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IMessage APK IOS- Messaging Application [current_date format=’Y’]

The IMessage APK is a messaging application for Android Devices as well as for iPhone Devices to give you something extra. This app is suitable for those users who are much found in messaging with friends and relatives.

IMessage APK has released different App Versions, Such as IOS 8 and IOS 11, throughout the previous years, from its launch.

Now you can create your Chat Groups and Social Groups to make unlimited conversation. In the new version of IMessage APK, you can find the service for MMS picture messages.

Now it’s easy to share your picture and life moments with your loved ones, with unlimited fun. It’s totally a social app and easy to use for the users of every level, either these are beginners or regular.

How IMessage APK is Different from Other Messaging Apps?

Definitely, there are many Messaging Applications, available in Digital Market, but why you should choose, IMessage APK, as your device messenger? There are some differences given below,

  • Unlimited texting service without any limits.
  • You can entertain with text, voice and picture messages in one single application.
  • Sharing of Location Information with your friends, easily.
  • Group Messaging option.
  • Utilize IMessage APK on national as well as on the international level also.

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Some Other Interesting Features in iMessage APK [current_date format=’Y’]

There are some similar but interesting features are there.

IMessage APK
IMessage Chat APK With Styles
  • Its icon is floatable through your screen.
  • Gives many persuasive themes, compatible with your Device Pixels.
  • This application works as a notification messenger in the notification bar.
  • Unlimited text, voice and picture messages.
  • No additional charges, absolutely free.
  • Create chat groups, social group or family groups to remove the distances with your dears.
  • New Messenger Search Bar.
  • Quick Reply feature in bubbles as you receive the message.

Persuasive Themes in IMessenger IOS 11

IMessenger IOS 11, brings with many persuasive themes for your devices, to make them look different. These are some themes in this Messenger.

  • iMessenger style Phone X & Phone 8
  • A message with style OS11
  • New messenger theme 2017
  • Black messenger Phone 8
  • New SMS version 2017 theme
  • Message for Android UI
  • New Messenger for iPhone 8 UI

How to Download IMessenger Chat APK File?

IMessenger has a high rating on different application stores, such as the Google Play Store and Samsung App Store, etc. This is a Google Verified App.

This application falls under the category of Communication Applications. IMesssenger IOS 12 is compatible with Android Devices that have integration minimum with 19 API.

You can download it directly from Google Play Store if you have Google Account.

The users without Google Account can download IMessenger APK File from, it’s Official Website. Its APK file is available in different App Versions, such as 2.0.16012018 and 1.0.06112017.

After the downloading, go to the file manager, open the download folder and tap on the IMessenger chat APK. Run the setup and its ready to use. Enjoy unlimited messaging with a lot of fun.

What Permissions, IMessenger APK Required?

These permissions are required to run IMessenger APK on your device.

  • Read Only Access for device
  • Accounts Access
  • Received messages read
  • Send messages read
  • Observation for MMS
  • Permission for contacts details
  • Access to Local and Wi-Fi Network
  • Display monitoring permission to control device’ sleep and dimming mode.
  • Permission for the vibrator
  • Assess to the Device Settings or System Settings
  • Assess to the device dialer to connect your calls
  • Limited access to the processor
  • Access to device storage


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