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The iLauncher is a mighty launcher. It allows you to observe the outstanding, immediate operation by launching a home screen on your phone. It is the most efficient iPhone launcher for Android.

It facilitates you to have the user interface like IOS, including image packs, moves, and relevant stuff. The Android launcher is a clear, flat, and smoothly designed launcher.

It makes your phone user interface attractive. The fantasy of this launcher manages everything. It is less quirky which makes you unable to set a variety of benefits like swipe up, swipe down, home button and many more features.

This app also has a few personalization astonishing highlights that can change the element speed and manage the desktop functions.

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ilauncher Apk is amongst the amazing and reliable launchers that are nowadays trending for the home screen of the mobile. You will surely be amazed at the smoothness in execution and the speedy environment it provides while using it.


  • It includes shortcuts and has a very smooth surface for scrolling.
  • It has a spotlight search and a folder.
  • Enable users to change applications’ names and icons.
  • Include icons that have round corners and gloss effects.
  • It can easily uninstall the apps from the home screen are not in use.
  • The status can also be customized according to your needs.
  • Applications can be run directly without using the application menu.

Latest Version of iLauncher Apk [current_date format=’Y’]

iLauncher MOD APK is the latest version and comes up with additional features including

iLauncher APK

  • It deals with the problem of Huawei mobile icon transparency.
  • Capable of reducing adds.
  • Automatically adapts to the height of the screen.


This app enables an application to read from external storage and write to external storage.

Last Statement

To customize the look of your phone ILauncher MOD APK  is the best option to go with.

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