Best features of GTA 5 AndroidBest features of GTA 5 Android

As more and more GTA players install the GTA 5 android on their mobile devices, it is necessary to know a little about what features you would be getting. 

This version of Grand Theft Auto is already exciting with introducing new and different playable characters as the cast for the game. It made the game more exciting for GTA gamers. Along with the new characters featured in GTA 5, other exciting features might surprise the anticipating players. 

As GTA enthusiasts, you must have seen the trailer of the GTA 5 gameplay. Then, you must have also noticed the updated feature of shootings and driving. The GTA 5 Android is only developed as light, so it would cover less space in your Android device. However, even if it is a mobile version, you will get the fantastic multiplayer experience of GTA 5. 

There are a few different processes that you can follow to run GTA 5 on Android or any mobile device for that matter. There are methods like the mirroring process and sideloading to play Grand Theft Auto 5 on mobile devices. If you don’t want to follow those processes, you can go for GTA 5 APK download

Yes, you read that right. Like any other APK mods, some expert and interested developers have developed the APK version of GTA 5 compatible with Android devices. Since there is no official release of GTA 5 mobile by the developers of Rockstar Games, you have to be satisfied with this only if you want to play GTA 5 on your Android phone.  

As you install the GTA 5 APK on your Android device, you would also probably like to know what features this version entails. So, let’s dive into it and look for ourselves at what new and updated features GTA 5 has to offer to its players. 

Exciting features of GTA 5 

Multiplayer option

Suppose you are sincerely interested in the Grand Theft Auto gaming series. In that case, you sure have the information about the introduction of 3 distinct playable characters in GTA 5. This is the only most interesting unique feature that GTA 5 brought in for their players. So, you will get these character choices in GTA 5 Android as well. 

All these characters have different personalities and storylines, so what you can do is the ability to shift your game character midway through the gaming session. This way, you can use their different skills to improve your GTA 5 player profile. With the multiplayer option, you can also play along with other players from different GTA 5 communities. 

Side missions for bounty hunting and extra cash earnings.

Along with the three central playable characters, GTA 5 also provides its players with supporting side characters. This has created the feature of allowing the players to take part in side missions for earning through bounty hunting. The player can earn some extra cash by doing side missions. They can then use that cash in the game itself for other purposes. 

This feature has made the game more thrilling for the GTA players apart from the main heist missions. To know what other features GTA 5 Android has, you can visit this site by clicking on the link mentioned:

Ability to explore the underwater world. 

In the earlier four installments of the Grand Theft Auto gaming series, the players could not go underwater to finish their missions. But, in GTA 5, the developers were considerate enough to allow the players to explore the underwater world to carry out tasks and complete heists. 

Well, just keep playing GTA 5 Android and try out all the new features as necessary.

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