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In this article, you are going to read the granny game walkthrough, guide and some pro tips about how to play this game.

Granny description

GRANNY apk is an Android horror game with a release date of 11/24/2017 which is developed DVloper. In the article, we summarized the TOP player’s experience, secrets, and tips.

Technical Information

Granny App Version 1.7.3
Application Category Arcade
Musically App Size 100 MB
Developed By DVloper
Offered By DVloper
Requires Platform
4.1 and up [Android]
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How to get the Granny game?

Granny game guide
Granny game walkthrough and tips
  • One, two, three, four, five,
  • I’m going to look for you.
  • How to find you – run:
  • I will tear out the heart and intestines.
  • I’m breathing in your back.
  • Do not worry: I’m in a hurry.
  • One, two, three, four, five,
  • I’m crazy again.
  • Hurry, you hide under the bed.
  • One, two, three, four, five,
  • Horror is hidden in every shadow.
  • Someone was killed in the house!
  • Far from running away.
  • I will kill soon!

This is how an unknown author described the action in the Granny horror in a few words. The game is not for the faint of heart, especially after update 1.5 of Granny game, when a new grandmother’s pet appeared.

Granny Game start

At the start of the game, you can select Granny modes by type of difficulty:

List of Granny Modes: 

  1. Easy – the grandmother moves a little slower, the floors do not creak. There is an opportunity to get a bonus day.
  2. Normal – Added 1 bonus day.
  3. Complicated (Hard) – grandmother moves faster. There is an additional lock on the main door. The game-play will remain as on normal difficulty, only it will be necessary to find a battery for the lock.
  4. Extreme – the grandmother moves faster than the player. Two additional keys on the main door. The darker mode is on. One more castle will be added, it will be necessary to complete the game in very low light (you will see objects no further than 3-5 steps).
  5. Practice – the grandmother is not at home. You can safely explore the house. Just remember that the home is not completely safe (a spider and a crow can do harm). The mode appeared in the latest update.

In the preparation menu for the game, you can set or cancel the settings:

  1. Dark (Dark) – you can run almost in the dark, but granny is blind, you can’t make her worse.
  2. Extra locks – you can hang an additional lock on the front door, but then you will have to look for a key to it longer than usual.
  3. Music – you can turn off background music, then it is better to hear the creak of floorboards that bend under the weight of a granny.

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How to find the keys to the main entrance of Granny?

Granny game walkthrough
Granny game walkthrough, guide, tips and wiki

To open the front door you need to find several components.

Thing What is he doing Where to find
Blue Key (Padlock Key). Opens a padlock. A box behind the blackboard under the emergency staircase, in the orphanage, in the watermelon, a cabinet in the room with a spider,
Hammer (Hammer). Knocks boards from the door. In the well, in the drawer of the table in the basement, in the trunk of the car, a shelf above a secret hole to the emergency staircase near the main exit.
Code (Padlock Code). Opens the electronic lock. In the pantry under the main staircase, can on the table in the basement, a chest of drawers near the front door, a kitchen cabinet, a closet in the restroom.
Pliers (Cutting Pliers). Snacks the wire at the door and on the shield in the basement. A chest of drawers near the entrance, a bedroom opposite the bathroom, in a drawer in the table in the room with meat, a safe, a chest of drawers in the attic.
Red key (Master Key). It opens a large castle. The trunk of the car, melon, toy house.
Battery Must be inserted into the combination lock. In the attic, near the secret room (with a bear), a kitchen cupboard, a chest of drawers on the 2nd floor, a room with meat.

Granny game tricks

It is worth looking for things with caution. The old woman hears all sounds and stomps in the direction of the signal. Sometimes you can stumble on a thread tied between the aisle.

In this case, the bell will play, and the granny will come running to the sound. But she does not walk through the air, her approach gives the creak of floorboards. If the player made a lot of noise, then it is worth hiding in a closet or under the bed.

Trap. Also, grandmother very skillfully sets traps. You can free yourself by long-pressing the “Delete” button. Traps disappear after some period of time. You should often look under your feet. Basically, the danger lies in the narrow aisles and on the stairs.

Granny Game Weapons The game provides a shotgun to be collected, and a crossbow (Crossbow) with sleep darts (Tranquilizer Darts). A shotgun is assembled from 3 parts on a table in a garage. There lies an instruction on which it is necessary to bring details.

The Granny weapon will help stop the old woman or her bloodthirsty pets.

Shotgun parts Where to find
Butt. Secret room with Teddy, TV table, glass cabinet, bedroom on the 2nd floor.
Trigger mechanism. The kitchen cabinet, dresser in the attic, room on the 2nd floor, room with meat, car glove box.
Trunk. In the garage on the shelf, a barrel in the basement, a house, in the kitchen, near the guillotine.

The bathhouse. In the garage, there is a small bathhouse. You can make some noise, and hide in a car or closet. Grandma will come running to the noise and enter the steam room. You should close the door behind her and put a bolt. So it can be neutralized for 30 seconds.

Canister It can be installed on the 1st floor (there the old woman appears most often). Then pick up a gun and make a noise with something.

Frost trap. More like a mint gingerbread, which you just need to put on the floor. An elderly lady, stepping on a trap, will freeze for more than 2 minutes.

It is recommended to install the item in places where the floor creaks or in the aisles.

Pepper spray. I have to blind my grandmother, but we already know that she is blind.

Pepper spray can be found in the closet, which opens with a remote control. After using the remote control, the door cannot be closed.

How to finish the game?

The game Granny has several endings. Some of them are very bloodthirsty: remove the children from the screens. So, we answer the frequent question of the players: how to finish the game:

  1. Escape is a good end to the game, the main task will be completed – the player opens the locks and flashes his heels rushing into the night forest. Granny with a baton stands in the doorway.
  2. Happiness – in the game you need to find the Teddy toy bear, which is hidden in the closet of the secret room, put in the crib. From the bear to the crib you still need to run very quickly.
  3. The car – you should collect all the parts for the restoration of the car, break through the wall and drive away in the darkness of the night.
  4. Book – finding a magical volume and placing it on a pedestal in a secret room.
  5. Morning 6 days (if there is no bonus) – the player did not get out in 5 days. That’s all, the grandmother grabs the hero and throws him into the basement, where later she will make a guest a scarecrow and eat it.
  6. Guillotine – it is not only needed for watermelon, but also for the hero’s head. How else? Such an ending happens if a player cannot get out of the house at a high level of difficulty.
  7. Spider – yes, if the hero gets a hairy insect, the game will end. But the ending will be unremarkable: “Game over” will simply appear on the screen.
  8. Watch out for the car – the granny ties the character to the garage door and crushes him at the speed of the car.

How to find the secret moves in the granny game?

The house has several secret passages that will help it quickly passes from room to room. Basically, they are hidden behind the boxes.

You should carefully study the new room or hallway. There is a chance to stumble upon a secret hole. If the passage is clogged with boards, then you can remove them with a hammer.

Granny secret moves

    1. Located near the start room. Leaving the door, go left and turn into the next room. You should go through the room, after which the player will be in a small passage, where boxes are placed near the wall. Behind the passage, there are several rooms and emergency descent.
    2. Going down the emergency ladder, the player will be in a small corridor. Through it, you can get into the basement. To get out of the start room, the gamer will need a few seconds, but the granny will have to go around the whole house.
    3. In the basement, there is another hole, which is located behind the boxes. In the room into which the passage leads, there is a note with a hint (that Granny loves to hide objects in a melon and a small fragment of the first prisoner). From the room, there is a passage to the courtyard.

The door leading to the courtyard is usually locked, so the hero needs to go around the house or get out through the window. The window left a bloody imprint of one of the previous guests of the house in the forest.

    • There is a secret room in the cottage where the teddy bear is hidden. One of the alternative endings of the game is connected with the toy. This room is located near the emergency stairs. It also has a weapon box.

If the player wants to open the front door, and not use the additional option to end the game, then it is not recommended to touch the bear. As soon as the character picks up the toy, the grandmother will become completely wild and rush to the hero with red eyes.

Top 5 Granny Secret Locations:

  • In the attic, behind the plate, another passage is hidden, which leads to the second floor to the restroom.

How to call Granny?

In the game, Granny resorts to any noise or creak of floorboards. If a player wants to trap a granny or put him to sleep, then you should just make noise with any object. After a few seconds, a creak of the floor will be heard, and an enraged old woman will appear.

If you are really hunting extreme and tickle your nerves, then find a teddy bear. It was her deceased granddaughter’s favorite toy. While the bear is in the player’s hands, the grandmother will not be a step behind him. There is, of course, the risk of being beaten to death. Then the day will be wasted.

How to call Granny on the street?

In the game, the action takes place only in the house. The only moment when a happy grandmother will wave to the player from the porch is an alternative ending with a teddy bear. There are no other ways for Granny to appear outside the house.

But there are a lot of videos on the network that demonstrate the evocation of the spirit of a grandmother in real life: at home and on the street.

All this is just children’s fun. The game character will not be able to come to the call of an unreasonable gamer in real life. Therefore, it is not worth trusting the tales of cheerful students who want fame.

Granny Game Gameplay & Walkthrough:

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  1. I am very terrified of the secrets of granny but the game is fun I have seen the ending were she chops the players head off and throws you down the stairs in the garage in that blood pile you look left then right then up and she just eats you and she ties you to the garage door then go’ s like bye bye and the player is like nods his and no and she just go zooooom crash! And also last but not least in the attic she places a bear trap down stairs and holds the player and he sees the bear trap at the bottom and she go’s 👋👱‍♂️⚙️ Splat

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