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Geometry Dash Guide [The Best Cheats, Tips, and Tricks]:

In this practical tip and geometry dash guide on Apkguides, we tell you the best cheats and tricks for geometry dash. This is the game of skill for smartphones and tablets.

Geometry Dash Guide
Geometry Dash Guide, Wiki & Walkthrough

Download Geometry Dash APK For Android/iOS/PC

Tips and tricks for success at geometry dash:

  • There are no legal cheats or hacks in Geometry Dash Apk. However, illegal methods are circulating to gain an advantage in the game. However, they can cause you to be locked.
  • We, therefore, recommend simpler methods to succeed in Geometry Dash Mod Apk. Always follow the basic geometry guide and tips for better play. It’s best to memorize the level history so you can accurately estimate the next obstacle.
  • Do not be distracted by the display at the top of the screen. Otherwise your attention often quickly loses sight of what is happening on the actual playing surface.
  • Get booster. So you get a special advantage through special skills such as higher flying, which makes the game much easier.
  • If you need to respond to multiple platforms in succession, it’s best to keep your finger on the touch screen. This will keep your cube moving. If tips come your way, let go again.
  • Use practice mode to improve your skills. Although this does not break any levels, training is well worth it for many players. The checkpoints make the game easier and do not cause any frustration when playing relaxed games.
Geometry Dash Tips and Tricks
Geometry dash top tips, tricks, and cheats

Play geometry dash on the PC – that’s how it works?

Geometry Dash Apk is available on numerous platforms. Even on the PC, you can gamble the game online. We’ll show you in geometry dash guide for PC where to get the game.

You can use the smartphone game on Windows or Mac. How this works, we show you in the practical tip “Run Android apps with Bluestacks” easily. I hope this geometry dash guide to playing on PC is working for you.

Geometry dash guide and best hints:

Geometry dash tutorial:

I do not know about you, but I learned to hate the music very quickly. It is incredibly fast and tugs at your nerves. Make the most of it concentrate better.

Continuous leap:

If you hold your finger on the touch screen, you are constantly making jumps. This is useful for platforms that are always in the same section of each other.

One finger:

You only need a single finger for the game, so you can put your tablet or smartphone on the table if it makes it easier for you.

Keyword: rhythm

At key points, like the jumps over the pits full of peaks, you have to pay attention to the rhythm. In simple levels, you have to rhythmically time every single jump to get ahead.


As you complete levels, you will receive new characters, new vehicles, and other gadgets. But you also get new items through an accumulation of attempts or the termination of practice levels.

Collecting coins also unlock a lot. This is one of the best tips in the geometry dash guide.


In practice mode, you can practice every stage and above all set checkpoints yourself. In addition, you will get a few new colors or other things by stopping.


The rocket passages are controlled as follows: When you press the screen, the rocket will rise, and when you release the screen, the rocket will drop. So you maneuver your way through the light passages.

Changes in character:

Changes to the character or the rocket have no effect on the abilities of your character. They are solely optical in nature.


Before you collect the coins in each stage, you should have mastered the level before, because these usually hang in impossible positions. Coins are very important, you can get unlimited coins by following our geometry dash guide.

Repeat training:

Even if you have completed the training mode to 100%, you should repeat it more often if you hang in one place. As a result, you do not always have to start from the beginning, but you can train a job until it has gone into flesh and blood.

Level Editor: Geometry dash level editor guide

The level editor allows you to create your own levels. These can be available to others.

Have you stuck in geometry dash?

We provide the best and quick geometry dash guide and wiki to exceeds any level.

As you know Geometry Dash Apk simply relies on how to overcome the levels of music with its different game modes, but all are based on accuracy, dodging obstacles and pure platformer.

Keeping pace:

At all official levels and in the majority of those created by the community to keep pace with the music will be a great help in moving forward.

In the most frenzied areas where jumps are in a hurry, if you look closely, you will realize that you can overcome them just by following the pace with your jumps.

A very simple geometry dash guide and trick that will make the areas that previously seemed impossible, a breeze.

Concentrate on one level: 

If you jump from one level to trying to find it easier just can frustrate you because the more advanced screens are all more complex, you will not find it easier.

If you focus on finishing one level, you will gradually pick up the stuff and in the end, you will complete it.

Do not get frustrated if you do not get it, the fun is overcoming the obstacles that the game presents, plus, the more you try the better you’ll feel when you fill the screen.

Test community cards: 

If, after a lot of trying, you have not managed to overcome a level, you can download and play the one that was created by the community.

Most are designed for experts but, if you are looking for it, you can find simpler maps to implement and take up skill until you are able to finish the one you have resisted.

The FAQ On Geometry Dash guide:

How do you add text to a geometry dash level?

Geometry dash guide
Geometry dash guide and help

For adding text in a geometry dash level,

  • Press create and then place a new
  •  You can just go on a level that you are working on and name this as you like.
  • Now go the slot that has the yellow color dot.
  • Now find a1 here
  • Press edit object which is in the panel on your right
  • Now you can post the text and insert your text
  • You can also change the text color

How to change opacity in geometry dash?

You can easily change opacity in the geometry dash Apk game. A good opacity has a good appearance.

How to make custom orbs in geometry dash?

Discover the best ways to make custom orbs in under 5 minutes in geometry dash.

  • You need to do is press edit a little and the group you want to edit.
  • Set that group to activate and make sure you die.
  • Make sure its best to change the portal color.
  • Now make the portal toggle and deactivate that toggle portal.
  • Now, place down an alpha of the same portal so that it will always stay invisible [event after activate try].
  • Now once you can press the orbs.

How to make blocks move in geometry dash?

  • First, build the area of the objects that we want to make the move.
  • Now put some spikes under it to make it a little more interesting.
  • You can edit the color for more attractiveness.

How to get diamonds or gems in geometry dash hack [Faster]?

You can get free diamonds/gems easily by following some useful hints:

Just follow some tips to get diamonds and chests key:

  • By daily chests
  • You can get diamonds from quests [You can get up to 500 diamonds per day]
  • By daily and weekly missions

How to get demon keys in geometry dash?

You can get unlimited free demon keys by following our geometry dash guide and help. The demon keys can be used on chests and by these chests, you can get infinite rewards and orbs, diamonds, colors, icons, etc.

There are a total of 200 chests in geometry dash Apk.

  • How to get the first key in geometry dash?

How to get a geometry dash full version free on PC?

You can play a geometry dash game on PC with the help of Bluestacks. So download BlueStacks in your PC and install the latest version. After installing it, you can easily play geometry dash on PC.

What is the hardest level in Geometry Dash?

There are no hard levels in geometry dash game but we list the top 5 hardest levels in geometry dash:

  • Baasha vortex
  • Artificial ascent
  • Erebus
  • Yat agarose
  • Sonic Wave

Is geometry dash dead?

If you want to get the answer to this question then you should explore it with video:

Is geometry dash on Xbox?

Yes, the geometry dash game is on Xbox. It is compatible with Android, iOS, & Xbox platforms.

Is geometry dash free?

The geometry dash lite version is free for Android and iOS platforms. But the Steam version is not free. It will charge more than 2 Euros. Most people search the term on the internet “Is geometry dash game is free on steam?” the answer is yes and no. Because with geometry dash cheats and hacks you can get free Steam version.

Is geometry dash free on PC

YES, it’s totally free.

Final verdict:

In geometry dash guides and tips, you can explore the complete game with FAQs.

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