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Welcome to our King of Avalon Dragon Warfare guide and tricks. In it, we will give you the best advice on resources, constructions, battles, and dragons.

King of Avalon Overview

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare is a strategic and administrative game where you take over the rule of a small kingdom that grows day by day until it becomes a super-empire.

But this is not easy, because you will need to manage all your resources well enough to ensure your kingdom thrives.

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King of Avalon guides

King of Avalon Dragon Warfare is an MMO strategy title for Android and iOS mobile developed by FunPlus and Diandian Interactive Holding.

In this MMO king of Avalon guide, you will have to combine with the right people. And this to fight elbows against the rest of the world. Take the Throne, you and your Dragon! They are waiting for you.

Most Anticipated Game

Bring your metal armor and enter the fantastic adventure of this pure MMO played in real-time, King of Avalon! Without a doubt, one of the games played on Android and IOS the most anticipated of this year.

Tech Info

King of Avalon Apk Version V7.6.0
Category Simulation
King of Avalon Apk Size 144 MB
Developed By Century Game
Offered By Century Game
Requires Platform
4.1 and up [Android]
In-app Products You can buy other items
Free or paid? Download Free Version

King of Avalon Main Goals

Be careful, don’t take too much taste for the sins offered by the reign. Power and victory will be your only goals and your enemies will have an interest in knowing that they have to act. Equipped with a gigantic community of players, share, exchange, discuss with fighters across the entire planet.

Henceforth, the throne of the Kingdom is free since the disappearance of the previous King. Who will be brave and strong enough to face hard and long battles to conquer this throne and become the King by following our king of Avalon guide and strategy?

King of Avalon Features

King of Avalon guides features

War! Everywhere. You and your allies must be prepared. Build the bases and volume to your armies not only with eyes on the throne!

Alliances! No man is an island. If you are against rallying a GvE Barbarian leader or marching in a PvP stalker, you will need trusted allies.

Dragons! A legendary weapon of mass destruction. How is yours trained?

Chat! The easy translation feature brings thousands of players from around the world in real-time.

Strategy! Get the advantage through research and devastating teacher skills. I know when it will be invisible and when the end of an invasion!

king of Avalon building! Build the foundations of an Empire strong enough to survive in a fire dragon. If you want to build well then read our king of Avalon troop guide for building till the end.

Epic fantasy! The Legend of Camelot lives. Stunning monsters and high-definition graphics for drool falls.

King of Avalon: What to do?

If you don’t know how to start the king of Avalon then this king of Avalon guide and tips are good for you. To start in King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare on Android and iPhone, it’s very simple.

Send peasants to collect materials, then build your fortifications for this defense game and train fearsome warriors.

Go to battle! Choose an opponent and launch your army against its walls and make them fall to become master of his kingdom. The opponent is too strong? Do not forget your dragon, your most powerful ally!

King of Avalon Building Guide

It is a very simple game, just build and develop buildings in the Kingdom to gain more resources and develop the Kingdom more. To do this, you will need farms, mines, stables, barns, and many other buildings. You will also need food, timber, and gold to keep your empire rich.

How to Manage the Empire in the King of Avalon?

Managing the empire is important, but you must also pay attention to something as important as war. You can recruit many different types of teams but the band that will be fundamentally different is the component of dragons.

You will be able to customize your dragon, adding all kinds of distinctive abilities that you can use to destroy enemy colonies. The Knights, the Archers, and the Cataclysm are indispensable if you want to win.

Distinctive Graphics

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare is an excellent strategy game with very distinctive graphics and hugely diverse content. By collaborating with other players, you can gain friends and pool forces to tackle competitors.

Discusses, plans, helps, exchanges, and declares war against players from all over the world. The death of King Arthur left his throne vacant. Prepare for the worst for the battle of the Kingdom!

King of Avalon Dragon Warfare Guide

You will have to build a castle, form an army and be part of an alliance to conquer the map. So we have given a quick king of Avalon guide and tricks with a few secrets that will help you build a kingdom in conditions:

King of Avalon – First steps


Although it sounds obvious to follow the recommended missions after completing the tutorial. This way you will get a balanced castle that will ensure you have everything you need.

Although all the MMO strategy games are very similar, they have small differences, and the proportions in the constructions are one of them. This is one of the best points in the king of Avalon’s guide and tips.


You will see that through the missions you can get a lot of treasures and resources. Although you have to know that these rewards are not automatically charged.  On the other hand, King of Avalon gives daily rewards just for connecting. So do not forget to claim them.


When building, always keep in mind the strength. It will be your limitation since the level of the buildings of the castle will be limited by the level of your strength.

At the same time, you will need certain constructions and resources to be able to level up. So your whole construction strategy should revolve around strength.


In addition to that, you will get bonuses, if you are not in an alliance you have nothing to do in the game when you take a few weeks. They just will not stop raiding you.

So, enter into an alliance, and make it the best possible. Of course, the better the alliance, the more active you will have to be if you do not want to be kicked out.

King of Avalon Resources

If there are buildings that can break the rule of the fortress, those are the resources. It does not matter if you delay any other building and even the fortress. The sooner you have a good production before you can do anything else.

To boost the production of your buildings, you are interested in conducting economic research related to resources.

Although the truth is that we think it is more interesting to do war investigations, with which in the long run you can get many more resources.

As soon as you have a decent army you are interested as soon as possible to investigate the spaces of march. You will need them to fight, but much more to collect resources.

The raiders will end up giving you more resources than your own production, so the sooner you can send three troops to collect at the same time, the better. And now, investigate also those to increase the speed of the troops much faster.

How to Level Up in King of Avalon?

Do you know how to level up faster? Our king of Avalon guide is perfect for you to level ups faster. You will never have anything to do with the Chinese, but there are ways to grow faster.

Obviously, you will have to build without stopping, but in the end, resources limit you. So if you want a trick to level up, there’s nothing better than using multiple farm accounts.

Basically, you have to have more than one account in your name, and so you can have castles only designed to supply resources to your main castle.

King of Avalon Tips & Tricks

Just follow our king of Avalon guide and tricks to train a dragon, change Kingdom and get more gold easily.


We will get talent points every time we upgrade. And the points we can invest in war, economy or balance, although they are limited, and we can not get all the research, so we have to choose what we use.

The truth is that we could enter to analyze each of the investment options, but we simplify it, all to war. The Economy is important, but raising the level of the farms should be enough.

And there is very interesting construction research, but to get to them we have to spend a lot of talent points.

The issue is that in the late game (when you have been playing for a while) you will get many more resources looting, and you will be fighting other players all day.

How to Train a Dragon in King of Avalon?

If you want to win the game easily you have to train your dragon. Train and advance your Dragon to reach destructive power. With the army, you have formed and with your soldiers, set out to conquer the Excalibur and become the new King of the Kingdom. It’s high time!

How to Change the Kingdom?

We provide the best king of Avalon hints and tips to change the kingdom easily. There may be many reasons to want to change the kingdom.

The Chinese already dominate in which you are and there is nothing to do, you want to start again in another place, you have made a friend and you want to play together, or whatever.

Get Gold in King of Avalon

You can get unlimited gold by the king of the Avalon guide and tips. So when you have a constant flow of coins, you can have more security when advancing in the game.

You can buy clothes and defense systems to take advantage of the lives in the game. All the coin purchases you will make with real money, or you will have to wait to get them while you advance in the game.

Gold coins are fundamental to improving skills, and not only allow you to improve the training of soldiers but also allow your empire to grow faster in this game. When you have more gold coins then you can easily attack cities. So read the king of Avalon’s guide and tips.

King of Avalon guide skills

The attack on cities

You can attack cities easily with the help of the king of the Avalon beginner guide. There is a city that has more power than the entire empire.

What you should estimate is that there is such a city so that you can have patience until you find it. Attacking a higher city with more powers will give more points compared to attacking the empire.

It must be inferred that there is a specific way to attack the upper city and also observe that this specific form is the only best way to attack the upper city. This is where the player must demonstrate his playing skills and especially patients in King of Avalon.

Coins Breakthrough

When you have the constant flow of coins, the player will feel safe in each game cover. You can also buy clothing and defense systems to make the best use of the lives within the game.

All new purchases must be made with real money coins. Otherwise, you may have to wait for the gold coins to be obtained while advancing the levels.

Gold coins become essential when buying different power-ups. Not only does it help in the training of soldiers, since it can also generate rapid growth in the empire within the game.

Blind spots covering: How to Improve errors?

Once the competitor is building his defense system, there may be some error in the system. One of these errors may be in the area where the defense system created cannot reach.

Such areas are called “blind spots” and do not have a radius of action in any dead. However, these blind spots must be covered with care to avoid damaging the enemies of the buildings.


In the event that the player has more horses than the others, he must know that he has an advantage over his opponent. Therefore, you should consider building more stables as much as possible.

Do not forget that you should not use all the gold acquired in the construction of the stables since later you will need gold for other tasks.

Gather Food and Wood

The accumulation of food and wood can be one of the most effective techniques when it comes to winning the game. You can store food and wood for the time in the battles and provide the triumph.

Prevent Your Troops From Being Massacred: King of Avalon Troops Guide

King of Avalon is a very addictive mobile strategy game, in which, like other games of the same genre and theme, you must strengthen your kingdom by improving defenses, troops, and buildings.

This sounds very easy but the truth is that it takes us a lot of time and effort to obtain the necessary resources to progress without spending huge amounts of money.

Up there very well, but unfortunately the game [king of Avalon guide] allows any rival much stronger to attack our castle, steal resources and destroy all our troops with great ease.

Some may sound exciting, but if you saw how much we have invested in training and developing our army they would burst into tears, literally.

Well, it does not have any grace that we should start from scratch after, not hours, but days getting wood and food to train a decent army.

And the truth is that this decompensation between attackers and attack is the only negative point that I have found in this fantastic game.

How to Prevent Looting your Kingdom and Kill your Troops?

The most effective way to not lose your army against a much more powerful attacker is to not have a single soldier in your kingdom.

This does not mean that we get rid of the troops and that we stop generating units. I mean to ensure that at the time of the attack our army is outside the kingdom.

You can give feedback about our king of Avalon guide at the comment section.

So that they do not plunder you and leave you the kingdom without resources, simply invest them in improving and developing your city.

And to do both efficiently, we must synchronize, for example:

Imagine that the last connection we usually make in the game is at 23:00, this means that our kingdom will probably be completely unattended until the next day.

Spend all resources wisely: King of Avalon guide

Well, in that last connection, before closing the game, we will try to spend wisely, as much as possible of the resources of your city, and then send all our troops to the furthest point of the map to collect resources or simply camp, if We need to divide our army and send the troops to different farms or sawmills to collect resources.

  • In this way the whole army will be out of town for example; 3 + 3 (6 round trip) hours of walking + 4 hours collecting, a total of 10 hours during which if they attack us we will not lose a single soldier.
  • What also gives us more than enough margin to disconnect from the game without worrying about our army massacred, and if they attack us, little will be stolen because we will have spent everything or almost everything.

How can Accumulate Resources for a Major Improvement?

Many will ask, can we accumulate resources for a major improvement if we spend them constantly?. It is very easy due to our king of Avalon guide, the resources that we will spend will be accumulated by the farms and sawmills.

The resources that we earn will be accumulated in the backpack without using them until we have enough to invest directly in the desired improvement.

This is the best way I have found to prevent them from exterminating us continuously and at the same time collecting a lot of resources.

If you love this King of Avalon guide then you can give feedback in the comments!!!


How do you speed up in King of Avalon?

If you want to speed up in the King of Avalon game, then follow the below video:

How do you make ambrosia King of Avalon?

We can easily make ambrosia by harvesting + collecting the buildings of resource production.

What is a nap in King of Avalon?

A NAP stands for Non-Aggression Pact in King of Avalon. It represents that you don’t fight with each other.

What is silver used for in King of Avalon?

Silver is used in the 16th and 17th levels of the game as well as higher levels too for upgrading purposes.

How do you get the Dragon chest in King of Avalon?

You can easily get the Dragon chest by following the below video:

How do you get steel in King of Avalon?

We can easily get steel in this game by finding and completing daily tasks/rewards (Bonus Barbarian Chests).  If you have real money you can also buy it from a game store.

How do you get the master AXE in King of Avalon?

Master AXE is good for unlocking rural posts (advanced) + more spaces in new buildings. We can obtain an AXE master by Daily Delivery packages + Bundles (Top-Up).

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