, C + 2, I + 2, L + 1)Victoria rifle (10 – 15)
AmataAsylum Romper (standard clothes, adds + 5 damage)Pistol “Lonely traveler” (2 – 7)
ButtercupButtercup Costume (S + 2, P + 2, E + 2, C + 1)not
BuchTunnel Snake Costume (P + 2, E + 1, C + 2, A + 2)Pistol “Lonely traveler” (2 – 7)
Colonel FatherOtema Form (S + 2, P + 2, E + 2, C + 1)Smuggler Thunder Gun (7-12)
Confessor CromwellRopes of Confessor Cromwell (P + 2, E + 2, L + 2, I + 1)not
Dr. LiLab coat of the highest class (I + 7)not
Elder LyonsElder’s Cassocks (C + 4, A + 3)Smuggler Thunder Gun (7-12)
Undertaker JonesThe Undertaker Jones Costume (P + 2, C + 2, L + 2, I + 1)Blackhawk Pistol (3-8)
JamesLab coat of the highest class (I + 7)Bill Savage’s Revolver (1 – 6)
JerichoTaiga leather armor (S + 3, E + 4)Infiltrator Rifle (8 – 13)
Lucas SimmsSheriff’s Cloak (P + 2, E + 5)Infiltrator Rifle (8 – 13)
Moira brownTop grade mechanic overalls (A + 7)not
Mr burkeFormal Wear, Good Fortune (L + 7)Bill Savage’s Revolver (1 – 6)
Preston garveyMinuteman Form (S + 2, P + 2, E + 2, A + 2)Laser Musket (10 – 13)
Guard LionsPower armor T-51f (S + 4, P + 3)Laser shotgun (12 – 17)
Scribe rothschildRothschild’s Scriptor Robe (P + 2, C + 2, E + 1, I + 2)Pistol “Lonely traveler” (2 – 7)
Supreme Paladin CrossPower armor T-51f (S + 4, P + 3)Smuggler Thunder Gun (7-12)
Trident nightTridentight suit (P + 2, C + 5)not
PiperPiper Costume (P + 2, E + 2, A + 2, L + 2)not
Old man longfellowRipped coat (P + 2, S + 2, E + 2, C + 2)Henrietta rifle (13 – 16)

The game has the ability to change the legendary inhabitants of the weapon, but the clothes will remain with them.


It is very easy to give a birth of a child by following these fallout shelter guide and hacks.

One way to get residents in a refuge is to have children. To do this, it is necessary to settle the two opposite-gender[male & female] inhabitants of the dungeon in the living room (it is better if the couple will be in the room alone).

The partner, as a rule, should have an increased rate of Charisma. But, as the practice has shown, it doesn’t matter how much Charisma a man or a woman has, as long as they are alone in the room.

First, they come together, chatting nicely. After a couple of hours, they retire.

The higher the level of partners’ charisma, the faster their dialogue will end (this parameter does not affect the other).

Sometimes a man chooses a girl with a low rate of Charisma, although a lady with a high “attractiveness” setting will be located in the room.

After seclusion, both partners go out, while the woman is already pregnant.

If a player wants to constantly have new inhabitants, then the man can be left in the room, and the pregnant mommy should be sent to the place of work. 

New relationships will begin and end identically with the previous one. Children can not enter into a relationship with one of the parents.

How Many Children Are Born In Fallout Shelter?

From the moment of conception to delivery, about 3 hours of real time should pass. At this time, a woman can do any work for which the caretaker will assign her.

She can give birth in any room (where she is at that moment). The child inherits the parameters of both parents.

The higher they are, the higher the indicator of the characteristics of the baby. Many players choose the father of the legendary resident.

What Happens After The Baby Is Born?

After birth, the baby is left to itself. Nobody brings him up, he wanders through the floors of the bunker. The player can give him a name or leave the proposed.

After the birth of the baby, the game adds one more to the list of tenants. But until the child has matured, he does not take part in the work of the inhabitants.

Growth lasts about 3 hours. At the end of growth, the system will notify you that the baby has grown and is a full-fledged resident of the Vault.


In fallout shelter guide and tips you can get hidden tricks about What is the mysterious stranger?

The mysterious stranger is an extra character in the game. It appears every 5 minutes in the most unexpected places of the bunker. To find it you should be careful.

The game notifies the caretaker of his appearance with a specific signal. When searching for a stranger should move the camera as far as possible. If you look at the rooms very closely, it will immediately disappear.

What is the mysterious stranger? If you click on the figure of the character, then he will disappear but will leave as a gift a reward – covers.

The number of lids is not regulated, sometimes only a few dozen, sometimes several thousand lids fall out.

Tasks for the Stranger – in the game there are several quests in which you need to find a stranger.

For the implementation of tasks given lunch boxes. The stranger is dressed in a light brown coat with a raised collar, a dark brown hat on his head.


Weapons are needed to repel monster attacks on the Asylum, to go to the surface. First of all, it is necessary to give it to residents with good characteristics of Strength, Perception, and Endurance.

The game has many varieties of weapons. Each weapon has 6 levels of pumping and is tied to the characteristics of SPECIAL.

The main division is the division by type (heavy, light, blaster).

Weapons can be divided by degree of uniqueness: ordinary, rare and legendary.

Explore the secrets about weapons and complete list weapons by following the fallout shelter guide and secrets.

Weapons Production

Many types of weapons can be produced and improved in the Armory workshop. The weapon is made of drawings and various trash.

Some items that are needed for the production of weapons can not be found, but only to collect.

They are marked with a special icon. Before making a new item, you should make sure that there is a place in the warehouse.

If there is no space, then it is necessary to build an additional storeroom.

After the workshop is built, a worker should be sent there. To create a weapon, you need to select a room, a weapon menu will appear at the bottom of the screen, where the Create icon will appear.

Click on it to open a list of what you can make and what items are needed for this.

The list shows the production time, the amount of damage, how many covers you need to pay for production. Some items must be unlocked before production (just click on “Open”).

Weapon Upgrades

In order to improve weapons, it is necessary to raise the level of the Armory workshop. You can select a weapon from the same “Create” list. The first column will draw the weapon you need to make. It should be unlocked. Here you can make a rare weapon.

For the production of legendary weapons need to once again improve the arms workshop. A weapon of a higher class does not require existing items for manufacturing. It is made from trash, and low-level weapons can be sold or disassembled for trash.

The most powerful weapon in Fallout Shelter

The most powerful weapon in the game is the legendary weapon. It can be obtained from the lunch boxes, having made 3 levels in the Armory, found on the Wasteland or obtained from tasks.

Name of weapon


Where to find

Items for manufacturing

Parameter SPECIAL

Red rocket (air rifle)0 – 6Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, makingmiracle – glue (2), gold watch (2), shovel (1)Perception
Bill Savage’s RevolversixteenHeath, tasks, lunch boxes, making, with legendary charactersglobe (2), Buttercup (1), wonder – glue (1)Agility
Pistol “Lonely traveler”2 – 7Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, making, with legendary charactersmiracle – glue (2), “Buttercup” (1), shovel (1)Agility
Revolver “Blackhawk”3 – 8Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, making, with legendary characterscamera (3), shovel (2), chemist’s kit (1)Agility
Smooth-bore gun “Younger brother”6 – 13manufacturingglobe (3), Buttercup (2), wonder – glue (2)Agility
Lincoln rifle4 – 9Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, making, with legendary charactersarmy tape (2), globe (2), shovel (1)Perception
Hunting rifle “Anesthesia”5 – 10Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, makingarmy tape (2), globe (2), shovel (1)Perception
Double-barrel bleed “Kolenostrel”6 – 11Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, makinggold watch (2), shovel (2), a miracle – glue (2)Endurance
Smooth-bore carbine “Big Sister”10 – 17manufacturingbuttercup (3), globe (2), wonder – glue (2)Perception
Laser Gun “Smugglers Thunderstorm”7 – 12Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, making, with legendary charactersshovel (3), military wiring diagram (2), microscope (2)Agility
Infiltration Assault Rifle8 – 13Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, making, with legendary charactersglobe (3), army insulating tape (2), camera (2)Agility
Double Barrel Shotgun “Farmers Daughter”9 – 14Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, makingshovel (3), gold watch (2), army insulating tape (1)Endurance
Rifle “Victoria”10 – 15Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, making, with legendary charactersmilitary circuitry (3), shovel (2), microscope (2)Perception
Laser musket10 – 13Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, making, with legendary charactersmicroscope (3), military wiring diagram (2), Buttercup (1)Perception
VPE “Surf”11 – 16Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, makingchemist’s kit (3), globe (2), camera (2)Agility
Laser gun12 – 17Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, making, with legendary charactersmilitary circuitry (3), shovel (3), camera (2)Perception
Pistol “Apotheosis”14 – 21manufacturingmicroscope (4), military wiring diagram (2), gold watch (2)Intelligence
Charon’s Shotgun13 – 18Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, makingshovel (3), army insulating tape (2), gold watch (2)Strength
Rifle “Henrietta”13 – 16legendary character
Gvozdotron14 – 19Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, makingglobe (3), “Buttercup” (2), army electrical tape (2)Perception
Flamethrower “Burner”15 – 20Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, makingcamera (4), Buttercup (2), chemist’s kit (2)Strength
Khlamotron “Revenge of the Engineer”18 – 25manufacturingcamera (4), army insulating tape (3), Buttercup (2)Strength
Magnetron – 40016 – 21Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, makingchemist’s kit (4), shovel (3), microscope (2)Perception
Virgil’s Carabiner19 – 26manufacturingmicroscope (4), gold watch (3), military wiring diagram (2)Intelligence
Plasma rifle “Green death”17 – 23Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, makingcamera (3), chemist’s dial (3), gold watch (2)Perception
Blaster “Destabilizer”18 – 23Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, makingarmy tape (3), camera (3), chemist’s kit (2)Agility
“Swine”19 – 24Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, makingshovel (4), gold watch (3), army insulating tape (2)Strength
“Granato-Med”20 – 25Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, makingmicroscope (4), gold watch (3), military wiring diagram (2)Strength
Gatling – laser “Avenger”21 – 26Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, makingmicroscope (5), military wiring diagram (3), “Buttercup” (2)Strength
Multiply “Fat Man”22 – 27Heath, tasks, lunch boxes, makingArmy tape (3), shovel (3), chemist’s kit (3)Strength
Plasmomat “Dragon’s Mouth”22 – 29tasks, manufacturingmilitary circuit (3), globe (3), chemist’s kit (3)Strength

For the manufacture, it is necessary to have a certain number of caps, a drawing corresponding to the weapon, an arms workshop of 3 levels (an arms factory).


Armor has enhanced performance in the game. It is selected under the SPECIAL characteristic. The armor is one of the types of clothing in the bunker, it is necessary for guards, health researchers, residents who perform tasks.

NameEffectsSPECIAL parametersType ofWhere to get
Combat armorStrength + 2 Endurance + 2StrengthordinaryHeath, tasks, lunch boxes, making
Strong combat armorStrength + 3 Endurance + 3rare
Heavy War ArmorStrength + 4 Endurance + 4legendary
Armored Shelter OverallsPerception 3PerceptionordinaryHeath, tasks, lunch boxes, making
Durable Shelter OverallsPerception + 5rare
Shelter Heavy OverallsPerception + 7legendary
Knight armorStrength + 2 Perception + 2 Luck + 1StrengthrareHeath, tasks, lunch boxes, making, with legendary characters
Plague armorEndurance + 4 Charisma + 4 Intelligence + 4 Agility + 4for alllegendarytasks “Riders of the post-apocalypse”
Military armorStrength + 2 Dexterity + 1StrengthordinaryHeath, tasks, lunch boxes, making
Strong military armorStrength + 3 Dexterity + 2rare
Heavy military armorStrength + 4 Dexterity + 3legendary
War armorStrength + 4 Perception + 4 Endurance + 4 Charisma + 4for alllegendarytasks “Riders of the post-apocalypse”
Leather armorStrength + 1 Endurance + 2EnduranceordinaryHeath, tasks, lunch boxes, making
Durable Leather ArmorStrength + 2 Endurance + 3rare
Heavy Leather ArmorStrength + 3 Endurance + 4legendary
Durable metal armorStrength + 3 Luck + 2Strengthraretask “A delightfully dangerous trail”, making
Heavy metal armorStrength + 4 Luck + 3legendary
Raider armorPerception + 1 Dexterity + 2AgilityordinaryHeath, tasks, lunch boxes, making
Strong Raider ArmorPerception + 2 Dexterity + 3rare
Heavy raider armorPerception + 3 Dexterity + 4legendary
Jericho leather armor (for men)Strength + 2 Endurance + 6usualHeath, tasks, lunch boxes, making
Heavy armor centIntelligence + 3 Endurance + 4Endurancelegendarymanufacturing

Armor can be disassembled in the trash or sell as unnecessary.

Power Armor In Fallout Shelter

The most desired armor in the game is power armor, it rarely comes across. It can be made or found in lunch boxes.

Power equipment is legendary. It is not recommended to wear guards and explorers of the Wasteland. Very rarely such armor is given for completing assignments.

NameSPECIAL parametersEffectsItems for manufacturingWhere to get
T-45a Power ArmorPerceptionStrength + 2 Perception + 3buttercup “(3), camera (2), wonder – glue (2)tasks, lunch boxes, making
T-45d Power ArmorStrength + 2 Perception + 4wonder – glue (4), “buttercup” (2), military wiring diagram (2)
Power armor T-45fStrength + 2 Perception + 5wonder – glue (4), “buttercup” (3), military wiring diagram (2)
Power armor T-51aStrengthStrength + 3 Perception + 1buttercup “(2), camera (2), wonder – glue (2)lunch boxes, making
Power armor T-51dStrength + 3 Perception + 2buttercup “(3), camera (2), wonder – glue (2)
Power armor T-51fStrength + 4 Perception + 3wonder – glue (4), “Buttercup” (3), military wiring diagram (2)lunch boxes, making, legendary inhabitants
Power armor T-60aEnduranceStrength + 2 Endurance + 3buttercup “(3), camera (2), wonder – glue (2)tasks, lunch boxes, making
T-60d Power ArmorStrength + 2 Endurance + 4wonder – glue (4), “buttercup” (2), military wiring diagram (2)
Power armor T-60fStrength + 1 Perception + 1 Endurance + 5wonder – glue (4), “buttercup” (3), military wiring diagram (2)
Power armor X-01 type IStrengthStrength + 3 Perception + 1 Endurance + 1buttercup “(3), camera (2), wonder – glue (2)lunch boxes, making
Power armor X-01 type IVStrength + 4 Perception + 1 Endurance + 1wonder – glue (4), “buttercup” (2), military wiring diagram (2)
Power armor X-01 type VIStrength + 5 Perception + 1 Endurance + 1wonder – glue (4), “Buttercup” (3), military wiring diagram (2)tasks, lunch boxes, making, wasteland

The Most Powerful Armor And Weapons In The Fallout Shelter

Despite the fact that power armor is considered the best equipment in the game, there is another great outfit that can be combined with the most powerful weapon.

When you connect these components, you get an excellent warrior with improved parameters.

The name of the most powerful weaponsWhat armor is recommended to connect
Granato honeyWar Armor, Power Armor T60f
Fat man
Dragon’s Mouth
Revenge of the Engineer
Virgil’s CarabinerPlague armor


In fallout shelter guide and walkthrough you can explore the complete costumes list;

Costume Workshop In Fallout Shelter

The clothes in the game are called “costume”, for the manufacture of which it is necessary to build a “Costume Workshop”. She produces ordinary costumes.

For the manufacture of rare clothing requires an upgrade to the “Costume Factory” (55 inhabitants are needed).

For the production of the legendary equipment, it is necessary to improve the workshop to “Costume Factory” (90 people are needed).

The actions in the Costume Workshop are identical to those in the Armory (how to produce and improve the weapons described above).

In the Workshop, you cannot only make costumes for ordinary people but also armor for protection.

It should be made clothing as needed.

Costumes for the inhabitants of the dungeon are selected by the characters SPECIAL. Also, these parameters affect manufacturing efficiency.

There are a lot of clothes in the game, some things are taken from other Fallout variants.

Clothes are divided into 3 types:

  1. Ordinary.
  2. Rare
  3. Legendary.

The best clothes in the game are legendary costumes.

The name of the legendary costumeEffectsSPECIAL parameterItems for manufacturingWhere to get
Commander’s uniformStrength + 7Strengththree-fold flag (5), globe (4)lunch boxes, making
Heavy overalls asylumPerception + 7Perceptionthreesome folded flag (5), brahmin skin (4)tasks, lunch boxes, making
Heavy hiking suitStamina + 7Enduranceglobe (4), the skin of the chemist’s kit (2)lunch boxes, making
Lucky NightgownCharisma + 7Charismathreefold flag folded (5), wonder – glue (4)lunch boxes, making
Lab coat top classIntellect + 7Intelligencechemist’s kit (5), teddy bear (4)job, lunch boxes, making, legendary heroes
Top grade mechanic overallsDexterity + 7AgilityYao-Guy Skin (5), Teddy Bear (4)lunch boxes, making, legendary heroes
Solemn clothing that brings good luckLuck + 7Luckthree-fold flag (5), teddy bear (4)lunch boxes, making, legendary heroes
Field Surgeon CostumePerception + 4 Luck + 3Perceptionmicroscope (4), triple-folded flag (3)lunch boxes, making
Anti-radiation suit top classPerception + 3 Endurance + 4Enduranceglobe (4), tripled flag (3), chemist’s kit (2)lunch boxes, making
Heavy Mercenary CostumePerception + 2 Dexterity + 3 Luck + 2AgilityYao-Guy Skin (5), Teddy Bear (4)lunch boxes, making
Parade commander uniformCharisma + 3 Intelligence + 4Intelligencethreesome folded flag (5), brahmin skin (4)lunch boxes, making
Elder’s RobeCharisma + 4 Dexterity + 3CharismaYao-Guy Skin (5), Teddy Bear (4)lunch boxes, making, legendary heroes, wasteland
Mutant Hunter CostumeStrength + 4 Perception + 3StrengthYao-Guy Skin (5), Teddy Bear (4)manufacturing
Suit pilot top classEndurance + 3 Dexterity + 4AgilityYao-Guy Skin (5), Teddy Bear (4)manufacturing
Top Grade Brotherhood FormPerception + 4 Charisma + 3PerceptionYao-Guy Skin (3), Teddy Bear (4), Military Circuit (2)manufacturing
Top grade institute overallsIntelligence + 4 Dexterity + 3Intelligencethreesome folded flag (5), brahmin skin (4)manufacturing
Buttercup CostumeStrength + 2 Perception + 2 Endurance + 2 Charisma + 1StrengthYao-Guy Skin (5), Brahmin Skin (4)lunch boxes, making, legendary heroes, wasteland
Otem’s FormStrength + 2 Perception + 2 Endurance + 2 Charisma + 1Strengththreesome folded flag (5), brahmin skin (4)lunch boxes, making, legendary heroes, wasteland
Sheriff’s CloakEndurance + 5 Perception + 2Endurancethreesome folded flag (5), brahmin skin (4)lunch boxes, making, legendary heroes, wasteland
Ropus Confessor CromwellPerception + 2 Endurance + 2 Intelligence + 1 Luck + 2Luckthreesome folded flag (5), brahmin skin (4)lunch boxes, making, legendary heroes, wasteland
Tunnel Snake CostumePerception + 2 Endurance + 1 Charisma + 2 Dexterity + 2CharismaYao-Guy Skin (5), Teddy Bear (4)lunch boxes, making, legendary heroes, wasteland
Rothschild’s Scriptor RobePerception + 2 Charisma + 2 Endurance + 1 Intelligence + 2IntelligenceYao-Guy Skin (5), Teddy Bear (4)lunch boxes, making, legendary heroes, wasteland
Tridignite CostumePerception + 2 Charisma + 5CharismaYao-Guy Skin (5), Teddy Bear (4)lunch boxes, making, legendary heroes, wasteland
Tenpenny CostumePerception + 2 Charisma + 2 Intelligence + 2 Luck + 1Intelligencethree-fold flag (5), teddy bear (4)lunch boxes, making, legendary heroes, wasteland
Costume of the Undertaker JonesPerception + 2 Charisma + 2 Intelligence + 1 Luck + 2Charismathree-fold flag (5), teddy bear (4)lunch boxes, making, legendary heroes, wasteland
Abraham’s HomewearEndurance + 1 Intellect + 2 Dexterity + 2 Luck + 2Intelligencethree-fold flag (5), teddy bear (4)lunch boxes, making, legendary heroes, wasteland
Minuteman formStrength + 2 Perception + 2 Intelligence + 2 Dexterity + 2Perceptionthreesome folded flag (5)manufacturing, legendary heroes, Wasteland
Piper CostumePerception + 2 Endurance + 2 Dexterity + 2 Luck + 2Agilitythreesome folded flag (1), teddy bear (4), yao-gaya skin (5)lunch boxes, making, legendary heroes, wasteland
Torn coatStrength + 2 Endurance + 2 Charisma + 2 Luck + 2legendary heroes
Mike Raki JobinsonStrength + 4 Perception + 4 Charisma + 4 Dexterity + 4job “The search for T-shirts Jobinson!”
Detective costumePerception + 4 Endurance + 4 Intelligence + 4 Luck + 4job “Detective Cases”
Santa Claus CostumePerception + 4 Endurance + 3 Charisma + 4task “Save Santa”
Death JacketPerception + 4 Endurance + 4 Dexterity + 4 Luck + 4task “Horsemen of Postapocalypse”
Robes of HungerStrength + 4 Endurance + 4 Intelligence + 4 Luck + 4task “Horsemen of Postapocalypse”


There are a lot of pets in the game. They bring a bonus to the owner. One inhabitant may contain 1 animal. Animals are attached to people by adding them to inventory (like clothes or weapons).

By reading fallout shelter guide and wiki you can explore the different pets:

Pets Types

There are 3 types of pets:

  1. Cats.
  2. Dogs.
  3. Parrots

Each animal gives only 1 bonus. It is necessary to select animals according to the type of human activity to which the pet is attached.

How To Get A Pet?

Animals are very rare (even ordinary), so they should be placed wisely. They are taken from lunch boxes, carriers, from tasks, they can be found on the surface.

Also, animals can be purchased at the store for real money (one or more).

Pets list

Cats are ordinary:

  1. Abyssinian – increases the resistance to damage by a certain percentage.
  2. American Shorthair – increases the percentage of caps on the surface.
  3. Bombay – increases health by 26%.
  4. British Shorthair – the owner is recovering faster.
  5. Burmilla – reduces the cost of manufacturing things.
  6. Havana – reduces the time for making things.
  7. Face – increases attack.
  8. Manual – increases the likelihood of finding trash on the surface.
  9. Menken – reduces learning.
  10. Manx – increases the chance of having twins.
  11. Ocicat – increases the likelihood of finding equipment on the surface.
  12. Persian – increases happiness by 25 – 33%.
  13. Siamese – reduces radiation.
  14. Somalia – reduces the time to make things.
  15. Sphinx – increases the speed of movement on the surface.
  16. Toyger – increases the chance to find a stranger.
  17. Turkish van – improves the performance of the child SPECIAL.
  18. Scottish Fold – increases the percentage of gaining experience.

Cats are legendary:

  1. Ashes – the speed of treatment increases 4 times.
  2. Bangor – reduces training time by 26%.
  3. Bastet – increases the speed of movement on the surface by 4 times.
  4. Calypso – increase attack.
  5. Cinder – increases trash found + 91-100%.
  6. Cloudy – reduces the cost of manufacturing things.
  7. Diamond – reduces the cost of manufacturing things.
  8. Duchess – + 3 to the SPECIAL characteristics of the baby.
  9. Genius – a chance of conceiving twins 25%.
  10. Ginger – an increase in experience by 45%.
  11. Goblet reduces radiation 4 times.
  12. Kato – increases the chance to find a stranger.
  13. Luna – increases the likelihood of finding trash on the surface.
  14. Merlin – reduces the time to make things.
  15. Mr. Pebbles – happiness + 100%.
  16. Pouncer – increases the likelihood of finding trash on the surface.
  17. Pumpkin – improves the characteristics of the child SPECIAL.
  18. Saffron – reduces the time for making things.
  19. Shadow – health + 97-100%.
  20. Shakespeare – increases the chance of conceiving twins.
  21. Speckle – a chance to find valuable items + 30%.
  22. Static – increases the likelihood of finding trash on the surface + 25-33%.
  23. Sterling – increases the probability of finding covers on the surface + 45%.
  24. Stubbs – increases the chance of conceiving twins by 50%.
  25. Zula – armor + 48%.

Dogs ordinary:

  1. Australian Shepherd – improves the performance of SPECIAL baby.
  2. Akita – increases the chance to find a stranger.
  3. English Mastiff – reduces the price of making things.
  4. Bloodhound – increases the chance to find trash on the surface.
  5. Boxer – increase experience.
  6. Brittany – reducing the time and cost of manufacturing items by 17%.
  7. Golden Retriever – increases the chance to find equipment on the surface.
  8. Greyhound – reduces the time making things.
  9. Dalmatians – increases the chance of conceiving twins.
  10. Doberman – reduces treatment by 3 times.
  11. Collie – reduces the price of making things by 9%.
  12. German Pointing Dog – reduced radiation.
  13. German Shepherd – gives an additional prize for the quest.
  14. Shepherd’s dog – + 15% to the found covers.
  15. Pit Bull Terrier – increased attack.
  16. Poodle – increase happiness.
  17. Rottweiler – health + 29%.
  18. St. Bernard – increases the chance to find trash on the surface.
  19. Husky – increases the speed of movement on the surface.
  20. Black Labrador – reduces the training timer by 7-19%.

Legendary dogs:

  1. Apolda – the treatment time is reduced by 4 times.
  2. Bandit – improving the performance of SPECIAL child.
  3. Barry – increases the chance to find trash on the surface.
  4. Cindy – increases the chance to find equipment on the surface.
  5. Cocoa Bean – increases the speed of movement on the surface.
  6. Dogmeat – the speed of the quest is reduced by 3 times.
  7. Duke – increases the chance to find trash on the surface.
  8. Four Score – + 45% of the found covers.
  9. Gaston – reducing the time and cost of manufacturing items.
  10. Goliath – reduces the price of making things by 30%.
  11. Hulk – attack + 6.
  12. Kabosu – increases the chance to find a stranger.
  13. Kuma – increases the chance to find a stranger by 0.75.
  14. Little Helper – reduced production time.
  15. Lord Puffington – happiness + 100%.
  16. Lucky – increases the chance of conceiving twins by 75%.
  17. Maizie Rai – health + 94%.
  18. Moose – increases the chance to find trash on the surface.
  19. Mr. Peepers – 4 times reduction in radiation.
  20. Muttface – 30% less learning time.
  21. Pal – the price of making things is reduced by 30%.
  22. Pongo – increases the chance of conceiving twins.
  23. Ranger – increases attack.
  24. Scarver – increases experience gain by 44%.
  25. Titan – increases attack.
  26. Trench – increases the speed of movement on the surface by 4 times.
  27. Valentine – increases the chance to find trash on the surface.

Common parrots:

  1. A trained parrot – increases attack.
  2. Pirate parrot – armor + 24%.
  3. Parrot “Volt-Tech” – increases the speed of the quest.

The parrots are legendary:

  1. Butch – increases attack.
  2. Pip – increases the speed of the quest 3 times.
  3. Polly – increases attack.
  4. Vinnie – increases the speed of the quest in 2 times.
  5. Wanderer – increase armor.


The wasteland is the surface from which the bunker separates the door. It is dominated by radiation, monsters run, there are rare people who are looking for shelter and help.

Expeditions can be sent to the surface to find objects, equipment, covers. Many tasks for the caretaker of the Vault, must be performed on the Wastelands.

How To Send Residents To Wasteland In The Fallout Shelter?

There are three ways to send people to the surface:

  1. It is necessary to select the desired inhabitant of the dungeon and put it behind the Vault door, and a menu will appear where you need to click on the “Explore” button.
  2. Select a squad to complete a mission in the Wastes.
    • To do this, select the residents according to the parameters specified in the quest.
    • Having gathered the group, you need to click on the button “Start a task”. The squad will run to the surface.
  3. As in the first paragraph, we expose the resident behind the door of the bunker, and if he is not needed (does not work, for example), let him go for good.

How To Explore Wasteland In The Fallout Shelter?

If a player sends a resident in reconnaissance, then the process of moving can be monitored only through the traveler’s diary. A player cannot influence a person’s action.

When there is great danger, the only thing that can be done is to call the intelligence officer home.

If a player has sent a squad to perform a task on the surface, he almost completely controls the actions of the heroes (sends them to the rooms for research, collects objects, chooses who can attack the monsters).



An important part of the game, which allows you to visit new places, get lids, lunch boxes, trash and much more.

Normal tasks:

These quests can be completed from the first entry into the game. They are located in the dungeon menu (lower right) in the “Tasks” tab (ribbon icon).

These tasks are given one after another, the time for execution is unlimited.

For the successful execution of the player can get covers, lunch boxes, and resources. They do not require certain skills and can be performed during the game. For example, collect 100 units of water.

Career Cabinet Assignments In Fallout Shelter

Assignments become available after the construction of the caretaker’s office. You can assign groups to them, equip expeditions. Only 3 characters can be involved in a group.

Each quest has its own limit on the level and equipment of residents who help to pass it. To successfully complete the quest is required to find the right pet.

You can open and view quests in the bunker menu by clicking on the map icon. This can also be done in the caretaker’s office.

The task can sometimes be replaced by 1 core-cola. Special tasks, and quests performed in time, there is no possibility to replace.

When the player has taken the mission, the task of the squad is to reach the place of its execution, then, after completing the quest, return home.

These actions can be accelerated by Coke cores (the number will be indicated in the quest). If the group has not completed the task, the player can perform it again.

If the group died but coped with the task (there were no open spaces), then this quest cannot be repeated.

Game Tasks Of The Caretaker’s Office:

  1. Special tasks – these quests can accidentally find the inhabitants of the dungeon, doing reconnaissance or performing the task already set on the surface. These tasks can be completed at any time.
  2. Random – can accidentally find a ruin explorer.
    • As soon as the task appears in the inventory, the player is informed about this by a special icon in the menu.
  3. Tasks bottom – given every day, repeated. If a player has not completed them within 24 hours, they disappear.
  4. Tasks of the week – are given once a week, repeated. Difficult quests are recommended to pass.
  5. Urgent – issued for the holidays. If a player has not completed them for a certain time, quests disappear.

Final verdict:

In the above article, you have explored the complete fallout shelter guides, wiki, hints, cheats & walkthrough to get unlimited resources, best weapons, best powerful armor and much more.



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