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Best Hungry Shark Evolution Guide:

hungry shark evolution guide

In the hungry shark evolution guide, we tried to describe in detail all the available scenarios for each mission. The main goal of the gameplay is to discover the largest and most dangerous shark. Based on gameplay, users must diligently feed their pet until the character reaches 10 tons. However, this takes a lot of time and effort, but recommends using the best hungry shark evolution guide and tricks to grow quickly a “toothy death machine”.

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Hungry shark evolution guide and walkthrough [Sharks]:

hungry shark evolution guide and walkthrough

Explore the ocean floor regularly to find seashells. In them, users can find various useful buns for their protagonist, and you can also find free access to a new task. On the left side of the display is the shell icon. Clicking on it, users will automatically go to the “missions” panel. Here you can see all completed tasks and active missions, as well as see how much interest is left before the super-task.

Do not forget that your main task in the Hungry Shark Evolution is not only to survive, but also to earn as much gold as possible. Complete all easy and challenging tasks to earn the maximum amount of gold coins.

After collecting a certain amount of money, we recommend immediately buy a navigation map. On it, you can find hidden caches, as well as see the most dangerous places, where it is better not to swim. Since there are enough predators in the ocean, be very careful and vigilant in order to preserve the health and life of your character.

Game reef shark: Hungry shark evolution guide & hints

At the beginning of the gameplay, we will not have a card and store. The main assistant at this stage will be the standard map, which is located in the upper corner of the screen. Activate your character and begin to conquer the ocean. We find shells, open them and collect gold. You should not buy various buns at this stage, it is better to save savings for more useful needs. Hunt for pelicans and turtles to get more nutritious shark feed. Performing a super task will bring you 25 thousand points. Reaching level 10, users can buy a Mako shark.

Game shark mako: Hungry shark evolution game guide

mako shark

  • Before the first swim, the study in detail all the available characteristics of the “toothy monster”;
  • Young “monsters” are not too strong and maneuverable to immediately engage in battle with strong individuals;
  • After death, any shark begins its journey from a new point of reference;
  • Do not rush to upgrade your ward, better leave the gold coins for more useful buns;
  • After collecting enough money, buy a standard ocean map. She will help to find the hidden treasures, will show the most favorable places for feeding the shark;
  • Using acceleration, swallow all the fishermen in the boat and throwing harpoons;
  • Stock up on vital energy and try to complete the “diet” mission;
  • In the absence of provisions in the ocean, jump out of the water to feast on juicy meat of pelicans;
  • If the health of your shark is fully restored, then look for the underwater mine and ram it;
  • Restore the strength of your protagonist and go look for one of the 15 sunken objects;
  • Super mission is now available. After its execution, users can buy a hammerhead shark for 6 thousand coins.

Hammer shark: Hungry shark evolution cheats

As in all other scenarios, playing the hammerhead, users must find all the shells and raise the standard of living of their character. Do not immediately spend all earned coins for pumping hero. It is better to leave them for more important purchases.

hungry shark evolution guide - hammer shark

Try to absorb all the sardines that will be on your way. The most favorable place for this task is marked on the map. After completing the task of “sardine”, go in search of three sunken objects. After that, users will have access to super-tasks, where they will need to accumulate 100 thousand coins in order to open the tiger-shark.

Tiger-shark: Hungry shark evolution tips

hungry shark evolution guide - tiger shark

  • Find and open shells that will help make our ward more resilient and strong;
  • We refrain from rash purchases and upgrading “zubatogo monster”;
  • Trying to find a fisherman on the left side of the screen;
  • Explore the cave where the kempy bass lives. Note that before swimming into the cave, it is important to collect the maximum number of acorns on the island. Swim in the cave, eat all the floating creatures until we meet a human fish;
  • We find five sunken items and collect 200 thousand coins to open the Giant White Shark.

White shark: Hungry shark evolution tricks

Having found all the sinks, we quickly go to the store to fully pump out every criterion of his ward. Increase the stamina, agility, dead, and maneuverability of the hero. Open the menu with tasks and find available missions that are near the island or on the surface of the water.

hungry shark evolution guide - white shark

To destroy the submarine, wait until it turns its nose towards you, quickly press the acceleration and smash the character into it with all your might, so that the boat can release the torpedo. Explore the bottom of the ocean to enjoy the unusual creatures and eat the most dangerous stingray with sharp spikes. Having fed the shark of fullness, you can go in search of eight sunken elements, which in the future will open super-tasks and the possibility of buying Megalodon.

Megalodon shark: Hungry shark evolution guide & secrets

Megalodon is the sixth shark in Hungry Shark Evolution. It differs from other “toothed predators” not only by a high level of health, but also by aggression, and the average length of an adult individual can reach 25 meters. Megalodon can easily bite the back of another shark or break a fishing vessel in half. It can eat all living creatures, except for barrels of toxic substances, rockets, and mines.

hungry shark evolution guide - Megalodon shark

Drop down to the very bottom of the ocean, accelerate the hero to maximum speed in order to jump out of the water and catch a plane floating above the waves. To open another hero, you will need to deactivate five harpoons, eat five paragliders and more than a dozen fishing vessels.

Dunkleostey shark: Hungry shark evolution guide & walkthrough

hungry shark evolution guide - Dunkleostey shark

Big Daddy (Big Daddy) or Dunkleostya – the most huge and powerful marine predator in the game Hungry Shark Evolution. Buy this historical monster can be for 250 thousand gold coins. The length of the prehistoric specimen is more than 30 cm. The shark can not only ram large vessels but can also swallow them whole. To complete all the tasks of “Big Daddy”, users will need to eat more than three dozen people, smash 30 boats, swallow 20 rare specimens of birds, as well as eat their “colleagues” – Megalodny. Please note that you should not attack serious opponents, it is better to ram them from the bottom or from the side.

Found chests can be used many times. For example, open the casket, take all the items and immediately close the game. Change the time and date on the phone one day in advance and open Hungry Shark Evolution again. The chest you’ve previously opened will be full again, and you will be able to collect some additional buns for your shark. Having opened the chest five times in a row, crystals appear on the sixth attempt in the casket.


The game came with two options, control with the accelerometers/gyroscope or with the screen. I like to play with accelerometers, although it seems like a crazy waving and turning my iPhone on the bus.

The game is simple, and I like that, the more you eat, the more EXP you win, and that makes you bigger and stronger. By completing level 10 of each shark species you will be able to “buy” the next one, thus reaching the giant shark (Megalodon). It is one of those games that enchants everyone, even the smallest, notice that it can be bloody.

As for the graphics, I found them very good, the seabed is very detailed, and creates a magnificent 3D effect, even if the game is 2D. The sounds are also well achieved, although somewhat lacking, I like the music of “Gold Rush”.

The gameplay is excellent, the game allows a lot of freedom to the player and that makes you feel unstoppable, and although you can not eat everything, well, that’s fun.

Hungry shark evolution beginner guide:

hungry shark evolution guide and hack

As time passes, your health bar (green) goes down, so you have to eat to keep it high.

It is important not to touch the jellyfish or the mines, since you can not eat them, and they will take away a lot of life. The waste barrels that are in the bottom will also take you back to life.

Although you can get out of the water, even eating while on the beach/rocks is not recommended at first, since your life bar will go down very fast when you are out of the water.

The red bar is the Bost bar, which allows you to go faster for a short time, is activated by touching the screen with any finger. If you eat a turtle it recharges completely.

Coins and gems:

Coins are obtained by eating golden fish, golden people … in general, anything golden that you see. The gems are obtained by eating some green fish that appear (little often), almost always in caves or hard to reach places.

Another way to earn coins is to do missions, as you complete the missions they will give you coins. You can see the missions by touching the shell under the clock. To activate the missions you need to catch shells that you will find on the map.

There are 15 sunken objects if you take them all without dying they will give you coins. You also get coins to survive, as you increase the number of minutes you live, they will give you more coins for each extra minute.

When you change shark you will appear on the same map, but more to the right, where the other fish are bigger and there are more jellyfish and more bombs. But you can go to the left and go back to the ” sea ” of the previous shark.


The more fish you eat in a shorter space of time, the greater the multiplier will appear on the screen, which implies that more points will be obtained by eating each fish.

Gold Rush:

(it is not clear at all) when having a high multiplier, or when reaching a certain level of points, gold rush appears, which means that for about 20 seconds, all the fish will be golden, so they will give you coins for eating them.


As all games give a reward for playing every day, in this case, it is a chest that you will have to visit daily to receive the rewards.


Each shark has three main characteristics; Bite (bite), Speed (speed), Bost. I have improved the speed twice at least in each shark, it is an expense at first, but as the shark gets bigger and you need more coins, you appreciate it.

How to get coins and gems in hungry shark evolution?

We know it is a bit complicated and it takes time to gather enough money to achieve your goal, for that reason we have some good hungry shark evolution guide, tips, and tricks that will help you get coins and gems in a more practical way.

Survive and win with the Gold Rush:

You are a shark so devour everything that is within your reach. The first thing you will see is a golden bar at the bottom of the screen that is filled every time we eat more fish, and once it is full it will be activated automatically and all the fish that you find will be golden, it is a frenzy where you can eat all you can get many coins in exchange for each fish. Just try to fill the golden bar only in places with lots of fish to maximize the coins we get.

If you want a better score you have to eat fish as fast as possible, this will give you a score multiplier so you will get many points the more you eat. In the same way, if you eat all the fish in a group you will get a special bonus of points. Sometimes, an alert will warn us that the creature we are trying to eat is too big for us. You will find animals much larger than you. In that case, it is best to stay away from avoiding problems.

There are different versions of this game and each of them is different and entertaining.

How to get more coins in hungry shark evolution?

First of all, you will need to complete all the missions that you have available. There are missions of all kinds, from traveling a specific distance to eating a specific amount of fish. When you finish each of them you will get good amounts of coins.

Also to get more coins you can open five daily chests that you will find hidden in each level. The amount of coins included is increasing for each new box we find, starting with 500 coins in the first to reach the 2,100 coins in the last. Find them as soon as possible because they disappear with time and then you will have to wait until the next day.

The only difficulty is that you will have to look for the chest and for that we recommend that you buy the map in the store and improve it as much as you can, in this way you will be able to find the chests easily and without having to be wasting your time looking, you will also have the ability to locate all the lost objects that are in the sea.

How to get gems in hungry shark evolution?

The gems are of great importance when buying objects and Premium improvements, of course, they are difficult to get, but you come across a green or purple fish, eat it without hesitation, since it will give you valuable gems, although to eat it you will need to use all the impulse that you have available. You will also find in the sea some chests that will give you gems and there are some missions where you could get gems and thus gather to buy something in the store or to revive instantly once you have died.

How to Improve your shark?

hungry shark evolution guide and improve sharks

You will have to improve the shark by spending all the coins you find until you reach a level 10 where they will allow you to buy the next shark. You can improve different shark skills, the speed at which we chew on our prey and the shark’s impulse bar. Try to improve all the features because they are all important, and improve your shark first instead of buying objects.

How to unlock sharks in hungry shark evolution?

There is nothing in the game that makes us advance as much as climbing shark carving.

It is the key and we will see how it changes every time we get a shark of higher size. We’ll start with size XS, and there’s up to XL, but when we get to S or M we’ll notice it a lot. So our goal has always to be to look at a shark of a higher category than we have.

For this, you have to have money since each new shark has a price. But the most important thing is to level up, which will be what really limits us.

How to level up fast in hungry shark evolution?

To level up we must play games and score points. For this, the ideal is not to devote ourselves to explore much, if not find a good area and exploit it. You have already realized how easy it is to be killed, so let’s try to hold as much time as possible in one area.

For example, the area at the beginning is very good, tourists assure us food for when we need it, and it is full of schools of fish with which we can earn many points.

How to improve the shark in hungry shark evolution?

There are many power-ups of all kinds, to collect more gold, more points, etc. But the priority must be to guarantee the next shark. So what we recommend is that you spend all the gold you have right on the newly purchased shark, and do not spend gold again until you buy another shark.

And as long as they buy an enhancer, that is of points. What most costs by difference are to level up.

How to play hungry shark evolution?

Let’s try to find an area that assures us points (schools of fish), food (tourists), and that does not have strong enemies. That’s why we commented that the zone of the beginning is quite good. Going down a little, we will find all the schools of fish that we want to chain more than one bonus. And on the surface, the tourists assure us food. In fact, if we do not abuse a lot of tourists they can also be a good source of points, although in that case, it is advisable to put the turbo all the time.

Going down to the depths is not a bad idea. The fish in the banks are bigger. But we have to be careful not to get into narrow areas because the enemies are also stronger. And in a moment some crabs or smaller fish that we can make us shreds.


There are many enemies and they change depending on the map, but in general:

  • Humans: They are a great source of food, but do not trust yourself, from the mainland, from within the water and from the surface they will try to hunt you down.
  • Jellyfish: When you grow up you can eat them, but generally try to avoid them.
  • Predators: It’s a question of size, so when you see something big, do not go near it.
  • Garbage: Not all the objects that do not attack will calm your hunger, in fact, some like garbage, will take away your life
  • Traps: There is everything, mines, contaminated areas, do not approach anything that does not seem edible.
  • Passages: When you see that you can access the interior of a sunken ship, think that there will not be much space inside. And in almost all these places there are strong enemies.

Hungry shark evolution walkthrough guide:

It is best to start your journey in Hungry Shark World with daily viewing of all unloved advertisements (press the ‘+’ icon, then go to the ‘get for free’ tab). Because for each video clip (5 times a day, you can see) you get +2 gems needed to buy improved location maps.

The total amount of gems that will be needed is 700, so you should start saving as soon as possible. This means that it is not worth spending gems on the purchase of decorative items at a local store, or on the opening of elite pets, much less on the resurrection of a shark after death.

As soon as such an opportunity arises, you should buy a regular Pacific Islands map.. It will help you easily navigate in space and begin to tie these or other locations to others (in your mind), so in the end, you will be able to remember everything. And since the levels here are very large, studying them blindly is interesting, but painfully hard.

To fill a lot of money and points, it is enough to collect the letters ‘HUNGRY’, scattered throughout the level in a random order. And only with the help of the map their location can be accurately determined. But, a regular map allows you to see only one letter at a time, so you will not only make one hook back and forth but according to the law of meanness, it turns out that you could collect everything quickly and consistently.

Here, an improved type of card will help (the first will cost in 100 gems). First of all, it will display all the letters at once, which will help to immediately identify a convenient route so as not to lose the extra minutes to swim. And secondly, you will also open the location of the five daily chests. If the first two give not so many coins, then the others add more and more. Their daily gathering is as helpful as finances.

Pacific Islands: Hungry shark evolution guide walkthrough

Your journey will begin with this location. The starting point is in the middle of the map, so you can swim in any direction. Immediately it is worth noting the correct tactics of passage, since very quickly you will realize that swimming at random does not bring any profit or experience in pumping a shark.

Collect shoals of fish in quick succession almost without stopping. The same point multiplier fades rather quickly, if you do not eat every few seconds. Moreover, single sea creatures (crabs, seals, jellyfish) give very few points, or even do not affect the charging of the multiplier at all, so losing it is very simple.

Sometimes it is beneficial not to eat at once all the individuals of the school of fish, in order to slowly bite off the remaining ones, while looking around in search of a new group. You need all this in order to quickly activate the gold rush mode, allowing you to become invulnerable and tireless for a short time. And this mode is not needed in order to start abruptly exploring remote corners of the world – while active, try to eat even more fish, as the points will be earned ten times more.

The more fish you consume during the gold rush, the faster the next one is activated. Moreover, it’s also golden that all living creatures begin to bring coins, which are multiplied by your points multiplier. In the end, the Mega mode will also be charged, allowing you to devour anything and everything, regardless of the size of your shark and the size of the victims.

It is important to understand that simply lashing out at strong opponents, you will not get a lot of points, so you need to try to withstand the scheme: first there are the smallest opponents that are found in large numbers, by the middle of Mega start to eat middle enemies, bombs and jellyfish, and by the end try to go to the zone with whales and/or submarines.

The ‘HUNGRY’ mode works just like Mega, so I try not to activate them at the same time. Even more, while you are in the Megastate, it makes sense to quickly assemble the letters ‘HUNGRY’ and vice versa. In theory, you can keep yourself in the form of berserk all the time (well, a random generator sometimes throws letters at different ends of the card, so this does not always work).

Gold rush:

It is also very convenient to use the gold rush to safely collect letters if they are nearby, especially if you still have a small shark under your control, which many opponents threaten. By the way about this. It is best to buy the average shark of each category, as it offers the best balance of parameters for a reasonable price. You will not make sense to return to smaller sharks after the discovery of larger individuals. Some argue that the smaller you are, the faster. This is not the case at the same time.

Yes, a small shark moves faster than a big one, but at the same time, it also overcomes more than twice the triple or even triple distance at its slow speed. Plus, size does matter when it comes to the width of the open mouth (the bigger it is, the more fish will be able to devour without unnecessary gestures). Agree

Hungry shark evolution tips:

  • Management can be changed in the options – customize it for yourself.
  • In the game, click on the shark toy and get paid.
  • Viewing ads also brings coins.
  • The antidote will save you from jellyfish.
  • A bulletproof vest will save you from explosions.
  • New shark opens as you level up.
  • Stay away from thornfish and swordfish.
  • Eat gold fish and people.
  • When finding a shell, click on its symbol at the top to see the list of tasks.
  • Treasure chests are rewards for daily play.
  • Some of the best sharks are the electric shark and the big frosty shark.
  • Past the huge sharks, you can quickly swim a very small shark.

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