How to Unlock UNO Almost a Hero?

How to Unlock UNO Almost a Hero?

UNO is a famous character in almost a Hero, who is famous for his manner of ignorance. He thinks that he is much better than others and is very special or important as compared to others. His personality is quite different but interested. Here we will talk about his personality and how to unlock the UNO in Almost a Hero? on apkguides

How to Unlock UNO Almost a Hero

How to Unlock UNO Almost a Hero?

To operate UNO, you must know about his powers and strengths. How these powers work and how much damage they cause to the enemy? What will be the Max Level for the powers? We will try to find the answers to these questions.

Who is UNO?

The story of UNO is tragic but full of pain. He belongs to the tribe of “Magolis” and his family realized him that he is Most Important and different in the creation. This realization made him arrogant and proud of his nature. He started to treat others in the way that, they should respect him.

Finally, a war of “Magolis” with Green Man resulted in mass destruction. His family left their home in destruction and due to the consequences of war and troubles, he made his personality so arrogant.

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UNO started to search for a new family that would realize him the feeling of being special and administration. A Healer met him and asked to join the Green Man’s army to fulfill the desire of administration. Ultimately he did that and fought with courage. Nowadays he is much arrogant in his behavior being as Almost a Hero.

UNO’s Abilities to Unlock

Name PowersCalm DownMaximum Level
UNO the Dark RitualCauses 70% Damage to the enemy and you would be able to cancel it also.15 Sec5
UNO the Demonic SwarmCause 200% Damage on the opposite side.120 Sec5
UNO the RegretCause 100% Damage to the enemy in the Bonus time of 8 Sec.130 Sec5

How to Unlock UNO’s Outfits?

To unlock the Outfits of UNO you will have to gain more and more Gems. Much gems you will have more outfits you will enjoy. The cost of each outfit is different. Here is the cost of each outfit in detail.

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Name CostUnlock At
Inoffensive OutfitMust be 500 GemsIt will be unlocked when UNO will be on Least Common Mode
Count OutfitMust be 1500 GemsIt will be unlocked when UNO will be on Least Common Mode
Fighter OutfitMust be 1000 GemsIt will be unlocked when UNO will be on Least Epic Mode
“Runolph” Outfit (Occasional)Must be 2600 GemsIt’s an Occasional Outfit and you can unlock it when UNO will be on Least Common Mode

UNO’s Top Skills to Unlock

Name PowersMax Level
The Skill of Soul SacrificeRevives the time of a dead hero for 5 Sec10
The Skill of Old HabitsEnhances Uno’s Damage power on his ally’s death6
The Skill of LegionEnhances the strength of Demons5
The Skill of Warmer SwarmLow the cost of health in Demonic Swarm.5


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