Hustle Castle Guides

The name of the game “Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom” is translated as “Castle Talk: Magic Kingdom.” It was created in May 2017 by developers from Nord Studio. Welcome to our ultimate guide to Hustle Castle, where we provide you with the most comprehensive and detailed information to help you become a successful player. We have gathered tips, cheats, and hints that will help you progress through the game and conquer all the challenges that come your way. Our guide is designed for both new and experienced players, and we aim to provide you with a competitive edge that will enable you to dominate the game.

Hustle Castle Guide

The game has a good score – 4.7 out of 5 points on Google Play and Apple Itunes.

Getting Started with Hustle Castle

Before we dive into the tips and cheats, it’s essential to understand the basics of Hustle Castle. The game is a medieval-themed strategy game where you build and manage your castle, train your troops, and battle other players. The game offers various game modes, including PvP battles, clan wars, and dungeon raids.

When you start playing the game, you will be given a small castle, which you will need to grow by constructing buildings, upgrading structures, and recruiting new residents. Your ultimate goal is to build a powerful army and defeat other players to become the ruler of the kingdom.

Construction and Improvement of Rooms

There are several types of rooms in hustle castle:

  1. Main room: throne room;
  2. Mining rooms: dining room, treasury, mana well, sawmill, and mine;
  3. Storage: food, gold, mana, wood, and iron;
  4. Training: fighters, cooks, treasurers, alchemists, carpenters, and miners;
  5. Manufacturing: weapons, armor, jewelry, spells, and living room (manufactured by children);
  6. Other rooms: hospital, clan hall, trophy room, arsenal, and stairs.
  • Throne Room


Is required


2 1000 gold 5 s.
3 10,000 gold 1 hour
four 40,000 gold 5 hours
five 80,000 gold 8 h.
6 270,000 gold 5 hours
7 900,000 gold, 
225,000 trees
1 d. 12 h.
eight 1,800,000 gold, 
765,000 wood
2 days
9 3,600,000 gold, 
1,500,000 trees
4 days
ten 5,400,000 gold, 
4,000,000 wood, 
1,800,000 iron
6 days
  • Barracks


Is required



2 1000 Gold, 
1 Lv. Tr. hall
5 m. 2 people
3 3000 Gold, 
3 Lv. Tr. hall
20 m. 3 people
four 200,000 gold, 
5 Lv. Tr. hall
16 hours 4 people
five 1,500,000 gold, 
650,000 wood, 
7 ur. Tr. hall
5 days 5 people
6 4 500 000 gold, 
3 400 000 trees, 
1 500 000 iron, 
9 lv. Tr. hall
15 days 6 people
  • Arsenal


Is required



one 15,000 gold, 
4 Lv. Tr. hall
Ballista Ur 1
2 30,000 gold, 
40,000 Mana, 
5 Lv. Tr. hall
Ballista Ur 2, 
Magical Run Ur 1
3 Ballista Lv 3, 
Magic Runes Lv 2, 
Archer Towers Lv 1
four 1,000,000 gold, 
250,000 trees, 
240,000 Mana, 
7 ur. Tr. hall
1 d Ballista Lv 4, 
Magic Runes Lv 3, 
Archer Tower Ur 2, 
Guard Moat Ur 1
five Baltistan Ur 5, 
Magical Runes Ur 4, 
Archer Tower Ur 3, 
Guard Moat Ur 2, 
Kraken Ur 1
6 4,000,000 gold, 
1,600,000 trees, 
580,000 mana, 
1,500,000 iron, 
9 ur. Tr. hall
5 days Ballista Ur 6, 
Magical Runes Ur 5, 
Archer Tower Ur 4, 
Guard Moat Ur 3, 
Kraken Ur 2, 
Ancient Totems Ur 1
  • Hospital


Is required


Health in seconds

one 5,000 gold, 
3 level. Tr. hall
20 m. 200
2 50,000 gold, 
5 Lv. Tr. hall
3 hours 350
3 720,000 gold, 
310,000 wood, 
7 ur. Tr. hall
2 days 500
four 4,400,000 gold, 
3,200,000 wood, 
1,400,000 iron, 
8 ur. Tr. hall
6 days 700
  • Fighter Training


Is required


Max Ur

one 1000 Gold, 
2 Lv. Tr. hall
10 m eight
2 4000 Gold, 
3 Lv. Tr. hall
30 m. 14
3 30,000 gold, 
4 ur. Tr. hall
2 hours 20
four I do not remember, 
5 ur. Tr. hall
five 750,000 gold 
187,500 wood, 
6 ur. Tr. hall
1e 12 h. 40
6 1,500,000 gold 
650,000 wood, 
7 ur. Tr. hall
3 days 55
7 Gold 3,000,000 1,500,000 
8 ur. Tr. hall
5 d. 12 h. 70
eight 4 500 000 gold, 
3 375 000 trees, 
1 500 000 iron, 
9 level. Tr. hall
8 days 85
9 7,500,000 gold, 
5,500,000 wood, 
10 ur. Tr. hall
12 days 100

Tips for Progressing Through the Game

1. Focus on Resource Management

Resources are crucial in Hustle Castle, and you need to manage them wisely to progress through the game. Always ensure that you have enough resources to upgrade your buildings and train your troops. You can collect resources by completing quests, raiding other players’ castles, and participating in clan wars.

2. Train Your Troops Wisely

Your troops are your most valuable asset, and you need to train them wisely. Always ensure that you have a balanced army with a mix of melee and ranged troops. Upgrade your troops’ equipment and skills to make them stronger, and always ensure that they are well-rested before going to battle.

3. Join a Clan

Joining a clan is crucial in Hustle Castle, as it enables you to participate in clan wars and earn rewards. A clan also provides a sense of community and support, and you can learn a lot from experienced players.

4. Complete Quests

Completing quests is an excellent way to progress through the game and earn rewards. Always ensure that you have a quest active and complete it as soon as possible to earn rewards and progress to the next level.

5. Raid Other Players’ Castles

Raiding other players’ castles is a great way to earn resources and gain experience. Always scout the enemy castle before attacking and ensure that you have a well-balanced army.

Castle Development Tips

1. One person in a room reduces construction by an average of 5.5%. Therefore, if you want to speed up the construction as much as possible, send free guest workers to the construction site, and you will immediately see how the construction time will be reduced.

2. The best diamond investment is to buy an extra slot for construction. If this is not done at the initial stages of the game, as advised by, then your resources will quickly reach their maximum and will start to disappear.

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3. In the workshops it is impossible to produce costumes for the working class (cooks, treasurers, etc.); they can only be obtained from chests.

4. After improving the throne room, all food expenses increase robbery, arena, invasion, etc. The rewards and price for them in the arena and portal stores also grow.

5. If you press the I button near the construction stage (see screenshot), you can see not only the current construction but also all the available improvements and prices for them. It is very convenient.

6. Improving the throne room is one of the most and lasting. From its level depends on the maximum level of other buildings. Therefore, we recommend improving it in the PRE-LAST LINE.

What would you have had the opportunity to spend resources on the construction and improvement of other rooms and to prevent an overproduction crisis?

7. Improving defense and uniforms do not take up slots for construction. This can be a way out when resources have nowhere to go.

8. Improved storage also increases the maximum amount of resources that an enemy can take from you when robbery.

9. A unique algorithm for improving buildings does not exist. But it is important to bear in mind that first of all you need to take care of the fighters: their number and level.

Since the strong fighters can rob “fat” enemies and bring a lot of resources for construction. It is also not superfluous to increase warehouses when resources begin to disappear.

10. The fastest way to get resources for a building is to rob other players. As practice shows, 2/3 of all resources can be mined in this way.

11. The main way to get food is produced. Food cannot be stolen. Therefore, improving dining should be a priority.

12. Improving a room stops all work, learning, treatment, production, etc. in it. Therefore, before improving it, finish all the work in this room. The process of improving the barracks does not affect the conduct of hostilities.

13. If you click on the “Info” button of a room, you can see its card, which contains useful information about the room and the opportunity to invite people to it, sorting them by their characteristics.

How to Start Again the Game Hustle Castle?

The answer is no way. However, you can trick the game: delete the game, create a new Google Play account and reinstall the game.

How to Combine Roms in Hustle Castle?

Rooms will unite themselves if you fulfill 2 conditions: arrange them side by side on the same line and improve them to the same level.

About the Inhabitants of the Castle

At the beginning of the game, you will receive the first inhabitants, passing the storied company. In the future, they need to “multiply” in the living room.

The maximum number of residents in the castle is determined by the level and size of the living room. The current and maximum number of residents is displayed under the face of a shaggy man (see screenshot).

Although the name of the game promises a big crush in the castle, in reality, you have enough people for all the rooms with anxiety, you will not have any crowd in the castle. But there will be plenty of empty rooms.

If you click on a character, you can see his card, which contains a lot of useful information about him. You can also perform the following contextual actions with a character:

  1. Change his name;
  2. Expel the resident and your Hustle Castle (Send to possession).

The card contains the following useful information/hustle castle game:

1. Power

Depends on the skill “Fighter” and equipment fighter. This is an aggregate characteristic that takes into account the character’s health, armor, damage, crit, dodge, treatment, and other combat characteristics.

It is for this indicator that you can determine the strength of your character, as well as his chances of success in battle.

2. Information About the Time

training, pregnancy, or love fatigue. Contains not only time but also a strip that tells you at what stage of the process the character is;

3. Character Class (Potential)

It affects the maximum performance that can be enhanced by training. The class can be improved for diamonds. But you should not do this, below we will tell you how to get all residents in 5 stars for free. If you click on the characteristic, you can read the detailed description.

4. Characteristics

They are randomly given when a resident appears in a castle and are improved in the respective training rooms. If you click on the characteristic, you can read its detailed description.

Characteristics primarily affect the things a character can wear.

5. Parameters

They depend on the characteristics of the character and the things he is wearing.

How to Make All Inhabitants with 5 Stars in Hustle Castle: Breeding Secrets

Hustle Castle Guide and tips

1. The number of stars in a resident is his most important indicator. It is necessary to look at it, making the decision to leave the person or expel.

2. Parents should be chosen with the maximum number of stars. So you will be more likely to have a baby with the same number of stars as your parents or higher.

3. At the beginning of the game, the maximum number of stars is 3. Therefore, you must first increase the castle population to the maximum. Then gradually replace the inhabitants of the 3-star.

4. When the maximum number of inhabitants of your castle reaches 30 people, you will be born people 4 and 5 classes.

5. We bring the population of the castle to the maximum and gradually replace the inhabitants of 4-5 stars who are not engaged in production and war.

6. All born people with 5 stars are sent to study for fighters, treasurers, cooks, etc. So that when they reach the maximum level of training, they could easily replace workers with 3 stars.

Replacing Grade 3 by 4 is not rational, you only need to change 3 to 5 stars. So you not only do not reduce the production of a resource but also raise labor productivity.

7. Pregnant women can study, work and sit back, but they cannot be fighters. Well, at least here the developers have done as it should.

So do not try to force a woman-war to become a mother – you will lose a fighter for a long time. It is better to recruit some men in a combat detachment.

8. The main burden of the birth of a child falls on the female shoulders. Therefore, to speed up the process, a wise decision will have several men and many women.

9. Before improving the living room, we recommend giving each woman a baby in a tum. To quickly raise the population to the maximum, when construction ends.

Increase Stages in the Castle

1. You place a man and a woman in the living room. Probably, in the European version of the game, it is becoming more and more tolerant of gay people.

2. The couple speaks, then kisses, then she becomes pregnant (the phase lasts 1.5 hours). That is, either an important stage of the relationship was missed, or children in the castle are obtained after loving.

In general, the process of reproduction in Hustle Castle violates many ethical standards. Incest is possible in the game: sisters can give birth from brothers, and daughters become pregnant from fathers.

3. A woman carries a child (the phase lasts 1.5 hours). Then, if there are vacancies in the castle, the woman gives birth.

And if there are no places and/or you do not click on the icon of the birth of the child, then she can walk pregnant for an arbitrarily long time and the birth will take place normally. It is true, some kind of magical kingdom, nothing in common, not having with reality.

Indeed, in reality, the birth of a revived child is the risk of life and health, both for the mother and for the baby.

4. Children grow up in Hustle Castle for 6 hours, then immediately become an adult, and then you will know how many stars he has and whether it is worthwhile to drive him out of the castle.

5. After giving birth, a woman gets tired of love for 24 hours and cannot become pregnant.

Happiness Level in Hustle Castle Game

It depends on the level of happiness, what increase in the production of resources you will receive: 0%, 2%, 5% or 20%, as well as the speed of movement of residents in the castle.

If you send a resident to another room, he immediately begins to perform the actions of this room, although he may still go on the screen.

Happiness can be improved or worsen as follows:

  • Win or lose in battles.
  • Fulfillment or ignoring the wishes of residents.

Things for Residents:

Things are divided into several types:

  1. Weapons
  2. Clothing
  3. Rings
  4. Amulets
  5. Artifacts

Artifacts in Hustle Castle game can only be purchased at the Arena Store. Some of them have unique properties that are not cumulative if different fighters wear the same artifacts.

Therefore, you should take artifacts with different unique properties or with ordinary properties. Each item has its own tab in the inventory.

Things are also divided by purpose: for workers (treasurers, cooks, alchemists, carpenters, miners or production workers) and for fighters (warriors, archers, and magicians).

Things for workers increase only one indicator – the production of gold, food, mana, wood or iron, respectively. Such things can not be made in the workshops of the castle, they can only be obtained from the chests.

Things for fighters usually increase several indicators at once and possess certain properties (healing, stunning, resurrection, etc.). The combination of these properties both on one character and in one unit can lead to impressive results.

Things for the fighters can be made in the workshops of the castle, get when you open the chest, buy in the shops of the portal and arena.

In the workshops, you can choose not only the quality of the item received but also its belonging to a certain type of fighter, which makes this method of obtaining the most predictable.

Although in the arena shop you can find offers to buy a particular thing with obviously known properties, its price will be very biting.

Everything has its own requirements for the characteristics of the resident. What things will come to you from the chests, and will be available for purchase in the store, depends on:

  1. The level of the castle and the throne room.
  2. The level of the corresponding training room.

Good Squad in Hustle Castle and Getting Things For Him:

Recommended squad composition:

Tank – a warrior with good performance armor, magical protection, health, and dodging. He holds the brunt and does not miss enemies too weak magicians and archers. 1-2 tanks in the detachment will be enough.

Mage resurrection – he not only causes damage to the enemy but also resurrects other characters when they die on the battlefield. The amount of health with which the warrior is resurrected depends on the power of the magic. You need to have 1-2 resurrectors in a squad, although some players use 4 Sundays in a squad each.

Mage Healer – treats tank and other fighters. The power of the cure depends on the power of the magic. We recommend including at least 1 healer in the squad.

Archer – deals good damage from afar. Can stun the enemy. His absence in the detachment is not critical. You can use an archer if he has good things.

1. If you plan to improve the throne room or the room for training, then do not open the chests, save them. When the improvements are completed and/or the training is completed, things of the appropriate level will appear in the chests.

2. The final indicator of combat power can serve as a hint whether you combine things correctly or not. It is better to wear fighters of the same class. All the indicators that the character receives can be viewed in the corresponding field.

3. Passing certain tests may require you to have an unusual combination of things on the characters.

For example, if the enemy beats physical damage on wizards, then it is better to wear them in armor with a good indicator of armor. Therefore, we recommend not to disassemble all unused items, but to have additional kits for fighters of various types.

4. No need to keep old things working, it is better to disassemble them immediately. You should keep them if you plan to expand the corresponding room. The maximum number of inhabitants who can work in the room is 6.

5. In the early stages of the game, character development passes quickly, and the fighters quickly grow out of things. Therefore, do not buy or create clothes, not in these stages, it is better to be content with chests.

What is Crit in the Game Hustle Castle:

With a certain probability, your fighter can inflict critical (increased) damage to the enemy. The crit value is this value, which increases the standard damage.

How to Pass the Plot Tasks in Hustle Castle?

Having a thoughtful plot is one of the strengths of the game. The authors are not too lazy and made interesting and funny dialogues.

The power of enemies increases as you progress through the plot. Every enemy, especially bosses, have certain skills and whims.

On one, magic damage does not work, others attack first archers, etc. Therefore, if you want to pass the next boss, carefully read his description, in it, you will find a hint which troops to display and how to equip them correctly.

Pro Tip: Do not persist and try to pass the next boss every time. It is better to wait, pump up the squad and pass it will be much easier. The award for the passage will not go anywhere and will not be less. Just be patient and succeed!

How to Beat Argonia in his Abode?

In order to defeat Argonne, you should have 2 tanks with good magic defense and strong armor in your squad (he hits them first with both physical and magic attacks), 1 magician-healer and 1 magician-resurrector.

If this combination does not allow you to pass it – do not despair, improve your squad, put on the good things and try again.

How to Get Hot Ash in Hustle Castle?

Hot ash in the first place beats magicians physical attacks. Therefore, the magicians need to wear in armor with good performance armor. It is better to do magicians as resurrectors or healers.

Warriors are better to wear costumes of archers with good attack performance because of good armor to them to anything

How to Pass the Enchanted Land, Terrible Obstacle, Lava Storm, and Other Bosses?

  1. It is necessary to look at the description of the boss and to pay attention to whom he hits first: magicians, archers, warriors.
  2. See the kind of damage the boss does: physical or magic.
  3. Put on the war, whom he beats first of all good armor and magical protection.
  4. Provide mages, healers and magicians-resurrection squad
  5. Use spells in the battle to the maximum
  6. Remember that even with the perfect squad combination, you can lose because of bad things or low-level fighters. Exit – train your skill to the fighters and put on the good things.

Reflection of Intrusions in Hustle Castle

Invasions are battles with ordinary enemies (without bosses). The points of invasion appear from about 10 to 12 hours of each day.

If you pass 10 points of invasion in the allotted time (8-10 hours), you will get a special chest. Every 15 minutes a new point appears or the existing one is updated.

Not many of them appear at the beginning, but as the evening progresses there are much more points

The main difficulty of passing is that the enemies are very strong. The strength of the enemies depends on the level of your throne room, the training room of fighters and barracks, as well as your PvP rating (cups on the top left of the screen).

Hidden Tips For Passing

1. Banal – increase the level of your fighters, put on them the best things and the passage will be simple and easy.

2. Go through light invasions first, then every 15 minutes watch the remaining points and look for those in which the enemy’s combat power has decreased.

3. Lower your PvP rating by losing battles to other players.

Robbery Other Players

Robbery other players – this is the fastest way to get hold of resources. One robbery attempt costs a certain amount of food, which depends on the level of your throne room.

Food is deducted regardless of whether you win or lose. By clicking on the icon of the enemy, you can see his PvP rating, the number of resources you will receive in case of victory and the amount of increase or decrease your PvP rating.

By clicking the “into battle” button, you will receive complete information about the strength and composition of the enemy unit and will be able to assess your chances of winning.

Wisdom: The strength of other players depends on your PvP rating. Therefore, if your opponents are too tough – lower your rating, losing fights. So you will not only more often meet weak enemies, but also save your castle from looting.

Advance Tips and Secrets

1. The number of points awarded for a victory depends only on the difference in rating between you and the opponent.

2. The number of points written off in case of defeat depends not only on the difference in rating between you and your opponent but also on your final rating.

For example, if your rating is less than 100, then 4-5 units will be written off. If up to 1000, approximately 11 to 16 units are written off. If more than 1000 – from 15 to 20 and so on. Therefore, in the early stages of the game will have to play more often than win.

3. It is possible to play another player only 3 times or less if he is on your card for a long time. If you lose 3 times, the opponent will disappear from the map and after a while, a new opponent will appear.

4. If you lose the enemy’s rating rises, and yours decreases. Therefore, with each loss, your rating changes less and less.

5. Before attacking, pay attention to the number of resources you will receive if you win. Do not trade on a trifle.

6. The amount of resources that can be stolen from you depends on the level of your warehouses and their fullness.

7. If you decide to take revenge on the offender, then in the event of a victory over him, you simply increase the owl rating and do not return the stolen resources.

8. Arsenal helps a lot in repelling attacks. It is possible to improve not only the building itself, but also individual defensive elements.

9. When choosing defensive elements, it is better to choose blue structures. So does most top players.

10. Consider that the opponents also have defenses, therefore, 20-30% should be added to its combat power.

11. Resources that you have not collected from mining rooms cannot be looted.

How to Protect Yourself from Robbery?

1. Never leave a squad in the castle that is not complete while you are out of the game. Return fighters from the hospital in time.

Have 2 fighters for training, and replace those who are NOT trained with trained ones. When you are in a game, you cannot be robbed.

2. In the arsenal can be improved not only the room itself but each protective structure separately. Prokachannye defenses very well in combat.

3. A low PvP rating is the best defense against robbery. Since strong players will not see you and will not rob.

4. Pump your fighters – the advice is banal but effective.

5. DO NOT improve warehouses without urgent need. The larger the warehouse, the more resources will be stolen from you during the robbery.

Tournament Tips and Tactics

The arena is a tournament of 15 players. The award is given on the basis of the occupied place by the number of points scored. Opponents are selected based on the level of your barracks and fighters training room.

Wisdom: If your fighters are still studying in the training room and / or they are wearing bad things, then it is better to keep your tickets. Spend tickets when you can take a decent place in the standings.

Arena Rules

You choose your opponents and fight them without magic. All you need to go through 5 battles. If you lose, you get 0 points.

Points for winning are calculated based on the position of the enemy in the standings (he is above or below you) and the time of the battle.

For the first fight, you will not get extra points, even if the opponent is higher than you in the standings. After each stage, the table is recalculated.

Tactics of Passing the Arena

From the very beginning, you need to identify 5 opponents with whom you will fight. And you should start with the most difficult of these 5.

If one of the selected players is higher than you in the table – fight him, so you will get more points.

Arena Secrets

1. It will not be possible to enter the arena with an incomplete composition of fighters.

2. Some players intentionally do not improve their rooms to occupy good places in the arena. You can follow their lead.

3. After the Arena, residents’ happiness usually drops to almost zero.

4. Artifacts for fighters can only be bought in the arena. However, they have maximum requirements. Therefore, if you raise the level of a fighter, then you will not be able to put on an artifact.

The Passage of the Portal

The portal is a sequential passage of the waves of enemies. Enemies are similar to those that you encounter during invasions or in a plot company.

For the successful passage, you will receive game currencyDark Souls“. They can buy various things in the portal shop, but this should be done faster because after the portal is closed, they will disappear after a while.

The portal itself will not work endlessly either when the players collect all the dark souls – the portal closes. Therefore, if you save for a certain purchase – make it faster. A graph of the total number of dark souls is located above.

When you update the level of your barracks and the training room of the fighters, the store assortment and prices for goods will be changed.

However, the power of the Enemies will not change. Each time you have to start going through the portal with 1 wave, however, new waves can open not consecutively (1..2..3..4 ..), but in steps (1..5..7..8 ..).

Each pursuing wave will cost more in food, but the reward for passing will increase. If you calculate the cost of food to get 1 dark soul, then the most expensive will be 1 wave, and the cheapest – 80.

Therefore, you need as quickly as possible to reach the wave, which you can comfortably pass and beat it until you collect the required number of dark souls.

Performance of the Subject and Daily Tasks

Subject tasks are connected not only with the passage of the main plot but also with the construction of the castle and the study of the functionality of the game (opening chests, analysis of things, etc.).

It is better to open the chests that you get for completing these tasks right away since the reward in them will not increase with the development of your castle.

If you improve the room but have not received the appropriate task for this improvement – do not worry. When such a task appears – you can immediately pick up the reward.

Daily assignments are issued every day at 6 am Moscow time. They need to be completed in 24 hours.

Daily tasks are of the following types:

  • View advertising video;
  • Successful looting of other players;
  • Theft of a certain amount of resources from other players;
  • The victory over various types of enemies (wars, magicians, archers). Victory can be in both PvP and PvE activities;
  • Opening chests;
  • Analysis of things;
  • Collecting resources in their mining rooms;
  • Perform several of the above tasks.

Some Tricks

1. Keep in stock more than 10 chests. When you receive a task to open chests or analyze unnecessary things, you can quickly complete it.

2. Some resources (except food) can be difficult to collect within 24 hours.

Therefore, it would be a wise decision not to collect these resources in the evening if you do not need them, but to collect them in the morning of tomorrow.

However, it is necessary to calculate how long your production room will fill up so that your resources would not disappear.

Friends in the Game

Friends Help Well in the Game

  1. They send gifts, the size of which depends on the level of your throne room.
  2. When sending 10 gifts a day, you can get a chest with good rewards.

How to find friends in 5 easy steps:

  1. Sign up on
  2. Visit the official game page on Facebook. Diamonds are sometimes held there.
  3. View comments on posts and write “Add me”.
  4. Add to my friend the people who themselves have written in the comments “Add me”.
  5. Confirm friend requests every day (icon with two people on the blue top bar on facebook).

We recommend daily send gifts to different players.

For example, today is 1-10 on the list, tomorrow is 11-20, the day after tomorrow is 21-30, etc. So you will let people know that you are an active player, then you will receive more gifts yourself.

Clans in Hustle Castle Game

Clans become available after the construction of the clan hall. The clans in the game have no fundamental value, so many are not in a hurry to join them.

However, they still have some useful properties:

  1. The possibility of communication;
  2. Ability to ask friends for resources. The number of requested resources depends on the level of the clan hall.
  3. Ability to hone their leadership skills, if you are the head of the clan.

Clans are open, where anyone can join in private, where the leader considers the candidacy of each participant individually. In total, there can be up to 50 members in a clan, and this indicator does not change.

Creating your own clan costs 50,000 gold. However, new players will not run to you, you will have to recruit people into the clan yourself.

This can be done by sending invitations to players who are not in any clan, by pressing the “i” button opposite the players’ nicknames.

You can find such people in the following places:

  • In general chat;
  • When viewing the results of a robbery;
  • In arena, portal or global PvP rankings;
  • When sending gifts to friends from Facebook.

When creating a clan, the most important thing is to come up with its name, because change it is no longer possible.

Other clan settings can be changed at any time:

  • Coat of arms – the icon of the clan. The choice is very meager.
  • Description – a message to all who view your clan.
  • Type – take everyone in a row or consider applications individually, the i.e. clan will be open or private.
  • The minimum rating is the PvP rating required to join the clan.
  • Location – you can choose a country, region or the whole world for the clan.

How to Get a Lot of Crystals (Diamonds) For Free?

The main currency that can be bought in the game for money is diamonds or crystals. However, they can be obtained quite a lot and completely free, here are some ways:

  1. View the promotional video in daily tasks;
  2. The opening of special chests;
  3. Accomplishment accomplishments;
  4. Satisfying the wishes of the inhabitants of the castle.
  5. Purchase of diamonds in the portal shop.
  6. Cleaning of rubbish in the undeveloped walls of the castle.
  7. Take a prize in the rating of the arena or portal.

We recommend spending diamonds on the opening of an additional construction line since this is the most necessary thing in the game.

Also, a good investment of crystals can be the purchase of a goblin who walks through the castle, collects resources and finishes training when you are not in the game.

Animals in Hustle Castle

In the game the following animals are available for purchase for real money:

  • Nyashny Labrador
  • Nice beagle
  • Fluffy Cat

What They Give and What They Do?

  1. They walk around the castle and sniff out something.
  2. Delight you with their presence, and make a small diversification in your castle.
  3. When clicking on the animal, the inscription “DIE NR.1” appears.
  4. Show the guests of your castle that you have the extra money in real life.

These animals do nothing more. They do not give bonuses, do not perform work, and do not generate income. This is just a decoration of the castle. A fluffy cat is so lazy that it does not catch even the rats, which sometimes appear in the castle.

For real money, you can buy not only animals but also:

  • Crystals (diamonds)
  • If you defeat the storytelling boss, you can buy a unique boss costume.
  • Premium
  • Things, improvements and other bonuses for the action.

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Premium Offers & the Benefits

  1. The maximum bonus from happiness gives an increase from 5 to 20% of the production of resources;
  2. The reward you win in PvP increases;
  3. You save 30% of resources when other players attack you;
  4. Reduces time: building and upgrading rooms, making items, producing and improving spells;
  5. From the daily chest you will receive more valuable rewards;
  6. The hospital treats people in the whole castle;
  7. Double reward for daily tasks;
  8. The spell queue increases from 9 to 18;
  9. You can send 20 gifts to friends and get 2 chests for it;
  10. The ability to speed up the battle by 2 times.

Cheats and Hints for Hustle Castle

1. Use the Crafting System

The crafting system in Hustle Castle enables you to create unique items that can boost your army’s strength. Always ensure that you have a crafting workshop and use it to create new items.

2. Participate in Events

Hustle Castle offers various events that you can participate in to earn rewards. Always ensure that you participate in these events, as they can provide you with unique items and resources that are difficult to obtain.

3. Use the Resurrection System

The resurrection system in Hustle Castle enables you to revive fallen troops after a battle. Always ensure that you have enough resurrection scrolls and use them wisely to revive your most valuable troops.

4. Use the Training Room

The training room in Hustle Castle enables you to train your troops faster and more efficiently. Always ensure that you have a training room and use it to upgrade your troops’ skills and equipment.

Final Verdict:

This hustle castle guide is very helpful for beginner and pro players. In conclusion, Hustle Castle is a challenging and exciting game that requires strategy, resource management, and tactical thinking. By following our tips, cheats, and hints, you can progress through the game faster and gain a competitive edge over other players. Remember to manage your resources wisely, train your troops efficiently, participate in clan wars and events, and use the game’s unique features to your advantage. With practice and determination, you can become the ultimate ruler of the kingdom and achieve victory in Hustle Castle.

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