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The Garena Free Fire is an Android/iOS shooter game from the Singapore company Garena. Here you will learn how to wage battles easily in order to stay alive, beginning of the battle and all the other secrets and hints with the latest update.


If you can play it on Android & IOS devices then you can download it from Google Play Store & iTunes. You also can play it on your PC by Android Emulators.


Here we show you a series of pro tips to win games, a mobile title with which you can live a PUBG experience but thought more for the general user market.

Throw The First One From The Plane

If you want to launch the first one from the plane you can do it as soon as the minutes reach 3:35, this will allow you to be the first to fall to the map and thus obtain the best resources.

The Parachute Opens Alone

When you have launched, do not be afraid to crash into the ground because it is not possible, since the parachute will open only as soon as you are close. So we advise you never to open it for yourself so as not to waste time on landing.

You Can Heal In A Vehicle

Many users do not know that they can heal inside a vehicle. This is very simple to do since you just have to press the cure button and then open the inventory.

How To Shoot Better

Long-distance the best players usually make only one or two shots, but only when they are totally safe. A short distance does not usually pass three or four shots. Once you meet this number of shots you will be at the same level as the professionals.

Beware Of Shooting Crazy

Through the map, the other users can know if you are in an area if you have previously shot. Every time you trigger alerts of your position and other users can discover you.

Move Nonstop

When you are looking for resources, always be moving, this will prevent others from shooting you from afar. Whenever you move around the map you should try to make different movements so as not to facilitate that they hit you in the distance.

Don’t Waste Ammo

If you have any opponents on the ground and you have little ammo, don’t waste bullets. You can use any other type of weapon, such as a grenade, to finish removing it.

Pomegranates Are Very Valuable

In addition to saving us ammunition, we can also use grenades for when an opponent is hidden in a building or in a tree.

Use The Jump To Pass Through The Water

If you run through the water, the character will reduce his speed, but if you make successive jumps you will go much faster.

Look Where The Rest Of The Rivals Land

It is very important that at the beginning of the game you always observe where the rest of the rivals are landing to try to avoid their areas and thus be able to get the resources from where you fall.

Always Ambush From The Left Side

Due to the camera’s layout, you should always hide when you want to ambush the left side, so you can perfectly see the arrival of the rivals.

Pick Mushrooms

It is a form of healing, but they can also expose you to enemy attacks, so look around you first.

Do Not Ambush

If you think you are in an area that has already been looted before, it is likely that you have a rival hidden in a building in the area.

Explore Military Places

If there are no enemies in sight, it is a good idea to explore sites such as watchtowers, cargo containers, trenches or military tents. There is usually a good loot in these types of places, both in weapons and supplies.

It is not very smart to explore these areas from the beginning but, if we have already been halfway through the game, there will always be things to take. Surely, there will be fewer players on the prowl to eliminate us.

In places like this, it is also common to find kits to improve bulletproof vests. Pay attention while exploring because, although it is not bad to have a level one vest, it is highly recommended to improve it soon. The last players will always have powerful weaponry.

Discover Your Ideal Weapon

There are several types of weapons in Free Fire, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one type or another will depend, above all, on your favorite style of play … and what we find when exploring. We will not always have the privilege of having that AWM or that SPAS12 that we love so much!

The different types of weapons are as follows:

  • Precision rifles or snipers: they are a lethal weapon, incredibly accurate, efficient over long distances, hard to find on the map and with little ammunition.
  • Assault rifles: they are weapons that can be automatic or semi-automatic, with a good rate of fire without sacrificing much precision. There is ammo in abundance, scattered throughout the battlefield.
  • Submachine guns or submachine guns: they are the most suitable weapons for short distance, filling any enemy with lead in a matter of seconds. Two negative points are that they have little precision and their bullets wear out quickly.
  • Shotguns: they are powerful short-distance weapons, with which you can eliminate almost any opponent with two or three well-shot shots. However, they take a long time to recharge.
  • Special weapons: there are different armaments that are special, such as the crossbow, heavy machine guns or grenade launchers. During games, it is not usual to find a large number of these types of weapons.
  • Guns: the least lethal firearms of Free Fire. Even so, it is better to have a gun than to have nothing.
  • Melee: there are various melee weapons, such as the pan or the machete. They serve as a last resort when we find nothing else or we run out of ammunition.

Pay Attention To The Safe Area

The safe zone is described by a white circle, which we can see both on the map and on the minimap. Within this area, we will be safe, since, outside of it, the radioactive storm will take our lives over time.

If we are attentive to the safe zone, on many occasions we will see players run through their lives to get away from the storm, before it is late. 

Situations like this are a perfect opportunity to eliminate opponents. An unworthy method, that’s true, but also very efficient.

Look At The Minimap

We have already mentioned that we can see the safe area in the minimap, but that is only one of its advantages. The minimap is very important to avoid a whole series of threats to our survival.

If you hear shots near you, look for the red triangles that appear on the minimap, as they will indicate the origin of the shots. That way you will know where there are enemies nearby. At other times, we will hear explosions and vehicles driven by players. Both will be marked by yellow or red dots, in the outline of the minimap. That will tell us in which direction the sound is coming.

In addition to radiation, there are also danger zones. These areas are marked by red circles with the Danger label. After a few seconds, a bomber will sweep through that place, so get away as soon as possible.

The UAV drones reveal the position of the players who are inside the yellow circle. Never expose yourself to others, but stay close to see where the revealed players are.

Take Cover

Throughout the map, there are buildings, walls, containers, stones, trees, etc. Use them as coverage. The worst thing we can do in this game is to be exposed. While traveling, try to protect yourself with the environment so as not to be eliminated before observer players.

However, that means we must move carefully. We will never know if behind that wall, or that wall of the building, an opponent with a shotgun hide, ready to take us out of the game with two surprise shots.


If you want to start playing this game, it is a good option if you are a lover of this new genre in video games. For this, we help you and offer you the best tips to win in Free Fire Battlegrounds in your first games.

Tips To Start Playing Garena Free Fire

Through these tips to win in Garena Free Fire, you will be able to surprise your rivals even being a novice player in the program.

Garena Free fire is one of the most interesting games for mobile phones. The graphics are not really very good but the gameplay is. In this article, we show you some tips and advice to be able to be in the first positions.

Choose The Best Character/Hero

Depending on your game strategy, you should choose a character that suits this, for example:

  • Kelly has the Sprint increased and moves faster, so you are very interested if you are a very defensive player.
  • Caroline also has increased Movement Speed ​​when using a shotgun, so you can run in safe areas if you decide to be very defensive.
  • Andrew is able to resist more time with a vest and thus have the opportunity to escape from enemies or win clashes thanks to that vest resistance.

What To Pick Up First Upon Landing?

It is of vital importance that once you have fallen, you RUN to look for a weapon , it will be decisive for you to bring down the enemies that you find, then you can go to pick up your equipment to be able to resist more in the middle stage of departure, but what Initial, is to go for a gun quickly, if you’re lucky you’ll find an assault rifle or shotgun to shoot down enemies easily.

Mushrooms will provide you with a valuable shield that will allow you to fight longer.

You will have to focus on picking up the following items to optimize starting your game well:

  • Weapons: Given that the best weapons are assault rifles for long/medium distances it is interesting to always have one at the beginning of the game but the best shotgun to have so many players will be a 1 vs 1 victory.
  • Backpack: The backpack will allow you to collect more objects from the ground that you find, it is essential to equip with one of these as quickly as possible because it is interesting to go as equipped as possible to face the rivals with better weapons.
  • Helmet: Picking up a helmet at the beginning of the game can save you on more than one occasion from a matched match if you find a level 3 one it would be an incredible starting point.
  • Bulletproof vest: With a good bulletproof vest you will be able to win the confrontations of the first minutes, yes, you depend 100% on having a weapon to kill the enemy. Always prioritize weapons but never forget this essential object for survival.
  • Heals and first aid: For early confrontations, it can be useful, but it is much better to use them when you are out of combat, so preferably choose the best weapon on the ground before a first aid kit.

Use Headphones To Listen To Enemy Footsteps

In Garena Free Fire you can determine if an enemy comes to you from behind, is far away or is approaching you, if you have the headphones and you can determine where the footsteps of the enemy come from. This is a KEY factor to detect where your enemies are.

You can also listen to shots and vehicle movements.

How To Win More Games?

After all, it tries to survive until the last player, then if we hide from the enemies, in the end, they will end up killing each other.

Decide your strategy and if you go for victory, the easiest thing is to take refuge in houses and move towards the safe area until there are few lefts.

Do not forget to equip yourself and use headphones to hear where the enemies come from, also practice aiming because you will need it for the last minutes of departure.

Use The Vehicles Carefully

We all know how useful vehicles are in Free Fire, especially when the safe zone is very far from us. It helps us to move quickly to other places, where there is quality loot, and also to pass over the clueless players that we find along the way. There is always one or two like that!

Unfortunately, not all are advantages of vehicles. If we make a lot of noise, the other players can listen to us. For that reason, we must use cars, vans, and motorcycles carefully, so as not to reveal our position.

Final verdict

In this article, you can easily find Garena Free Fire hidden secrets and tricks about weapons and rewards.



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