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IMVU APK MOD [current_date format=’Y’] Download For Android/iOS

IMUV GAME (APK MOD) – A New Virtual World of Your Own Desire

IMUV is a 3D 17+ avatar simulation game developed by IMUV. INC to fulfill your desire to live a really happy and satisfying life in your imagination.

The imagination has great power to stimulate our body and mind because it has great stimulation power as like as a strong psychological tool also.

This game will lead you for a journey into the world of imagination on your own selection and characters. You would meet with different people with different characters all across the world and chat with them.

One can also invite its friends to play this game and be a part of your virtual 3D world. You can go outside with your friends for a business deal, parties, beach, shopping and for an outside picnic trip with your virtual friends.

When you enter the colorful world of your IMUV 3D imagination, the first thing is to create your own character’s body according to different available shapes and interesting characters in-game.


You can shape your own avatar by comparing your favorite eyes colors, skin tone, clothes and would be able to customize or change your avatar’ shape at any time during the game.

You would be a husband, wife, mother, businessman, driver, and swimmer to adopt other characters of our life which-ever you want to be.

On the gaming screen you would also be able to make conversation with your friends or other people all across the world through the IMUV 3D chat section and post your comments with many emojis, smiles, and selfies that what are you feeling instantly. It’s really a fun finding game with a real and virtual social life experience.

IMUV 3D is totally a social app and you can directly download its APK MOD file from different apps stores in your android device. Your unfulfilled desires for love life, dream life, and social life are waiting for you to become true, so let’s start it now.

Some Stunning Features in IMUV 3D Avatar [current_date format=’Y’]

IMVU APK Download
IMVU APK Download Updated Version For Android

Avatar Customization

  • Select your favorite character
  • Customize your avatar’ physical appearance
  • Role Play
  • Unlimited Styles


Virtual Experience

  • Create your own IMUV virtual world
  • Fulfill your unfulfilled dreams
  • Live a stimulated life
  • Make a social relationship with your virtual friend
  • Expand your friend’s circle all across the world

3D Chat ROOM

  • Make unlimited conversations in the 3D IMUV chat room with virtual life friends
  • Share your feelings and emotions to other nearby people
  • Post your selfies and share emotions with different emojis

Online Gaming World

  • Create your avatar and life story online
  • Enjoy your online life with global friends

Be Social

  • Make yourself a social and favorite person by your chats and posts
  • Live in an amazing social friends Circle

Important Note:

To enjoy the 3D experience in the IMUV chat room in older devices follow the given steps below

  • Select the main navigation key in the top left corner
  • Select “Graphics Options”
  • Select “Full 3D”

Finally, you can enter in your favorite 3D chat room and enjoy it! Just download IMVU APK latest version for android and iOS.