Farm Heroes Saga Guide

Farm heroes saga guide [Updated]:

Farm heroes saga of King Games is a puzzle game similar to  Candy Crush Saga that is based on exchanging small crops to make combinations.

Overview of farm heroes saga:

By following farm heroes saga guide you will assume the role of a farmer, we have to go out and collect the crops, flowers or animals from the farm in each level. The stages have different objectives and several different designs, but the game is usually the same, making groups of three or more with crops or elements (such as water and sun), where some of these are needed in large quantities to complete a stage.

How to play farm heroes saga?

Farm Heroes Saga Guide

When starting the farm heroes saga guide, the farm animal will show you through a brief tutorial on the basics of the game. At the beginning of a level, they will be given goals that they have to reach to pass the level. This farm heroes saga guide will tell you to collect all the fruits that were requested and thus reach a 100% growth. On the left side of the screen, you will be able to see the fruits that are asked for. Once they have collected enough of fruit, focus on picking up the rest of the other fruits.

One of the curious levels that make the game truly fun is that you will have to fight against the evil Rancid, a raccoon that you must fight to collect the different fruits and vegetables. But you don’t need to worry about because farm heroes saga guide will give you the best tips to overcome all levels with great ease.

Farm heroes saga guide:

Tips for farm heroes guide and cheats:

  1. You can make rows of 3 or more equal resources (strawberries, suns, water drops, apples, and garlic) to collect them.
  2. You must complete the goal of the level before they run out of moves.
  3. At the completion of each level, they get a growth reward, which consists of a basket of magic beans. You receive 75, 150 or 250 beans depending on whether you have finished the level with 1, 2 or 3 stars.
  4. When you reach the level of growth required, hero mode is activated: use the remaining movements to fill in the growth bar and achieve more magic beans.
  5. When you start the game you get 20 free gold bars with which you can buy extra lives and improvements.

Pick flowers in farm heroes saga:

In addition to various types of fruits, you will sometimes be asked to pick flowers. Flowers are a little harder to obtain though. A flower goes through three phases before it can be collected. First, make a game of other fruits next to a flower to move to the next stage, and then make another party to pick up the flower. Know that the Flowers themselves cannot move or be matched.

We explain some tips and quick ways in our farm heroes saga guide to overcoming the different levels of the game farm heroes saga for Android and iPhone.

How to advance in farm heroes saga:

Follow these tricks in farm heroes saga guide and reach such high levels, such as 509, to be able to advance in the game.

How to use magical beans?

Farm heroes saga guide will tell you about the best use of magical beans. Magic beans serve in the game for two things. The first is to make Rancid levels easier so that you can fight against him without any difficulty. The second, with the beans you can buy some boosters, such as shovels, which are used to remove fruit or vegetable from the game panel.

We advise you in our farm heroes saga guide not to waste the beans in Rancid levels, because, although they are difficult to overcome, it is better to buy boosters that help you overcome even more difficult levels.

Use farm heroes saga boosters wisely:

A novelty of the game farm heroes saga is that the enhancers are recharged every 24 hours, so technically you will always have the possibility to use them. Mind you, this does not mean you use the precious boosters like crazy.

We suggest you use the power-ups always at the end of a level when you see that there are only a few movements left. In addition, it is important not to use more than one enhancer at each level.

You can use the different enhancers for the following cases:

Farm heroes saga guide to using enhancers such as pala, strainer, egg brokers etc.

-Pala: to release a piece that is blocked, for example, frozen.

-Strainer: use it to eliminate a row that contains many crops of the type you need, especially if you have few movements and you have few to get.

– + 1: if you still have many harvests to achieve, you can use it to increase your movements.

– Dog thief: if you lack many crops of a specific type and there are many on the board, use it to collect them.

-Egg breaker: use it only when there are many eggs on the board but with which you can not make combinations.

Ways to eliminate fireflies: Farm heroes saga guide

Fireflies can be a cumbersome matter when it comes to overcoming a level and can be somewhat complicated to eliminate. For this, you will have to have them in their open position, making combos with one of them. A tip: try to make combos with two or more fireflies so as not to waste movements.

Now, the fireflies must be all in their open position to eliminate them. Therefore, it is important to open them all, and once this happens, they will fly out and disappear from the board.

Farm heroes saga guide to overcoming all levels for unlimited lives:

Farm Heroes Saga Guide unlimited lives

The importance of making combos:

The essence of farm heroes saga guide is very simple: it fulfills the crop collection objectives that are indicated to you. You should always stick to the number of moves they give, so the more cards you eliminate in a play, the better.

But making rows of more than 3 items is not only good for filling that particular crop, but it gives you other benefits. So, keep in mind that:

  • If you join a row of 4 elements, a value point is added to all the tiles around it and those that are of the same type are deleted
  • If together a row of 5 elements will automatically remove all the pieces of the same type that are on the board

So do not rush and focus on finding combinations of 4 or 5 chips, you see that all are benefits!

Similarly, unless you have very few movements left, do not cut yourself into creating rows of 4 or 5 elements even if they are of a type that you should not get at that particular level. For example, maybe on one level, you should collect strawberries and apples … but at a given moment you can form a row of 5 drops of water … Do it! By eliminating all the drops on the screen it is very possible that several more rows are formed and that your meter is quite full having spent a single movement.

 Pay to visit the farm club:

Farm club is functionality that collects the animals that you have been unlocking in some levels. If you unlock the three indicated in each case you can change them for different boosters.

Review the possible combinations of animals from time to time and click on any of them: you will be directed to levels to get more animals.

Change the boosters that the animals give you when it suits you and remembers not to waste them.

What you should know about the special boxes?

Farm Heroes Saga Guide Cheats

Farm heroes saga guide for special boxes. We explained in farm heroes saga guide that not everything is conventional boxes; There are several types of boxes with special characteristics. I give you some keys to understand them better and get more out of them:

Boxes with flowers: to release them you must gather fruit in the adjacent boxes. Try that when you make combinations match more than one flower, you will release them with less movement. For example, the combination of carrots will affect two flowers at a time.

Eggs and chicks: Three eggs together form a broken shell, and three shells break a chick. Keep in mind that, unlike other tokens, putting together more than three pieces of eggs together does not generate any special effects.

Frozen areas: the frozen pieces cannot be moved and they are only eliminated if you combine them with normal equal pieces. Keep this in mind when advancing and value the use of the blades in this type of pieces to be able to advance.

Areas with grass: when you put pieces together in a grass area, each one will give you more points than if you do it in a normal way. Thus, in levels with green areas try to focus the action at that point to get more points in a single stroke.

Enjoy hero mode: Farm heroes saga guide tell you about hero mode. Hero mode allows you to use the remaining moves as you are interested, without having to worry about objectives. Also, every move you make causes points to accumulate in the crops.

More points mean qualifying your friends and getting more beans.

Play with Facebook friends:

You can play with your friends and even synchronize with the Facebook game without problems.

Farm heroes saga guide and strategies:

These tricks and farm heroes saga guide are just some of the strategies you discover when playing games in farm heroes saga. As we always say, each one works better with some techniques or others.

  • Always try to make combos with more than 3
  • Use the hero mode to get more score.
  • Eliminate the fixed elements first, like the flowers, trying to make a combo to open several.
  • Try to eliminate accumulated eggs to have more chances of movements with crops.
  • Save beans and gold, you may need them at extremely difficult levels.
  • Try to perform your movements in the lower part of the board, to have more possibilities to create a waterfall effect.

Your goal in farm heroes saga:

  • Collect 4 fireflies.
  • 2 spiders.
  • 125 strawberries and 125 suns.

Tips and solutions:

  • 1) Break the cobwebs to collect them.
  • 2) Use the shovel to collect the fireflies quickly.
  • 3) Make long combinations to collect the 250 Plantamiz.

Finally, we tell you in farm heroes saga guide that at several points of your adventure, you will have an encounter with Rancid, the raccoon, and a “boss fight” will occur. To fight it they will have to use the magic beans that are given to them as a reward in the different levels.

Final verdict:

Farm heroes saga guide will tell you about hidden facts to advance in the game farm heroes saga. Collect all kinds of crops to overcome each level before running out of the movement. You can get rechargeable boosters, extra movements and even power-ups with our farm heroes saga guide that will give you an advantage.

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