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HAY DAY is a game for Android and iOS from Supercell. In this article, you will learn all the secrets and cheats about how to pay and develop correctly, how to get rewards and resources with and without money on apkguides!!!


Items To Improve Or Expand

You can find items for improvement and expansion, such as electrical tape, boards, pegs, hammers, and others, by harvesting your fields, collecting items or opening red toolboxes.

You can also buy them in the newspaper or from your neighbors and friends if they have these items. The developers advise you to regularly follow the news of other farms in order to gain an advantage in any deal you can find.

If you do not find enough items, you can also buy them for diamonds by touching the “+” button next to them.

Mid Level Reward

Starting at level 15 you will receive a reward for your progress in the game! See the marks on your scale of experience?

They show at what points you will receive a special gift as a reward for your diligent work on the farm.

Continue to harvest, carry out orders and do a lot of different things on the farm, and then you can get these special awards.

How To Move Items On My Farm?

You can rearrange buildings, pens, fields, and trees by touching and holding an item that needs to be moved, it will blink, and you can move it to a free space.

  1. First, touch and hold the object you want to move.
  2. As soon as the object flashes and the rotation menu appears, you can drag it freely until you release it.
  3. Now just grab and drag the object to the cleared area of ​​the farm. Note that when an object is highlighted in red, it cannot be placed in this place.
  4. If the object is stuck behind another building, simply press and hold the hidden part of the object you want to select.

What Is The Purpose Of Trees & Shrubs?

The trees and shrubs in the game are a bit different from the rest of the plants. You can plant trees and shrubs on your farm, and collect fruits and berries 3 times in a row.

After that, you can ask friends and acquaintances of farmers to help with the additional harvest.

Put “!” next to the dying tree/bush, and other farmers who have visited your farm will have the opportunity to revive it – and then you will be able to collect fruits and berries again.

If you are connected to Facebook, you can even use Megaphone to tell your friends that you need help on the farm.

After you pick fruit or berries for the fourth time, unfortunately, the trees and shrubs will die. You will need to remove them to make room for landing new ones.

How Does Mine Working?

In order to mine ore for the production of gold, silver, platinum, iron or refined coal, you need barrels of TNT, shovels, pickaxes or dynamite.

You can use all this in mines (starting at level 24) for ore mining. If you are lucky, you can also find diamonds in the mine.

Do not forget to follow the ads in the newspaper and the kiosks of your friends, because they can also be ore and bullion for sale.

How To Remove The Scarecrow? (Who Is This?)

Scarecrow is a friendly neighborhood mate explaining the game options with brief and understandable educational materials. Upon completion of the training task, the scarecrow disappears – until you discover a new option.

Lost Field/Decoration/Other Object

Fields and objects cannot be lost or stolen from your farm, however, they can be put in another place or hidden somewhere.

There may be an item that you lost, stuck behind a building that cannot be moved, touch and hold the building in the place.

Check carefully near trees, buildings, animals, fences and other similar structures.

How To Expand The Farm?

You can buy additional land on the right side of your farm. Thus, you will have more space for various farm businesses. This addition appears in the game as soon as you reach level 22.

Select the field you want to receive and click on it. For expansion, it is necessary to have land acts, hammers and pegs for marking.

The required number of items depends on the size of the piece of land and is indicated when you touch it.

In the example below, it is necessary to have 15 land acts, hammers and pegs for marking. The numbers on the left show the number of items available, the numbers on the right shows how many items are missing.

To purchase an extension of land from above, you need two more land acts.

How To Buy Diamonds & Coins?

If you need more diamonds and coins to complete upgrades or to buy items on Hay Day, the only way you can do this is to go to a game store that works through iTunes and Google Play.

There are several extraneous websites that offer to buy game currency for Hay Day.

Please note that the use of such sites is contrary to the Terms of Use, and reserves the right of developers to take action against accounts that do not comply with these conditions.

Most often, these third parties will be asked to provide your data to the Game Center.

If you told someone else your Game Center ID and password, this person can use them to access your game through Game Center.

How To Get Bees?

All farmers start with a single hive on a tree. As the bees bring in more and more nectar, they will gain experience and taste.

Once you have collected enough nectar, you can hang another hive in the same tree. You can find out how much nectar the inhabitants of one tree collected by clicking on the “i” icon.

The tree can withstand up to 4 beehives, three bees in each. So, if we have 3 bees on the hive, therefore, only 12 bees can be made.

And that means buzzing around merrily, they can collect a whole bunch of nectar! But be careful. Bees do not like when they are trying to instill in the hive, where there is no place.

If you get a message that there is no space, just drag the bee you want to buy into another hive – and that’s it.

How To Get Diamonds?

How to get diamonds?
How to get diamonds in hay day game?

There are several ways to get diamonds in the Hay Day game:

  1. You can get diamonds by finding and opening red toolboxes. These mysterious boxes can be found both on your farm and on other players’ farms.
  2. It is also sometimes possible to get diamonds with increasing levels.
  3. You will also receive diamonds every time you receive an achievement! Check the farmhouse for a list of achievements.
  4. If you’re lucky, you will get diamonds every time you mine ore in the mine (starting at level 24).
  5. By participating in events, you can receive various awards, including diamonds.
  6. When you catch a new kind of fish or when you catch a fish of record weight, you will also receive diamonds.
  7. Sometimes diamonds can be found in mysterious packages from the catalog.
  8. Diamonds can be found using a mysterious network.
  9. It is even said that sometimes Alfred can drop in and leave a bag with shiny objects on the porch.
  10. And finally, you can buy diamonds by clicking on the “+” button next to the balance of diamonds.

Decorative Animals

Frogs, foxes, butterflies, and birds are decorative animals, and they visit the farm from time to time. They have no goal in the game, and they don’t threaten your farm.

Some ornaments for the farm increase or decrease the possibility of visiting these animals (for this simply check the description of the jewelry in the store), but unfortunately, the developers cannot remove these animals from your farm.

Please note that these animals need free space so that they can move around, and if your farm is full, they can get stuck and will not be able to move. You may need to put some decorations in the warehouse and redesign your farm to leave more space for them.

How To Get More Coins?

There are several ways to earn coins on the farm:

  1. Find and open red boxes with tools: Mysterious boxes can be found on your farm and on the farms of other players.
  2. Spin the wheel of fortune every day! You can be lucky to hit the jackpot!
  3. Sell ​​goods! You can change the price so that your offer is the best on the market!
  4. Sell ​​goods to visitors to the farm: they will stand at your home, wanting to buy different products for coins.
  5. Delivery by truck: send goods to different buyers and get coins and experience points for them!
  6. Load the steamer: for each finished box, you will receive coins and experience points.
  7. Serve visitors to the city: every time you serve visitors, you will receive coins.
  8. Participation in some events can bring you a reward, for example, among other things, a double amount of coins.
  9. In addition, you can always buy coins by touching the “+” button next to the coin balance.

Hire Lumberjack

The logger is your friendly neighbor Greg. Armed with an ax and a saw, he will clean the farm from dried trees and bushes. Thanks to this offer, it appears a limited number of times, starting at level 25.

The lumberjack only works if your farm has 20 or more bushes or trees completely dried during the offer period. Remember that you will not see Greg on the farm.

Instead, there will be visible dead bushes and trees that can be cut down and cut down at the same time.

Hiring a logger will cost you 50% fewer diamonds (compared to what you would pay if you purchased axes and saws for them). The lumberjack will cut down 20 dry kinds of wood at one time.

What he chops down depends on what kind of dead trees and bushes you have on your farm. If you have dried nectar bushes, he will start with them and continue, cutting down random trees and bushes. This is the most demanding way to quickly get rid of the “dead forest” on the farm.

Help With A Truck

More opportunities to help! Now you can ask for help from other farmers and neighbors through the order board for the truck. You can ask for help with any particular order, as is the case with the steamer.

Touch an order and mark it with an exclamation mark to ask for help. You can ask for help 4 times a day: up to 3 times a day from all farmers and 1 more time only from their neighbors.

Farmers can find requests for help through the Daily Dirt newspaper. After the request is posted, an exclamation mark will appear on the farm board on your farm.

If another farmer touches him, the order board will open and he will be able to fulfill your request.

The rewards for helping the farmer will include not only the usual thank-you letter but also other rewards that depend on the specific request. Together!

How To Play Hay Day On Facebook With Friends?

Want to play on a farm with friends? If you have a Facebook account, you can play with all your Facebook friends who also have a Hay Day! To connect to Facebook,

do the following:

  • Open the Facebook application on your device;
  • Log in to the Facebook account to which you want to link your farm (Important: Your farm will be permanently linked to the account you choose. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that you are logged in to the correct account);
  • Start Hay Day, tap the settings icon in the upper left corner and select “Facebook – connect”;
  • Remember that Hay Day will never send spam to your friends.


Hay Day Reserve Hints
Hay Day Reserve Secrets


Have you ever wanted to play a hippo? Make friends with a cute elephant? Or maybe just admire tall giraffes?

The reserve will turn your dreams into reality! Near the town is a reserve.

To get into it, you will need to gain access to the zone for expansion next to the reserve. After that, you can visit this wonderful place at any time.

After repairing the platform, touch the book of the reserve, and you will receive your first animal. Forward! You are waiting for new cute characters.

Decorations For The Reserve

With each new animal you receive, you will also receive new decorations for the reserve. After receiving the animal, the corresponding decoration will be available in the store.

Just drag the decoration to the reserve and place it where it will make it even more beautiful.

Decorations from the farm can be used in the reserve so that your flight of fantasy is not limited by anything! Unleash your imagination.

Visitors Tasks

After you gain access to the reserve, visitors may ask you to show them your animals. These visitors will go to see the animals only if you have served them in all the buildings they visited before.

Having made you a gift, they will go to the reserve, admire the animals and leave additional items next to the book of the reserve.

Some visitors may be interested in animals that you do not have. Yes, they are so picky! to collect pieces of the puzzle and get new animals for the reserve.

How To Get More Animals & Puzzle Pieces Of The Reserve?

To get new animals, use the pieces of the puzzle that you can get: at the races, from the mysterious boxes, as well as on ships marked with the puzzle icon.

There are 12 animals in total:

  • 2 giraffes
  • 4 cubs
  • 2 hippos
  • 2 elephants
  • other

Progress and the total number of puzzle pieces collected are reflected in the reserve book. Having received one more animal of the same species — say, the second elephant — you just need to improve your home — and it’s done. The second animal will immediately arrive in your reserve.

How To Get Young Animals?

Easy! To get a baby animal, you must first open two adult animals of the same type.

For example, if you have both adult elephants already open, simply assemble the puzzle pieces with their cub, and the cute little elephant will join the inhabitants of your reserve.

Remember that puzzle pieces can be found:

  • in mysterious boxes;
  • on ships with puzzle pieces;
  • during events with steamboats;
  • and get as a reward at the races.


How To Improve The Barn/Silo Tower?

You can improve the silo by tapping it and clicking the “Increase Capacity” button. If you have enough nails, screws and wood panels, you can press a button and the silo tower will immediately be improved.

To increase the barn, you need to perform similar actions, but you will need bolts, wood panels, and electrical tape.

How To Use Something From The Barn?

If you want to use something from the barn, just click on one of the buildings and start producing something that needs this ingredient.

You will be able to produce a product if you collect all the necessary ingredients (tap the product icon to find out what you need and what you have for it).

You can also sell ingredients and cereals. Just tap it, select an empty counter and put what you want to sell there.

Skill Points

Every time you make products using machines on your farm, you earn work experience on this machine – this experience is measured in hours.

When you reach a certain goal, you get an asterisk. Each star gives you a bonus to the products that are made by this machine.

How To Produce A Specific Product?

If you want to make a cake or something else, then you need to build a special building and collect the ingredients. Look at the store (the icon in the lower-left corner of the screen) and see if this or that building is available for purchase.

After purchasing a building, tap it, select the product you want to produce, tap it and hold it until the list of ingredients pops up above it.

If you have everything you need, just drag the product into the line and it will start to be made.

I Need A Specific Product For The Farm

Sometimes it happens that you spend the whole supply of food, seed or feed. In this case, you can buy what you need from an ad in the newspaper, from friends, or hire Tom (the neighbor boy) to find the goods for you.

You can also produce a product if you have basic ingredients, or buy the missing resources for diamonds.

How Do I Access Items Like Pizza, Pumpkins, & Nets For Angler?

New products open with increasing levels. You will find them on the second page of the inventory. Here is an example:

How do I get access to pumpkins?

  1. Touch the field.
  2. Touch the yellow button with two arrows.
  3. Pumpkins are on the second page.

How To Make Honey?

Now that you have rather nectar-bearing bushes, bees and hives, you can start producing sweet honeycombs. To turn honeycombs into honey, you need a terrific and excellent in all respects honey extractor.

As soon as you have both a bush and bees, you will notice how the bees will fly towards the bushes.

Slowly and carefully they will collect nectar from the bushes and bring it to the hive. Their nectar will turn into honeycombs.

One bee delivers approximately one drop of nectar per minute, and 100 drops of nectar are needed per honeycomb. Accordingly, the more the bees live in the hive, the faster, much faster, they will make honeycombs.

When the bees have finished and taken a break, collect the honeycombs by touching them and dragging them into the basket next to the hive.

Remember that to turn honeycombs into a keg of honey you need a honey extractor, and for a keg to be full, you need a couple of honeycombs.

How To Use A Sewing Machine?

To make clothes on a sewing machine, you first need to grow cotton on the field and then use a loom to turn the collected cotton into fabric.

To do this, simply take the loom and drag the fabric icon to the machine icon.

As soon as you pick up the fabric from the loom, you can take a sewing machine and make cotton shirts, wool chaps or gorgeous purple dresses.

Please note that some of these products require additional items to create them (for example, raspberries, indigo or fleece).

Beeswax & Candles

A new product has appeared in honey extractor: beeswax. Beeswax will appear at level 48. To make it, you need three cells in the amount of.

Then you can make candles on a candlestick from beeswax, and in the near future some other products;)

You can make 3 kinds of candles (listed below), for this you need a candlestick.

  • Strawberry Candle (Level 48)
  • Raspberry Candle (Rank 52)
  • Lemon Candle (Rank 72)

How To Feed Animals?

To feed a pet, you must fill the bowl next to the house of your pet with bacon, milk or carrots (depending on the animal). You can fill the bowls of pets at any time, but they eat only when they are hungry.

How Many Pets Can I Have?

In each house can live a maximum of three pets.

  • Dogs and cats: two houses in which up to 6 animals can live.
  • Kittens and puppies: two houses in which up to 6 animals can live.
  • Donkeys: two stalls in which up to 6 donkeys can live.
  • Rabbits: two houses in which up to 6 rabbits can live.
  • Horses: four stalls in which up to 10 horses can live.

How To Store, Sell Or Remove Buildings And Animals?

There are currently no functions in Hay Day that allow you to store, sell, or delete buildings and animals since every building and animal you buy has its own function on your farm.

The use of buildings for food and animal feeding provides you with rewards (coins and experience points), helps you with deliveries and orders, as well as go through the game.

But it is very possible to keep decorations in order to make room for more cars or other decorations. These items are stored in a safe place and can be easily retrieved from the storage in the “decorations” tab in the game store.

In this way, you can safely store and reuse seasonal decorations that are only available in the game for a short time.


Accelerator Of Gaining Experience

The game has a new accelerator! The accelerator of gaining experience.

Everything is very simple: as soon as you activate it, all actions that bring experience points will give more such points.

For example, by activating a 30 percent experience accelerator and completing a task for a truck that costs 100 experience points, you will receive an additional 30 experience points.

Note: the amount of experience will be rounded if it is not integer. In addition, if the amount of experience given by the accelerator is less than one, then you will not see the usual graphics for this (flying stars).

What Are Boosters?

Accelerators allow you to complete various tasks on the farm faster. They are presented in the game in the form of cards.

Each accelerator can have five levels: from 1 star (ordinary) to 5 stars (rare). You can open them with a new button, located next to the friend’s button, at level 35.

By default, there are:

  • 1 cell for an active accelerator.
  • 3 cells for saved boosters.

How To Get Boosters?

  • Passing stages at the races;
  • Rotating the wheel of fortune;
  • Opening parcels from the postman;
  • Passing stages in global events;
  • Opening mysterious boxes on the farm;
  • Opening mysterious boxes in the city;
  • Receiving rewards in the middle of the level.

How To Activate And Store Accelerators?

Accelerator Activation:

  • Click on the desired accelerator and confirm that you want to use it.
  • You may have more than one active accelerator, but this will require diamonds.
  • It is impossible to activate two accelerators of the same type at the same time.

Accelerator Storage:

  • You can save more than three accelerators, but it will take diamonds.
  • The number of additional cells is not limited.
  • An additional cell in the warehouse is valid while the accelerator is stored in it. After using accelerators from additional cells, the number of cells in the warehouse will again not exceed three.

When filling the warehouse, you can:

  • Remove one of the accelerators.
  • Replace the current accelerator with one from the warehouse.
  • Rent an extra cell for diamonds.


Meet Rose

Rosa is your neighbor, she will help you look after the animals. You can hire her by touching the house above the mine. If you hire her, Rosa will make animal feed, feed them and collect products.

She can collect eggs, milk, wool, bacon, and goat milk. All this will be stored in her personal barn, so she will not take up space in yours. The size of her warehouse depends on the level of experience. You can find out what she has by touching Rose and switching to the “In Stock” tab.

It is important to know that the production line equals the place in the warehouse. If the production line is empty, Rosa will prepare one package of feed for each animal, but will not feed them.

For example, if you have 15 cows and 10 feed for them in the barn, Rosa will make 5 more bags of feed in the crusher and take it to the warehouse. The rose will occupy the first cell of the crushers, and what you want to do will be prepared immediately [after]. The food made by Rosa does not take up space, and you can use it or sell it at any time.

Each time you hire a Rose, simply indicate the amount of food you need to collect. This means that you can use them at any time.

It’s amazing! She will work constantly so that you always have the right amount of goods. Until you run out of cereals, Rosa will make animal feed and work.

A stop only by completing the task. You can always find out what Rose managed to stock up by touching her and selecting “In Stock”.

Remember to keep an eye on the assistants because they sometimes need your attention. Choose what to produce, confirm the order and see how the helpers work.

New Features:

Now Rose has a settings button in the upper left where you can choose one of three options.

  • Feed all animals and stock up on additional food.
  • Store extra feed. Do not feed all animals.
  • Do not store extra feed. Prepare food only when it is needed.

To find out how Rose will work in each case, hover over each button and read the description.

Meet Ernest

Ernest is your new neighbor, a miller who can help you manage dairy and sugar. You can hire Ernest by touching his house above the mine. He lives with Rosa, who can take care of animals.

When you hire Ernest, he will produce any goods in the milk and sugar factories. Namely: milk, butter, cheese, and goat cheese, as well as brown sugar, white sugar, and syrup.

He stores the goods received in his own barn, and not with you. The size of the warehouse depends on the level of experience. It is important to know that the production line equals the place in the warehouse.

Ernest is engaged in dairy products and a sugar factory. Each time you hire Ernest, simply indicate the number of products you want him to make.

This means that you can use them at any time. It’s amazing! Ernest is a workaholic, the same as Rose.

He will work constantly so that you always have the right amount of goods. He will stop only if he completes the task, his place will run out of milk, or milk or sugar will end.

Ernest automatically uses the milk collected by Rosa if he does not remain in your barn.

He will not plant sugarcane if it runs out, but he will warn that your supply is coming to an end. You can always find out what Ernest managed to stock up by touching it and selecting “In Stock”.

Farm Helper Bonuses:

You may have already noticed that assistants collecting experience on a farm bring experience.

The developers have improved this feature a bit, so now, when Rosa collects the goods of animals, random tools sometimes fall to you.

These tools will appear at the left corner of the house of assistants, next to the flagpole, in front of the white fence.

How to find helpers?

Rosa and Ernest work like bees, so it is not always easy to keep track of them. But don’t worry, they love working on your farm, so they are likely to be somewhere on it, performing their duties.

A rose is usually somewhere close to animals or crushers. And Ernest prefers to be near a dairy or sugar factory. Sometimes they can be caught in front of the house while they chat with Greg or other visitors.


Hay Day Neighborhoods
Hay Day Neighborhoods INFO

Champions League Leaderboard

Now the best neighborhoods will be on the world leaderboard. Results are updated every week. The first four weeks show the progress of the neighborhood. In the fifth week, there is a new chance.

When this happens, the fourth week will disappear from the leaderboard to make room for a new result! In short, the score is the sum of the last 4 weeks.

The Champions League leaderboard will include 4 different categories:

  • The average number of player points, i.e. total score for past races divided by the number of neighbors participating (total score/number of participants).
  • Size bonus – the more neighbors, the greater the bonus.
  • Rank bonus – the higher your position in the races, the greater the bonus.
  • Players abandoned tasks – the number of abandoned tasks in past races divided by the number of neighbors participating (abandoned tasks/number of participants).

Important: if the neighborhood is reduced to the previous league, it will lose list points.

Leaderboard Bonus

Neighborhoods receive extra points depending on:

  • Neighborhood positions in the last leaps.
  • The number of participants in the races.

Reset Quests In The Champions League

The developers added a new tricky element to the list of champions league leaders. For each task thrown by the player, points will be deducted from your weekly result (not from the result of the races).

The calculation formula is simple: the number of missed tasks divided by the number of participants (those who were in the races).

For example: if 20 farmers are in the Champions League, and by the end of the week your neighborhood accumulates 30 missed tasks, your neighborhood will deduct 1.5 points from the results of the leaderboard by the end of the race (30 tasks divided by 20 players).

League: Possible Racing Tasks

Race tasks are divided into three types: simple, normal and complex.

For each category, depending on the assignment, points are given:

  • Simple: from 50 to 90 points.
  • Medium: from 120 to 190 points.
  • Complex: from 230 to 320 points.

The following is the probability of getting tasks depending on the neighborhood league.

Recruit Opportunities:

  • 30% simple rear.
  • 30% of the average tasks.
  • 40% of difficult tasks.

Newbie Features:

  • 20% simple rear.
  • 30% of the average tasks.
  • 50% of difficult tasks.

Opportunities for professionals:

  • 15% simple back.
  • 25% of the average tasks.
  • 60% of difficult tasks.

Expert Features:

  • 10% of simple tasks.
  • 20% of the average tasks.
  • 70% of difficult tasks.

Champions features:

  • 100% challenging tasks.

Neighborhood Race Journal

Browse the download log to better coordinate your neighborhood! Where to find him? Just enter the chat window and tap the horseshoe tab.

The download log shows:

  • The number of tasks completed and remaining for each; for example, if in the magazine it is shown that someone has 3/5, this means that this someone has completed 3 tasks and 2 more left.
  • The number of points brought by each player.

More detailed information (like the player completed the task, expired or threw away) can be seen in the personal journal.

By default, the download log is not visible to all neighbors. Chapters and co-managers can open the magazine to the neighborhood as they wish to work more efficiently.

For this, you need:

  • Enter the neighboring house.
  • Touch the edit button.
  • Select “Download Task Log: Share.”
  • Save changes.

What Are The Leagues?

There are 5 different leagues:

  • Recruits (green): 5 quests, 5 rewards are available;
  • Beginner League (blue): 6 quests, 6 rewards available;
  • Professionals (pink): 7 tasks, 7 awards are available;
  • Experts (gold): 8 tasks, 8 awards are available;
  • Champion (purple): 9 tasks, 9 awards + a separate leaderboard are available.

In each league, only one additional mission with diamonds will be available.

How Does The Neighborhood Move To The Next League?

The victory system in the races has not changed. The neighborhood with the most points receives a gold racing reward. But now the neighborhoods that have received a gold, silver or bronze award are also moving into a higher league, where they will compete with other neighborhoods in new trials.

On the other hand, if your neighborhood falls into the top three or does not reach the milestone, you will go to the previous league.

If you do not get into the top three, but get at least one horseshoe, you will remain in the same league until the next race.

And remember: the higher the league, the higher the chance of getting a bigger and better reward.

Why Do I Need A Higher League?

If you enjoy racing, then you like the more leagues. Winners of the races will face more difficult tasks, where victory requires more coherence, confidence, and determination.

Together with your farmer neighbors, you will compete with neighborhoods from around the world and be able to compete for the title of best in the world.

How To Pick Up A-League Reward For Horse Racing?

For each horseshoe you receive, you will receive one award at the end of the race. You can get from 1 to 9 different rewards depending on the league.

To receive the reward do the following:

  • Go to the tab with the horseshoe ribbon. There you will find up to 9 columns with different rewards.
  • Select a prize from each column and tap it.
  • When you select 1 reward from the available columns, a button will appear to collect the reward.
  • Touch it and you will receive the selected reward!

You can change the selected reward before you take it. To do this, simply touch the shuffle button to receive a new set of potential rewards.

How To Create A Neighborhood/Join?

You probably already saw the house across the road from the farm? This is a neighbor’s house. At level 10, you can repair it, and then create a neighborhood or enter into an existing one.

Having entered the neighborhood, you will be able to participate in exciting races every week, where for the sake of victory and wonderful prizes all the neighbors must work together and carry out tasks.

How To Join The Neighborhood?

You can choose it from the list of proposed neighborhoods, or:

  • Find a neighborhood by name;
  • Find a neighborhood by TEG.
  • Accept the invitation that you sent;
  • Visiting a farmer who is already in the neighborhood. Touch a neighbor’s house to learn about its neighborhood. Touching a neighboring house, you will see all the information about the neighborhood in which you are a member.

How To Change The Neighborhood?

Since you can only be in one neighborhood to enter another neighborhood, you must first leave the current one. To leave the neighborhood, you need to go to the neighboring house, touch the “Leave” button and confirm your decision.

Remember that every time you leave the neighborhood, you need to wait a while before entering another.

Neighborhood Roles

Despite the fact that in the neighborhood everyone should work together, as one team, to trade and communicate, they have roles that are designed to help manage the group.


  • These are players who can edit neighborhood settings and invite new ones, as they created it. They are responsible for their group.
  • Also, the leader can “go down” a notch and transfer his position to the co-leader.
  • And the leader can throw away the race tasks. If the leader rolls out an unselected task, another task will appear very soon.


The second people on the team are appointed by the supervisor (or other co-supervisors). They have the same set of responsibilities and privileges as the leader, but they cannot lower or expel the leader (co-leaders can only lower or expel elders and members).

The co-leader can also throw away the race task. If he or she throws away an unselected task, something else will appear soon.


This is the cement that holds the neighborhood together. They make sure everyone in the group is well and their members respect each other.

They can send invitations and accept applications. Elders can also roll out race assignments. If he or she throws away an unselected task, another will appear shortly.


Their main role is to be part of a group, work together with everyone and take part in chat discussions. Members can be promoted if they want something more.

It is enough to ask the co-managers or the leader about this. If a leader leaves the neighborhood without appointing a successor, then a co-leader who has been in the neighborhood longer than others will automatically take his place.

If there is no co-leader, then the eldest of the elders will become the leader. If there is no co-leader or elder, then the participant who has been in the neighborhood longer than others will take the place of the leader.

How To Change The Name Of The Neighborhood?

Unfortunately, developers cannot change the names in the game. They will consider changing the name of your neighborhood only if:

  • You have indicated your full name (first and last name), which may be a threat to the confidentiality of personal data;
  • Your name is offensive.

Developers understand that this is unpleasant, but to ensure internal security, the rules should apply equally to all players.

I Am Blocked In The Chat! Why?

In order not to ignore the huge number of chats in the game, developers use an automatic messaging system. In order for you to be blocked, several players must send complaints about you within a certain time.

The same player cannot send messages twice. This means that you cannot be blocked only because of one person, a whole group must inform.

The lock will last 24 hours. After they expire, you will automatically be unlocked and will be able to participate in the neighbor’s chat again.

How To Chat?

Entering the neighborhood, you will see a semicircle tab on the left side of the screen. Touch it and the chat window will open.

Done, you can chat! Having opened the chat, you will see three tabs:

  • The first open automatically with the chat.
  • The second display incoming messages. Among them are invitations to enter the neighborhood and answers to your inquiries.
  • The third tab is the download task log. Its contents will appear if the head or co-leader of the neighborhood turn this feature on in the settings.

And in the chat window, there are two buttons. The first button, “i”, gives information about the neighborhood and its members.

The second button is located in the lower right corner of the chat. Touch it to open the keyboard.

Welcome To The Races

Have you entered the neighborhood? If not, hurry up and enter to take part in an exciting new competition. Are you curious about what these races are? Touch the horse racing stand, which is located next to the neighboring house.

There you will find various tasks and tests in which you can earn points for the neighborhood. The tasks will be the actions that you perform every day on the farm: harvesting, fulfilling orders or working in the mine.

Download Assignments

When the races begin, you can help your neighborhood by completing tasks. The tasks will be the actions that you perform every day on the farm.

For example, one of the tasks might be to serve three visitors. As soon as you choose a task for yourself, you will need to serve these visitors in the indicated buildings (until you receive a gift from them) for a certain time.

As soon as you take the task, a counter will appear in the upper right corner of the screen (under the vouchers).

Touching the icon, you can learn more about the task itself, and also about the time for its passage. You can also check the status of all tasks of the current race. To do this, simply scroll down the tasks tab to see everything that you undertook (completed, discarded, current and expired).

You can also view the tasks of the current race. Just scroll down the tasks tab and see what you took up (completed, discarded, current and expired). After completing the assignment, you will see at the horse racing stand how your horse is racing towards the finish line.

How To Win The Races?

To become a better neighborhood in races, you need to score more points than the neighborhoods you are competing with. Winning the races will bring you great prizes, and even if you do not win the races this week, you will be rewarded for your work.

For each horseshoe received (blue flag on the scale) you will receive one prize. You can get up to five (9) horseshoes (depending on the league), which will turn into 9 different prizes.

Moreover, if you finish the races in the top three, you will receive an additional reward.

Personal Race Journal & Trophy Counter

Farmers, we have great news! Starting from the following downloads, you can view completed, expired, abandoned and current tasks at the bottom of the list of download tasks.

This will allow you to keep track of how many points you brought to your neighborhood and what tasks you took at these races.

In addition, now you can see all the trophies received by the neighborhood at the races. To do this, simply look at the neighborhood information screen.

To learn more about how many trophies you have won in each league, simply touch the neighbor’s house and look into the trophy room.

A Break Between Jumps

After a long race, it’s good to take a breath, right? Therefore, the developers set a break of 24 hours between races, which will give you enough time to search for new participants, plan races and just relax before the next jumps.

This is the right moment to change the neighborhood if for some reason you no longer want to be in the current one. This way you won’t lose prizes and you can start again.

Horse Race Track

The horses are hot and eager to bring home the trophy for 1 place. Horse racing has begun, and the tension is rising. At the very top of the horse racing window, you will see a horse of your neighborhood.

Under the happy horse of the neighborhood, there are other neighborhoods competing with you in horse racing. On the left is a list of symbols of the neighborhoods and the positions of their horses.

Before the horses, you will see the number of jump points earned by the neighborhood. The top three horses with the most horse racing points will have a gold, silver, and bronze award.

At the entire racetrack, you will notice control points marked with blue flags. They give horseshoes that can be exchanged for prizes.

Horseshoes only open when your neighborhood reaches a breakpoint. The more control points you pass, the more rewards you will receive at the end of the race.

And remember: if your happy horse is in the top three winners (with gold, silver or bronze) at the end of the race, you will receive an additional reward.

Racing Rules

In the name of fair play, the stewards of these races established the following rules for the participants:

  • Horse racing will last 6 days, including 24-hour breaks between races.
  • Horse racing starts simultaneously for all neighborhoods.
  • For your neighborhood, neighborhoods with the same number of participants will be selected.
    • Opponents are randomly selected, the main thing is that they have the same number of participants and the league.
  • If during the races the player enters the neighborhood or decides to participate in them, he will have to wait until the next races to join.
  • If there is a task on the board that no one wants to take, the head of the neighborhood, co-leaders and elders can throw it away. Soon the neighborhood will receive a new mission in return.
  • Each member of the neighborhood can complete a maximum of 5, 6, 7, or 9 tasks per race depending on the league and earn points.
  • If you do not like the selected task, you can always refuse it. But remember that this task will be subtracted from the maximum number of tasks that you have. So choose wisely!
  • Tasks vary in complexity. The more difficult the task, the more jump points you get for completing it.
  • If several neighborhoods claim a place in the top three, then the top position will be taken by the one that gets there before the others.
  • To claim a place in the top three and move to a new league, you must have at least one horseshoe.
  • If you leave the neighborhood before the end of the race, you will not receive a reward.
  • If you decide not to participate in the races, then even if you change your mind, you will have to wait until the next races begin.
  • For participation, even 1 person in the neighborhood is enough but remember: the more participants, the easier it is to get a reward.

How To Choose Neighborhoods?

The system for selecting opponents is simple: it is based on the number of neighbors participating in the next races. You compete only with the neighborhoods of your league.

For example, if your neighborhood is in the blue league and has 30 participants in it, but only 20 decided to participate in the races, then you will compete with the blue league neighborhoods in which only 20 participants prepare for the races.

Neighborhood Request System

Have you noticed the new query board in the neighboring plot? (The one that looks like a birdhouse).

Here you can ask for different items from your friends in the neighborhood. How? Easy! Touch the query board and look around.

There you will see two tabs:

  • Request tab: ask the neighborhood and respond to the requests of the neighbors!
  • Statistics of requests and donations: track donations of neighbors and their titles “for generosity”.

Ranks For Generosity

The exchange system is useful for everyone! Now, in addition to receiving items faster and easier, every week you will receive titles that reflect your activities.

Every Monday there will be a counting of requests and donations, and each member of the neighborhood will receive a title (several members may have one title).

The neighbors will wear the title for 7 days. And next Monday, depending on activity during the week, they will receive new ones.

The list of possible titles:

  • Generosity itself: 140 items must be donated and 0 requested.
  • Philanthropist: Need to donate more than 70 items and request 0.
  • Super Trader: 140 items must be donated and less than 60 requests.
  • Excellent businessman: You need to donate 100 items And request 100.
  • Lord of the Harvest: Request 210 items. No more, no less.
  • Lucky Merchant: You need to donate 88 items and request 88.
  • Large size: Donate 123, ask for 45.
  • Zealous Merchant: The sum of inquiries and donations should be 100.
  • Easy hand: Requests and donations should total less than 100.

Neighborhood Tag

Finding a neighborhood is now easier! Just ask a friend to give you a neighborhood tag and enter it in the search bar.

To find the neighborhood tag, tap the neighbor’s house. It is directly below the neighborhood information.

Race Themes

Horse racing is even better! During some special weeks at the races, a new theme will act: You can get the best rewards and earn extra points by completing tasks related to this topic. For some tasks, you can get up to 400 points.

You can learn more about the next race topic by clicking the info button (i) in the race pause menu. The next racing theme is just around the corner!

Sending Messages In The Neighborhood

Managers and co-managers can now send messages to all members of the neighborhood at once. This will help improve information sharing and coordination in the neighborhood.

After the manager or co-manager publishes a message, a notification about it will appear on the chat tab, where you can read it.

The publication of not more than three mass messages. If you have already posted three posts and want to post another, you need to delete one of the existing posts.

Mysterious Leaps

A novelty that you like. Everything is very simple. Jobs with a question mark will appear on the race board.

You will not be able to find out what this task is until you take up its implementation. For all the mysterious tasks relies on 400 points.


How To Get Vouchers?

They can be obtained for fulfilling orders on a boat (starting at level 20) or for completing special orders on a van (at level 24).

You can also find vouchers in red toolboxes, as well as win them by playing the wheel of fortune. Vouchers can also be bought for diamonds.

What Are Vouchers?

There are four types of vouchers in total: green, blue, purple and gold. They can be obtained for fulfilling orders on a ship (starting at level 20) or for fulfilling special orders on a van (at level 24).

And they can also be found in red boxes with tools or playing the wheel of fortune. Vouchers can also be bought for diamonds. Vouchers are needed to buy pets or special decorations for the farm.

How To Receive Mail/Letters?

If you helped a friend on Hay Day, he can send you a thank you note! And when a friend helps you, you can do the same. Touch the friend’s icon, a tab will appear with an exclamation mark “!”, Where you can see friends who have helped you.

Water their plants or help fill the boxes with orders. The person you have helped can send you a thank you note by touching the envelope that appears next to the tree, bush or box with which you were helped.

Postman Alfred will go to the farm every day after you reach level 15 to enter letters from other farmers. To pick up letters, tap the blue mailbox. Carefully check all letters: there may be a gift card inside.

Despite the fact that not all letters contain gift cards, the more you help farmers, the higher the chance of getting more gift cards! But keep in mind that you can receive a maximum of 5 gift cards in one day.

Click on the “Collect All” tab and your gift cards will be added to the total amount. The total number of gift cards can be found by looking at the cover of the gift catalog.

Gift cards can be exchanged for a mysterious gift, in which there may be diamonds or unique jewelry. The more cards you collect, the bigger the win.

And for them, you can get random mysterious packages, which may include tools, items for expansion, and much more. You can also see the list of recent helpers in the friend’s panel.

To do this, tap the icon in the lower right corner of the screen and then tap the “last helpers” tab again.

How To Send Thank You Notes?

Want to send a thank you note to a good farmer? It is easy. When a farmer helps you by filling in boxes or reviving trees, you will see an envelope icon with a farmer’s attached avatar.

If you touch the envelope or box once and double – the tree, you will automatically send the player a thank you note, which may contain a gift card. Remember that the ability to send letters exists for a limited time.


Helping friends on Hay Day is fun, easy, and you can get a reward for that. Open the notification tab to see if your friends need help in the game.

There are many ways to help your friends with the farm, for example, they may need help with orders, bushes and trees.

Touch the exclamation mark (!), which means that the farmer needs your help! If your friends don’t need help, you can also check out the Daily Dirt newspaper.

How To Help With The Steamer?

If a friend of the player asked for help with the execution of orders for loading into the ship, a yellow exclamation mark will appear next to him. Touch an empty box to complete an order.

You will see how many items and what type is needed, as well as how many items you have in stock. Filling the boxes, you get experience points and coins.

How To Help With Trees & Shrubs?

Trees and shrubs that need help will look wilted and will be marked with a small exclamation mark. Touch the plant, and you will do a great service to your fellow farmer.

You can also help other farmers by finding new badges asking for help in the newspaper. They will be located in the upper left corner of the farmer’s avatar. Friends can send you a thank you note, in which a gift card can sometimes be attached.

How To Turn Off Facebook Notifications About Likes?

To turn off Facebook notifications, just launch the Facebook application, tap the icon with three horizontal lines in the upper left (or lower right) corner and scroll down.

Select “Account Settings” and “Applications and Websites.” Search for “Hay Day” in the list, and set “Publication Privacy” to “Just For Me.” Hope this tip helps you.

How To Subscribe & Unsubscribe From The Farm?

You can subscribe to farms of other players (up to 10 farms) by visiting them and tapping the Bookmark icon to the right of the avatar.

If you are subscribed to the farm, it will be displayed in your friend’s list, but in a blue frame instead of a yellow one. To unsubscribe, simply touch the icon in the blue frame and tap the Bookmark icon again.

Manage Your Friend’s List

Those who are your friends in the game, you can block or delete.

If you block a player, he will not be able to send you a new request as a friend until you unblock him. Please note that the lock lasts 30 days.

As for the other friends (via Facebook or Game Center), you will have the opportunity to hide them. It means that:

  • Hidden friends will not be visible in your RSS friends list, friends tab or the “Need help” tab;
  • Hidden players will be visible in the help tab recently;
  • Hidden friends will be visible at the very end of this tab;
  • To make them visible again, just click the “Show” button.

Subscribers Tab:

  • You can easily unsubscribe;
  • Subscribers can be deleted and blocked. If you block a player, he will no longer be able to follow you. Please note that the lock lasts 30 days.


Make Active

If the “make active” button is gray, it means that not all required objects are located on the farm. When you place everything you need, the red exclamation mark disappears from the layout, allowing you to make it active.

Not sure if all required objects are in place? Just drop by the warehouse while editing. There you will see the required objects.

Saving Layout

After creating a new design, you can save progress, even if the work is not finished yet. This way you can continue editing later. To save, simply tap the large green checkmark on the left.

A pop-up window will need to confirm the save. Lost your connection while editing?

No problem! Progress will be saved automatically.

When you open the game again, a pop-up window will ask if you want to continue the started design or cancel the changes.

Copy Layout

Creating a new farm and city design is very easy! You can start a new design from scratch, or copy an existing layout to another cell, and then change it. To do this, select the desired layout, tap “Copy layout” and paste it into the desired cell.

Remember: you can copy an empty layout into a “ready to use” cell. Then you will receive a message to confirm the cancellation of design changes and start from scratch. You cannot replace the used layout with an empty one. The developers do not want you to lose your design.

Editing Mode

Want to clean everything and start decorating from the beginning? Easy! Below are some tips to help you edit easily and fun.

Change of several fields of fences, paths, trees, and bushes: having placed one of these objects, use the icon with a brush to beautifully “draw” next others like that. You no longer need to arrange them one at a time.

Storage: you can store objects as you like. If you want to remove everything in the vault, tap its icon (box with an arrow pointing inward) to open the vault menu.

There you will see 4 options:

  • Remove all fields and houses.
  • Remove all cars and buildings of the city.
  • Remove all fruit trees and bushes.
  • Remove all jewelry.

If you want to clean objects one at a time, turn on the erase mode. Then everything that you touch will automatically fall into the repository without unnecessary movements.

How To Pick Up Jewelry?

To pick up jewelry, enter the store, jewelry section, and scroll down until you find the items that are stored in the box. From there, you can easily pull them out and transfer them to the farm. Hope this tip helps you.


How Can I Change The Name?

Unlike the name of your farm, which can be changed in the game settings, the name of your roadside kiosk is the name of your Facebook, Game Center or Gamer ID account, depending on which account the game is associated with.

  • If you have a Facebook account, the name of the roadside kiosk can only be changed by changing the name in the Facebook application.
  • If you have a Game Center account, you can simply go to “Settings”> Game Center> “Alias”.
  • If you have a Google+ account, open the Google Play app and change your Gamer ID.

How To Change The Price Of An Item In A Store?

To sell something on Hay Day, just visit the roadside kiosk by tapping the display case at the beginning of the road. Touch an empty box and a menu with items will appear.

Select the product you want to sell, then set the price using the + and – buttons next to the product. After that, tap the green checkmark button to sell the product!

Hint: if you press and hold + or -, then the price will change faster!

How To Change The Avatar?

There are two ways to set up an individual Hay Day farm avatar.

  1. You can upload the image to your Game Center account from your device’s settings.
  2. You can also upload an image to Hay Day by connecting the Hay Day farm to your Facebook or Google+ profile.

To connect to these accounts, make sure that you are logged in to the account on the device, after which Hay Day will automatically use the avatar.

How To Sell Items To Other Players?

At level 7, you will have the opportunity to exhibit items from a barn or silo for sale in a roadside kiosk. If you touch the roadside kiosk, a window will open.

Touch an empty place to put an item up for sale. You can choose whether you want to sell goods from a barn or a silo.

Set the price and select whether you want to place an advertisement for the sale of items in the Daily Dirt newspaper. When finished, tap the “For Sale” button.

If you place an ad in the Daily Dirt newspaper, your products and their prices appear in the mailboxes of other players every day. If you do not place ads, the goods will be available only to your Facebook friends and/or Game Center, as well as to your subscribers.

As soon as the player purchases your product by the announcement, you will notice the image of the buyer where the product used to be.

Touch the image to collect revenue. If you want to remove products from the storefront, tap the cell you want to remove and select the “Discard” icon.

Removing the product in this way costs 1 diamond. This frees up space for a new product in your store.

How To Trade With Other Players?

You can trade with other players starting at level 7. Players can set the price themselves and choose whether to advertise the product or not. If they decide to advertise, then the price of the product will appear in the mailbox of other players, and if not, only visitors to the kiosk will be able to buy it: friends or subscribers.


What Is A Leaderboard?

The list of shipping leaders by steamer can be opened by touching the notice board at the marina. There are two types of lists: a friend rating (where you can see the success of your friends) and a ranking of the best players in the world (i.e. a list of the best players on Hay Day around the world).

You will receive points for the leaderboard (both for the ranking of friends and for the ranking of the best players in the world) each time you complete (and send) all orders for delivery by the ship on your farm or help another player with his ship.

The number of points you receive depends on the complexity of the order (on the type and number of items). You will also receive a bonus if you complete the task faster.

The number of points can be found under the usual order rewards (experience and vouchers). Points (together with a bonus) will be added to your record in the leaderboard when you send the ship.

How To Help With Boat Orders?

To help another player load the boat, simply visit his farm. If the player asked for help with filling orders for loading into the boat, a yellow exclamation mark will be displayed next to the boat.

Touch it, and you will see a list of orders that need to be completed, as well as those that have already been taken care of. If the exclamation mark is not displayed, this means that the player does not need help.

Touch an empty box to complete an order. You will see how many items and what type is needed, as well as how many items you have in stock.

You can close the box only if you have enough items in stock, for which you will receive a reward (experience points and coins).

If you want, you can also ask your friends for help with ordering on your boat.

How To Fish In Hay Day?

This feature appears at level 27.

If you still do not know how to fish, just follow the instructions below:

  • You have probably already noticed uncle’s old boat off the coast. Let’s fix it and set off on a fishing adventure! Repair takes 3 days.
  • To start, find the fish zone, tap and hold the bait. Drag and drop it into the water. Try to lure the fish by slowly moving the bait over the fish zone.
    • When the fish grabs it, a circle appears that begins to narrow. You need to hold the fish inside this circle, slowly moving in the opposite direction to the movement of the fish.
  • If you keep the fish in a circle before it closes, the fish will be caught and entered in the book. If the fish is broken, do not worry. Try again until you catch! 🙂 If the fish breaks, you will not lose the bait! Although that particular fish that you tried to catch was gone forever.
  • When you first get into the fish zone, Angus will tell you what to do.
    • Also, if you need help at any time, just touch it to review the lesson again. Learning to fish is very easy, but as you discover new fish zones in search of increasingly rare fish, it becomes more difficult.

How To Make Bait?

You can make 5 different types of bait in a box for lures. Each of them attracts different types of fish, and which ones – look in the book.

You will receive 3 red baits for free, but you will have to do the rest personally – if you, of course, want to catch more fish 🙂 To make red baits you do not need anything, but for the rest, you will need vouchers.

What Is A Fishing Book?

Touching the fishing hut, you will find a book with a list of all the fish that you caught. And the fisherman needs a book to show off;) In total there are 30 different types of fish.

When you catch a new fish, look in the book to find it in the picture. Touch her to receive a reward.

The reward received also depends on the weight of the fish. The harder the catch – the more expensive! Try to catch all kinds of fish of all possible weight categories to get all the rewards.

The book also has tips on what kind of bait attracts which fish. This should help you catch special fish species! Just touch the picture and hold to see a description of different types of fish.

How To Open More Fish Zones?

Opening fish zones is like expanding a farm! When you first go fishing, 2 free bite places are available to you. If you want to attract more fish or catch a rare species, you need to expand the site of the bite.

In total, you can open 10 places of bite, and they are all covered with aquatic plants.

To open the bite site, you must follow these steps:

  1. Select the place you want to open.
  2. Touch the place and check if you have enough land acts, hammers and pegs. (Each bite site requires a different number of items to expand).
  3. If you do not have enough items, continue to collect crops, products produced by animals, open mysterious boxes, check newspapers and regularly visit friends’ roadside stalls. You can also buy items for diamonds by tapping the “+” under them!
  4. As soon as you have all the necessary items, touch the yellow button with a green checkmark.


What Is A City?

With the receipt of level 34, you will be able to arrive on new lands by rail. You can also upset your own town with new buildings and decorations, which the mayor has transferred to your full management.

Repair (for 39 thousand coins) the platform located next door and touch the cart when it is ready – and you will be transported to a dilapidated town in need of good reconstruction.

Repair the station and clear the area from the forest and rocks in order to build services such as groceries, a cinema, etc. on it – the buildings will become available to you as you move around the game.

An express will come to your city, landing visitors who want to relax here for a while and buy the delicious products produced at your farm. After the visitor arrives in the city, you must touch him and send him to an accessible building services sector.

When the visitor is in the building, touch him to see up to 4 different items that he needs to be happy. You need to drag one of the items to the visitor, and all the rest will follow him automatically.

Repair of the town hall will allow you to keep a record of visitors to your town, and its improvement will increase the capacity of the city, giving you the opportunity to accommodate more visitors.

If you have lost a visitor and cannot find him, he may have gone deep into the forest! Using the town hall, you can send a visitor to an affordable building in the city.

Each visitor gives a certain amount of money, experience and reputation points. Reputation points can only be obtained in the city.

As you type, new features and improvements become available. Consider reputation points as a reflection of how satisfied the visitor is with your services and fresh produce from your farm.

Items For Improvement & Expansion

New items for improvement and expansion are unique to the city and can only be used in it. You will need these items to improve the services sector buildings in the city and to expand the territory of the city.

Remember that the city also needs the usual materials to expand from your farm.

You will likely receive these items from visitors to the city as a reward for the services provided in various buildings in the service sector.

In addition, you can find them in mysterious packages, received as a reward for helping friends, and also find them in mysterious networks.

You can also shorten your waiting time with diamonds. New items to expand are a brick, a hammer, a hand drill, a bucket of paint, pavers, a bucket of resin and a piece of a map.

What Are Reputation Points?

Reputation points can be considered a measure of how satisfied the visitor is with your services or, for example, the pie or muffins from your farm that he tried.

Every time you serve a visitor to the city, you earn reputation points. Reputation points are needed to improve and purchase services industry buildings and open up other city opportunities.

You can track the number of your reputation points by the indicator located under the experience points.

How To Improve The Building?

Improving buildings in your sweet little town is a great way to revitalize it further. All service buildings, such as grocery and a movie theater, include a single visitor space.

Near the place for the visitor, you will see a green arrow, which means that the building can be improved. If you touch the green arrow, a pop-up window appears with 4 available improvements.

  • Places for visitors: tap this item to increase the number of visitors who can be in the building at the same time.
  • Additional coins: this improvement allows you to get more coins from visitors.
  • Experience and Reputation Points: Complete this upgrade to gain more experience and reputation points.
  • Service Speed: This improvement allows you to speed up customer service.

If you touch each of these categories, a list of new and old expansion and improvement items that are needed to complete the improvement is displayed.

These items are left by visitors who are satisfied with a visit to the service industry building. For more information, you can view the training video section.

Mysterious Box

Have you noticed that the mysterious box periodically appears in your city? It appears on your farm just like a mysterious toolbox! You can get various items from the mysterious box that will help the farm and the city.

Tip: watch for the appearance of a mysterious box on the shore or in the water !! And do not forget to check the presence of mysterious boxes in the cities of your friends! They can also appear there;)

What Is A City Package?

City package is a mysterious package that is unique to this city! It contains valuable items that help your city grow … the so-called “items for expansion”;).

To get city packages, go to the gift catalog. Sometimes you may notice a new city package on the right side of the catalog, where you can usually find a mysterious set of decorations.

The game randomly generates mysterious scenery packages and city packages.

You can also purchase a city package for 10 gift cards.

How To Improve Serviced Buildings?

Can’t improve the buildings in the city? We will tell you how to do it! For example, if you want to increase the number of places for visitors in the grocery, just do the following:

  • Touch the grocery menu;
  • Near the places for visitors, you will see a green arrow with a “+” on it. Touch her;
  • If you touch the green arrow, a pop-up window will appear with 4 available improvements;
  • Visitor Locations: Tap to increase the number of visitors who may be at the same time grocery.

 City & Personal Train Improvements

Finally! Developers have made changes to the city to facilitate and speed up visitor management. Now the following tabs have appeared in the visitor management window:

  • Free
  • Pending
  • Serviced
  • Ready-made
  • leaving

In addition, the developers have improved the personal train. You can find out how many visitors can be taken from your friends on the main screen. Thanks to this, it will be easier for you to choose a friend to whom to send the train.


What’s New? Introducing the Valley!

  • Explore the brand new Hay Day area on a truck – each season prepares unique rewards!
  • Travel by meeting trucks of neighbors and other players on the road in real-time.
  • Participation is voluntary, you can start or stop the game at any time!
  • Fulfill requests by delivering products or transporting them to a specific location in the valley.
  • Earn new currency – “tokens” – and spend it on wonderful products.
  • Catch the escaped hens along with other players to gain access to the unique goods of the valley.
  • Complete the Valley quests for even more rewards!
  • And much, much more: watch the training video in the game!

Improvements and changes requested by the community:

  • Alfred will deliver a special Hay Day 7th birthday gift!
  • Racing rewards replenished with new unique decorations!
  • For reaching the 50th, 150th, 200th, 250th, and 300th level, a special decoration now relies on.
  • You can save the farm by connecting to Supercell ID and get a unique decoration.


For completing tasks in the valley, you get a special currency – tokens. They are issued for fulfilling requests and repairing other people’s trucks in the valley.

Tokens are of three types: green, red and blue.

Where To Spend Tokens?

There are two shops in the valley:

  • In the first, which is available to everyone, purchases can be made at any time. It sells expansion materials, puzzle pieces, expansion permits, and other things you need.
  • The second must first be unlocked, and this requires a certain amount of chicken. Tokens are also used for purchases in the second store, but its range is much more attractive. There you can buy unique jewelry, diamonds, and boosters.


There are chickens in the valley. They can be seen at stops, received for completing group requests and daily tasks. If you catch enough hens, then the tab of the second, special store will open.

Caught hens belong to a group of players, not to individual players: if you catch a chicken, this will count towards the whole group. On the store screen, you can see how many chickens are caught by the group.

Chickens can be obtained:

  • For completing daily tasks;
  • For performing group queries;
  • At stops (that is, just find in the middle of the road).

Daily Assignments

During the season, you can perform various tasks and receive prizes for this – mysterious boxes! Daily tasks can be seen by clicking on the calendar icon.

It is located in the lower right corner of the valley screen, directly above the canister icon. To open a mysterious box, you must complete several daily tasks.

Every 24 hours the list of tasks is updated.

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Final Verdict

In this article, you can easily explore the complete guide and secrets for hay day game.



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