Get our best fishdom guide [for android and iPhone] deep dive to earn unlimited coins, diamonds, money and build your dream aquarium. This guide and tricks are for both beginners and pro players.


In Fishdom, the same as Touch the Fish, an aquarium should be administered. Aided by the adorable little turtle.

You will learn how to encourage the aquarium by adding the fish, but also by its decoration. And yes, our friends fish love the aquatic life of the decoration!

However, of course, all this has a cost and being able to buy more fish and offer maximum comfort in your aquarium, you will have to spend the coins.


Fishdom is developed and offered by Playrix.


To earn extra gold money, you must associate at least three identical symbols by exchanging adjacent pieces. Depending on the levels, the objectives will be different.

For example, you will have to eliminate a certain amount of one or more particular items or exploit gold boxes to complete the level.


Naturally, the number of shots is limited and you will have to deploy your strategist’s mind to finish your beauty levels.

Keep in mind that you can also associate more than three boxes together, which will allow you to unlock testosterone boosters.

The most important resource, diamonds, allows you to buy lives but also extra shots when you are struggling to finish a level.

Especially thanks to them, you will be able to get the coins and develop an amazing collection!


You can get free gold coins for more fish. It takes the conquest of match-3 games to make the world of the sea one of the most important in the world.

The game invites you to participate in a challenging and fun game of combining 3 with new unique spins.


Fishdom: Deep Dive is a bit of a rarity – this Playrix form title is a Match 3 title. The game welcomes you to participate in a demanding Match 3 gameplay with latest twists.

In order to get a beautiful aquarium, you need to work hard, starting with an aquarium for 4 fish. Growing fish and selling them, you earn experience and a certain amount of money.

There is another way to make money, which is to play logical mini-games. But this type of earnings is less profitable. With increasing levels, new fish and other inhabitants of the aquarium open. Accordingly, the price of such an adult fish will be higher.

If you want more fish, then for a certain amount of money the aquarium can be expanded. In addition, you can buy an additional aquarium. In one, you can grow fish for sale, and the second to do for beauty.


In order for the fish to grow, they need to be fed, buying food, caring for the aquarium and treating the fish if they become ill.

If you want your aquarium to be the most beautiful, the game has a large assortment of decor for the aquarium. If you are familiar with the secrets of the game and use codes, then you can easily get them all.


The only obstacle to creating the aquarium of your dreams is that the expansion of the aquarium, the purchase of elite fish and decor elements is carried out either for very large game money or for real money.

Making money in the game is difficult, so making money will take almost all the playing time. But you really want to relax in the evening, looking at the aquarium, albeit a game one.

This will help you cheat resources and votes, which contributes to the code selected by the cracker program.


How Do You Win Fishdom?

You can win fishdom by following our tips and tricks to build dream aquarium.

  • Match four or more pieces to finish the task faster.
  • Get all bonuses by keeping an eye on them.
  • Use lightning power-ups.
  • Earn coins by using fish food.
  • Get extra money by filling your aquarium beauty level.

Is Fishdom Free?

Keep in mind that Fishdom is totally free to play for you. You can play it on android and ios devices for free. There are also some features you can buy them to enjoy the game.

How Do You Earn Stars On Fishdom?

Beauty shows the advancement of your aquarium. The more your beauty level the more advance your aquarium is. You can buy fishes and decoration materials and also earn stars for your aquarium.

With stars you can:

  • Unlock new aquariums
  • Get more coins
  • Receive diamonds and earn boosters as a bonus.

How Do You Get More Coins?

Coins are the main currency of the game. You need them to buy different items in the game.

  • Play match 3 levels earn you coins.
  • Feed your fish and fish of your friends.
  • Make your aquarium dirt free on a regular basis.


By reading our latest and updated fishdom guide you can win the game easily and can get unlimited free resources and rewards quickly. That’s all for the moment as far as our Fishdom guide: deep dive tips are concerned.

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