Guns of Glory Guide & Secrets

Guns of Glory Guide & Walkthrough:

Guns of Glory is a really good strategy game for Android and iOS devices. In Guns of Glory APK, you have to pump your own army, manage resources, attack enemies and build bases to defeat enemies.

The game allows you to customize everything you need, such as airships, castles, troops, equipment, etc.

guns of glory guide

You can also team up with other players from around the world to destroy powerful opponents.

If you don’t know how to play this game or are looking for some tips or gift codes to improve your skills or to quickly progress or increase power, then you are in the right place.

Guns of glory guide, secrets, and tips

These guns of glory guides and hints will help you very much in the game. So read the full guide to get everything.

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The Goal of The Game

Before we dive into the gameplay, let’s first learn the basics. If you have ever played such games as Dark 3: hack and Slash, Paladins Strike, Idle Heroes, then you can easily understand its mechanics.

  • You must build your base.
  • You can train troops and attack the base of other players.
  • Similarly, other players can also attack your property.
  • Your goal is to protect your resources; wood, iron and more.
  • Growing real estate by modernizing buildings.
  • Unlock talent points.
  • Explore the territory to activate the bonus.
  • Increase your strength; attack and defense.

As stated above, other players will be able to attack your base and extract resources. And it will be a huge loss if the enemy steals all the resources. That is why it is a dynamic game.


In guns of glory game, you produce resources at these sites:

  1. Farm – Food for property and troops
  2. Iron Mine – Produces Iron for the Manor
  3. Silver Mine – produces silver for real estate
  4. Timber Warehouse – Produces Wood

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The warehouse is another of the main buildings in the game Hans of Glory. The warehouse protects your resources (food, wood, silver, iron) from enemy enemies. But its capacity is limited.

Observation Tower

Next, to the port, there is an observation tower. This tower warns you about incoming scouts or marches. In short, you will be notified when enemies come to your base.

Update it to get detailed information about the enemies. And when you see that the enemy is approaching the base.

So these are basic beginner guns of glory guide. Now let’s start with the guns of glory tips, cheats, and strategy for mastering the game.

Guns of Glory Gift Codes

Before sending troops to raid an enemy base, get information about it; the enemy may have stronger troops, more power than you. And if you attack a higher level base, most likely you will lose your troops.

Go to the kingdom map -> click on the enemy base -> select the scout and confirm. After a certain time, you will receive detailed information about the enemy (check the mailbox in the game).

Compare the basic strength of the opponent with yours, and then decide. If your strength is low, then do not go on the attack.

How to Earn Gold? 

Gold is one of the valuable items in the game Guns of Glory. Do not use it to speed up tasks. You earn gold for the first time when you join an alliance (go to your inbox to get a reward).

To earn more, enter the building of the exhibition hall and check the events taking place. Complete the task of the event to earn gold and other items.

Guns of glory New Gift Codes

Gift codes are the easiest way to upgrade. Such codes are given by developers for holidays or as prizes for winning the quiz.

Unfortunately, they are short-lived, some codes are relevant for several months, if not several weeks. We post the actual gift codes:

  • NdnG02yZz – Gold.
  • TWEL9AWK4 – Medium gift package.
  • J2yOr7dG6 – Big package of gifts.
  • K9iIi4pkh – Huge package of gifts.
  • W2ysA_rRfig – another code for gold.

How to Enter The Code in Guns of Glory?

To use the gift code, simply click on your portrait, then on _Settings_, and then on _Date_code_. If you use the gift code, you will receive rewards for it through your gaming email.

Guns of Glory Guardians


These are celebrities who come to your estate and provide significant bonuses to your estate when they are assigned to positions. Hero bonuses are valid all the time, even though the guards do not enter into battle.

The guards can be found in the new building – the guardroom, which is located on your estate next to the bank. The building becomes available when your castle reaches level 10.

You can increase the level of guards to increase the bonuses they give. Increase Wardening Skill to gain additional bonuses.

In the gallery of the guards:

You can see all the guards available to you and get into the recruiting hall by clicking on the guards’ gallery.

By clicking on the guard, you will see the bonuses that this guard gives, the additional bonuses that the guard receives when improving skills, the maximum level that the guard can reach, and his specialization.

The set of guards is carried out in three different ways:


You can recruit guards for the first time for free, and you can also recruit guards for free every 8 hours. If you want to set the guard faster, you will need to pay two hundred gold coins.

With each recruitment, you can receive one of the following rewards: a regular guard, a rare guard, a guardian experience, or a guardian particle.


You can recruit guards for the first time for free, and you can recruit guards for free every day. If you want to set the guard faster, you will need to pay a thousand gold coins.

With each recruitment, you can receive one of the following rewards: a regular guard, a rare guard (a higher chance of getting than in the first version), a guardian experience or a guardian particle.


The cost of a set is 30 set-ups with a single set and 270 set-ups for 10 sets. This option is available only to players who have already made purchases in the game.

You are guaranteed to be able to get the legendary guard (or a piece of the legendary guard), using this method of dialing 10 times!

With each set, you can get one of the following rewards: ordinary, rare or legendary guard, an experience of a guard or a particle of a guard.

Banners of recruitment can be obtained by killing beasts, attacking the camps of the Red Guards, from daily rewards, special sets, and gifts from the doctor. Guardian particles can be obtained by typing.

List of custody:

In the _List of Guards_ section, you can increase the level of your guards and improve their skills. To increase the level of the guard, click on the green _ + _, and then select how much experience of the hero you would like to use.

To improve the guardian’s skill, click on the guardians. If you have enough particles of this guard, and the guard has reached the desired level, click on the green arrow.

The experience of the guard can be obtained in four ways:

  • in the dial circle,
  • from the doctor’s gifts,
  • with participation in some events,
  • for killing scamps.

The guard hall:

It is a new building where you can assign guardians to positions to activate their bonuses. In the guardroom, you will find 8 posts that are available to you and your guardians at certain levels of the castle.

To assign a guard, click on a post that is not yet occupied, and then select the guard you would like to assign to this post.

Remember that each guard post requires a specific guard specialization, which means that you cannot assign any guard you have to any available post.

You can view the list of active bonuses in the left part of the window – in section _ Benefits_. Your estate receives the benefits that give bonuses, ONLY when the guard is appointed.

Red Guard Camp

The camps of the Red Guards, adherents of Cardinal Richelieu, appear on the map for a while.

You need at least one ally in the co-operation to attack the camp of the Red Guards, which means that you must be in an alliance to attack the camp of the Red Guards.

The rewards for defeating the Red Guards are great, especially if you have the key of the Red Guards!

How to attack the camp of the red guards?

 Click on the kingdom map on the camp of the Red Guards, and then on _Atract_. Select the captain of the red guards, whom you would like to attack, and then click on the _Cooperation button_. You can choose the time to collect the co-operatives (5, 15, 30 minutes, or 1 hour), which determines when you go camping in the camp of the Red Guards and how long your allies will have to get together in co-operation. You can select a specific camp near your estate by clicking on the _ Hunting_ button located at the bottom left of the kingdom map.

Important clarifications:

  1. Each time you kill a captain of the red guards, you lose 20 stamina points.
  2. You can find captains of the red guards on the map with levels from 1 to 30. The higher the level of the captain of the red guards, the better the reward for defeating the camp.
  3. The rewards for killing the captain will appear in your vault.
  4. If during the murder of the captain of the red guards you had the key of the red guards in the vault, you will receive a bonus chest of the red guards.
  5. The chests of the red guards and bonus chests of the red guards have levels from 1 to 6. The level of the chest depends on the level of the captain.
  6. Keys of the red guards can be obtained from the chests of daily rewards.
  7. The camp of the red guards appears on the map only for a certain time, and after the time has elapsed, the coordinates of the camp of the red guards change. (You can see the time during which the camp of the Red Guards will still be at the same place in the tab of the camp of the Red Guards.)
  8. After completion of the cooperation against the captain, you will receive a cooperation report by mail. If you kill the captain, you will also receive an award report.

Guns of glory Creature and Its Pumping

You can animate the creature when your airship reaches level 10. Click on the lab on your estate and select whether your creature is female or male.

You can choose the sex of your being only once. Once you have made a choice, you can no longer change it!

After the revival of the creature, you will become available catacombs. In the catacombs, you will be able to fight with monsters and get items.

Like the lord, the creature also has uniforms, talents, and a skill system. If you wish, you can also rename your being.

Arena Creatures

In the event of _Arena creatures_, available at the estate level 15 and above, you can fight with the creature of another lord and get for this luxurious rewards.

Go to the event center and click on the tab _Arena creatures_ to get to the arena of creatures. In the window that opens, you can fight a creature of another lord by pressing the _B battle button! _ The first 5 battles per day are free, and for each subsequent battle, you will have to pay 10 gold coins.

For each battle, you get chests with creature materials (maximum – 10 chests per day).

At the end of the battle, you will receive points, if you won the battle or the battle did not reveal a winner, or lose points if you lost the battle.

Remember that one season in the creature arena lasts 7 days.

Rewards For Points

 You can get 8 different sets of excellent rewards in the creature arena, depending on the number of points received during the season.

Reach the points on points to pick up rewards. These rewards change every season, which means you can only receive rewards once a season.

A rank award is awarded depending on your world rank among all the players of _Guns of Glory_. Among the awards for the rank, you can find awards such as 10,000 gold coins for the best creature.

Guns of glory The Airship and Its Awards 

Your airship is a destructive weapon of unprecedented power! No man-made weapon can destroy it!

Improving the Airship

Enhances the effectiveness of your troops in battle, your camping limit and your collection premiums. All awards can be divided into aggressor and defender premiums.

You can improve the aggressor premium by adding elements of the aggressor, and the defender premium by adding elements of the defender.

Increasing the Level of the Airship

You can gain experience of the airship by killing beasts or enemy troops or collecting resources. Even if your airship does not participate in your campaign against scamps, enemies or resources, you will still get the experience of the airship.

Elements of the Aggressor and Elements of the Defender

You can get the elements of the aggressor, killing scamps and enemy troops, and the elements of the defender – collecting resources and defending against the attacks of enemy troops.

The ratio between these elements determines how your airship will be: the higher the level of elements of the aggressor, the higher the premium of the aggressor, but the lower the level of elements of the defender, and vice versa.

Purpose of Airship Awards

Airship awards can be assigned in the tab _ ASSIGN PREMIUM_. Here you can assign awards in the tabs of attack, defense, collection, and beast, depending on the purpose of your hike.

When assigning a bonus, note that the premium only affects the indicated indicators. For example, if you nominate a bonus that strengthens your infantry’s defense when attacking, it will not affect your infantry’s defensive performance.

Last Changes

  1. The maximum level of the airship was increased to 70.
  2. Some superpremium airships can now be upgraded to level 31.
  3. You will get access to the second gain at level 22 of PVP awards (both defender and aggressor).
  4. The class of the airship can be changed manually in the airship hangar if you have fulfilled all the conditions required to change the class of the airship. New requirements for changing the class of the airship can be found in a separate tab with the class of the airship. Requirements change with the increasing level of your airship.
  5. Added 3 new bonus levels for each class of airship at levels 41, 51 and 61.
  6. Now for airship bonuses, it is also necessary to have a certain number of defender or aggressor elements. If the new requirements for the class of the airship are not met, then with an increase in the level of the airship, the class of the airship will change automatically.

Guns of Glory Mines of The Spirit

The Cardinal has created the mines of the spirit, which you can find in your city near the dirigible of daily delivery. Compete with lords from other kingdoms and exchange Lazare crystal for cool rewards!

The guards, whom you must defeat, protect each of the floors of the mines. Once you have defeated the guards, you can proceed to the next floor.

The lower the floor of the mine to which you have reached, the more crystal you can get. The doctor has given you troops for the march, your troops do not enter the mines of the spirit.

The limit of troops in the campaign on the mines is determined by the level of your castle and your current advantages in the PvP battle.

Gains of the Lord and the airship also work in the tower. The number of troops killed in the mines of the spirit affects the number of troops that you can bring to the excavation zone.

On each floor of the mine after the murder of the guard, you will see the button _ Buy benefits_. By clicking on it, you can get the benefits that will help you in the fight against the guards and in the battles in the excavation zone. Note the following:

  1. After defeating the floor guard, you can gain one advantage.
  2. You can purchase and use each advantage only once.
  3. However, you can get an advantage to restore the limit of troops in the campaign on each floor.
  4. The bonuses of each advantage increase when you go down the floors.
  5. All the benefits acquired in the mines of the spirit, also work in crystal galleries.

After passing the first floor, you can also start collecting crystal in the excavation zone. You can also get crystal by moving down the mines, but at the same time, you risk a lot.

Having entered the crystal galleries, you will not be able to return to the same floor in the mines of the spirit from which you left.

Each time you enter a crystal gallery, you have a certain amount of time to collect the crystal.

Once the time is up, you will have to leave the mines. You cannot capture a mine that has already been occupied by another lord if this mine is located in a protected area of crystal galleries.

The loss of troops in the crystal galleries will not affect the number of troops in your estate, but it doesn’t affect the recovery time of your troops in the mines of the spirit.

Once the recovery time of your troops reaches a certain value, you can no longer occupy the mines, attack other lords, or take revenge on them until the time for the restoration of the troops drops to 0.

You cannot restart the mines of the spirit until you occupy crystal galleries protected area.

If the mine you’ve occupied captures another lord, you will lose a certain amount of crystal from that mine. You can get the crystal back by taking revenge on the lord who captured your busy mine.

You can exchange the crystal earned by sweat and blood for great rewards in the upper left side of the mines of the spirit.

Guns of Glory Royal Operations

guns of glory - royal operations

The ship sailed to your city and moored at your parade ground. Click on it to participate in the royal operation! Every day, the operations available to you change, and, depending on the day of the week, one of 5 different operations is available to you.

Having started the operation, you will find yourself on the path consisting of mansions and chests, where one estate is one operation, and one chest is one reward.

To access the chests and operations, you need to successfully complete the previous operation, and to open access to the next group of operations, you must complete all operations on the previous path. What to keep in mind:

  1. Everything that happens to troops going to the operation does not affect the troops in your estate: you will not lose troops in the estate even if you are defeated in the operation.
  2. Operations and chests become inaccessible after you complete an operation or open a chest.
  3. Royal operations run along several paths. You need to complete each operation on the way to access the next path.

Operation _Fitting_: in operation _Fitting_ you will enter into battle, using only the advantages of your equipment.

Operation _Dirizhabl_: in operation _Dirijabl_ you will enter into battle, using only the advantages of the attack premiums assigned to your airship.

Operation _Research_: in operation _Research_ you will enter into battle, using only those advantages that are provided by completed studies in the academy.

Operation _Samocels_: in operation _Samozvety_ you will enter into battle, using only those advantages that give gems inserted into the worn outfit.

Operation _Zdaniya_: in operation _Zdaniya_ you join the battle, using only those advantages that gives the level of your buildings and their level of fame.

Operation _Kombo_: in operation _Kombo_, you will enter into battle using the advantages that the gems inserted into the equipment put on and the advantages that the equipment gives to them. In combo trials, you enter into battle, taking advantage of the benefits that the gems put into the uniforms and the advantages of the uniforms give them.


  1. When you complete the operation for the first time, you get access to the reward box. Such chests can only be opened once.
  2. Every time you open the chest, you get operation coins that you can exchange for excellent rewards on the ship. To exchange coins operations for rewards, click on _Zabrat_ on the ship.
  3. Depending on your achievements for the day, you will also receive rewards for these achievements.

Guns of Glory Refuge

guns of glory - refuge

If your hospitals are full, a certain percentage of your dead troops will go to the shelter. You can increase this percentage by raising your VIP level or by receiving a subscription.

When there are mortally wounded troops in the shelter, the holy water necessary to breathe life into them will be collected automatically.

The higher your infirmary limit, the faster you collect holy water. Other factors may also affect the collection of holy water.

When there are fewer wounded troops in your hospital, collecting holy water is faster.

If the limit of holy water in the shelter is almost reached, the collection of holy water is slower.

Get daily rewards and collect resources to get more holy water when you have troops in your shelter. But be careful!

Only a certain amount of holy water can accumulate in the shelter.

You can only have a certain amount of holy water in a certain period of time, regardless of whether you collected it automatically or received it.

How to Link An Account in Guns of Glory?

How to Link an Account On An Android Device?

In order not to lose your game-play, please link your game account to your Google Play or Facebook account. Click on your image in the game → _Settings_ → _Account_ → _Account Management_ and select binding to Google Play or Facebook.

Please note that one Google Play or Facebook account can only be linked to one Guns of Glory account. Therefore, please check before linking your current game account to your Google Play or Facebook account if you have already linked another Guns of Glory account to the same Google Play or Facebook account.

How to Link An Account on the iOS device?

In order not to lose your gameplay, please link your game account to your Game Center or Facebook account. Click on your image in the game → _Settings_ → _Account_ → _Account Management_ and select a binding to Game Center or Facebook.

Please note that one Game Center or Facebook account can only be linked to one game account. 

Therefore, please check before linking your current game account to your Game Center or Facebook account if you have already linked another Guns of Glory account to the same Game Center or Facebook account.

How to Transfer An Account to a New Device?

With Google Play, Game Center or Facebook, you can easily and easily transfer your already existing game to another device.

Please note that Facebook (or Google Play) allows you to link only one game account at a time, so if you need to link another game account, you will need to link it to another Facebook (or Google Play) account.

1. First make sure that your current game is properly linked to your Facebook, Game Center or Google Play account on your old device.

2. Download the _Guns of Glory_ game from the Google Play Store or the App Store and install the game on your new device.

3. Open the _Guns of Glory_ on your new device, making sure beforehand that your game is open only on one device.

4. Click on your image (character image) and go to _Settings_ (gear icon in the bottom left corner) -> _ Account _-> _ Switch Account_ and select _ Facebook Account_ (_ Google Play_ Account, _ Game Center Account_) to enter the game associated with this account.

How to Save the Game Account Data When Changing the Device?

You can link your game account to your personal account. After that, you can continue to play your current game on the new device.

Linking a game account will also prevent the loss of gameplay in the event of any problems on your device.

To link your game account – go to the player profile by clicking on your image> _ SETTINGS_> _ ACCOUNT_> _MANAGING THE ACCOUNT_> select the appropriate option to link the account.

To switch to a different account – go to the player profile by clicking on your image> _STROOM_> _ACCOUNT_> _REACT CALLATION> select the account you would like to log in to.

Guns of Glory Recruitment Resonance

Currently, the game has 6 different sets of equipment, giving a bonus from the set with the resonance.

Set Resonance gives you three different bonuses that become available to you if you are wearing 2, 4 and 6 pieces of equipment from the same set.

To see if the resonance bonus works, go to the tab with a detailed description of the equipment in your profile.

To view all the sets and all the bonus sets with resonance available in the game, go to the smithy and click on the equipment drawing.

The only equipment that has a set resonance in the description is included in the set, which gives the set bonus with resonance.

The gain boost resonance bonus is activated only when you have assembled the entire set and when all units of equipment from this set are enhanced.

The bonus gain resonance only affects the resonance bonus but does not affect the equipment bonus.

You can see the gain bonus gains currently available to you, as well as how to gain access to the next resonance level by going to the “Reinforce” section in the forge.

Guns of Glory Building a Castle

guns of glory - building a castle


The castle is the most important building in your estate, its heart. Each time you upgrade the castle, you get the opportunity to upgrade other buildings in your city.

Raising the castle also increases your troop limit and overall strength.

You can find out more about the number of resources produced in your estate, as well as production amplifiers in your castle in the _Data estates_ section. You can find out more about the amplifiers you have in the castle in the _A mansions_ section.


Your troops live in bivouacs. Bivouacs play a crucial role in determining the size of your army.

The more bivouacs you have and the higher their level, the higher the limit of training (the number of troops you can train at the same time) and the speed of training of troops.


The infirmary is designed to treat your troops wounded in battle. The treatment of wounded troops takes half the time and costs two times cheaper than training the same number of new troops.

So the higher your limit of injured in the infirmary, the better for you and your estate.

Increasing the limit of injured in the hospital can be done by building more hospitals and improving them. The limit of the wounded and the speed of their treatment can be increased by conducting research at the academy or using skill points.

Do not forget to treat your wounded troops in time: if you have reached the limit of the wounded, all the troops over the limit wounded in the battle will be counted as killed.

The fate of your troops after the battle depends on which battle your troops participated in:

  • If you defended in battle, all your wounded troops will be sent to the infirmary except for troops over the limit of the wounded (they will be lost in the battle).
  • If you attacked a beast, only a small part of your troops will be injured. All wounded troops will go to the hospital.
  • If you attack an enemy at a resource point, all wounded troops will be sent to the infirmary until you reach the limit of the wounded in the infirmary.
  • When you attack an enemy manor, ALL wounded troops will be lost in battle.


The wall protects your estate when attacking the enemy. If you are attacked and you are defeated, your estate will light up.

As your estate burns, the defense of the walls decreases. You can put out the fire immediately by paying for this gold, or you can wait – the fire will automatically go out in thirty minutes.

You can increase the defense performance of the walls by repairing the wall. If your walls defense reaches zero, your estate will be automatically transferred to a random point on the map, and the wall defense level will immediately restore to the maximum.


The watchtower is the eyes and ears of your estate. The watchtower allows you to track the Lords who are spying on you and the troops attacking your estate.

Improve the watchtower, and you will receive more detailed information about your opponent.

If your sentry tower notices a spy heading toward you on the estate, or troops marching onto your estate, your screen will turn red. You will also see the watchtower icon. Click on it to find out more about the enemy coming at you.


guns of glory - building a castles

If you have an embassy, you can receive acceleration timers and reinforcements from your allies.

Improve the embassy and increase the number of timers that your allies can help you speed up, increase the time of acceleration of timers and increase the number of reinforcement troops that you can take on the estate.

Your embassy can accept only one reinforcement unit from each member of your alliance. Upon reaching the reinforcements limit, you can no longer receive reinforcements.

Reinforcement troops are a great way to protect the weaker members of the alliance.

Enemies hardly expect to meet such a powerful defense when attacking! Every time when any member of your alliance needs help, a sign of help appears above your embassy. Just click on it to help your ally!


You can build traps for your enemies in the trap. Different types of traps are designed to defeat different types of enemy troops.

For example, falling traps are designed to defeat infantry, installed traps to defeat cavalry, wall traps to defeat ranged troops. During the attack, your artillery can destroy traps and take a hit from the traps, protecting your troops.

As you improve the trap, you gain access to more dangerous traps and also increase your trap limit. You can increase the speed of building traps by conducting a knowledge study and using skill points. When an enemy attacks your estate, your traps automatically react to it.

Remember, when defending a manor, traps are activated automatically, but only if you have troops in the manor. If there is not a single warrior in your estate, the traps are not activated.

To demolish traps, go to the trap in the _Stroy_ section, then select the type of traps that you would like to demolish.

Next, click on the _i_ button next to the image of the trap. Select the number of traps you would like to demolish and press _SNEST_. After the demolition of the traps, you will not get back the resources that you spent on their construction earlier.

Barracks, Stables, Landfill and Artillery Factory

Different types of troops train in four different buildings: infantry trains in the barracks, cavalry trains in the stables, ranged troops train at the training ground and artillery at the artillery factory.

By improving these buildings, you gain access to the respective troops of higher levels.

The higher the level of troops, the stronger they are. New troops will be available to you when the corresponding building reaches 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 26 and 30 levels.

The level and number of bivouacs determine the number of troops that you can train at the same time, as well as the speed of training the troops.

You cannot train troops in the appropriate building while upgrading this building and cannot improve the building while you train troops in it.

To disband the troops, click on the building in which these troops are trained, then on the _Training_ button.

Next, select the type of troops and click on the _i_ button next to the image of the warrior. In the new window, select the number of soldiers that you would like to disband, and then click _SUBSTAN_.

After the dissolution of the soldiers, you will not get back the resources that you spent on training these soldiers earlier.

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Guns of Glory Troops and Their Attack

Your army consists of four types of troops: infantry, cavalry, ranged soldiers and artillery. These types of troops can be trained in barracks, stables, on the range, and in the artillery factory, respectively.

Each of these types of troops has two types of troops. Each type of troops has its own special characteristics and strengths.

Infantry: This is your infantry. The infantry is divided into pike-men and musketeers. The musketeers increased defense against light cavalry. Do pike-men increased defense from the shooters. Possessing high levels of health and defense, both types of infantry serve as human shields for other types of troops. Rely on the infantry when creating an army.

Cavalry: is your cavalry troops. Heavy cavalry has increased protection in the battle with pike-men. Light cavalry has increased attack rates in a battle with arrows.

Cavalry has the highest speed in the campaign.

The ranged troops: crazy enemy from afar. They are divided into shooters and grenadiers. Arrows have increased attack rates in battle with cavalry and artillery.

Grenadiers have increased attack rates in combat with musketeers. Ranged troops can also attack troops behind enemy infantry.

Artillery: is your war machines. Artillery consists of guns and mortars. Guns help protect your troops by taking trap attacks.

Mortars do extra damage to enemy traps. Because of its size, artillery is slow, but it has the ability to transfer the largest amount of resources.

Improve Your Troops

Now you can upgrade your already trained troops to a higher level if you fulfill some requirements. To improve your troops, open the barracks, stables, artillery factory or landfill.

Select the troops you would like to improve, and then click on the Improve button. Select the number of troops to improve and click on the button _New level_. Requirements:

  1. The troops that you would like to improve should be located in your city (not in the infirmary and not in the march).
  2. You should not have training troops in the building in which you would like to improve your troops. You also cannot upgrade the building at the same time as the troops.
  3. In the building in which you would like to improve the troops, the level of the troops to which you would like to improve your troops should already be open.
  4. You must have the resources necessary to improve the troops.


A hike is the withdrawal of troops from your estate, regardless of where they went – to attack, to reinforcements, to gather or to the camp.

The number of troops that you can send on a campaign is determined by the level of your castle. The higher the level of your castle, the more troops you can send to the march at the same time.

You can also increase your troop limit during a hike by doing research, assigning skill points or airship bonuses, and using various amplifiers.

The number of trips you can send at the same time is determined by your research level. By researching _Space on a hike_ at the academy, you’ll get the opportunity to send more hikes at the same time. Activating high VIP levels (8 and above) will also temporarily open an additional place in the hike.


Having built an embassy, you can receive reinforcements from the members of your alliance in your city. Reinforcement troops will help you significantly increase the number of soldiers in the defending army.

The reinforcement troops that suffered in the battle will be considered wounded, not killed, and after the battle, they will go to the hospitals of the estates from which they came to your aid, and not to your hospitals.

You can take one detachment of reinforcement troops from each of the allies until you reach the reinforcement limit. The level of your embassy determines the maximum total number of reinforcement troops you can receive.


The co-operation allows you to unite with your allies and gather more strong troops. You need to be in an alliance and build a hall of war in order to participate in cooperatives and convene your own cooperatives.

After the start of cooperation, all allies who want to participate in it must arrive at the estate where the cooperation is assembled before the scheduled time.

The co-operation armies must first assemble at the estate of the Lord who called the co-operation. When the set time comes, the participants of the cooperation and their troops will advance to the goal of a single army.

If the lord and his troops fail to arrive on time at the estate in which the co-operation is going, this lord and his troops will not be able to participate in this co-operation.

Your alliance can increase the number of participants in each cooperation by making contributions to the knowledge of the alliance.

Guns of Glory Shooting Range

guns of glory - shooting range

You will get coins of the shooting range when you buy some sets! With each shot, the rewards get better, but the number of coins needed for the next shot rises.

By updating the shooting range, you can again select the award category. Using fast fire, you can automatically shoot one after the other. Rapid-fire will stop when you use all the coins of the shooting or get all the rewards.

Guns of Glory Beast

Not long ago, a strange disease broke out in the kingdom. Rumor has it that the dead come back to life, and someone even saw horrific beasts. Rogues scour the map of the kingdom. Attack them to collect loot and gain experience.

How to attack the beast? On the kingdom map, click on the beast, and then on _Attack_. Select a detachment of troops and click on the button _Pokhod_.

You can find a specific type of beast next to your estate by clicking on the _Hunting_ button in the lower left of the kingdom map.


  • Every time you kill a beast, you lose stamina. The amount of lost resistance depends on the level of the beast.
  • You can find beasts on the world map with levels from 1 to 30. The higher the beast level, the better the rewards for killing her.
  • First, you can only attack level 1 beast. When you defeat level 1 beast, you can attack level 2 beast so you can get to level 30 beast.
  • A report of the battle will come to you in the mail after the battle with the beast. You can find it in the _Reports_ section.

How to Change the Kingdom Guns of Glory?

There are 5 types of teleport s in the game:

  1. Teleport recruit: using it, you can transfer your estate to another kingdom of your choice. This teleport is available only to those who have been in the game for no more than 5 days and whose fortress level is 5 or lower.
  2. Random teleport: moves your estate to random coordinates on a kingdom map.
  3. Teleport Alliance: moves your estate closer to the estate of the head of the alliance.
  4. Advanced teleport: transfers the estate to your chosen coordinates on the map of the kingdom. To use advanced telephoning, click on the place on the map where you would like to transfer your estate and click on the _Teleport_ button.
  5. Teleport fortress: moves your estate closer to the fortress of your alliance. Available in the alliance market.

Crown Capture Guide

Capture the crown – this is a battle of the kingdom against the kingdom while participating in which you can move to another kingdom and join the battle with the lords of another kingdom for the king’s palace!

When does the Capture of the Crown Begin?

Looking into the center of events in your estate, you will see the date of capture and the numbers of the kingdoms with which you will have to fight.

How to Participate in the Seizure of the Crown?

 When this event begins, you can move to the appropriate kingdom. However, you can attack the cities of other lords only in the black forest. To move to another kingdom, you need a new item called the Invader Teleport.

Moving to the black forest of a foreign kingdom, you can attack and occupy the king’s towers or palace! You will need to hold the king’s palace for 8 consecutive hours in order to win the battle and become king.

After the battle, you are transported back to your kingdom at a random point on the map.

What Are the Benefits of a King?

If you capture the crown and become king, you will receive many resources! The king also has the opportunity to redistribute resources obtained during the seizure of the crown, the other lords.

And the king has special skills! Click on the King’s Hall in your embassy to learn more about these skills!

How to Use the Skills of the King?

Go to the King’s Hall in your embassy and use special items (royal coins). Monarch coins from all lords of the kingdom are automatically added to the monarch coin count when hunting or completing daily quests.

Battle For The Crown vs. Capture the Crown 

These are two different events, and below we will consider them in detail.

Battle for the Crown

The battle for the crown is for new kingdoms, and only alliances of the same kingdom take part in it. After two battles for the crown, the lords of your kingdom will be able to participate in the seizure of the crown.

How to Find the Palace?

To find a palace, just exit your city, and at the bottom of the screen, you will see the _Map_ button. Click on it to see a map of the kingdom.

In the center of the map is the palace. You can click on it to go straight to the palace. Or you can press the _King king_ button and then the palace when the battle for the crown begins in your kingdom.

In this example, we see that the palace is currently protected. The palace retains protection until the battle for the crown or the seizure of the crown begins.

In the corners of the palace are the towers. After the defense of the palace disappears, your alliance will need to capture the palace and towers.

If your alliance continuously holds the palace for 8 hours, the head of the alliance becomes king. If another alliance captures the palace, the countdown begins again at 8 o’clock.

Important: if the troops of another alliance appear in the towers, besides that which holds the palace, the troops in the towers will attack and cause significant damage to the alliance in the palace!

The size of the war hall of the first lord who sent troops to the palace or towers determines the maximum number of troops that can be sent to this building. 

We recommend sending the strongest lord with the largest army first to capture the palace or towers.

Why Do We Need the King’s Hall?

King’s Hall gives the king unique opportunities! For example, a king may send a message that the whole kingdom will see. The king’s hall can only be used by the king.

Royal coins:

only the king can use them. Royal coins collect all in the kingdom, killing beasts. A king can spend royal coins to use special skills.

Skill history:

Here you can find out what skills the king used in this kingdom.

Crown Grab

During the capture of the crown, your kingdom fights with 3-5 other kingdoms for each other’s palaces.

You can attack and hold the enemy’s palace (the entrance to another kingdom costs 2000 gold), but do not forget about protecting the throne of your kingdom.

When you find yourself in another kingdom, if necessary, you can use random and advanced teleports.

If your city is outside the black forest, the enemy invaders will not be able to attack you.

They can only attack lords in the black forest. In this case, you can fight the invaders, regardless of whether you are in a black forest or not.

If you were defeated during the capture of the crown in the black forest, you will return to a random point of your kingdom and will have to pay 2000 gold again to return to the enemy kingdom.

If the invaders capture the throne of your kingdom, the king of your kingdom loses its advantages, and the kingdom of the invader will receive additional resources and sets of the king (this will not affect the taxes that you pay at the moment).

You cannot take reinforcements from your kingdom to the kingdom you are invading. If you need reinforcements, you will need the help of allies who will have to go along with you.

If you invade another kingdom, the lords of this kingdom will be able to use defensive and attacking technologies against you.

At the same time, alliances of your kingdom cannot use technology, with the exception of _Disturbation_ technology.

How to Start Capturing the Crown?

 In the event center, open the event _Capture Crown_. Here you can see which kingdoms can participate in capturing the crown with your kingdom.

The timer at the top of the screen shows the time left for the crown to capture with these kingdoms. Click on the _PASS_ to get to the palace of another kingdom. To get to other kingdoms is possible only during the event _Capture of the crown_.

Did You Win That Now?

After the dust settles, the king can begin to take advantage of new opportunities. Let’s see what benefits the king can use after the coronation.


The king of your kingdom can assign titles that give a variety of gains or weaknesses. Each enhancement is unique, both positive and negative, and can be replaced with another one by the decision of the king every 24 hours.

All the gains and weaknesses that titles give will disappear at the time of the start of the next battle for the crown or capture of the crown.

Royal Sets

Here are all available kits. Bear in mind that the number of sets that a king can send depends on the number of kingdoms you conquered.

Also on the number of conquered kingdoms depends on the number of sets that the king can send to one lord.

You can see what is in each set, and the king can send only 1 conqueror set, 5 defender sets, and 15 support sets. The color of the chest and equipment in it may not match.

If you get a royal set of support, it may be equipped with both blue and purple or gold.

Taxes and Royal Privileges:

If your kingdom captures the palace of another kingdom, then your king becomes king of another kingdom. This means that your king will receive taxes from another kingdom.

To allocate the resources collected as taxes, the king must enter the name of the player to whom these resources are intended, and click the _Recommit_ button.

Transfer of Royal Title

The current head of the alliance, who kept the palace, can appoint a new king within two hours after the end of the seizure of the crown. If this does not happen, the head of the alliance that has retained the palace of your kingdom remains king.

About Alliances

You can join an alliance to unite with other lords against the Cardinal or to protect yourself from other lords. By joining the alliance, you also get access to new opportunities.

Advantages of the alliance:

1. Alliance chat to communicate with allies:

  • Make friends
  • Discuss plans for attacks and defenses
  • Help the allies and get help from them.

2. Strengthening the knowledge of the alliance:

  • Strengthen a number of indicators of your estate, troops, and alliance,
  • Make a donation and get rewards for it.

3. Convening and joining the cooperatives:

  • More attack power,
  • Killing the captain of the Red Guard,
  • Kill the villains from the dungeon.

4. Troop reinforcement:

  • Help allies defend themselves against enemy attacks,
  • Get help from allies in defending against enemy attacks.

5. Trade resources with allies: Send resources to allies and get resources from them.

6. Alliance buildings (give access to the special capabilities of the alliance):

  • Store and protect your resources in an alliance warehouse,
  • Treat the wounded troops in the Alliance Infirmary,
  • Help allies or destroy enemies from headquarters,
  • Collect more resources from the farm or the sawmill of the alias and the mines of the alliance.

7. Help with acceleration. Reduce the time of construction, improvement, research, and treatment of your allies, helping them at the embassy.

8. Alliance market. Get access to a special market with the best products.

How to Create An Alliance? How to Join the Alliance?

 Click on the _Alliance_ button at the bottom of the screen. In the window that opens, you can join an alliance or create it.

If your castle has not yet reached level 6, you can create an alliance by paying for it with 200 gold. If your castle is 6 or higher, you can create an alliance for free.

The language of the alliance is automatically determined by the language of the game of the head of the alliance, but you can change the language of the alliance at any time.

If you decide to create an alliance, remember that other lords decide whether they want to join your alliance by looking at its name and motto.

How to Change the Alliance? How to Get Out of the Alliance? How to Dissolve the Alliance?

At the same time, you can only be in one alliance. To join another alliance, click on the invitation that may appear on your screen, or click on the _Alliance_ button at the bottom of the screen to view a list of available alliances.

You can change the alliance at any time, but first, you need to leave the alliance in which you are a member. To do this, click on the _Alliance_ button at the bottom of the screen, then go to _Management_ and click on _Lock_.

Only the head of the alliance can dissolve the alliance. If the head of the alliance wants to leave the alliance or change the alliance but does not want to dismiss the current alliance.

He must transfer the post of the head of the alliance to another member of the alliance before leaving the alliance.

To dissolve the alliance, click on the _Alliance_ button at the bottom of the screen, then go to _Management_ and click on _Discall_.

How Can I Change my Rank in the Alliance?

Only the head of the alliance or members of the alliance, whose rank is 2 or more rank higher than yours, can change your rank in the alliance.

If your rank above your ally is 2 ranks or more, you can increase or degrade your ally. By clicking on the _Alliance_ button at the bottom of the screen, you can:

  • Click on _Participants_ to see the ranks of the members of your alliance,
  • Click on _Management_ in the menu _PASSITIES_ to see what authority each title of alliance gives.

What is Fame in Guns of Glory?

Banners of glory are needed to raise the level of glory of certain buildings in your estate. To use the banners of glory, click on the _Lay of glory_ button on the building you want, and then click on the _Improve_ button. Banners of Glory can be obtained:

  1. By collecting resources on the kingdom map,
  2. In the battle for the gate to the dungeon,
  3. Defending ourselves from the red guards,
  4. Some playsets.

Ways to get the glory of glory may change over time. The number of banners of glory required to raise the level of glory depends on the current level of glory of the building.

Level of Fame

You can increase the level of fame in 16 buildings in your estate and get reinforcements for your army! Buildings whose level of fame you can increase:

  • Castle
  • Walls
  • Barracks
  • Stables
  • Polygon
  • Artillery factory
  • Trap
  • Academy
  • Embassy
  • Forge
  • Stock
  • Exchange point
  • Airship hangar
  • Hall of War
  • Trade Shop
  • Watch Tower

The level of fame for each of these buildings becomes available at level 15. The levels of fame go from 1 to 30, they are limited to the level of the building itself.

For example, the maximum level of fame for a castle level is 20 – 20. To improve the level of fame, click on the building, then on _LEVER OF GLORY_, and then – on the _MORE_ button_. Here you can also see the following:

  1. The current level of fame of this building,
  2. The advantages that the current level of fame gives you, and the advantages of the next level of fame,
  3. How many banners of glory you need to collect to reach the next level of glory.

One building gives an advantage to 3 indicators maximum. The benefits of fame are constant. The number of banners of glory needed to improve the level of glory to the next level increases at each subsequent level of the building glory.


What is The Royal Military Academy?

Wearing 6 units of uniforms labeled as the Royal Military Academy will give you special advantages.

You can look at them by opening the player profile and clicking on the stamp in the form of a heraldic lily just above the miracles button.

Sets with special advantages do not give a bonus from the set with resonance. Currently, the game has the following sets, forged by the royal military academy: a set of “Sun King”.

Why do We Need Shields?

You can find shields by clicking on your lock and selecting “Shields”. There are 4 different types of shields in 5 different colors: green, blue, purple, orange and gold. Different shields give different advantages:

  1. Musketeer: strengthening all types of troops.
  2. Fencer: infantry reinforcement.
  3. Horseman: increased cavalry.
  4. Duellist: Strengthening shooters.

Fragments of shields can be obtained from the dealer of the catacombs or from special sets. You can summon a shield by using a shield blank at the exchange point.

Shields will go to your armory. You can use shield material to increase the level of the shields. You can get material for shields when parsing shields.


  1. Not all shields can be placed on any building.
  2. Additional benefits related to your level of fame. You will see three points to the left of your shields. Reaching 10, 15 and 20 levels of fame, you get access to these advantages, and the points will turn green.

What is a Miracle?

Mighty ancient wonders discovered in the kingdom! You can see them on the map of wonders (tavern> _Map of miracles_) and find out how delightful and mystical properties they possess.

Remember that you need to use a miracle to get the benefits that it gives. You can do this by going to your profile and then clicking on the button above _ Skill Points_.

Every miracle has a time when it cannot be taken away from the owner: three days after receiving the miracle. During these three days, the other lords cannot take the miracle from its owner.

After three days, anyone who defeats the owner of a miracle in a battle or cooperation has the opportunity to receive this miracle.

How to Buy on the Black Market?

New items constantly appear on the black market. You do not know what other lords are staking, and you can only make one bet on each of the items on the black market.

To bid, you must pay a non-refundable fee. At the end of the auction, the lord with the highest bid will receive the item at the price of the bet following his bet!

The difference between the bets will be returned to the lord. If your bid is not the highest, you will be able to return the gold spent on the bet, however, you will not be able to get back the non-refundable fee.

How to Use the Auction?

New items constantly appear on the auction. The minimum bid for an item consists of the price of the item and the minimum step of the bet.

If the bid is made in the last 5 minutes of the auction, the auction time will again be extended to 5 minutes. When the auction ends, the lord with the highest bid will receive the item.

If your bid is not the highest, you can pick it up entirely after the auction ends! If you won the auction, the item won will come to you by game mail. If you have not won the auction, you can pick up the gold by going to the auction.

How to Win a Jackpot in Guns of Glory?

You can play the mysterious jackpot in exchange for a stone of prophecy or gold. Collect three items of the same kind and collect this item, get five items of the same kind and collect all five items.

Collect five magical flasks and you win the jackpot. Alert that you got the jackpot will appear in the game in all kingdoms!

The piece of gold spent on the game by the lords is added to the total jackpot for each game. The more lords you play, the bigger the jackpot you can win!

What are the Lord’s Skills?

For each increase in the level of the lord, you get rewards and skill points. You can distribute skill points in three main areas: war, economy or balance.

Skill points will greatly enhance your estate.

If you would like to change strategy and reassign skill points, you can reset skill points and assign them again.

How to complain about the moderator?

In order to provide better player support and to allow players to communicate in a pleasant environment in the game, _Guns of Glory_ asked the moderators to do this.

If you believe that a moderator is abusing his authority or is not fulfilling his duties fully, you can contact another moderator. You also need to provide the following information:

  • a screenshot showing the inappropriate actions of the moderator;
  • moderator name;
  • kingdom number;
  • Description of the problem encountered when communicating with the moderator.

You can also report a violation by the moderator by contacting support and providing the same information.

Why do you Need Praise?

Praise is divided into 6 categories: achievement, operation _Dirizhabl_, operation _Equipment_, operation _Samozvety_, operation _Investigations_ and operation _Zdaniya_V each category contains from 3 to 4 types of praise.

As soon as you complete the task to receive praise, a special item will appear in your _Projects_ section. Use it from _Sitems_ to get the appropriate frame for the portrait.

After completing the task to receive praise, you also unlock and activate the bonus, which will act continuously. To check which bonuses you have already activated, simply click on _ Benefits of praise_ in the upper right part of the screen.

Guns of Glory Background

The king is slain. Now the cardinal is the most powerful man in the kingdom, and he is preparing to declare himself the new king. He accused D_Artagnan and the three Musketeers of killing the king, and now they are outlawed and in the run.

At the same time, a strange disease struck the inhabitants of the kingdom. Rumor has it that the dead come back to life, and some even saw monstrous creatures.

The population of the kingdom lives in fear and horror. The cardinal swears that when he becomes king, he will put an end to the creatures of darkness that have flooded the kingdom.

But Musketeers know that everything will be quite the opposite because they know who the cardinal really is …

You are one of the musketeers of the king, and D_Artagnan thinks that you are the legitimate heir of the king. When the kingdom is in chaos, the crown of fate will go to anyone who dares to seize it!

Final Verdict

We hope you like these guns of glory guide and walkthrough. This is the best guns of glory guide and secrets.

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