fun run 2 guide and walkthroughfun run 2 guide and walkthrough

What is Fun Run 2?

Fun Run 2 is a fun-filled Multiplayer online racing game where you need to win by running fast. The more you are faster the more you will be able to reach the finishing line real quick.

The fun run 2 was originated on 4th December 2014 by Dirtybit for Android, IOS and Windows phones and is played all over the world.

The players have to accomplish the desirable missions available in the game. If you are fond of playing online games then this will be the best online game to play with full of Challenges.

Fun Run 2 Guide & Walkthrough [current_date format=’Y’]

Doing online racing is as difficult as doing it in real. You need to be super quick in order to defeat your opponents. Remember that with each passing level if you get a victory you will get a prize in a form of golds with which you can shop any time.

The higher the position the higher will be the prize. If you are a newbie and have never played this game then have a look at this guide that will surely help you out in winning this race.

How to Play Fun Run 2 in [current_date format=’Y’]?

A few tricks that might assist you in playing this game incorporates:


1- Use of Powerups

In Fun run 2 you have the facility to use the powerups that will give you a victory. There are different powerups in the Fun run that work differently

Magnet: The magnet hauls your opponent from the back and helps you to be one step ahead of your opponent.

Sawblades: If your enemy tries to cross you then this powerup can cut them into pieces.

Rocket: You can use the rocket to boost up your speed but remember that don’t use it for so long as it can provide you harm.

Ballon: This powerup can provide you protection from your enemies.

Riffle: You can fire a riffle once you see a red crosshair moving around your adversary.

2- Be Cautious Using Powerups

You will get all the powerups at the start of the game but don’t be too hurry to use them.


You can use the Ballon powerup at the start for your protection from the enemy as they can try to provide you harm at the start of the game and you might lose the game.

3- Remember the Layouts

In this game, you have to cross a number of levels and the layouts might be similar so try to recall them in your memory.

So when you start the next level you must be familiar with the ups and downs of the level. It will surely help you a lot.

4- Avoid Jumping Excessively

Avoid jumping so much as it will affect your speed. By jumping excessively you might miss a number of powerups that will come your way. Jump only when you need to.


5- Use Wifi

Instead of using any 3g connection or mobile package try to play this game on Wifi. Because once your connection down you can lose the game. To play the game you must have a good internet connection.

Fun Run 2 Latest Version

Fun Run 2 brings its new latest version for Android BitRhymes Inc which is license-free. Some of its Key points include

fun run 2 guide

Category: Free Arcade game

Version Update: [current_date format=’Y’]

Requirements: Android 3.0+

Publish date: 21st December 2017

Downloads: More than 25000

Size: 91 Million

Offered by: Dirty bit

Interactive Elements: Users Interact, Digital Purchases

Fun Run 2 Features

1– A number of powerups are assigned to you to win the game. By using those powerups you can defeat your enemies.

2– A number of prizes, bonuses, and daily rewards are hidden in the game that you need to win which will excite you to play this game.

3– You can shop for different costumes or attires from the shop anytime with your gold.

4– You can challenge your friends to play the game with you with which the fun will be doubled.

5– There are different levels of the game. Try to conquer the last level.

6– It is the coolest and the fastest-running online game that will provide you with unlimited fun.

What is the Clan?

The clan is a feature that allows the player of the game to join the groups in Run Fun 2 and interact with the members of the group.

You can compete with those members or have a good chat with them.

You can also get a chance to earn endless rewards. This feature was introduced in this game a long time ago and a lot of changes have been done since then.

How to Get the Clan Reward?

You can get these rewards by playing in the clan. After every 2 weeks, the clan unlocks its accessories for its members that you need to win by playing a game.

The reward will be decided according to the position you will get in the race or according to your rating points.

How to Leave a Clan in Fun Run 2?

There are many people who want to leave the clan after becoming a member of it. To go to the clan, find your name in the clan board where you will find an option to leave. Click the option and you no longer will be a member of the clan.

FAQs About Fun Run 2

How to Get Fun Run 2 on iPhone?

Fun Run is the fastest-running online game for iPhone users also. So you can easily download on Iphones too as you download on other Android phones.

Final Verdict

So Fun Run is a platform that will keep you excited and entertained and it’s a treat for those who love racing games.

I hope this fun run 2 guides will answer all your questions. Still, if there is any need to ask something feel free to ask in the comment section. We would love to answer them.

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