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In this article, players can get goddess primal chaos guide and walkthrough/wiki and hidden secrets about how to get weapons? how to get the best hero? how to play?


Goddess primal chaos is a role-playing game for Android and iOS. In the article, we collected all the gift codes, prepared a detailed guide for beginners.

Described how to choose the desired class (warrior, mage, and ghoul), revealed the secrets of the correct leveling and tactics of victory in PvP and PvE battles.

Attention, this goddess primal chaos guide and hints periodically updated, so keep visiting apkguides.com


In this walkthrough and goddess primal chaos guide, you can get chaos gift codes easily.

The gift code is entered in the “System” menu. You must enter the code and confirm your action.

  1. 0x70fa84808e4e9 – 5 books of happiness, 3 energy potions, 3-bed frame potions, 100,000 coins, 5 heroes chests, 1 outfit retrieval set (1 day).
  2. Va2d5cb9074adad – 20 set of fragrance cloves.
  3. X4c642be7a33882 – energy potion, stamina potion, 2 sets of magic stones.
  4. 96aefedaf2fe196 – 2 energy potions, 2 stamina potions, 50,000 coins, 9 roses.
  5. Hw8cf298f82d7db – pumpkin, 2×50000 coins, set for Halloween.
  6. Xxf9c72a2bbdf3c – 2 stones of dreams.
  7. K466606c3b79be2 – 3 resurrection potions, 2×50000 coins, 4 sets of magic stones, 3 signs of reconciliation, 2 stamina potions.
  8. 4kd43edce5855c – 1000 magic stones, 9 roses.
  9. Sm7a93d7d5cca19 – 9 roses, attire extraction kit (1 day), 3 sets of mirage crystals.
  10. 0g0fa9720893a88 – energy potion, stamina potion, 50,000 coins, energy potion, 5 large sets of mirage crystals.
  11. Pn30f690eac091e – energy potion, pumpkin, stamina potion.
  12. Ah960711cf827a2 – 50 magic stones, 9 roses.
  13. An80d00406ed873 – Christmas sock, 100 magic stones.
  14. Eveb927d4333c4f – 100 magic stones, 9 roses.
  15. Gd741a13d166603 – Christmas sock, 9 roses.


What Is Goddess: Primal Chaos?

Goddess: Primal Chaos is at first glance a standard MMORPG. The main task of the player: to pump the character, run through the game locations, completing quests and interacting with thousands of other players.

Benefits of Goddess: Primal Chaos:

  1. Does not require investment. It is not necessary to invest in a grandiose investment in the game, it is different from other similar games. Of course, many people transfer real money to develop characters and improve equipment, but you can play without making their own money.
  2. It is not necessary to have a powerful processor. Another advantage of the platform, the game goes even on old smartphones and computers. Now there is a lot of game content that requires devices of a certain capacity, from which many people cannot play them.
  3. An interesting combination of characters. In Goddess: Primal Chaos there is a main character and his guard, which reinforces the base. In other games, the player or 1 character, with a mass of equipment, increasing the hero’s power, or several single characters with additional military units.
  4. A variety of equipment. The game has a lot of different clothes and attributes for the character. You can easily choose the armor and weapons that are needed, you can combine different components.
  5. A lot of battles. In Goddess: Primal Chaos implemented a lot of places for PvP and PvE. Here you can fight either against a single opponent or with a team against a team. A variety of arenas, quests, guild battles, events – all this attracts thousands of players.

At the start of the game, there is training that will help to understand a little the mechanics of the game. Here the novice learns how and by whom to fight, what can be found in the inventory, how to interact with monsters.

If a person has never played Goddess: Primal Chaos and is only going to do it, then it is best to choose a new server (marked HOT). 

There are no swung up cool players who will not allow to develop normally, as it happens on the old servers. 

On new sites, everything is developing from scratch. Often, developers pamper newbies with promotional codes, which give the necessary rare things. 

If the person has already taken the first steps on the old server, then it will not be possible to move the character to a new one.


Upon registration, the player will be asked to select a character (it will not be possible to change it during the game). There are 3 classes:

Warrior. This is a great melee fighter, with good armor and an increased scale of life, but does little damage to the enemy. Useless against bosses.

This is a character to kill ordinary monsters, can restrain and take on bosses attacks, but if there is a ranged fighter behind him with a high attack.

In addition to improved health, the warrior has no other basic advantages (ordinary tank). It can be taken on the command PVE so that the rangers with poor health feel more comfortable. The leading characteristic in combat is health, protection.

The caster is a typical magician, causing massive damage. It is better to keep him from close combat, if it happened that the magician got into hand-to-hand combat, it must be diverted from the opponent.

The caster does great damage to bosses, easily copes with ordinary monsters. They can play alone without the help of other players. But alone it is dangerous to release it on PVP.

The leading characteristic in combat is a massive attack, appeal, imposition of positive effects on its own, and negative on others.

The family (many call it Ghoul, from any Bloodline) – has an increased attack, and strikes at high-speed have little health, poor physical protection.

It showed itself well in battles on bosses, it is indispensable in PvP. Universal character. Delivers powerful melee strikes at high speed. But it is not recommended to drive the character to the crowd of monsters alone.

From the first minutes in the game, he is required to pump dodge and parry. The leading character in the battle – increased attack, dodge.

In Goddess: Primal Chaos, there are no bad characters. Each requires proper pumping. 

The qualities of the heroes are revealed at high levels when the game becomes more dynamic. 

Primal Chaos is designed so that players must interact with each other. Each character complements the other.

The game has the ability to select the character’s gender. A person can play for a man or a woman. Gender does not affect the characteristics and abilities of the character.

This is just a visual shell, no more. It is worth remembering that gender will be necessary to select a partner with whom the player is engaged.

After the player has chosen a character for himself, it is necessary to talk with the goddess and defeat the boss using the skills of the hero. Defeating him will not be difficult, just need more to beat and move. Then the player will be asked to undergo training.

Here a novice will know how and where to fight, what things are responsible for what. At the end of the training, the player will receive a fairy and a horse.

Character Enhancement

In Goddess: Primal Chaos implemented many ways to increase the power of the character. It is necessary to properly dress the main character.

To do this, there is equipment, parts of which can be obtained after completing some quests, during events, monsters. Things can be improved.

Ways to improve equipment:

  1. Gain is a basic increase in characteristics that can be made from the first stages of the game. You can perform the operation for gold.
  2. Processing – you can improve the characteristics of the weapon with the help of processing. Here are used books of purification.
  3. Hardening – the operation is performed only on the gold level of armor and above. Here it is necessary to combine things to obtain a higher quality item.
  4. Stones – reinforce an item or armor by inserting stones. There are 4 types of jewels: attack, strength, lethality and damage increase. Each item has levels: the higher the level, the stronger the stone.

Title – the character increases its power not only when moving to a new level, but also when receiving a court title. Growth is required to perform quests that are given to the player on a special tab.

Horse – also gives the character an increase in performance. The animal needs to be fed, thereby raising its level.

Constellations – after passing a certain stage, the player receives stars (the “Constellations” tab). For each stage, you can win 3 stars. Of the stars required to spread the constellations that will affect the statistics of the character.

Goddesses are powerful beings who support the main character and its protection — the heroes. Improve their performance. The gods are divided into colors (purple, gold, red).

They can change the level and quality. To change the level required to bring a gift to the goddess, and the quality can be improved by collecting into one the elements of a particular deity. You can have two identical goddesses.

Heroes – fighters who everywhere accompany the main character, a kind of protection. One character will be worn near the base and participate in battles, others will strengthen the character.

For example, if a monster attacks a character, first of all, the health goes to the heroes, only then from the main character. Heroes can be changed, rearranged.

Heroes are divided into ranks. Obtained at the start of the game guards will be of the lowest rank, so it is not worth spending much on their resources.

The mechanics of the game allows you to transfer experience from a lower creature to a higher one, only with the condition that the first will be upgraded to level 40.

Accordingly, the first heroes can slowly pump up to level 39. The level can be increased by giving the hero unnecessary things to experience.

Outfit the heroes can be obtained with the help of robbery (you need to rob other players).

Things from heroes can be transferred to other heroes, therefore, at the start, it is important to improve the properties of objects.

Knights are heroes that are placed in special slots (there is a separate tab), knights activate Destiny. They increase bonuses for heroes.


  1. You should enter the game daily to get bonuses.
  2. You should not miss events (for them you can get rare things). You should participate with other players in competitions, in battles on bosses, to perform tasks.
  3. If something or hero does not give an increase in the characteristics of the character, then this item is not worth investing.
    • You should not immediately recruit a lot of things and pets, it should be understood that the primary task is to strengthen and pump the character.
    • Therefore, you must first give preference to useful things.
  4. At the first stages, it is necessary to complete quests in order to raise the level for opening robberies.
  5. Robbery is an important part of the process of collecting the necessary items.
  6. Gradually collect equipment to the heroes. It can be given to the heroes of higher rank. But to download them above level 39 is not required (if the hero is above level 40, then the player will be fined for the transfer of experience).
    • Also, do not enchant them, saving rare crystals.
  7. From the very start, you must collect gold, for which you can get and improve items to enhance the characteristics of the character.
  8. You should not seek to change the horse or get new titles. To raise the title, horses are necessary, and horses need a multitude of crystals. It is better than the animal evolved gradually, and the crystals can be spent on more necessary needs.
  9. Do not acquire heroes for crystals. You can free and quickly collect security from the fragments.


  1. It is necessary to quickly raise the level of the character and join the Alliance.
  2. It should be put in endo and heroes, who have the highest attack.
  3. You should put the main character’s skill, which gives the highest percentage of direct damage.
  4. In the “Alliance” as much as possible to increase the attack and the chance of a critical hit. This can be done in the “Gain” tab.
  5. Also in the “Alliance” is required to click “Go” (it is located near the golden dragon), then click “Trust”. After activating a special skill, you need to use it faster. From the dragon should often collect coins.
  6. All received coins can be implemented in a special mode in the “Gameplay”. Coins must be placed on the table, and not as horrible.

From the algorithm it is clear that it is required to inflict as much damage as possible on the golden dragon of the Alliance in order to earn coins and pump the lizard (the higher the dragon level, the more coins you can get). 

Then these coins fall into the machine, from which gold is obtained (the fallen coins are exchanged for gold). Please note: coins in the machine must be manually.

Gold can be exchanged for loyalty points. Donating guilds “wolf totems” that you can get for missions and participation in battles with monsters, you can buy packs.


The game is not possible to change the character. To do this, you must start the passage again. Characters are divided into classes, each of which has its own characteristics.

If together with other players to pass the task, then any class will complement the other, and the passage does not take much time.

Therefore, all the characters are important in the game. Just read the goddess primal chaos guide and tips.


This is a strong character who assumes the function of a melee fighter, causing the first attacks of monsters, bosses and other players – opponents. It has a large amount of health, perfectly blocks blows, reduces damage by 50%.

It has a low percentage of dodging (when dodging the enemy does not hit the character, therefore, does not cause damage).

The attack of the Warrior is relatively low when compared with other characters. He does not know how to move quickly.

Although the attack of the Warrior is small (even with a magnificent weapon), it can, at the same time, touch several opponents at the same time.

This ability allows you to quickly end the battle with multiple monsters. The best feature of this class is the defense, thanks to it, the character can be in the center of the battle and practically not take damage.

This is a universal class that does an excellent job with defense and attack. When pumping a character, you should not bypass the attack.

If you just stand and not respond to the attacks of the enemy, sooner or later the fighter will be killed. Not a single group that goes to a boss or PVP 2×2 does not do without a warrior, it is also very relevant at events.


This class has established itself as a great ranged fighter. While other classes will be selected to the magician, he will be able to remove half of the lives of the enemy.

His conscription skills are very helpful in battles, summoned creatures can not only inflict significant damage on the enemy but also delay him on the approaches to the Summoner.

Despite the huge damage, the magician has very little health. With proper pumping character, he will cause a sensation in the ranks of the enemy.

If you learn to run away from the enemy and at this time make an attack, then the magician becomes the most powerful opponent.

This class requires a constant increase in an attack in order to deal with the enemy as quickly as possible. It should pump him a dodge so that the weak character does not fall at all.

With the Caster, it is easy to complete challenging tasks and companies, attack monsters. But in combat with other players, the magician is very vulnerable, especially against the fast Ghoul.


In goddess primal chaos guide and wiki, you are going to explore hidden secrets about the warrior.

This character is most similar to the classic tank (melee fighter), which has a high defense and perfectly counters attacks. But the attack is not high.

For the passage of many tasks he often needs the support of classes with a high attack. The warrior does not have a good dodge, but this is offset by blocking the blows (reduces damage by 50%).

That is, the enemy will very rarely miss the character, but the damage to the Warrior will be less.

A warrior can hold back attacks for a long time, but it does not follow from this that a character should simply stand, allowing opponents to attack.

A warrior can strike back, and if you competently pump it, the strike will be powerful enough. Warrior strikes do not carry much destructive power, but they can inflict damage simultaneously on several enemies.

Advice for PVE – first, you must carry out a crowd of ordinary monsters, then start attacking bosses. This is important to reduce the damage taken and to stand for as long as possible under the pressure of the enemy.

In PVP, it is advised to deliberately use stun. The mechanics of the game Goddess: Primal Chaos is built in such a way that it is always better to attack in a battle than to just stand in defense.

The warrior is an excellent character who will help the whole group to survive, fights can be put on “auto – fight”. He needs to increase the level of attack.

Warrior Skills

In Goddess: Primal Chaos, there are 3 basic skills (they are always available). Hyper skills – this is a kind of super-character of the character, the so-called ultra.

Basic skills War:

Whirlwind – for 2 seconds, the fighter spins round, quickly attacking all opponents that fell within the range of the skill.

At the same time, the damage is increased by 200%, if the opponent has passed a direct attack, and 150% to opponents who are near the main goal.

Use this skill, you can crash into the enemy and destroy it. In this case, you need to choose 1 target, and the remaining fighters will hit the “trailer”.

When using the Whirlwind, the speed of strikes and protection by 15% increases. The player, using this skill increases not only the damage but also the attack speed.

Charge – the character makes a leap forward while pushing away opponents who have fallen into the range of the skill. Opponents get stunned and damage increased by 550% of the physical damage of the Warrior.

This skill is good when a character breaks into a large group of opponents. The skill inflicts massive defeat and is useful in PVP combat.

After stunning, it is recommended to apply increased damage with the help of the “Aura Strike” or “Whirlwind” skills. Stun lasts 5 seconds.


Explore goddess primal chaos guide [mega].

Who is the Exorcist?

This character has magical abilities and is positioned as a ranged fighter. It is very convenient for group companies. It provides support to its team and controls the group of the enemy. Deals massive damage to enemies.

The very fragile character who has a small defense and a small amount of health. But this disadvantage is compensated for the enormous massive damage.

The magician is great for PvP battles (for example, Impact Impact or Alliance Battle).


The main task of the player in the game – it becomes stronger. With each new level, the player must defeat more enemies, rise in the rating table, discover new game features.

Game Start

At the very beginning of the game you just need to complete the assigned tasks. Thus, the player can reach level 30. For this, 1 game session is allocated with a certain amount of energy. Then it will end.

During this period, it is required to collect rewards that are not recommended to waste, first of all, it refers to the stones. Do not waste stones to improve the horse.

To increase the level of the horse requires bilberries and evolution mushrooms. These components can be found in the course of the adventure, without spending real money on them.

They can be obtained during robberies, battles in the Arena, opening chests and passing some tests.

Spending stones should not be on heroes, or rather their discovery. Spending crystals in search of the desired hero is not worth it, since there are only a few of them in the game, so finding the right one is easy.

It’s just worth collecting pieces of eggs that need to be bought on the Altar for souls, from chests or on the Arena. It is advised to save stones – they will be useful in further stages of the game.

Daily Activities

These goddess primal chaos guide and tips are recommended for use in the later stages of the game when the first quests of the game are left behind.

And it is no longer possible to raise the character to 10 levels per session. Much can be done at this time.


Every day, going into the game, you need to collect all the game promotion. If the player missed a few days, then you should return the missed buns. This can be done by clicking on the box in the upper right corner of the display.

Required to collect rewards from bosses, experience for a place in the ranking.

In the center of the city, there is a pedestal with the “best player”, daily it is advised to click on it, for this action the player will receive a small prize.


After completing the quests, you should go up the rating scale in the Arena. Stamina should be spent first on battles, because she recovers very slowly (1 unit in 15 minutes).

The remaining stamina after the fighting, you need to spend on looting.


Here you need to choose an opponent that is higher in the list of rankings. It makes no sense to fight with the others – they will not be rewarded for them, and the player will remain in the ranking in his place.

When choosing an opponent you need to look at:

  1. Player type – Ghouls are a serious opponent, it’s harder to win with them.
  2. Heroes of the opponent – great, if the enemy has low-ranking units or a person has put enough crystals on them.
  3. Strength – the less power an opponent has, the easier it is to defeat him.

It is required to rise in the rating until the player is defeated by the weakest player from the list. Player achievements are marked by rewards and daily experience.


For each successful robbery, a reward in the form of fragments of artifacts (they are necessary for the character’s wardrobe and heroes) has relied. The number of fragments needed to complete the collection of a relic is determined by color:

  1. Green – 3 pcs.
  2. Blue – 4 pcs.
  3. Purple – 5 pcs.
  4. Gold – 6 pcs.

The probability of a necessary fragment falling out is determined by its color. The greatest chance is in green fragments, and in gold – the most minimal.


By reading goddess primal chaos guides and cheats you can discover hidden facts about game types of equipment.

Equipment – an important element that enhances the main characteristics of the character. Like many items in the game, armor has levels, colors, you can put stones in it and increase the parameters.

It is important to competently choose clothes and weapons so that the items are as useful as possible to the character.

What Is The Equipment?

Basic equipment consists of 10 things:

  1. Weapon
  2. Headdress
  3. Ring
  4. Necklace
  5. Bracelet
  6. Armor
  7. Gloves
  8. Belt
  9. Pants
  10. Footwear

At later stages of the game will be added here:

  1. Suit
  2. Magic ring
  3. Wedding ring
  4. Wings
  5. Another type of weapon

Each item of clothing provides an increase in the various characteristics of the character – to attack, defend, dodge, the chance of causing critical damage. Also, items vary in strength level.

There are 5 types of colors:

  1. Green
  2. Blue
  3. Purple
  4. Gold
  5. Scarlet

Considered the weakest green. The best equipment is in red clothes.

How To Get Equipment?

There are 3 main ways to collect good armor:

  1. The player can get the whole thing on the test (very rarely comes across).
  2. You can get parts of items from monsters, quests, at the Arena, near bosses. Can be purchased at the Altar, buy guilds in stock. Fragments can be assembled into one with the help of magic stones.
  3. The best option is to purchase full equipment in the faction warehouse. For him, you must give a certain number of points of honor, but they are easily mined.
    • Co-guilds carry unnecessary clothing to the warehouse, thereby helping novices.

How To Get Rid Of Equipment?

With the increase in the level of the character, a change of equipment is required, while the level of things does not change. Old item remains stored in inventory.

Things can be sold for game currency (it will not bring special benefit), give to the hero in exchange for experience, or put in a guild warehouse, where they will buy it for honor points.

It is advised to sell items of equipment in stock, this will benefit not only the player, but also the newcomers of the Alliance.

But more often objects may not be in demand for a long time, therefore, if a thing is not sold, it is better to give it to the hero.

It is worth remembering that items that duplicate things of gold and above the level is not in any way worth selling, it is useful for improving the existing armor.

Improved Equipment

Constantly it is necessary to improve the quality of equipment, every time the level of the character increases. In the early stages of the game, increasing the level of things will not be expensive.

But, having reached character level 80 (and clothes will be over 160 level), improvement of wardrobe elements will cost more than 1 million game currency.

Therefore, coins should not be spent anywhere, but leave them to improve equipment.

1 item with a new level does not bring significant improvements in performance (only 2 – 4 points of power), but together things increase the character’s parameters well.


An important item to improve things is to add gems to them. Each item of equipment has 3 stones under the stones. They are required to open and insert jewels there.

The game has 4 types of stones:

  1. On damage – increases hit points to base damage.
  2. On attack – increases the level of skills and attacks.
  3. For durability – increases protection and blocking impacts.
  4. On mortality – increases the chance of critical hit and dodge.

Opening slots requires a certain number of magic stones (1 – 10 pieces, 2 – 40 pieces, 3 – 50 pieces). Stones are also required to upgrade for magical stones or to collect a stone from its fragments.

Therefore, magic stones should be collected and spent only on opening slots and purchasing necessary stones.


Items of high rank (gold and scarlet) are recommended to be processed. To produce items, you need to get 2 of the same thing and pay for the operation. Processing significantly increases the performance of things.

Specially collect duplicate things are not required. This is recommended to be done at high levels, and at the start, resources should be devoted to improving the stones.

And 2 sets of clothes can be accumulated during the game.


The game has a ritual of cleansing things. To perform this action, you must have special books.

The level of books and things must match. Books fall out of many places, so you do not need to spend time on them separately. Purification gives the subject an increase in performance. But there is a minus – the choice of the parameter occurs randomly.

For example, if a player has a necklace on the attack, then cleansing can add a certain amount of health points. Parameters after the operation are not summed up, just a replacement occurs (and not always in favor of the player).

You can navigate by the color of the font in the book (for example, green is worse than gold).


In goddess primal chaos guide and walkthrough, you are going to explore the best heroes in the game.

The main character, who runs the player on the playgrounds, has guards or heroes who accompany him. They are part of the character and complement its basic characteristics.

Heroes are divided into classes, they need to be improved and dressed.

How To Arrange Heroes?

The game has 3 slots, where the heroes are put:

  1. Placed – this hero visually accompanies the character, participates in battles with him.
  2. Exo – supplements with his parameters the combat characteristics of the character, the first to lose health during the battle.
  3. Endo – takes damage secondarily.

As soon as the hero dies, all the additional parameters of the character disappear. Consequently, Exoheroes must have a lot of health and protection (physical and magical).

He is a kind of shield for the character. The endo-hero requires a high attack, the chance of critical damage.

There are 3 more slots for knights – these are creatures that activate the heroes’ destinies, in other words, they increase the parameters of heroes only, the increase in properties does not apply to the character.

Hero Classes

Heroes are divided into classes, which affects their basic properties:

  1. Warrior
  2. Caster
  3. Ghoul

There are very weak creatures that are not put into slots for a character, but they can be “fed” (sacrificed) for the souls of the heroes.

Heroes, in addition to classes, are divided into ranks from 1 to 11:

  1. Green heroes are rank 1 and 2, denoted by “B”, can serve as victims, because they are very weak.
  2. Blue – 3 – 6 rank, denoted by “A”, have an average potential. If nothing else, you can take to the battle at the start of the game.
  3. Violet – is 7 – 11, denoted by “S”, are good heroes, they should be taken with you into battle.
  4. Gold is the SS11 rank, super good heroes, it’s impossible to get them for free.

Heroes, like characters, have a level, talent, and artifacts. The level is increased by “feeding” him armor or certain things – this increases the basic characteristics.

Passive qualities are increased by stars of talent (or rather, they open up the possibility of increasing). It takes crystals.

Artifacts are a kind of outfit for heroes. They are made from fragments that a player can get in a fight or in a robbery.

All heroes have a level, stars of talent and relics.

The level of the hero can be increased, “feeding” him unnecessary equipment and special items for pumping – this will increase his main stats.

Stars of talent reveal certain passive improvements of the hero (which makes him much stronger) and require the expenditure of talent crystals.

Relics are a kind of equipment for heroes and are made up of fragments that can be obtained in a battle or stolen from other players.

Each relic boosts certain stats and is amenable to improvement. Increasing the parameters of the hero, the player improves the properties of only 1 hero, so you can pump and strengthen each hero in different ways.

How To Get Heroes?

Heroes can be obtained in two ways: from eggs and hero elements.

Eggs – are separated by color scheme, what is the color of the egg, this color will be the future creature. But there is a very small chance that you can get a blue or purple hero from a green egg.

There are free attempts to open eggs. They can also be broken with a special hammer (it can be obtained from the chests or bought).

Fragments are an expensive way to get creatures, but there is a very high probability of obtaining the necessary hero.

The hero needs a certain number of elements, after collecting which, you can assemble a creature.

Fragments are given for completing assignments, mined in robberies, obtained at the Altar (for the souls of the heroes).

To print a hero on the Altar, it is required to have a creature of the same class, but one position lower than the new one. During the operation, the system takes 200 souls of heroes.

Hero Properties

It is recommended to install OZ hero in the Exo slot. He needs to download relics that increase protection and health. Additional creatures must also be pumped to health and protection.

Exo serves as a shield between the character and the strikes of the enemy. While the hero is alive – the character does not get injured.

In the endo, slot put the hero, which is selected by the parameters of the character. If the player runs as a magician, then it is necessary to put a magician or ghoul in this layer.

This is required to increase attack and critical damage chance. Associated creatures (knights and goddesses) must comply with the parameters of the endo.

The main property of the hero and his creatures should be an increase in character attack. The fact is that the enemy must be dropped before the exo. falls.

But the mage, it is better to put the hero – a warrior to increase the protection and health of the character. The Summoner has the highest damage, but also the weakest protection.

It is necessary to constantly change the heroes of the lower rank to a higher one, for this you can more often complete quests and rob people. It is required to collect and not spend fragments of good heroes.


There are 3 types of deities: purple (least strong), gold and scarlet (most powerful).

At the start of the game, players are given Anna, a purple creature.

After a week of constant play, other deities will become available to man.

The goddesses are located in one list, in gray — those goddesses that the player does not yet have are highlighted.

Goddess name Colour Affiliation How to get
Anna purple Moon goddess given at the start
Aurora purple goddess of the dawn given on the 3rd day
Norin purple goddess of luck is given on the 4th day
Eden purple Spring Goddess given on the 5th day
Hera purple Heaven queen given on the 6th day
Venus purple The goddess of love given on the 8th day
Pandora golden goddess of darkness from VIP7 gift set
Joan of Arc golden on the Altar
Maria golden Holy maiden on the Altar
Freya golden goddess of gifts on the Altar
Athena scarlet goddess of wisdom from the VIP11 gift set
Valkyrie scarlet goddess of war at events

Final verdict:

In this goddess primal chaos guide and strategies, you can explore the complete game with rewards, weapons and much more.



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