How to Prestige in Almost a HeroHow to Prestige in Almost a Hero

Best Ways to Prestige in Almost a Hero

 This is the most common question by the fans of Almost a Hero, that how to Prestige in Almost a hero? This article will help you to answer all of your questions and quests related to that query.

The Adventure Mode in Almost a Hero is the First Mode that you will unlock while the gameplay. The players enjoy it throughout the game. You will have to make continuous progress towards the stages and levels to get the Prestige in Almost a Hero.

What is Prestige in Almost a Hero?

The Prestige is the combination of some advantages and powers that will double the adventure of your Gameplay. The prestige will be available in Stage 80 of Almost a Hero.


How to Get Prestige in Almost a Hero?

  • To get the Prestige you will have to unlock the Adventure Mode After that, you will be processed in the 80th Stage of the game. After that, you will be able to “Unlock the Prestige” in Almost a Hero.
  • After getting the prestige the gamer moves back to the 1st Stage of the gameplay.
  • After each prestige on each level, the gamer gets some Myth-stones, which amount varies from level to level.
  • The Myth-Stones enable you to buy the Artifacts and these artifacts support you to upgrade your level.

What will be Lost in Prestige Mode?

Every gamer will have to lose the following advantages.

  • The levels that are switched on your Heroes you will be lost the levels, and to be zero levels in Almost a Hero.
  • The obtained Gold will be lost after getting the
  • In the Prestige you will also have to start from the first stage.

What You Get On Prestige while playing in Almost a Hero?

These are the advantages of the Prestige that you will enjoy in Almost a Hero.

  • You can keep all the currencies that you have obtained while the gameplay, but you would not be able to keep the Gold.
  • The obtained Artifacts and some other Bonuses just as Trinkets or Mines, these would be saved in the
  • The successful Evolutions of your heroes will remain in Prestige.
  • The most important and enjoyable adventure of Prestige is that you can choose a different team with interested characters.
  • The Artifacts Bonus that you get in the Prestige, allows you to proceed with the enhancement of the Myth-Stones. These myth-stones will be helpful in the promotion of your level.

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