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Read best and updated family farm seaside guide, cheat and tips to get free RC and pieces.

This new family farm seaside guide is what you were looking for, so you should know that this family farm seaside guide will help you a lot to have the game you want.


In family farm seaside you need to build your own farm to feed animals, grow plants, sell food and most importantly – get rich.

After all, family farm seaside is a beautiful and fascinating simulator from the worldwide popular game.

Having built a family farm, it will be easier and more understandable for you to learn fun tasks, learn how to play in a few minutes.

Planted and harvest crops by touching the screen, and excellent sound effects, colorful graphics will allow everyone to experience real farm life.

In this farm, more than 200 unique products are grown, and interesting tasks and adventures will not make you bored.

Compete with your neighbors to reach new levels and trophies, as well as get unique prizes. So go ahead by following our latest family farm seaside guide.

Credited By

Family farm seaside is offered and developed by  DIANDIAN INTERACTIVE HOLDING.


The version of this application is 4.6.000 dated 14-01-2018, 13:10. Pay attention to the version of android of your device – this application requires android not lower than 2.3.

New Features

– Winter design farm!

– Tropical seaside resort!

– Instant farm switching!

– No loading when switching between farms

– The airship is no more! Barns merged into one big barn

– Sell and use products anywhere!

– Take a look at the information about the neighbors, visiting their farms.


With family farm seaside you will experience a peaceful and relaxing game that gives you unlimited space for your goods.

In this family farm seaside guide, we will give you some important tips and tricks to grow your farm in the best way.

This game will allow each user to relax and enjoy the bright design and great graphics of this application.

By playing family farm seaside everyone can feel like a real farmer and take care of various plants and animals.

Reading family farm seaside guide you can constantly expand the territory of your farm, engaging in the development of new and unique types of crops.


Initially, you only get a small part of the desert territory, which you have to plant with plants of different species and varieties.

By completing tasks and moving to new levels, you will be able to expand the boundaries of your farm and grow animals on it.

Subsequently, when your farm is equipped with everything you need, you will discover unique plant varieties and animal species. However, they will cost much more. Save money by regularly collecting crops.

With our latest family farm seaside guide, you can easily and quickly get what is practically unattainable in a standard game.

Unlock New Levels

Perform routine tasks in the game and unlock new levels to expand your circle of possibilities. Participate in competitions and farm contests.

To make your farm one of the best, you have to buy a lot of valuable resources and items, which will help you with family farm seaside.

Avoid Overlapping Buildings In Your Farm

When you will raising your farm it is very important to set it properly by reading our family farm seaside guide. Many machines you require to produce different items on your farm can overlap other objects on the screen.

So, move your large buildings around. You have to put all these things on the left side of your farm.

When you avoid your building to overlap then it is easy to move them. When you need to move them just tap on that item.

It will be beneficial to your farm to put these objects in such order. Machines to the west and trees to the north. If your bees will near your crops they can quickly pollinate them.


Grow More Plants

The more plants and animals you grow, the more money you can earn because you will sell the harvest to other users. Price for each type of product is assigned depending on its uniqueness.

If you consider yourself to be among those who do not want to accumulate money for a long time.

Invite Friends

Invite your friends to the app and compete with them in the speed of development of their possessions.

Family farm seaside guide tells you that game is played by more than 60 million people and the best thing about it is the fact that there will be no any requirements about to update the barn because you will have infinite space.

You will also enjoy all the missions that it will offer you and you will love it.

This game will give you the chance to enjoy more than 500 unique decorations that you will like. You can even adopt pets in this one and dress them as you wish.


Follow our family farm seaside guide to get unlimited free RC.

  • Login to Facebook with your game

You will get 3 RC when you log in to facebook account with your game for the first time.

  • Get A Daily Login Bonus

You will receive a daily bonus when you log in every day.No matter how much time you spend playing the game. You will get RC or any other special item on every 5th consecutive day when you login the game.

  • Level up

Every time when you level up you will get one free RC.

  • Achievements

By completing achievements you can get free RC that can be found in Achievement House.

  • Dedicated Farmer bonus

Get a dedicated farmer bonus it looks like a treasure chest and you can find it at the top of your screen. By collecting these bonuses you can also get free RC as well.

  • Fishing

You can find the fish book at the fishing pier. Collect all stars in the fish book. You can also get free RC for certain fish.

  • Facebook Fan Page

Get free RC by taking part in the contest on our official facebook fan page.

  • Fortune Wheel

Win free RC by spinning fortune wheel and feel yourself lucky.


What Is TC In Family Farm Seaside?

TC is the new currency in family farm seaside that can be used to purchase items in the store. You can get TC in two ways.

  • By completing orders from guests at the guest
  • By exchanging RC for TC by clicking on “+” icon beside TC icon.

How To Restart Family Farm Seaside?

There is no function in the game to restart it. If you want to reset your game then your all previous progress will be deleted. First, delete the game from your device then again download it from the app store. In this way, you can restart your game.

How To Bomb The Mine In Family Farm Seaside?

After finding the mine on the island tap the mine if the bar has above 1% capacity.Set the explosive material in the mine then press Boom. You can also take the help of neighbors.

Where Is The Exotic Store In Family Farm Seaside?

After joining the Community you can find the exotic store. You can purchase unique crops, machines, and animals in the Community Exotic Store.

Alexander is the owner of the exotic store. As you level up, you will be able to unlock the shelves of the exotic store.

Final Verdict:

Family farm seaside- Great farm on the android with colorful graphics and great features. Plant seedlings, harvest, buy and grow new seeds.

You also have the opportunity by reading the full family farm seaside guide to buy new buildings and make new products. You also have the opportunity to invite friends and make friends with neighbors on the farm.

The game has many locations, like ordinary green meadows, and the coast of the sea.


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  2. Link new phone to old phone to transfer data it does it for you!!! Save and backup everything to Google cloud is always a good idea in case old phone is damaged to severly

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